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  1. Welcome to the SGL. Fire away with more questions, as and when they arise, as there are many folk here that share the same interest, and the same path your about to follow!
  2. The Erfle Circle T looks interesting, sure someone would be interested in that one, not certain about the Westinghouse box set? Not sure the K Kellner is worth anything, but there's always someone looking? There are folk here better acquainted with eyepieces than I, so don't hold your breath just yet!
  3. If you don't ask, you won't find out? Its not silly! I posed a question recently to-do with RACI finders, and now that I have one being delivered, I'll get to find out for myself, but I'm still not certain that the RACI will 'right' the image when viewed from the side of the finder, Its my imagination/assumption that the corrected image will still be offset by 90°, this will be of no use if thats the case! As for glasses at the scope, I don't wear mine, but I had too, to see the reticules on a Telrad? the reason I sold the Telrad and even with older varifocals, it made no difference at the eyepiece, just feels un-natural, uncomfortable, requiring more eye-relief, my eyes also water if there's any breeze unless my eye is snuggled into the eyecup/eye guard.
  4. My loss is someone else's gain, and to be honest, Tele Vue Delois can be found at reasonable prices here in the uk, as testament to some of the folk in this actual thread, and I think, at least one of my Delois has been owned by three of us already? A Tele Vue will sell and sell, until it connects with the right owner! However for me, as good as they are reported, I found no image improvement on my f/6 scope, just a wider field of view, but folk with faster scopes like yours, may see the benefit of premium optics.
  5. Hi Paul, this makes for an interesting read test of TVPlossl vs Brandon.pdf
  6. It was not mentioned or noticed here, so It's my assumption that the Lightquest does not have that ability, but Im sure they could be adapted or filters just slotted/held in place in the eyecup guards. Failing that, buy the cheaper 'old hat' Apollo's?
  7. First thing I noticed from the link..... Weather for May 22 Night clouds - good seeing - bad Not a good start !
  8. New

    That will be a nice scope once you have become acquainted and mastered the setup. I chose the 200P Skyliner, far less to setup, but our views won't be too dissimilar. Enjoy the new scope and welcome to the SGL.
  9. In my opinion an 8" 200P Sky-liner may see more, due to aperture increase, than the 6SE, and has less to set up over a collapsible or truss type system, and is portable enough fully kitted at about 27Kg to carry out to the garden, or in two parts in the car. A 12" would be better, more light capture, bigger image, and better detail in the final image, but now the weight, size and everything else is against you/me, apart from that desirable larger aperture! I've been trying to get a 12" 300P Sky-liner classic solid tube for about a Year and gave up, even selling off my Delos collection in the thought that the 12" will no longer happen. It still might if a second hand one becomes available in my area! I think you will more than enjoy the images from a 12" scope, providing it gets the use and is manageable enough , considering the size.
  10. Plössl's have an apparent field of view somewhere around the 50° mark (mine are supposedly 52°) but field aside, how does your 10mm eyepiece fare regarding the 'sweet spot'. I would be inclined to go somewhere that is twice the telescopes focal ratio! You have two, depending on how you do the sums? You'll either calculate using a 250mm or 254mm mirror. I have a 200/203mm giving f/5.9 and f/6 , requiring a 9.6mm EP. The 12mm works best. On your scope you have f/4.8 or f/4.7 (or f/4.75 to be in the middle) now an eyepiece of twice the focal ratio would require a 9.5mm, the reason I suggest a 10mm would be closer to the sweet spot. A 10mm can also be Barlowed well giving you 240x well within the practical limits of your scope. That's the theory I adopt and it seems to work in most cases, and even reverse engineering some of the eyepieces that are favoured by some folk, that they feel are the best for their needs has resulted in the fact that they are multiples of or closely related to that all important focal ratio! Even though its often said the focal ratio is not of any importance for users that partake in visual use only, its a good marker for buying eyepieces. One advantage you have over my scope is the aperture, it has headroom for more detail, even if we used and swapped the same eyepieces, viewing from the same site, your scope should produce more detail. Not only that, you have already seen for yourself, the detail increases as you user longer focal length eyepieces, and diminish as you ramp the power up. Its finding that middle ground thats suits you most, the eyepiece needs to be comfortable with sufficient eye-relief and sufficient field of view to satisfy you needs. Finding that eyepiece can take some time. It was my wish to have purchased a 12" Skyliner solid tube, even bought the Delos EPs to account for the low focal ratios (another consideration to ponder when choosing eyepieces for your scope ? But whatever your doing, it seems to be working well for you at the moment, which can't be said for the rest of us here in the uk, at present!
  11. I have that problem sometimes, just relying on my 8x40s to take it all in. Hide that Moon and the Starlight may well even cast a shadow if you hold your arms out, as it does up here. Only wish it was always over head at my garden, I need to walk about 200 to get shielded from street lighting, drive about 1 mile to get what your seeing, and about 40 mins drive to get lost somewhere in the wilds between Grantown-On-Spey, Inverness and Elgin. So many places to explore, such unique skies when the conditions and weather allows? Just had a peek outside and Ursa Major is overhead, I can just make out the primary Stars, as tonight its partly cloudy but still not really dark enough, and still quite light towards the NNE and its past midnight, the twilight season for me, only to get worse over the next few weeks/months. The darker winter months are the best time up here.
  12. Just had a fresh look at his site, there's is a smaller pair of WO 10x50s here, with the annotation BA8 but look a bit further down the page to find the 15x70 Aplollo's, the answers to your question are in his description
  13. Here's a good sight for Binocular information (I did that on purpose!), but for those that missed it, here's a good site Its a good site but if BA8 is not mentioned anywhere, don't fret, Steve will put you right.
  14. BA8 is the valid term. I had hold of some Apollo's recently, they felt good ( very heavy ) but I had an artefact inside the left eyepiece , more annoying that problematic. I just wish they were still here, they looked promising. I don't recall the filter thread, but didn't have them long enough. The same model type is also available from Oberwerk, and others. I quite fancy owning the Oberwerk version now?