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  1. Swoop1

    First Man

    I saw it last night and agree that it is a fine film. I think many people are expecting more of the moon landing. The film isn't about the event. It is about the man and Gosling did a great job portraying Armstrong.
  2. Swoop1

    A dream come true

    Nice looking project. Green with envy here!
  3. Swoop1

    JamesF's observatory build

    Commercial premises the country/ world over have their roofs clad in plastic coated sheet metal. When I were a scaffolder, I didn't once get killed by falling through one of the roofs. I should imagine this material would do the job nicely james.
  4. Swoop1

    JamesF's observatory build

    Enjoyed reading both yours and Astrokevs thread whilst stuck in hospital (7 busted ribs due to epic mtb fail) since last Tuesday. Nice thought provoking work sir!
  5. Swoop1

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Kev, I am currently ensconced in Stoke Mandeville Hospital recovering from 7 broken ribs acquired during a stupid mountain biking session last Tuesday evening. This has give me the time to binge read both yours and JamesF's threads. Time very well spent A cracking build. Gives me some food for thought.
  6. They both look like nice images.
  7. In the words of some folk on the TVsitting next to big piles of cash- I'm in
  8. Swoop1

    Things that go bump in the night

    I love that track! Either the band are very protective of it or documentary makers are ignorant of a cracking bit of plucking work.
  9. I use the camera direct mounted by t ring to the focuser of my SW 150P Newtonian so the aperture is moot!
  10. Last night was the first test of the new drive on my EQ3/2 and Sony a3600 in interstellar mode. I had spent many painful hours (or so it felt) trying to align the polar scope to the mount and then attemting my first accurate polar alignment. Despite a near full moon, I decided to give M31 a try and here are a couple of exposures of differing lenghts- ISO1600 single frame 30 seconds ISO1600 single frame 15sec. I then moved on to Mizar and Alcore- ISO1600 single frame 5 seconds ISO1600 single frame 20 seconds. I am learning how to utilise my kit best at the moment- alignment, focus etc. Once I have that nailed, I will then start looking at multiple frames and stacking. I think there is evidence of trailing suggesting less than adequate alignment. I am not sure of the cause of the 'fogging' though hope this is light pollution from neighbouring street/ security lights plus that pesky moon. All critique welcome. Matt
  11. Swoop1

    My First photo

    Nice shot Stu. I recently bought a new camera and have started experimenting with it on my scope. Exiting isn't it?
  12. I have deployed the motors on to my EQ3/2 mount and used it in deep sky/ wide field anger for the first time last night. Whose bright idea was it to do the hand controller markings as white against a red background? A bit tricky to read in red light.....
  13. I knew there was a reason I came here to ask- Solar - doh! hadn't even considerd that.
  14. Swoop1

    First Man

    I think it might have to be an iMAX eperience- gotta get that Saturn V rumble deep in my chest somehow.
  15. If I were to build an obsy in an out of the way location with limited/ no access to mains at a reasonable cost, what sort of output should I be looking for if going down the generator route? I guess i would be running a mount, camera, computer and lighting off the rig. I suspect there are other devices I need to factor in on the power draw list as well. Thanks Matt

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