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  1. All - just a reminder, this imaging challenge ends 31st May
  3. Hi guys - please do enter It would be great to see some single 30s entries and we will pay attention to this in the judging - it isn't just about who has managed to get 40 hours of data using thousands of pounds worth of kit
  4. No problem 🙂 I think there is some confusion with Lucksall too - I will clear this up with them tomorrow.
  5. Please do cancel and book through the official booking - I'm not sure why they let you book directly it shouldn't be possible so I will double check with them.
  6. All, Bookings for SGL SP 2017 will open on Friday 26th May 2017 at 10am. Links will be posted here then and full details and information will be posted in the next week or so. Cheers, Grant
  7. Bookings haven't opened yet! So if you've booked directly with the campsite you will not be put with the main star party and will be in a different area of the campsite - you also won't be registered to receive a welcome pack, name badges etc... or be able book food. Pleae don't book directly with the campsite.
  8. Very nice! I didn't even know you could use the polemaster as an imaging camera as well!
  9. That's really nice and a great example of what people can achieve with relatively modest kit and a DSLR they might already own
  10. I've not seen the sun since it arrived 😕 As soon as I do I'll be out there with it and will report back - tomorrow likes like half a chance.
  11. Wow! That is stunning!!
  12. Yep Lanyards are already in progress for this year - we tried to organise some for last year but left it a bit too late (my fault )! Timings will be in the welcome pack on arrival and announced on here the week prior plus there will an A board with details posted on during the event too
  13. That is incredibly useful feedback - thank you for posting We have plans afoot to address most of those points (hopefully!) but we will make sure ALL of them are considered because they are all very important. Cheers, Grant
  14. Welcome back!!! It's been a long time but great to see you back posting Warthog
  15. Lovely animation Neil and nice to see you back posting some images