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  1. Imaging Challenge #9 - RGB

    We are going to try and keep the challenges as open as possible in future - we will see how it goes though. This is the OSC / DSLR challenge but we’ve tried to listen to feedback form past challenges and want to make it as open as possible. It looks like we can’t win either way! The point of these challenges is to be a bit of fun that people can participate it - please take them in the spirit intended 🙂
  2. Imaging Challenge #9 - RGB

    Well it's really a OSC / DSLR challenge but we didn't want to exclude people with mono cameras
  3. Imaging Challenge #9 - RGB

    Yep - luminance is OK but not using a narrowband filter 🙂
  4. Reminder about the telescope workshop tomorrow in Letchworth
  5. Is the SGL server slowing down?

    That Lunar image is 27mb+ so that'll be why - it took quite awhile to download for me too!
  6. Is the SGL server slowing down?

    I've not noticed this and there are no issues with the server or server speed. When you click on the high resolution version then you have to wait for your computer to download it so this could suggest a speed issue between you and SGL - particularly as some of the images can be very big.
  7. 2018 Quiz

    Looking forward to it already! Thanks Michael
  8. A few people added extra nights or foods bookings last minute and may still need to pay for these. If you do, I've put them back on the website: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sgl-sp-booking.html Please book when you can - don't make me have to send the admin team around
  9. 11th November starting at 7:30 there is a FREE telescope workshop being run by Letchworth & District Astronomy Society (LDAS) at Standalone Farm, Letchworth. Full details on the LDAS website. If you do plan to come along please let me know what type of help and telescope you have so we can match you to a volunteer who can help on the night.
  10. binocular astrophotgraphy section

    None of the existing imaging sections are purely for imaging thorough a telescope only so I think any images taken through a binocular can go in those same sections. We don’t create forum areas anymore unless there are already enough posts about that subject to warrant splitting it off and I don’t see enough binocular astrophotography to need this at present.
  11. My thanks...

    I had a super few days at Lucksall this year and I really do think, it was the best one yet with a lot more going on, fantastic food, great company and some clear skies. I was also really pleased that more people used the tea tent and it became more of a social hub for the event. I wanted to take a moment to thank all those who made it happen: @daz - my partner in crime organising it all in advance and for all his help getting the event shelters and tea sent setup and taken down. @RikM - Sadly couldn't be there on the day but organised all of the workshops and talks in advance @michaelmorris - Quiz Master Extradonaire! What a great, banterful start to the weekend. @Helen, @Uranium235, @PhotoGav, @daz, @michaelmorris, @Ibbo! and @Mr Spock - For the super talks and workshops they put on. Many tips and tricks were learnt and much fun was had (especially with Helen's rockets!) @FLO - it was great to have the stall there this year, hopefully we will do it again next year. The hog - for doing it's bit Lucksall - for making us very welcome as always and putting on great food and refreshments - shame we drank you out of vintage perry on the first night, next time I will keep quiet about how delicious it is!! Thanks also to everyone who came along and extra special thanks to those who brought along cakes, kept the tea tent tidy or helped with the setup and takedown of the tea tents etc.. Looking forward to next year already!!!
  12. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Loving the pictures everybody! Gav - your video is brilliant!!! 🙂
  13. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    We have the dates for next years star party at Lucksall, Herefordshire: 12th - 19th October 2018 This will be our 10th year at Lucksall so we are planning something even more super than usual More information will be available in the coming months and bookings will go live hopefully towards the end of the year. Cheers, Grant
  14. Star Party Timings

    nobody wants to see the SGL admin team in bikinis - am I right @daz @Ant @Steve
  15. Help offered!

    Thanks John Any help keeping the tea tent organised is very much appreciated. We are really hoping that this year it will be the main focus point where people congregate etc..