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  1. Seriously are you reading the same things I am? I've read all those threads on Cloudy Nights and once you take away the repetition it looks like three people have had issues - two are now sorted and happy and the third might not even be an issue? The vast majority of actual owners are reporting very favourable results?
  2. Hi all, I've just installed the latest update to the forum software, this fixes a number of bugs and makes a lot of small improvements and speed enhancements, some other notable improvements and new features are: Draft posts will now expire after 48 hours, if you go to reply or start a topic and a draft post is already in your editor you will now be prompted to continue with the draft or clear the editor and start again. Lots of changes to the moderation tools Lots more embeddable content providers Password strength requirements on registration Leaderboards - this is something we will look at in the next few weeks before deciding whether to enable or not. These changes have required the search index to be rebuilt so you may find searches and activity streams don't return what you expect - this should be all done by this evening. These changes have resulted in some updates to the templates we use - whilst I hope I have implemented most of our custom changes again if anybody notices anything odd or out of place, please report it as usual in the Suggestions, Bugs, Errors and Foibles forum Thanks,
  3. Is it this one? At the bottom:
  4. Posting here but will also aim to put some posters up: Friday curry: 5:30pm Saturday Hog Roast: 6pm Sunday Roast: 1pm
  5. The pre-booked Sunday lunches are for the main course only - puddings will be available on the day but will need to be ordered and paid for on the day - it was getting too complicated having different options for mains and puddings in advance If you haven't booked a Sunday roast but would like one, please speak with the cafe as soon as you arrive and see if they can fit you in - you will need to pay for this directly to the cafe on the day. Cheers, Grant
  6. For Sunday roast, please PM me your choices and I will check with Lucksall if we can add you in
  7. Very last call for pitch bookings and food bookings - I will be switching both off later today
  8. All, A member joined today and sent several private messages to members expressing interest in things they had for sale with a fake login link to a webpage that would've looked similar to Stargazers Lounge but was designed to trick you into giving away your login details. This member has been banned and the private messages deleted but please be very vigilant when logging into SGL, only ever use the proper login link which will always be HTTPS secure and use the full domain name: If anybody has already received this message and clicked on the link then I strongly recommend you reset your password just in case. The spam filtering we use is typically very good but every so often one will slip through so it's always good to be on the lookout. Take care out there! Grant
  9. There are some other pitches available on the right hand side (119,120, Kingfisher 23 & 24) the best thing is to give Lucksall a call if you wish to move to a different pitch: 01432 870213. They are dealing with the pitch allocations this year so know what's available and the state of pitches etc...
  10. Hi all, Lucksall have sent over an updated pitch listing. As this is a slightly smaller star party than usual (being a bonus second one of the year) there are slightly fewer of us so Lucksall have put everyone a bit closer together. You can see the updates below: If anybody would still like to come, there is still space but please book soon: Lucksall may well use some of the pitches to the right hand side but have assured us they will only let regular customers book in who are aware there is a star party going on and will agree to the light policies. We will also be putting together a leaflet explaining about the star party, the issue of lights and inviting any other Lucksall guests to come and visit to see through a telescope. Cheers, Grant
  11. The forum doesn't specifically do anything other than resize the image but Gnomus is right - in doing so if you had used a custom colour space then chances are this would be lost and converted to a standard sRGB which could have an affect. The way JPGs are displayed also differs in different browsers so if you are comparing viewing your original in say photoshop vs viewing an uploaded version on SGL there can be differences purely due to the way your computer is processing the files - to test this, you could try opening the original image in your browser and then comparing. The final thing is compression - every time a JPG is saved it is compressed and can lose some quality so the best thing is to ensure your JPG is saved at the highest quality setting so that when you upload it to SGL and it gets resized as little is lost as possible.
  12. We're getting close now Bookings for pitches will close next Thursday 13th October so if you've not booked yet and are thinking about it, please do so ASAP. The SGLXII Star Party dates are Oct 28th - Nov 3rd 2016. Main event dates are Fri 28th & Sat 29th Oct. You are of course welcome to extend your stay into the following week until Thu 3rd Nov. Pitches can be booked via the FLO website: Food can be booked at the same time. Please read our further information, terms & conditions and red-light policy page prior to booking: We are looking forward to seeing you there
  13. Hi all, The booking page for the Sunday roast is now up. Lunch will start at 1pm but depending on numbers it will need to be staggered so the kitchen can serve meals hot and fresh. The choices are: Hereford Topside Beef £8.95 Adult / £4.95 Child Lamb Shanks £11.95 Adult Roast Chicken Supreme Cut £9.95 Adult / £5.45 Child Vegetarian £9.95 Adult / £4.95 Child Served with: Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes, Cauliflower Cheese & a selection of vegetables Main courses need to be booked in advance within the next couple of weeks. Puddings will be available but can be ordered and paid for on the day. We need to commit to 25-30 people for this to make sense for Lucksall to open that day - based on the numbers before we should be OK but if there are any issues I will let everyone know in advance as best I can. If you haven't booked for the Friday Night Curry ( or Saturday Hog Roast ( please can you get your bookings in soon - we will need to give at least 10 days notice so I will take food bookings down on the 19th October. Cheers, Grant
  14. Hi Simon, Curry will probably be around 5:30 but we will post up a proper itinerary before the weekend. If people are arriving late, as long as they let me know then I can ask Lucksall to put some curry aside and keep it warm. Cheers, Grant
  15. Hi all, I've had the pitch allocations so far back from Lucksall - these as always are provisional so you could get moved nearer the time depending on pitch conditions etc... If you are expecting your name to be above and it isn't, please let me know and I will double check but everyone who has booked so far should have a pitch above. If you would like to change your pitch at all, then the best thing to do is to give Lucksall a call - they have tried to match everybody up to their requested pitch but as sometimes multiple people want the same pitch that has not always been possible. There are still plenty of pitches left if anybody would like to join us - please make your booking via the FLO website: Food bookings can be done until the beginning of October when we will need to confirm numbers: There are also still two pods left - the beach hut and the pavilion - please book these directly with Lucksall: Cheers, Grant