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  1. That sack barrow puts the size of the ODK into perspective, unless of course it's an Action Man sized trolley!
  2. Thanks folks, much appreciated, I have purchased the light type linked by Julian and it looks good on unpacking, I will have to get the power done and light fitted over the weekend, wonderful stuff. Again thanks.
  3. Hi Chris Yes same club as Ed (NGC 1502), that mount does indeed look a great basis for a future set up. Happy you like it and the free Gym Membership I take it that you have now moved to a new abode? So nice to see you have a scope in your sig line again.
  4. Aha, I think I know you have been in my neck of the woods Mr L and seen Jim?
  5. Had a quick look from the new screened observing area with the binoculars, report that the pad screening blocks all the stay lights from houses each side. Sadly does not clear the cloud and as it’s back to work in the morning after 2 weeks off just a quick test between cloud. Short session bringing big smiles all the same.
  6. I wish to pick the collective brains of SGL please. My observing pad, now darkening my observing areas, see my thread in DIY Observatories, leaves me with the perverse problem of now being too dark to sort out kit before and after use. So looking for an exterior Red Light solution that is dimmable, what have you fine folks done outside? Yes I can use a torch but looking for a better fixed way of doing it, I have mains power available at the pad.
  7. Back from 2 weeks in Devon, well mostly Devon as we had a death in the extended family while away. I started by mowing around the observing area, which has ended with an expensive crunch from the mower! Hit a metal spike lurking in weeds, didn't know it was in place, would have missed it if I knew, mower nil, post 1 engine crankshaft - expensive this astronomy On a better note, gave me far more time to get the hedge moved and planted around the new fence and the SWA cable moved to the correct position. So some good comes from an ill wind. Now for the electrical work and construction of a work area in the corner. And to start looking at a pier for next summer's build. And buy Mrs W lots of flowers, yes lots of flowers and work on the charm for the shed.....
  8. The post person also brought a bit of kit that I have no idea how to use, but something to learn with. I am hoping to have ago at radio detection using Graves Radio on Meteors. Have to make or buy an aerial, get some software and make this work.....what could go wrong!
  9. Having just got back from Holiday yesterday I have waded through the bills, post and goodies. Purchased from ENS Japan Made ND13 Moon Filter 1 1/4. Just to see a bit more contrast once in a while.
  10. The TV 32mm needs the eyeguard extender if you do not wear glasses when observing, otherwise you have to hover well above the EP, great eyepiece otherwise. I had one, but returned it for the above reason a few years ago, replaced with Celestron Omni 32 which was good, but not as good as the TV one, then had the Vixen Plossl. I wanted a Ultima or similar, but could not find one, were replaced with the Vixen LVW 22mm. If I bought another 32mm it would be Ultima type.
  11. Is that making or drinking it David??
  12. Biscuits are indeed biscuits, thought they were Cookies your side of the pond.
  13. Sitting watching birds on the Estuary as we pack up to come home from holiday. The bird watching is the favourite option at present. That bread baking has made me feel hungry
  14. Great report Doug My first ever TeleVue eyepiece was a used 20mm Plossl, it certainly impressed me, I ended buying a whole range of TV Plossl’s, then moved onto Naglers which I like a lot. The GRS does come with experience and of course correct timing in observing when it is in view, the short Jovian Day of course helps in this.
  15. You wait until you buy one Jon, Loads will come up for sale the very next day!
  16. Thank you for the answer John, much appreciated. Very Interesting about the DSC being fragile, equally interesting that the Argo Navis is tougher. The OOUK vx6 sounds a hit to me, used to love my SW150p f5 for much the same reason, What wave mirror is your scope?
  17. Not in the early versions, but it will improve with practice......
  18. @JG777 Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but.... What are your thoughts on this set up after some use, still a good / better job than a 4” refractor?
  19. I did, then another Newtonian and now a refractor, sct and 10” dob. Out of the lot the dob is easiest to sit at and use even though it is biggest of the lot.
  20. Jon, at one point I had an AZ4 with a 150p that worked well. However I did feel this was the limit for the mount.
  21. That is what my post was about George, glad simple works so well for you - does for me if I am honest. The reality is I often use 3 eyepieces in any session at most anyways, sometimes just the one. Sometimes it is all too easy to complicate things and take some of the pure fun away.
  22. That is such a personal thing to decide upon, I have both a Rigel and Telrad, of the two I prefer the Telrad in use, but find the Rigel small footprint easier to locate on various scopes.
  23. Bit late for the comment, but it’s all Geek to me!
  24. Sometimes Phillip you don’t realise how well you and a scope work together until it has gone. I have had two 150p f5 Newtonian, loved them both, observed loads, but sold them on each time for bigger, observed less each time after they have been sold, the ease of set up for the many shorter sessions and the comfort of sitting alongside a Alt Az mounted Newtonian is what made them the Goldilocks scope.
  25. I went and sat on the holiday home patio and between broken thickening cloud saw a couple of Perseids, but cloud soon stopped play, typical Astro evening of late.
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