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  1. Not sure how you manage to get so much detail, but however you do it, you do it well.
  2. Initially I found books and iPhones a burden when out observing because they needed illuminating, and I believed that the darker it was, the better it is for my eyes. Even got to the stage when using my 'Dob-tent' , that changing an eyepiece was all done by memory and touch alone, so dark inside. I don't have technology on the scope either, its all manual, but I do have v15 Stellarium, which I use to locate stuff before I go outside. My sky availability/view is relatively small, so anywhere between Cassiopeia and Ursa Major is fare game , the rest of the viewing angles are generally obscured by structures, tree's and buildings. One thing that I've discovered, I've still lots to learn up there, the names, the positioning of each constellation in relation to each other. I'm just glad its still a learning process and its taking some time to grasp, so there's plenty to be getting on with, and I've had my first session this year, tonight, and still no electronic wizardry of any kind, and at -4° with snow and ice all around and a Bright Moon, Mars was perfectly placed for me around 1900 hours' and I'm sure I saw the tint of blue that was Uranus. Thats ThreePlanets total, perfectly positioned in just over 5 years maybe, what with seeing conditions, the continual weather and sodium street lights.................all changed for the better now, except the weather. It was also slightly misty when I started tonight, and took about two hours for the air currents to look anywhere near calm in the scope, mainly viewing at 100x.
  3. For sale is my Revelation Astro Right Angled Correct Image 8x50mm Finder scope, made in Taiwan. Under less than perfect conditions tonight I thought I'd give this RACI a proper test ( bought second hand, here, in 2017) and I discovered tonight I'm much preferring my standard straight through 9x50 using the 'both eyes open' method. It's also slightly shorter than my 9x50 by maybe a 3rd, which for me, makes it a tad awkward to reach without airing on the side of caution, of the possibility of striking my eye/head on anything in the focuser? There are three things that I need to bring to your attention? Looking at the first image, there is a small white curve depicted at the top of the glass inside the aperture collar, this is a small Moon shaped crack/chip, its been there since I received the item. Secondly, see that threaded section on the RACI itself, it appears to have worn somewhat, so its possible to just push the RACI into the OTA, then a quarter turn makes it feel like its tightening, so I have added some PTFE tape to the threaded part, connected it back to the tube and its a much better fit now. Lastly, the rubber '0' ring that fits around the OTA (hidden by the bracket) has perished and will at some stage require replacing, should you wish to do so. I just used the one from my 9x50, or they say a rubber band would suffice. The purpose of the '0' ring is to provide a flexible but tight support inside the front of the bracket, while final adjustments to align the finder to the scope are carried out by the two remaining adjusters. If you're interested PM me. I'll be requiring payment via Paypal and it will be delivered 1st class signed for, UK Mainland only. Sold as detailed in/by my description above and by what you can see in the two images below. No returns and like I said UK only. Price!.....................................you decide? Obviously I'll need to cover the postage and a little something for myself, so sensible offers please, and don't be offended if I reject that first offer. The reply will be a simple NO or YES. If yes, then we'll proceed from there.
  4. I use 'SkyView lite' on my iPhone when I'm out, sometimes just to prove to folk what they're actually seeing? then for some reason they need to question the accuracy of app ( " how can we see the Planets?) because they don't believe me, or the app, that we're looking at say Venus, or Mars or whatever, insisting that it's just another Star. During the Leonids, I decided that an adapter for my iPhone/camera combination maybe a useful addition, so I'll be looking for a proper grip type adaptor or maybe some lightweight bungee's, not for the scope, just my binoculars.
  5. I've not seen it visually through my 8" though I've had far less than perfect conditions here in the past ( different now ?) but I'd expect I'd still need a larger aperture, witness to the earlier responses. My avatar image was manufactured!
  6. Snap! I've got one similar, Solera Reserve, Glenfidich, a perfect fit for the fire extinguisher bracket. I'm not particularly fond of Whisky, but I can nip this one easily enough on a cold winters night in the shed no problem, summer too......hic! But in relation to venting sheds, this shed is bone dry inside, still smells brand new and nothing has ever tarnished or rusted, though I do get some condensate on one particular 25Ltr container so that drum now sits in a bowl. I have always encouraged good ventilation, but no vents on this shed, its double glazed, sealed door and good quality T&G cladding. I also have a plastic Keter shed, and have never seen any condensate in there. It has two louvred and denier (keeps the bugs out) covered vents, one top and bottom.
  7. The poor old Barlow get its from both angles, some say it reduces image quality, more glass in the optical train ( look at Tele vue's glass arrangement in some of their eyepieces, they have a Barlow) and Barlowing also maintains eye-relief ( something I need to re-learn) as twice here its been mentioned there's an increase, and that a Barlow can double any eyepiece collection by the sum of the Barlow? I have two Barlow eyepieces, SW Deluxe and Mead #140, both ok, but the Meade #140 is reputably better! though Ive hardly used them in their entirety at 2x, favouring to remove just the cell and attach that directly to the eyepiece for a reduced power. That said, having sold off most of my 'better' eyepieces in favour of the BST's a Barlow could further help expand my collection, but unfortunately, any eyepiece lower than 12mm is going to start exceeding what my scope is capable of for practical reasons. I might go ahead and permanently mount the SW cell to a 12mm BST, just to save time and provide with 200x which I don't have at present from the brand, and just keep the #140 for the time I may need/want to Barlow another EP. Emad........did'nt you just sell a #140?
  8. Do everything and anything now, before they grow up and leave home. Mine have gone ( local ) but I'd do it all again
  9. Cheshire Tool. I've found this to be the most accurate tool. I also use a Barlowed laser, or the most basic 35mm film cap, and/ or dust cap. They all work. These tools don't actually 'tool' anything, they just help align the eye to the scopes axis. You could potentially align every thing by sight alone then Star test to check accuracy. Once your confident with collimation on your own scope, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about ?
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