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  1. We're not sure yet Justyn - we are looking at the options but may need to wait nearer the time to make a decision in which case, it might be a more casual get together rather than full on star party with a view to having a full, public star party early 2022 as the situation allows. I'm itching to get back to a star party as soon as possible so this is definitely something on my mind!
  2. We are trying something a little different this week Instead of a speaker, we are going to host a show & tell / Q&A chit-chat session where hopefully you might want to share any recent images you have taken, any tips / tricks you've discovered in software or just share with us what projects DIY / Imaging / Observing you might be working on. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have and hopefully somebody in the group can answer Me and Daz will host and keep things flowing and will have some updates of our own on the forum software, some new functionalit
  3. Sorry for the slight delay but we are going to announce the winners on this weeks 'StarGaZine' on Sunday at 7:30pm GMT - we will also then post it up on the forum shortly thereafter.
  4. Sub lengths are above, this data was collected in the latter half of August 2020.
  5. We are going to take a week off this week and will return on the 28th for a social / show & tell / q&a night instead of a speaker with hopefully some live viewing from Spain if the weather permits and anything else people might want to share with us all. We will post more details early next week. Take care all
  6. It is a great pleasure to welcome back (again!) to SGL Dave Eagle of https://www.star-gazing.co.uk/ to set us some more observing challenges for Late Winter / Early Spring and a look forward to Comet Leonard. Dave is an amateur Astronomer, Planetarium Operator, Presenter, Author and Tutor, you may have read some of his books or come across one of his talks before. Dave is going to treat us to an overview of interesting upcoming observing targets and challenges Meeting details below: Topic: EP37 - Sunday, 14th February 2021 7:30pm GMT - Late Winter / Early Spring Observing
  7. Loving the entries so far - so much variation which always amazes me! Great efforts all
  8. We've just released the latest set of data from the Ikarus Observatory project here. Following the wonderful entries from the first and second processing competitions we are running another to see who can get the most from this data and create the 'best' image! The winner will receive £150 of First Light Optics gift vouchers and two runners up will receive £50 of gift vouchers. Details below: Closing date: 22nd February 2021 @ 22:00 Please post your entries into this thread Please only use the data we've released - don't blend it with other data or add to it with ot
  9. Our latest released of data from the Ikarus Observatory project The small print: We will be releasing all public data from the Ikarus Observatory project under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence. What this means is you are free to share, copy and redistribute the data as you see fit and adapt, remix, transform and build upon it but you must attribute 'Ikarus Observatory' as the source of the original data and must not use it for commercial purposes - i.e. no sticking images on the side of mugs and selling then Beyond that, enjoy and have fun! You can fi
  10. Funny you should ask I updated the progress list the other day, I have another set of data to release hopefully this week. December was a bit of a wash out in terms of weather so things slowed down a fair bit plus, we've been extremely busy in the run up to Christmas and the SGL software upgrade etc.. We have some other developments to share about this project very soon as well!
  11. Our guest speaker this week is Keith Townsend from http://www.astronomymatters.co.uk/ to give us his talk Charles Messier - Marathon Man by Keith Townsend. Keith's childhood interest in astronomy developed into telescope ownership some 25 years ago and imaging became a large part of this around the turn of the century. Hee never made it off the slippery slope and continue to suffer the consequences to this day! Keith was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2016 and have been delivering talks to a wide range of groups for almost 10 years. One of his passions
  12. I don't know, that looks like a fair reflection of what I do with my telescopes most of the time - gaze at them adoringly inside my house!
  13. Our guest speaker this week is Dr Dirk Froebrich from https://hoys.space/ to talk to us about the HOYS citizen science project. HOYS – Hunting Outbursting Young Stars, is a citizen science project run by Dr Dirk Froebrich of the University of Kent and co-lead Dr Aleks Scholz from the University of St Andrews. After completing his degree in Physics at the Universität Leipzig in Germany, Dr Dirk Froebrich went on to study for his PhD at the Universität Jena. From Germany, he moved to a researcher position at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and was appointed Lecturer in Astronomy/A
  14. If you want to watch the recording of this, please message me and I can give you the link. Mike has asked us not to make this 'public'.
  15. The edit options are still there - click on the three dots on the right hand side of the post.
  16. The activity streams should be OK now with duplications.
  17. I can't win on font sizes - the settings I have affect too many different things so changing one variable affects multiple areas so some look OK, others don't - I can't go through every bit of the theme and edit each one manually (well I can, but I'm not going to!). I have tried to find a balance now across most things and 15px font size seems reasonable on my desktop and should be OK for most people. If you want it bigger, you can opt for a larger font in the theme settings, click on this button top right on a desktop: And then use the larger fonts for posts tick box:
  18. Despite what I said - some things were looking rather large so I have tweaked a little more, hopefully it's a bit more consistent now but if there is anything else people notice, please report but please post a screenshot so I know exactly which bit you mean. To fix the activity stream issues I'm having to rebuild the search index which is going to take a few hours, in the meantime the streams will not function properly at all.
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