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  1. Surprise Package: 40mm "Big Easy"

    Might thoughts exactly, Ed. With my ST 120 I use a Rev 42/65 EP which gives an over-large exit pupil of 8.4mm, but who cares? I'm getting a fabulous 4.55 deg of TFOV, which still shows the brighter stars and is great for star-hopping. Doug.
  2. Oh dear... oh dear....

    Blimey - memories! Reminds me of my Dan Dare Space Station for speaking to another kid somewhere else in the house. It had buttons on the handset marked Mars, Jupiter, etc.! Happy days. Doug.
  3. Oh dear... oh dear....

    To be honest, I might have done better starting with that than the EQ-mounted Newt I plunged in with a few years ago. *ducks behind parapet* Doug.
  4. Good going, Alan, which prompts my New Year Resolutions: # Get a Light Bucket; # Move to Cumbria. Doug.
  5. Double Delights - Lyra, Camelopardalis

    I too have benefited from Nick's comment (thanks, Nick!) - just found I've been missing out on potential targets by having the Hints slider on Stellarium set too low. Doh! Doug.
  6. Double Delights - Lyra, Camelopardalis

    Thanks Neil @Littleguy80 - Yes, doubles are good, with much of interest (esp. after obtaining the Cambridge Double Star Atlas). Lots of fun, interest, and variety, and generally easier round here than fuzzies! Thanks also John @johnfosteruk and Stu @Stu - Yes, Kemble's is better all at once; I had to pan across it. I have seen it in the ST120 where it looks really good. Doug.
  7. Have I got an Eyepiece Obsession going on?

    If it feels good, John - do it! My collection grew "organically", so I never even thought about getting a complete range. Until now................ Doug.
  8. 8SE - 4.45pm - Vega appeared, I aligned on that. Soon after, did a GoTo on Struve 2470 (using the SAO designation in the handset), and it appeared in the EP along with Struve 2474. These two are a nice couple of pairs like two short parallel lines, with the brighter of each pair uppermost. They constitute Lyra's "Double Double's Double" (with thanks to Turn Left At Orion for the reference), and the pairs are not as close as those in Epsilon Lyrae (the better known Double Double). They do look good, even though the pairs in this case are not associated with each other, and 2470 might just be an optical pairing. x48 used, then x113 for a clearer view. I was pleased to see this so clearly considering that still only Vega was visible, naked eye. For accurate GoTo in a different region, I then aligned on Capella and Mirphak. NGC 1502 open cluster in Camelopardalis - loose, several stars (many in pairs), very pretty, at the end of the Kemble's Cascade asterism, which comprises some two dozen stars going north in a line, with the 4.95 mag HIP 18505 star near the centre. The 1.34 deg FOV was not enough to see the whole show at once. 1 Cam - a close double, separation 11 seconds of arc. A 841 Cam - a 2+1 multiple seen as a visual double - the faint companion, 48 soa away was easily spotted at x48. Beta Cam - brightest star in The Giraffe - clear companion noticed, also a closer, fainter star, seen with AV. After three hours, I finished with a few favourites using the Sky Tour feature - M36 Pinwheel Cluster in Auriga - dense, many brighter stars; M37 cluster in Auriga - also dense, but with fainter components - good at x48, better at x85; Double Cluster in Perseus - never ceases to delight, easy to find, always worth another look! Doug.
  9. Have I got an Eyepiece Obsession going on?

    OK, let's all settle for slightly obsessive then! Doug.
  10. Have I got an Eyepiece Obsession going on?

    Wow - that was worth the wait, Mike! Similar quantity to my collection (although I have just one TV) - so it's official: 17 or 18 EPs is not too many! Doug.
  11. All in a row

    You did better than me, John - I set the ST120 up at 5.00 when the sky was clear, all ready for the spectacle at about 7.00. Total cloud by then, though! Doug.
  12. Heads up The Secrets of Quantum Physics

    Thanks Dave. Just set to record it. Loved it at uni - never ceases to fascinate! Doug.
  13. I began with an Eq-mounted Newt, and saw - well, virtually nothing. Then got an alt-az frac, and took off! Re skies - maybe the LP up here in my corner of Merseyside ain't so bad after all. Think I'll go for a bunch of galaxies next time out! Doug.
  14. Funny old hobby this, Stu - I saw M1 first time I tried! (Not much to look at from where I am mind.) The thing I took well over two years to nail is Jupiter's GRS. Doug.
  15. Seeing Red

    Here are a few of the most popular red/orange stars: Betelgeuse (Orion), Herschel's Garnet Star (Cepheus), Ahad's Ruby Star (Taurus), Hind's Crimson Star (very orange, Lepus). Have fun! Doug.