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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Do they do dinners too Steve? Trying to decide how much cooking stuff, if any to bring!
  2. SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Bookings for this years Star Party are now open, more information can be found at: http://sglsp.com/ There are limited spaces on the Thursday before the main weekend as another group has the site booked. I've enabled booking for the Thursday for those who do want to arrive earlier but be aware, Lucksall will do their best to fit you in but it may not be on the pitch you request, if there are any problems then either myself or Lucksall will get in touch to advise. Bookings can be done here: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sgl-sp-booking.html Very much looking forwards to this already! Cheers, Grant
  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Less than a week to go! Need to start sorting / packing my camping gear this weekend! Lets hope for some nice clear skies
  4. Are you certain they are serial ports and not VGA ports for external monitors? Have to ask as plenty of people get these mixed up
  5. It's a pretty straightforward process and doesn't often, if ever go catastrophically wrong but... if your computer doesn't have a serial port (most don't these days) then you will need a good USB to serial device as some of the cheaper ones have compatibility issues causing the firmware update process to stall midway through, not complete or not even start properly. The Sky-Watcher one works well: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-mounts/sky-watcher-synscan-usb-to-serial-rs-232-cable.html It can take awhile for the programming process to complete though - minutes, not hours but still...
  6. Hi all, Bookings for this years main star party in October at Lucksall will go on sale Monday 12th March. Details and links will be posted up early morning on the Monday. This is our 10th year at Lucksall so planning is underway to make this the biggest and best star party yet! Any suggestions, requests or volunteers to get involved please get in touch :-) Looking forward to this already!! Cheers, Grant
  7. Lunar Closeups... It's been awhile!

    One of my co-imagers - good to see you on SGL Piero - it was an excellent night, hopefully it will kick start the observatory being used a bit more! Thanks everyone for your kind comments šŸ™‚
  8. Spent some time at my local societies (http://www.ldas.org.uk/) observatory last night in Letchworth, Hertfordshire with some fellow members using the 14" Meade. Seeing was excellent so we popped in a ZWO ASI178MM camera and took some quick captures. Very quick and dirty processes - I need to spend some more time relearning this as it's been some time since I did some Lunar work. Very pleased with the results with the scope and camera though. It's definitely got me fired up to do more! We also did some visual observing to and I had a wonderful experience with the 30mm 82 degree Explore Scientific - being able to see the entire moon in the field of view at once (with some peering around the corners) was very nice, particularly being able to visually traverse the terminator by eye and not needing to move the scope - very special. Cheers, Grant
  9. Due to a hardware error alert with our server we are going to move to a new chassis this evening around 8pm. Anticipated downtime is around an hour. Will post updates as I have them.
  10. Very nice - I like the FOV as well, always like to see a galaxy in context of the stars around it like that.
  11. International SUNday

    Trying to work out the date for this in 2018 - is it always the closest Sunday to the Solstice? In which case this year it will be 24th June? Couldn't find anything with my ninja Google skills - perhaps they are failing me!
  12. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Of course No objections from us at all!
  13. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    I don't think this would work as moving cars around after dark is going to be frowned upon and there are no communal areas planned so you would need a pitch to setup on.