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  1. Swoop1

    The Joys of Visual Astronomy

    I am dabbling with AP but so far am limiting myself to exploring what I can capture with single fram exposures mating my Sony a6300 to my 150mm Newt. I like some of my results, getting a it more detail etc. Nothing however, beats the satisfaction of finding and observing a target visually. I am interacting with the actual photons that left the subject of my observations, sometimes thousands of years ago. That is quite a humbling experience for me.
  2. Swoop1

    December 3, 2018: Venus and Moon

    Very nice Michael. I'm losing too much sleep as it is at the moment to be getting up early! Kudos for your dedication
  3. Swoop1

    Betelgeuse, single frame

    Thanks fir the info Merlin
  4. Swoop1

    Betelgeuse, single frame

    Thanks for your comments folks. @Tubby Bear I'm not sure if it is 52 Orionis. I seem to detect a slight colour difference between the stars one blue/ white the other with a slight yellow hue. Most reference I see to the double mentions them being of similar colour.
  5. Swoop1

    M42 single frame first effort

    Thanks Nicho and oobydooby
  6. Whilst I was wandering around Orion last night/ this morning, I thought I would have a go at Betelgeuse, Set up was Sony a6300 prime focus mated to Skywatcher 150P Newtonian on driven EQ3/2 mount. ISO1600, 8 second exposure. 23:58 30/11/2018.
  7. Swoop1

    M42 single frame first effort

    Thanks Sean
  8. Here is my first proper effort at M42. taken on my Sony a6300 prime focus mated to my Skywatcher 150P Newtonian on a driven EQ3/2. ISO 800 15 second exposure at 23:43 30/11/2018. Far from perfect but I'm learning. I have others but the detail and colour in this image are the best in my opinion.
  9. Thanks Louise, I'll look into that one Matt
  10. With the moving out of No.2 Son and me inheriting his cupboard space for astro kit storeage, I also get a corner of the room to set up a computer for image processing. The unit is a Hewlett Packard which is a good few years old and running Windows 7. As both the computer and the meatwares abilitiies are low spec, which is a good stacking programme to download to learn the trade? Thanks, Matt
  11. Swoop1

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Is'nt that what the rubber tiles will be for? Mind you, getting poleaxed by a rebounding counterwight might be a bit hard to explain at A&E......
  12. Swoop1

    Where do you keep your kit?

    I think i'm gonna need a bigger house!
  13. Taken at 22:10 18th November using my Sony a6300 prime focus mated to my Skywatcher 150mm Newtonian and EQ3/2 driven mount. 8 seconds at ISO 1600. I am concentrating on getting my alignment, focusing and composition right before moving on to paost processing such as stacking etc. I can see there is a bit of trailing so need more work on aligment.
  14. Not being blessed with the space or pliable significant other to allow for an obsy, my kit is deployed on an as and when basis. The tripods and mounts live in the shed as they are bulky. The delicates such as scope, eyepieces, telrad, filters etc. used to be dotted around various locations in the house. Not any more! One of the advantages of getting old is that No. 2 Son has moved out. We have cleared his room and are in the process of turning into a guest room (sofa bed) and 'Person Cave' with computer and exercise kit etc. One of the bonuses for me is that I have inherited the majority of his built in cupboard space- The top shelf has got my warm kit (hat, scrf, gloves, ski trouser etc) whilst the lower shelf has the hardware such as EP's and filters. The floor has the scope, camera bag, tripod, a box containing books and manuals etc. The vest hanging from the rail is what I use as a multi pocket observing vest, easy reach ep and dust cap storeage. Where do you keep your stuffs?

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