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  1. I use a Newtonian- currently a 150mm Skywatcher
  2. James, Just a thought as I know you have purchased the drag strap (ooh er missus!) for the end flap but, how about a fashioning a socket in the top middle of the flap which you can shove the end of a broom handle of other appropriate legth of material when closing so that you just lean on and lever the flap into a managable position?
  3. That last photo looks a bit like an in progress steampunk nuclear reactor!
  4. Whatever you do, you've got this far on your build- you'll think of something
  5. Foiled! Screw through the adapter and against the pier top to tension?
  6. Swoop1

    DIY Pier

    Looks very neat. The sort of thing I would like to build if I ever get the OK from Mrs Swoop. The hollows look like ideal rests for a nice cold beer when engaged in a bit of solar
  7. Is there clearance underneath to tighten a nut against the bottom of the plate to put the tension into the pin you need?
  8. Thanks Miguel. Looks like I will have to buy some 2" filters then.
  9. So, 2" filters? I can't acieve focus with the 1.25" adapter on the noseiece.
  10. Very nice image Miguel. Where is your filter mounted? I ask as I have a 6300 and I can't mount a filter with my set up- my filters are 1.25"
  11. Very nice detail, particularly the mosaic.
  12. There is something about widefield Milky ay shots across a beach..... Very nice.
  13. 2 pane mosaic single frames SW 150P Newt on Alt/Az mount, Sony a6300 prime focus via X2 Barlow. ISO400 1/125sec. Stitched in MSICE. Cleaned up and adjusted in MS Picture software.
  14. Recently, most of my scope time has been with a camera attached, trying to develop my basic imaging skills and gathering fodder for attempts at processing. On Sunday evening however, after a day at work I just couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to get the mount aligned and dig out all the kit. The sky was great however so I knew I had to do something. I just deployed the Newt on the tripod with my AZ mount and engaged in a bit of moon gazing. It was a very refreshing and joyful experience, just relaxing at the EP and wandering around the terminator for half an hour or so. For me seeing and tranparency seemed to be the best I have had for some time. After a while on the moon I just cast around the sky, seeing what, if anything I could stumble accross. No target in mind, just wandering amongst the stars. Very relaxing and pleasurable. Whatever your favoured aspect of astronomy, don't forget to revisit the basics occasionally.
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