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  1. Hi NV, yes I can see the images. A nice little set up you have there.
  2. I think it is always worth contacting the council in these cases. They are generally willing to try something to improve things for their residents.
  3. Nice image M110. It is very satisfying getting these types of images after ages of trying.
  4. Plastic gutter down pipe. Make a 'shower curtain' type rail using down pipe as the rail and uprights. You could then use pegs or clips to secure the ends of the curtain to the uprights to keep it taught?
  5. Not really. It is a total of 700 frames of video, each run processed individually so 7 processing runs. As it was only 100 frames per capture, this didn't take too long and once stacked, I didn't do any further post processing.
  6. Welcome aboard Dave. Had a great week in Seattle last year. Go Hawks!
  7. My HEQ5PRO makes a quite high pitched noise whe it is operating. Not too loud but it is there's and it seems to be functioning fine.
  8. Thanks for the advice Tommohawk. I'm stuck with USB2 on a relativiely prehistoric Macbook and that also limits the software I can use. I copy my data from the Mac to an extarnal drive before transferring it to my Windows PC for processing. I will be getting a Windows laptop at soem stage in the future to extend the range of softwarem options open to me.
  9. Great images and nice detail Simon.
  10. Rushed home from work last night to bag some Luna data before I lost her behind the tree. AWI290MC via C6 on HEQ5PRO. 7 runs of 100 frames, best 50% stacked in AutoStakkert! Converted via GIMP and Paint.net and stitched in ICE. Paint.net used to infill background colour to fill the frame.
  11. I am sure it is M15- target set in Syscan and it was just on the edge of the FOV when it finished. No flip involved. I had my camera installed via a nosepiece into the back of the scope- 2 x thumbscrews to secure. next time I will screw directly into the scope. Possibly high haze. No dew evident anywhere on the scope surfaces. Thanks for the ideas @x6gas
  12. Best 50% of 3000 frames, ASI290MC via C6 on HEQ5PRO. Stacked in AutoStakkert! and no further processing apart from conversion via GIMP and Paint.net. I am pleased with the result.
  13. Gorgeous detail Craig. Well done
  14. The attached image is from Sunday night- 20 lights, 10 darks all 30 second exposures and 10 bias at 0.1s? Scope C6, camera ASI290MC. Focus was pin sharp according to my Bhatinov- difration pattern very evenly distributed around Vega. The resulting stack looks very soft however. Any thoughts on what I should be doing to sharpen things up?
  15. I have uploaded the data to Mediafire and the link is here- http://www.mediafire.com/folder/lhux0dr82yl9a/2020-09-17_22_52_17Z As requested @happy-kat I have rerun the processing attempt and snipped the error message with lights in the file list- When I open a light file, the quality is poor and what stars there are in the image seem quite big. I am sure of focus as the diffraction pattern from my Bhatinov was spot on.# Thanks Matt
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