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  1. Is this a correct image finder?
  2. A good idea might be to use a 10mm or 12mm eyepiece with a 2x barlow. That will give you more flexibility (like having two eyepieces) and greater eye relief.
  3. There's a handy page on the Televue site with information about field stops for individual eyepieces:
  4. I had a 2" diagonal for my C6 and quickly realised it wasn't worth it if you're trying to get a wider field of view as you have to match the field stop to the rather narrow baffle tube diameter. They say the widest field of view you can get from this scope is a 24mm Panoptic.
  5. I was just wondering if this rather old camera could be successfully used for EAA? Apparently, it has the same chip as the Lodestar so presumably it can. Would be interesting to hear if anyone has had results
  6. Thank you for the suggestions. The weather is looking a bit iffy next week. Hopefully there will be some gaps in the clouds.
  7. I bought the current version, which I picked up today from the delivery office. First impressions are that it's quite large, at least compared to the orthos and plossls that I'm used to, but, worryingly, it's also quite light given it's size. The zoom mechanism is smooth and it's handy that you can crank up the power in 1mm increments. It's not parfocal and I couldn't detect aberrations when tested indoors, though I'm sure some will be revealed when tested on the night sky. Hopefully it will turn out to be a winner.
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum. Clear skies.
  9. Being a resident of the East End of London, the skies here are subject to copious amounts of light pollution, to say the least, which limits what I can observe. However, next week I will be going to Norfolk. Any must see seasonal DSOs I should be hunting for to fully take advantage of the dark skies? I will definitely put a couple of observing reports up here if the weather is on my side.
  10. The BCOs have a slightly wider field of view than traditional orthos at 50 degrees, and are excellent planetary eyepieces albeit with tight eye relief in shorter focal lengths.
  11. I just sold one of these bags because I had no need for it anymore. They are extremely good quality and rugged. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a dependable bag for their refractor.
  12. Hi there, welcome to the forum. You're posting in the right place. I hope your new hobby brings you many years of enjoyment.
  13. I use the Altair Astro Starwave Mini AZ mount on a photographic tripod. That or a Giro Mini might be the ticket if weight/transportation is a concern.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum . I wish you luck with this fascinating hobby.
  15. I just purchased this eyepiece (it's in the post office, waiting for me) and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with it? I am currently trying to streamline my setup (I only have a grab and go setup because I do not have a garden!) and this eyepiece was within my budget. Hopefully your experiences are inline with the reviews...