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  1. Fed up

    Months for me since my last 'proper' session, I'm trying to re-assess my NELM ( from a conversation in another thread ) and haven't seen a Star in 11 nights! Won't last forever though!
  2. Andromeda Galaxy - work in progress

    It's one of the largest targets up there, but you need the right conditions, and its obvious from your image,you have the right conditions. Many folk here from their 'normal observatories' strain to see even the core!
  3. ah-ha!........Did you ever own the CP127EQ? .........now there's a problem Lol. Yes, at the end of the day, only our eyes alone can resolve the real answer as to "which is the best eyepiece for me and my scope", it's something that cannot be assumed from reference alone........you need to try for yourself, and everyone's eyes will perceive and detect differently. If a group of fellow loungers got together and setup what they believed ( after careful consideration ) to be the perfect scope/eyepiece combination, that group would still have visual differences to contend with. Secondly, site and conditions? Unless you are already blessed with the perfect site and conditions, finding better will drastically improve what you see through the same scope.
  4. Binoculars 150 quid budget

    I own the Strathspey Marine IF 10x50 binoculars for the same reason, general use and transportation in the car, thats where I need them. I bought a suitable case, and their pretty rugged too, all well within your price bracket. Its just one of the many options!
  5. Binoculars 150 quid budget

    With your Skymaster 25x70's maybe look at some wider field binocular options, which are great for observing larger swathes of the night sky, and you'll have some change too. Price alone does not make for a better binocular, its the comfort, fitting, magnification and image that all go to making a good binocular, and that depends on the end user. My favoured binocular is my Helios 8x40.
  6. I will re-assess the NELM when conditions allow, its overcast as we speak. I'll probably add something to my signature with regards to the information.
  7. The 12" is marginally slower than the 10", but its my assumption that If the upgrade ever took place, the scope would actually get used more during the winter at home ( weather permitting ) without having to travel, but not during the Summer, as its just twilight all the time this far north. As for portability, I'd just separate the two halves, whereas now, I lift my 8" straight out to anywhere in my small garden
  8. For a hood, I use a towel. When inside my dob tent, cold winter night, all blacked out, I just see through the scope, using the 32mm as a finder and using whatever eyepiece to satisfy the need. I shutter down the scope so no stray light gets in. I do the best I can. That said, my most memorable view of Jupiter was aside my house, conditions were perfect (apart from street light) to see Io's transit shadow, but Planetary observing is not the same as spotting DSO's.
  9. Noted and hopefully M31 was discovered, but still best to keep themes separated.
  10. SWMBO ( Mrs Charic ) has just asked "whats wrong with your present scope"? Not sure she'll stay awake long enough while I explain! For now, the 8" will stay.
  11. Yes! your right, I did specifically want the Skyliner Decisions, decisions, decisions! Not the wrong way, but the potential to shout was there? Yes, there has been a few repetitions in my threads, maybe my lack of experience, or simply just based on the very few observations when away from home. Like you say, its all part of the fun, intentions good.
  12. Sorry Angelika, I/we seem to have drifted a little of course here, sometimes the nature of forums
  13. On a similar vein, though Ive not using anything else except a Newtonian, the C11 does seem like a popular and capable scope.
  14. Stu, I understand what your saying, I'm not trying to be awkward, just conversing! Yes, the 12" in London may be inferior to the 12" in my garden, granted, so lets forget about my my garden for an instant, and let me ask, how much better would the 12" Skyliner be (or any brand as long as there's an 8" and 12" to compare ) alongside the 8" in Regents park, under the same seeing condition, both using for example a 12mm BST Starguider, or a 10mm Delos? If there's a significant difference ( of which there must be for my sake ) then I would contemplate going for a 12"again, but I've not had the opportunity to try two scopes under the same condition at any site! In-fact, over three Years, Ive seen no-one else with a scope? My only concern is how much better, side by side, these scopes compare. If its marginal in London, then at my house, even under the darker sky (oops!) it would still be marginal, given my present conditions. Maybe I should attempt to reach out to the local club and settle my own argument!