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  1. My first DIY project complete!

    Well done Galen - looks "fit for purpose" to me! The solar filter is a bit like mine for my ST120 frac. Doug.
  2. Bresser Messier 10" Dob - Got One?

    Thanks John. Yes, the alt wheels/bearings do look good. As you know, I was seriously considering a 12", but 10" will be much more manageable! Doug.
  3. Bresser Messier 10" Dob - Got One?

    Thanks Jonn. Yes, I do like their appearance, and the price is still very good compared with others I have considered! Doug.
  4. I've been dithering over 'scope no.3 for months, and so far had lots of advice from our members - thanks! Started off considering a giant SCT (since I like the 8SE), but the cost is prohibitive, apart from many other issues. So a different type to my Cat and Frac is the target i.e. a Dob. S/W, OO, Bresser, etc., and what size? Working on the adage that a worthwhile 'scope is one that you'll actually use, I think I've settled on a 10", and I now tend towards the Bresser. Apart from its parameters, I also like the look of it. Relatively small and light, sensible price, f/5 (so coma corrector not vital), 1270mm FL (so widefield views at a sensible exit pupil), about 56% more light gathering than the 8SE, solid tube, hex focuser. So fellow SGL-ers, have any of you any experience of this 'scope? Performance, ease of use, action, etc.? Any words of encouragement - or the opposite! - would be very welcome. A final decision is still some way off, I feel! Thanks, Doug.
  5. Some Sagittarian Success! (A Hint Of The Lagoon)

    Thanks Gus! I must say, I've not seen much with the Baader Neodymium or the S/W UHC, but so far, the S/W OIII has shown me stuff I'd otherwise have missed. I know there are dearer ones, but I thought for not a great deal of use, I'd get the cheaper S/W OIII. (Then again, some folk say there's little difference in performance anyway!) So - yes, very pleased with it, and looking forward to more successful observations quite soon! (Meanwhile, still thinking about 'scope no.3 - perhaps a 10" Dob rather than a 12". I do like a widefield view!) Doug.
  6. Some Sagittarian Success! (A Hint Of The Lagoon)

    Thanks Neil. Yes, there are so many variables in this game: sometimes it's a struggle; sometimes it all comes together. But it's all part of the enjoyment and the learning! Doug.
  7. Some Sagittarian Success! (A Hint Of The Lagoon)

    Thanks Alan. Yes, that one's on the list, but apart from the clouds coming in, the whole lot was slipping behind the trees, so the Sagittarian session was almost over anyway! Doug.
  8. I went out early again (very keen), and spotted Saturn at 9.10. Since it was close to my target area, I aligned the 8SE on it. Ran a test on open cluster M25, and got right on it, recognising the few stars that were on view while it was relatively light. 30 minutes later, it was much better, appearing as about four bright stars plus several fainter ones in loose array, very pleasing. Altitude about 17 degrees. Increasing the mag from x48 to x85 made the whole thing clearer as the background began to dim, enhancing the fainter members. Three more open clusters followed: M23, M18, and M21. M23 was a nice, tight array of mainly faint stars. The other clusters looked looser and perhaps less appealing. But the GoTo was doing fine, putting all these targets well in the initial 1.34 degrees of true field. However, after my recent success with the Eastern Veil, I wanted more of the same, so aimed for the Lagoon Nebula, M8, lying at just 12 degrees. Again, GoTo put it right in front of me, recognised by the star pattern within it, as per Stellarium. The stars/cluster were very attractive - some bright, plus a tight cluster of fainter ones. But no nebulosity - yet. The UHC filter did not help at all, but the OIII, again proving its worth, revealed some nebulosity around the central pair of magnitude 6 and 7 stars. This was very satisfying, although I must look further into the science behind it. For the moment, I'm taking the pragmatic approach! I was hoping for more as it got darker and I could also try AV, but at 10.30, cloud stopped play. Nevertheless, another good session! Doug.
  9. I reckon you'll like it, Alan! Reasonable aperture, good magnification, easy on eyepieces, and a 42mm EP will give you a decent 1.82 degrees of TFOV at a sensible 4.2mm of exit pupil. (Assuming it can take 2" EPs like the 8SE, which I guess is most likely!) Have fun! Doug. PS: It would be good to use that 'scope on a suitable az mount/extension. Unfortunately, my 8SE won't go on the AZ-4.
  10. Larger Exit Pupil

    How true John. All this exit pupil stuff makes a strong case for a nice slow SCT!! Doug.
  11. Larger Exit Pupil

    You can indeed use large values. I just wanted to point out the possible pitfalls of doing so. Doug.
  12. Larger Exit Pupil

    That's about it, Neil, although the figure depends on your eyes and your age. If it's too large, you effectively waste light, but - I believe - you can still enjoy wider field views. The other thing about large exit pupils is that the background has not dimmed much, so the view can be washed out, especially if you're looking at faint objects. Doug.
  13. How low can you go?

    Nice report of a good session, Neil! Doug.
  14. The Veil Unveiled (Well, Partly!)

    Too late. Doug.
  15. The Veil Unveiled (Well, Partly!)

    Do it, David! I must admit I was hesitant to splash out 60 quid, but am now very glad I did. Only too happy to encourage people's spending! Doug.