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  1. I have no intention of contacting OO, if they wish to report this ex-employee posting negative things about them on SGL then they can use the 'report' button to report this to the moderation team or email contact@stargazerslounge.com to report it directly to the admin team. We take such accusations very seriously and would investigate them thoroughly as we have done with anything similar reported to us in the past. Nobody is questioning John's integrity or innocence just trying to understand if there is some truth in this accusation which needs to be dealt with. As it stands, there is no evidence, no official complaint and the first I've ever heard of a potential issue is John's comment on here which, had it been left unchallenged would've left a long-term damaging question mark over any negative comments on SGL about OO whether they could be believed or not.
  2. The difference Andrew is I directly know several of the people I refer too as they are on the moderation team on SGL so mine is a fact, I do know several people who are disgruntled OO customers. John's comment was repeating something told to him by OO which causes me great concern because of the perceived integrity of SGL being brought into disrepute. If there is evidence of an ex-employee using SGL to spread untrue comments about OO or any company we would want to investigate as we would not want SGL being used in this manner.
  3. Then without proof, this is fake news - they could say that about every single negative review posted about them online.
  4. That statement questions the integrity of SGL so I must ask, can you please provide proof of this either publicly or privately? I do not believe stuff has been posted about OO by an ex employee on SGL without our knowledge - if that were true OO would be within their rights to report it to us to have it removed and no such request has ever been made. I do know of several cases of disgruntled OO customers though.
  5. It is a great pleasure to welcome back to SGL Dave Eagle of https://www.star-gazing.co.uk/ to set us some more observing challenges for Autumn. Dave is an amateur Astronomer, Planetarium Operator, Presenter, Author and Tutor, you may have read some of his books or come across one of his talks before. Dave is going to treat us to an overview of interesting Autumn observing targets and challenges Meeting details below: Topic: EP21 - Sunday, 27th September 2020 7:30pm BST - Autumn Observing Challenges by Dave Eagle Time: Sep 27, 2020 07:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/99196725021?pwd=R1VTM0t2clFVQ1RCQ3IrZVhtczNLdz09 Meeting ID: 991 9672 5021 Passcode: 693924
  6. The Crescent data for this has been released here:
  7. This is our second release of IKO data More to follow very soon. The small print: We will be releasing all public data from the Ikarus Observatory project under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence. What this means is you are free to share, copy and redistribute the data as you see fit and adapt, remix, transform and build upon it but you must attribute 'Ikarus Observatory' as the source of the original data and must not use it for commercial purposes - i.e. no sticking images on the side of mugs and selling then Beyond that, enjoy and have fun! You can find out more about the IKO project here including details of the equipment used, observatory site etc.. This image was processed in the Pixinsight Weighted Batch Pre-Processor and comprises: Ha - 80 x 20 mins OIII - 80 x 20 mins SII - 80 x 20 mins Bias 101x Flats 21x for each filter Darks 21x 20 mins These have been stacked and calibrated in Pixinsight. The raw XISF, FITS or TIF files can be downloaded here. Details of the processing competition are here. I hope you enjoy playing with the data and we look forwards to sharing more very soon!
  8. We've just released the second set of data from the Ikarus Observatory project here. Following the wonderful entries from the first processing competition we are running another to see who can get the most from this data and create the 'best' image! The winner will receive £150 of First Light Optics gift vouchers and two runners up will receive £50 of gift vouchers. Details below: Closing date: 4th October 2020 @ 22:00 Please post your entries into this thread Please only use the data we've released - don't blend it with other data or add to it with other sources Use what ever processing software and techniques you like, potential bonus points for sharing your workflow and techniques with others - that way, we all get to learn as well Multiple entries are allowed but, please refrain form posting multiple attempts that are very similar - better to update an earlier attempt if it's just an incremental improvement but, it would be interesting to see totally different attempts using different narrowband blends etc... If you win or are a runner up, we would really like to use your creation in future marketing materials, on our website etc.. so by entering the competition, you are giving us permission to use your image in this way. Judging will be done by a small team of judges from the FLO team - It's completely subjective but will be based on what image(s) we think do the best job of extracting the most from the data released and, look the 'prettiest' We will announce the winners by the 9th October 2020 via SGL Thanks all and look forward to seeing your entries! P.S - We won't run a competition each release just every so often - we have more data to release very soon!
  9. It is a great pleasure to welcome back to SGL Gary Palmer of http://www.solarsystemimaging.co.uk/ to give us his talk: A look around Pixinsight. Gary is a highly regarded solar and deep sky imager and one of the leading solar imagers in the world with images widely published in books, magazines and online. He is the author of many articles and reviews in various astronomy magazines and tv programmes and works closely, alongside many manufacturers to develop and test upcoming astronomy equipment. Gary also offers many workshops across the UK for groups and 1-to-1 via http://www.astrocourses.co.uk/ which some of you may have attended before. We've already had some talks that touch upon Pixinsight but Gary is going to start more from the beginning and run through ways to keep it simple and look at some of the issues people might have using the software. He will be looking at the weighted batch pre-processor as well as a run through using some CMOS data from the new 2400MC camera from ZWO and some Crescent Nebula data from our latest release from the IKO observatory project. Meeting details below: Topic: EP20 - Sunday, 20th September 2020 7:30pm BST - A look around Pixinsight by Gary Palmer Time: Sep 20, 2020 07:30 PM London Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/95544815757?pwd=MU9rd2JwOXRDWGU5dy9rcytwelNSZz09 Meeting ID: 955 4481 5757 Passcode: 630765
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