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  1. tooth_dr

    Pleiades - First Try

    Very cool
  2. tooth_dr

    DSLR Beehive Cluster M44

    Working my way through yet more unprocessed data. 300s subs ISO400 1000d and 40d DSLRs Total integration time 1hour 40 minutes Thanks for looking Adam
  3. Yes that’s another league altogether. Fantastic
  4. tooth_dr

    DSLR Beehive Cluster M44

    Thanks Sean. Now you mention it it does look like that Does the background look too bright or red?
  5. ~Thanks Richard for the excellent data, it was a pleasure to work with it. Here is my version:
  6. tooth_dr

    Can anyone help edit a 3D Print file?

    It's actually my mask, but I'm not using it, and you've been a big help to me with processing
  7. tooth_dr

    Lunt Scope Choices

    Hi David You could perhaps arrange a visit to see the scope since it is so close. A tempting offer in person, with the cash in hand can go a long way.
  8. tooth_dr

    Huge Meteor

    I was looking at Orion in a gap in the clouds at about 9:40pm, then went into the house. Just missed it. And my meteor camera was pointing that direction, but it wasnt recording
  9. tooth_dr

    A tale of two implants

    And any blue light too
  10. tooth_dr

    Can anyone help edit a 3D Print file?

    Thanks Happy Kat, I’ve dropped ciaran a message.
  11. tooth_dr

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    Sifting through unprocessed data. This is a total of 3 hours of data on the Rosette using two Canon cameras = modded 1000d and unmodded 40d (90 minutes each). Processed in APP and PS. I've never had much luck with this object and pushed it a bit far. If I get a chance I'll grab some lum with my CCD and use this as colour. Thanks for looking Adam.
  12. Hopefully an expert in mounts too
  13. tooth_dr

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    Since I have a side by side comparison of modded and unmodded Canon DSLRs, and this inclement weather, I thought I would post the stacked data out of APP, with DPP applied. Quite interesting. I have a few more comparisons I can do when I get the time
  14. tooth_dr

    Lunt Scope Choices

    I need to decide what to sell now to buy this mount
  15. tooth_dr

    A tale of two implants

    What a great story with a happy ending. Hope you get out there and take some shots with the Canon.
  16. tooth_dr

    Lunt Scope Choices

    I completely missed this mount coming to market. It looks perfect for solar imaging too??
  17. tooth_dr

    Lunt Scope Choices

    Great thread. The scope on ABS includes a PC1 so perhaps this explains a slightly elevated price? I can’t add much except that the focuser is smooth and nice to use with a EP. But when I add my BVs it does struggle. I can live with it though. Mine is a 60mm PT scope, I’ve never had anything Solar before this.
  18. This is my first RGB image using a mono CCD >> plaqued by clouds, all the subs are affected, serious haze around the brighter star, but with literally no clear nights for a long time, I squeeze what I can in between the gaps. So this is the details L=16x300s R=8x300s Ha=18x600s B=7x300s G=6x300s Processed in APP, manually aligned in PS as APP decided to not work, and adjusted in PS. I think it went ok, but it anyone wants to chip in please feel free Thanks as usual Adam
  19. Last season I gathered a lot of data using 2 DSLRs, but DSS couldn't stacked them together so I ended up just leaving it unprocessed. Since changing to APP, and getting to grips with it, I thought I would go back and run the two cameras through this stacking software. Details: Camera 1: Canon 1000d modded 28 x 600s ISO800 Camera 2: Canon 40d unmodded 28 x 600s ISO800 Processed in Astro Pixel Processor and PS. Cropped to removed stacking artefacts/overlaps/bright star at edge of field. Thanks Adam.
  20. tooth_dr

    Pacman nebula

    Ken that's a great result, lots detail, well done.
  21. tooth_dr

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    Haha I know what you are saying. What I mean was this was taking during a big moon and other nights I’ve tried it it’s got cloudy. I don’t seem to have much luck capturing it
  22. tooth_dr

    DSLR Active cooling MOD process - Part 2

    We call them cue tips too, or cotton buds.
  23. tooth_dr

    DSLR Active cooling MOD process - Part 2

    I think this is the best thread on SGL!
  24. tooth_dr

    Darks for Atik 383L+

    Just to add, with my 383L+, I've tried with and without darks, and haven't noticed any difference. So I sometimes use darks, and sometimes I don't. I take around 30-50 calibration files (bias, flats, darks), and create master frames from those. I have tried using a single flat for all my filters, but it hasn't worked properly, so I will need to shoot a full set of flats for each filter, which is a PITA but once done, should be good for the season. Also as Carole has pointed out, you need a complete set of calibration data if binning!
  25. @Xiga Ciaran Thanks so much for taking time out to look at the data. 1. I'll look into the green side of things, at the minute I'm just keeping things the same in terms of exposure. 2. I'm using a single flat from the Ha filter. I didn't taken any flats with other filters. I noticed the ring, that will be the cause of that :o 3. The Ha stack was taken 4 months ago. I have since repositioned my cameras, marked them and no longer move them. That was why it is out. It is significantly improved on my attempt. One thing I notice is the large spicules of light around from Alnitak in my image. You have removed these in your version. How did you do that? Best wishes Adam

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