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  1. A skilful hand Ciaran. Very very nice.
  2. Great job. Looks very nice indeed. I didn’t get much colour when I did this one too.
  3. Does this need fixed to a base plate or could it be entirely mounted on the lens?
  4. Not blunt, it’s a valid q. Bhatinov mask and liveview and zoom on a bright star. As I said I want a fully manual focuser
  5. I’m not sure a tooth gear is the right way?
  6. Thanks guys. I’m just after a very simple manual focuser! I’ve had an idea to just use a single threaded shaft and have a nut in the middle. I’ll report back his it works out.
  7. I guess cos one might not always be tethered to a PC or laptop.
  8. I did do 20 on the colour reduction on the whole image and then another 20 on masked off areas!
  9. How does that work for Canon Alan, sounds very helpful.
  10. Thanks guys. I do plan on 3d printing this. Gina your suggestions and photos are very useful. Is there much backlash in your geared systems?
  11. Apologies myinitial post was poorly worded. Can you see what I mean now, the connecting bar between the two rings.
  12. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions to the design that doesn’t involve opposing screws to move the bar? I’d like one that just requires a single knob to move that bar in and out.
  13. Yes I have a set of NB optolong filters and the cells are identical.
  14. I have a uvir filter by this brand. No issues there, use it with a CCD camera. Haven’t tried the Ha.
  15. Hats off, that is excellent!! Thanks for sharing something that little bit different.
  16. Is it fair to say that the lens isnt a new design, and the camera is particularly high resolution with no AA filter and 36MP, so some artefacts are expected!
  17. tooth_dr

    M53 RGB

    Nice. Just had to click this as M53 isn’t one of the more familiar Messiers
  18. All look great Paul. I like the middle version especially but the green is envious.
  19. Thanks @gorann and @Xiga I've made the changes to the best of my ability. Definitely was a green cast, thanks for pointing that out Ciaran. Here it is, V2!! Adam
  20. You can actually easily rotate the other way too as there is a small locking ring that is butted up against the FF. Long story short - I bought a used ED80 and it came with the Click Lock. I was so impressed I bought a second one to go with my existing ED80.
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