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  1. It's been a long fun day so far We've got two events left: 19:00 BST Introduction to solar imaging Join Gary Palmer for an introductory talk on how to capture incredible images of the Sun. 20:00 BST Solar image processing Gary continues his presentation on solar imaging with a session on how to process captured data. 21:00 BST From Herschel to Hawkwind We round off the day in style with Astronomer and Musician Peter Williamson and his presentation “From Herschel to Hawkwind”. Watch live on the Go StarGazing's Facebook page: http
  2. Currently halfway between Malaysia and Sri Lanka heading towards the Suez Canal
  3. Thanks Dave - that's really nice to hear.
  4. We don't have a StarGaZine booked for this coming weekend. StarGaZine was setup at a time when most astronomy societies were no longer meeting, not even virtually, and a lot of astro speakers were suddenly finding themselves without any bookings. We wanted to help and to provide some entertainment for the astronomy community during lockdown, with FLO's help paying the bills As we come out of lockdown attendance for the last few sessions has understandably decreased so we are considering, is there still a need for StarGaZine ongoing? Should we continue organising StarGaZine ta
  5. Hi Julian, You can find info about the current setup here: And you can see all the data releases so far here: http://ikiobservatory.com/data We are intending to at minimum swap out the telescope and potentially the mount so it might make more sense for us to start with a new slot and built the new rig hence why we wanted to see if anybody is interested in taking over the existing setup. If it's of interest, please drop me an email: info@ikarusimaging.com.
  6. Huge thanks to Adam - what a super talk! Don't forget to check out his website for more tutorials and videos: https://www.adamblockstudios.com/
  7. Thanks everybody who took part in this competition - lots of amazing entries making judging tough as always! You can see all the entries here, the data is still available here if you want to have a play. The winners are: Winner - Xiga Runner Up - Happy-Kat Runner Up - Spongey Well done everybody! Next data release should be in the next couple of weeks. If anybody is interested in a remote setup of their own like this, we are having a swap around with our kit out in Spain so our current rig is available to buy / rent: Cheer
  8. Due to the change around of StarGaZine this week (it was tonight, not Sunday) we will announce the winner of this Monday PM.
  9. There is more info specifically about the Sky-watcher price increases here: Margin is also a percentage, if you sell more then to maintain margin then the price has to stay the same regardless of volumes unless the volumes enable you to purchase the items in volume for a discount and then pass some of that on to the consumer whilst still maintaining the margin - this isn’t the case with most astronomy products.
  10. We've had the IKI Observatory for around 18 months now and have been really pleased with the experience with gained, the raw data we've published and the interest this has generated. The plan was always to swap out the equipment on a regular basis so we could test new kit and try different things. Our intention is to expand the current setup, probably with a multi-instrument setup so we can do some planetary / lunar work as well as some wider field work. This means we are either looking to add a second setup or potentially have a swap around so we can have multiple instruments on one moun
  11. We have a special talk this SATURDAY where we will be joined by Adam Block of https://www.adamblockstudios.com/ to give us a talk looking at more advanced calibration concepts in Pixinsight. Adam has been at the forefront of Astroimaging for many years, having received his first telescope from his parents at the tender age of seven! His work in astronomy led him to the University of Arizona to study Astronomy and Physics, and soon after graduating, joined Kitt Peak National Observatory to run nightly observing sessions for visitors, and eventually to create the Mount Lemmon Sky Centre at
  12. We have the pleasure of welcoming back Mary McIntyre FRAS of http://www.marymcintyreastronomy.co.uk/ this week to give her talk 'A History of Women in Astronomy'. Mary is an amateur astronomer and astronomy communicator based in Oxfordshire, UK. She is a keen astrophotographer and astronomy sketcher and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. She has a busy talks schedule and also writes for Sky at Night Magazine and the Yearbook of Astronomy, is a co-presenter of the Comet Watch radio show and recently joined the Astro Radio team. ”A History of Women in Astronomy” – historica
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