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  1. Charic

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Paul, I've got an expensive all singing pan and tilt system on my three legged thing ( honestly, thats what their called ?) and it hardly ever gets used, but my Manfrotto 222 is always in use when I'm using binoculars, even on my 8x40's? Just makes the entire view that much more stable, making the image appear sharper. Once setup the binoculars stay exactly where I place them. For me, the Manfrotto 222 is a solid bit of kit, discontinued now, but if anyone comes across one, I'd surely recommend their purchase. You should clearly see and feel the difference whilst using a trigger grip.
  2. I would disagree Robin! more Petit Pois, even smaller, thats my experience ( the only gripe with my present scope, the image scale afforded) but happy in all other respects.
  3. Charic

    New Dob Gets A Sock

    ditto scarp15's comment, "looks fine where it is". Put Mrs Sweeper on! and while she's chatting here, move/rid those nested tables? their probably taking more surface area than the scope, you'll then have a clear path to that door!
  4. Charic

    For the first time...

    Welcome to the SGL. I too suffer from the twilight issue here in NE Scotland, UK. My scope hibernates for the Summer? That small 2" aperture cap also works just fine when observing the Moon? having a smaller aperture, there's less light to virtually blind you. When you remove the cap, it stows over the immovable cap. so as not to lose it! Enjoy your future observations.
  5. Mole Grips may work better at this stage.
  6. ....fortunate find!
  7. I would let the WD penetrate a little longer, then try both ways, clockwise/anticlock to see if it gives. For cooling, I would try some of the fast acting cooling/chill spray available from supermarkets, to try and rapidly chill the part, but cooling the plastic alone can be fatal, just concentrate on the base area. For the opposite to cooling, a hot water shower, and what about two long sticks either side of the wing to increase the leverage, grip both sticks or tie-wrap them together, but just offer a slight twist, see if it gives? Once my patience has lapsed, plier the thing off, and rebuild with a new one!
  8. It's all in my signature, but to be honest, at this moment in time, I don't regret or miss anything I've sold except the Telrad's, all two of them? Thing is though, I cant use the Telrad without having to wear my glasses, thats the only reason!! Who knows, still might buy another one? I just like the principle of the thing.
  9. A good eyepiece for anyone looking? This is my goto wide field eyepiece, bought to take in M31 as my 25mm wasn't wide enough, when viewed under the right conditions in Winter?
  10. Charic

    What Should I Get?

    Any need to spend the £40 so quickly! Waiting another Month and maybe adding another £20 or £40, it soon builds, giving more time and more funds to decide what you need most.
  11. Charic

    Cheapish eyepiece sets

    The Astroboot Revelations are very good for their money, if their in stock. I've sold far' better branded' Plossl eyepieces, but during my tests, the Revelations came out tops. See my signature to see what sold, and I have no regrets either. Just a small note, when your searching for them on Astroboot, enter GSO into the search box. Their branded Revelation but GSO built, and also remember that eye relief is very short on the shorter focal lengths. The BST Starguiders are a great too, the 8mm and 12mm work vey well on my f/6, they should work well on your f/5 scope. The BST's are dearer, but much more comfortable to use.
  12. Charic

    Collimation problem

    I did not buy Bob's Knobs, simply because of the reach! I cant look down the focuser and adjust the knobs, so for me the task would be no easier. However, print, read, re-read, maybe dream about the info here http://www.astro-baby.com/astrobaby/help/collimation-guide-newtonian-reflector/ until you fully understand the method, and what's involved, then collimating becomes easier. There are several guides on the web, but I often refer to this one....... A simple 35mm or telescope dust cap is the simplest tool, then a Cheshire or laser, but if your using a Laser I would suggest you look up how to Barlow the laser, which again makes the process simpler. But understanding and getting the process right in the mind first will help enormously, it did for me.
  13. Charic

    What is a dark site ?

    Definitely not a dark site for me tonight, in-fact, never is during my Summer! especially when the sky is brighter than the street light. Its just past 2330 Hrs, looking NNE and its brighter in the West.
  14. Charic

    Baader Classic Ortho 10mm

    Did you ever get around to checking? The last time I was testing my BCO's I was using the Moon as my primary target, observing a very small crater, it was clear, sharp, well defined, although viewed through a veil of street light! but to my eyes, this small crater was best viewed through one of my Revelation plossls. It was after that session I decided to rid the BCO's with the remaining TeleVue and Meade plossl's.

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