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  1. Very nice indeed Dave Be interesting how these behave after dark too though. As you say, what's not to like about things Vixen.
  2. Nice solution from Rowan again. Good to see the 'Stu Knob' on display Stu.
  3. Having now pondered the replies in this thread and folks bodges to fill the undercuts, a question for you all... Has anyone had the undercut eyepiece refitted with a non undercut 1.25" or 2" fitting? I was pondering this, probably not practical, but thought I would ask.
  4. Hi Brian, 365 is 365 Astronomy and ENS is ENS OPtical, both have branded covers. Be interested to see the pier when done. You hit me as very brave to leave a Mesu mount out inside a bag, why not a push away small housing or similar?
  5. You clean them with IPA? What a waste of good beer! But as you have suggested this, I must go purchase a case and see how I do. Or perhaps just drink it, then who cares if the kit needs a clean
  6. I think that is one of the route causes John, well other than the darned undercut themselves!
  7. An undercut is a royal pain in my opinion, but sadly something I live with as I like TeleVue kit. The images from John do explain visually rather well. Supposedly the undercut ensures the item does not slip from the telescope. I disagree as the undercut catches when taking items on off the scope and move the scope position. The only time something fell from my scope was an undercut that caught as I removed an EP. But each to our own favours of course, some love them, many loathe them.
  8. Steve if this does not go through please put me in line. I am sure Raph will have done the deal though.
  9. Sounds wonderful, I know the skies in this area as had family near hear until last year when the last one died, have had the wonder of these skies for 30+ years and it still made me say wow each first night. As you say so much better that poorer home skies, but don’t let it make home skies get ignored, you can still blow your socks off observing in poorer skies. Thank you for sharing the experience, made me smile at a time of not being in a place to bring many smiles.
  10. Nice to see you back outside Dave, The bit about following your own tutorial made me chuckle.
  11. Looks great and already said, great upcycle and design, Love the roof design.
  12. Fully agree with that John, but you missed out about when its been solid cloud the same applies too.
  13. Nice demonstration of what we are all talking about. It really is dimmed to the eye now against last year.
  14. I did not see this as I was working John, sounds like it would have been interesting. She from a quick Google sounds an interesting lady.
  15. Nice to see you gave it something to play with while it waited for either a clear sky or darkness
  16. I often regret buying kit rather than selling it to be honest. Sometimes I cannot stop myself buying something out of curiosity and then wondering why I did this. When it comes to selling, yes I often regret having sold kit I liked but decided to upgrade mainly out of curiosity as above. But if you don't try you don't know.
  17. Budgets are but an indication of a projects starting point which are written by the optimistic, this allows projects to start without scaring too many folks. Just look at H2S!
  18. How come you got a clear sky down on Kent? I am only in South Essex and it clouded over for the whole event, then of course cleared!
  19. Two objects that I enjoy looking at, this is a nice binoculars combination. Sadly was not to be through the cloud, ahh well, another night will come along.
  20. I was just enjoying the free until I realised they could not be eaten.......
  21. Oh my, that looks rather nice. Spoken as a visual only person, why two scopes? 150mm refractor, that’s a chunk, two of them must be quite a heavy lump.
  22. http://www.skee-tex.co.uk/products/skee-tex-boot-14.aspx I use Skee tex boots, look naff, but ever so toasty, just don't walk too far in them though.
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