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  1. There are a couple of equations relating to how many 'scopes/ EP's/ filters/ cameras an astronomer needs- N+1 where N is the number of items currently owned OR S-1 where S is the number of items that will push ones significant other over the edge........
  2. A very satisfying feeling isn't it? Well done!
  3. I normally get away with it but every so often, she reminds me who is boss!
  4. This evening, after taking my life into my hands yet again when giving the cat her insulin injection, I took a peek outside and lo- there were stars! I rushed inside again and grabbed the tools and set up. by 10:30 p.m. I was searching around Auriga looking to find some fuzziness. After a little while, I was succesful and settled down to explore what I identifeid via Stelarium as M37. Using averted vision through the 40mm Maxvision on the SW 150P I spent a happy time studying the open cluster and seeing a little more as the minutes passed and my night vision developed. After 15 minutes or so, I decided to relocate my view towards Ursa Major to see if I could find anything around the area of The Plough but was defeated by light pollution. I then decided to cast around Cassiopeia to see what I could see. Before I knew it I was lost in the glorious starfield between Cassiopeia and Perseus. That was it, I was stuck, enjoying another 20 minutes or so just drifting around in this absolutely glorious bit of sky. My first proper chance this month and well worth it.
  5. To good to be true?

    Not buying a 4X4 is what mountain bikes were invented for.
  6. AR2699, faint prom 13-2-18

    Coll, thanks charl.
  7. AR2699, faint prom 13-2-18

    Nice Charl. Question- the masking of the disc that exposes the prom- is that post processing or done in camera at exposure?
  8. Full moon 31/01/2018 single frame DSLR

    Thanks SilverAstro- looks like I have some learning to do!
  9. Full moon 31/01/2018 single frame DSLR

    Rich, Thanks for the advice re ISO and shutter speed. As for aperture, the images were taken on my telescope using a T ring so no lens. I can't step up or down. This is a pity as I know a smaller aperture is good for detail (depth of field etc.)
  10. Supermoon 31-1-18

    Good 'uns charl
  11. Full Moon 31-01-18

    Cracking images John. I am starting to explore the basic 'as provided' processing tools that come with the Mac package photo suite and have found the the simple process of reducing the light level on lunar images really brings out detail. Your processing is ace.
  12. 3 images of tonights moon. The first 2 are using the T ring and X2 Barlow, the last just T ring. Sony a350 DSLR on SW 150p/ undriven EQ3/2. All ISO 1600 1) 1/1250 sec 2) 1/1000 sec 3) 1/3200 sec
  13. Single frame DSLR from 25/01/18

    Thanks John.
  14. Single frame DSLR from 25/01/18

    Thanks Charl. I have just come in form bagging a few frames of the SuoerMoon so will see how they have turned out shortly. Good luck with your skies!
  15. Majestic Moon + close shots 29-1-18

    Cracking stuff Charl! I'm used to seeing your solar so thought you were afraid of the dark