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  1. With equal respect I’m pretty certain Ian knows more about the Astro imaging market which is what is being discussed than you Adam - he wasn’t referring to machine vision or anything else but the amateur astronomy market and he is 100% correct - most new sensors for our market have been colour in recent years and most cameras we are aware of in the pipeline are colour (not all, most). That doesn’t mean we think that’s how it should be, just the reality of how things are heading.
  2. I'm not really sure I understand your message but if you think SGL is putting beginners off astronomy then you are barking up the wrong tree. Evidence is that SGL is a huge resource that gets cited all the time by beginners for helping them get into and grow their interest in the hobby. Is there things we can do better and improve? Sure, all the time we are considering new ideas etc.. but by and large I think SGL has a very positive effect on beginner astronomy.
  3. I'm using the steel tripods with these. Found the standard star adventurer tripod fine when not extended but not for doing anything to high up. I've used the GTi a lot as well but it isn't as good at following the sun, spot on in the center of the FOV all day long as the SolarQuest.
  4. I didn't find that in my testing John - I tried a Lunt 60 B1200 Pressure Tuner side by side with the DayStar 60 and found I could see some fainter prominence detail with the DayStar than the Lunt and with slightly better contrast too. Up until that point I had been using the Lunt for maybe two years but decided to swap for the DayStar which I still use. I also tried the larger DayStar 80 but found the additional bulk / expense not really worth it for my needs vs the 60, particularly when the sun wasn't doing an awful lot! The downside is the heating up time and more cables in the way... Don't get me wrong, the Lunt is a beautiful scope but I found adjusting the pressure tuner a pain and in terms of value, it is much more expensive than the DayStar. Whichever you end up going for, have a look at the SolarQuest mounts - that has been the best solar investment for me. I now have two of them - for outreach it is absolutely fantastic and for just leaving running, tracking it will go all day so you can keep popping back out for a peek.
  5. The camera is an older ASI120MM but we are going to be upgrading it to an ASI120MM-S as the one we sent over is a very old one and has been a little flakey... The bracket, is a Rob @ FLO special - Rob looks after our workshop and is brilliant at designing little gadgets and brackets like this. This one was 3D printed and has a sprung mechanism to clamp on to the dovetail - we may well release this at some stage as a product - assuming there is demand
  6. We don’t normally allow this sort of questionnaire but, Neill asked special permission and as we met and spoken to Neill on a number of occasions and like the work he is doing at Go Stargazing to support amateur astronomers, societies and others across the UK lo find and share astronomy we’ve agreed this can be posted.
  7. Only just finished episode 2 so will let you know! Busy waiting for the next Nathan Lowell audio book to be released as well!
  8. Yes - sorry we are behind on these, mugs are now here and will ship next week.
  9. Enjoying coming along for the ride on this one - great write up!
  10. Temporary fix in for now but its currently rebuilding the search index so will be slow and not 100% up to date.
  11. We are working on this now, please bear with us.
  12. Sadly over the Christmas break Pulsar Observatories suffered a break in at their workshop in Norfolk. Some tools and other items were stolen but most importantly, Steve Collingwood's very special, hand made (by his own hands) 3" f/16 BCF brass refractor has been stolen. This was the last scope made at BC&F after nearly 300 years so it's a big loss. Many of you may already know Steve, he has been part of the amateur astronomy community for a long time now and is definitely one of the goods guys so please keep an eye out in case this scope pops up for sale somewhere. Any sightings please let me know and I will pass it on. Below are some pictures:
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