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  1. 16 X 30 sec exposures via Sharpcap. No darks or flats. ZWO ASI290MC on Skywatcher 150P Newt and Heq5Pro. Stacked in DSS and tweaked in Gimp. As you can see, I have some focus issues. I used a Bahtinov but it is still very soft?
  2. Last night was my first imaging session of this year and the first time I have used my new To me laptop and Sharcap. My previous laptop- a Macbook was incompatible with Sharpcap so I used ASIcap but wanted to go Windows when I could as it opened up more possibilities. ZWO ASI290MC on my C6 and Heq5Pro combo. 500 frames, best 25% stacked in Autostakkert! A bit of Gimp tweaking then converted to PNG in Paint.net and cropped in Picture Editor.
  3. Nice detail in there John.
  4. Good luck with the build. I will follow this with interest.
  5. That must have been one hell of a curry!
  6. Cool footage. Love the way it expands on the description I listened to on the night.
  7. Are there any plans to part ship orders? I ask as I have an outstanding order from early January where one part was in stock, one was expected in 10-15 days and the last awaiting shipping in 30 to 40 days. The short wait part is now in stock but the 30-40 wait part (Astrozap flexi heat dew shield for Celestron 6" SCT notched) is still showing a wait time of 30-40 days.
  8. I have returned to apologise for overstating my situation. When I said lawn, what I should have said was area of scrubby grass and moss.
  9. Did mine at 22:00 tonight and, after 10 minutes adaptation, hiding in the shadow of my house, I managed 18 stars from my garden in the middle of Marlow. It would have been far less just parked in the middle of the lawn.
  10. Tokyo is a fantastic city to explore and you have just given me a reason to go back!
  11. May not work but, technology being the wonder that it is, the left hand (software) may not be telling the right hand <controller) what it is doing!
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