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  1. Very nice Ciarán. I’m sure it feels great to back into it again! The tilt looks to quite minor, but maybe you have done some corrective work on the stars in that corner?
  2. What a lovely image Carole, colour and framing is really nice. Adam.
  3. That is phenomenal Neil, 100% need to click and open the full size image, the detail is incredible.
  4. Wood was my second choice, but my printer arrived a day early so it’s currently running off its first print
  5. Thanks guys. I am in agreement with the above M2.5x5mm set screws M2x6mm button head @tomato there is a small lip so not sure if stray light will be an issue but I'm only going to be moving it fractions of a mm. If light does enter I'll added a collar perhaps around the camera?
  6. Hi Olly Going to 3D print a holder for the camera. I’ve a new printer coming tomorrow so could not do it last night.
  7. Would anyone suggest a way to check the thread side of these two holes?
  8. Just wasn’t as handy put together
  9. Thanks for sharing your design @ollypenrice “often copied, never equalled”
  10. @paul mc c when you click save it should bring up a box and you choose how to save it
  11. Yes, one to push and one to pull. It just looks like the screws are missing on the QHY one. I'll see if I can find small enough grub screws at home, or more likely have to order some.
  12. I dont think what I'm suggesting is any different to the equivalent ZWO camera?
  13. The little empty holes (x2) either side of the starhead screw are threaded. I could buy some grub screws and use that to adjust the tilt?
  14. This is the message on cloudy nights from the QHY vendor, after seeing the above photo: I cant make head nor tail of that. I want to test the camera on the bench to rule out sensor tilt before starting to look at the scope.
  15. I'm struggling to see how to adjust this so-called tilt adapter plate. Could anyone please help me !!
  16. It does look green and the Ha and Sii are red. Any suggestions on a test target, looking clear later?
  17. Anyone have any ideas what is wrong here? I imaged the Squid over several nights, and spent three of those on Oiii. I stacked the data but there is very little sign of the Squid. The fits header says I used Oiii. I just pulled the camera and filter wheel off the scope, and checked that Oiii is correctly placed in position 6 of the wheel. I did several tests earlier on the EFW and the wheel always went to Oiii when chosen in SGP. To me this looks more like Sii, so I was wondering if the EFW went to position 7 instead of 6? But I am finding it hard to believe that the software/filter wheel found the wrong position 3 separate nights in a row. I'm assuming this is user error on my part, just not sure where I went wrong? Any suggestions welcome! I also did image the squid at the same time with an NBX filter on another scope, and I can see the squid, using same gain and exposure settings (and a slower scope F4.8 versus F2.8). Fits attached of Oiii 300s sub, QHY268M, 4nm Baader Ultra Narrow High Speed 2" filter. Also attached 1) jpeg of stacked Oiii data with stretch in APP - QHY268M 2) jpeg of stacked Oiii data (from NBZ filter) with stretch in APP - ZWO2600MC Any input welcome. Adam. SQUID_QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture_300sec_1x1_-10C_gain_56_268_033-2.fit
  18. Maybe remove one filter to do the test?
  19. @ollypenrice did you adjust the face of the camera each time, and set it back on again? Do you mind briefly explaining how you adjusted it if this was the case
  20. I really hope this works! I've a sensor I need to check and I'm itching to knock up something like this.
  21. Recently I’d spend more than one night on a single target. Definitely spend the whole night at least on NGC6888
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