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  1. A cunning plan? How cunning? As cunning as a fox whose just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
  2. Charl, please educate this poor sap- on all your lovely images, there are two distinct edges. Is this you capturing two seperate layers of Sol 'atmosphere'?
  3. Thanks for you comments folks. MS ICE is next on the list!
  4. This is the result of my first mosaic attempt. 4 panes processed in GIMP. Today was all about getting the alignment. Removing join lines etc. is for the future. Comments, criticism and advice more than welcome.
  5. Makes sense now. I did wonder but couldn't see the strip in the images of the roof open.
  6. @Skipper Billy How does the apex of the roof seal on your obsy?
  7. Mark, A very thought provoking post. Astronomy is different things to different people. A member of my society never observes. His astronomy is the science. I observe and image but have little understanding of the numbers behind what I am seeing. We both consider ourselves astronomers. If it works for you and increases your enjoyment of what you love, go for it.
  8. Sensor artifacts? I have noticed odd patterns on bokeh effects in some more recent TV and film productions. I think it is related to the construction of the camera sensor.
  9. My southern view has been badly obstructed. I don't think the neighbours would be sympathetic enough to demolish their newly constructed retirement apartment block......
  10. I do a session showing images towards the end of my societies monthly meets. Would you mind if I included this? You would be credited of course! Thanks Matt
  11. Thanks for the info John. A lovely smooth finish to the concrete. A lovely dog also. My parents had a boxer. Beautiful but mad as a box of frogs
  12. Swoop1

    The Obsey

    That is quite a neat solution and an exitingn find for you!
  13. I should imagine getting neoprene insulation offcuts stuck to your wife would be a bit of a problem....... I don't have any answers re dome manufacturers but I do have my own question John, your pier looks to be on a paving slab. If that is the case, what is the slab bedded on? I ask as I am trying to wheedle my way into pier permisson from my wife.
  14. Sunday 10-02-2019 19:59UT. ISO1600 1/200 sec. Sony a6300 prime focus mounted to Skywatcher 150P Newtonian plus X2 Barlow
  15. Your kids need to get their priorities right! They should be rushing home from work to feed you so that you can continue slaving away over your obsy build. Youth of today eh?
  16. Get thee a light rigged up Kev. Even a work light on an extension lead. Lengthens the working day considerably!
  17. I was going to make a similar suggestion. Here is a link to the thread relating to the Tardis observatory post refurb. The last image is an animation so you get the idea as to haow it works. One of these with a couple of hefty handles each side and you could lift the Tardis elsewhere when you want the garden back.
  18. In the winter, my specs are why I wear a wooly hat with a turn up- it gives me somewhere to tuck the arms when they are out of the way.
  19. Mine is the A17S Di. I went for Tamron as I had experience from back in the day (before AF etc.) when you could buy a Tamron lens which didn't have a model specific bayonet, then buy an adaptor to suit your camera. My irs tamron was for a Fujica Ax which I swapped out for an Olympus OM10 so just bought a new bayonet.
  20. Last year I upgraded my camera from a Sony a350 DSLR to a Sony a6300 mirrorless. The upgrade was a revelation, allowing me to achieve sharper focus in daylight images due to its technology but, also in astrophotography by wirelessly synching with my iPad which made acheiving focus far easier on the larger, brighter iPad screen. The one downside was that the a6300 is an E mount body, the a350 an alpha mount. This meant that my Tamron 70-300 zoom wouldn't fit. Until now. I found a Sony La-Ea3 adaptor at WEX, reduced price due to opened packaging so took the plunge. This allowed me to mount the Tamron onto the a6300 and maintain most of the automatic functionality and data transfer. In a recent spell of clear weather I decided to put it to the test and set up for the Pliaedes- ISO1600 20 sec f4 70mm. I think the blue cast is due to white balance- I left it set to auto. I will try daylight setting in the future. ISo1600 30 sec f5.6 30mm. \same white balance issues. I am very pleased with the way the adaptor operates. Worth considering if you have an E mount body as there are som good a mount bargains out there. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/converters-mount-adapters/la-ea3
  21. I know it is adding jobs and expense to the list but, how a bout a little retractable awning above the window?
  22. Working in a bike shop, I have access to some quite beefy zip ties. A couple of these along with a dollop of polymorph mouldable thermal plastic (a granulated plastic that melts in hot water and is firm at room temperature) has maybe saved the day- The beauty of this stuff is that I can dip the end of the tripod leg in hot water and soften the polymorph to perfect and tidy the moulding. I will wait and see how it performs in cold weather.
  23. Good thinking. No. 2 Son has just got a job at Pinewood....
  24. Sounds like a fix with possibilities for me. Thanks.
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