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  1. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Wonders of the cosmos, or wonders of the costumes?? D.
  2. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Not surprisingly, mine says the same thing - just swap fifth for third! Doug. BTW Neil - congrats on passing the 2000 mark!
  3. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Likewise, Neil - a bit of fun until we can get back to business! Doug.
  4. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Reckon it's a draw Neil - I'm fresh out of onesies and trilbies! Doug.
  5. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    Very nice, Neil, but I reckon I win..... Doug.
  6. Six have gone through my hands. Currently have three: SCT - high mag, decent aperture, and GoTo; frac - lovely widefield views and ease of use; Dob - deep sky/faint objects. Basically Akshat, it's a question of different 'scopes for different targets and means of use. There is no single 'scope for everything. But it's not enough! I still want a dedicated solar 'scope and a better ED/apo frac! Doug.
  7. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    How can we tell, Paul? Doug.
  8. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    @Littleguy80 - "This is outrageous. I was declared the winner, I gave a speech and now you guys are trying to still my crown with your superior outfits! You clearly don’t know what a diva I am!" Your crown is now seriously at risk with this Neil. It's my after-an-early-hours-still-in-pyjamas-look! Doug.
  9. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    I think my sexy fingerless gloves give me a slight edge, Neil...... Doug.
  10. cloudsweeper

    The Astronomer Fashion Awards

    You could also just about qualify for the deep sea diver award, Neil! Doug.
  11. cloudsweeper

    Hi folks....bit of a stuttered start

    Welcome wooah! If you used the 10mm EP, then a x2 Barlow, you'd have a mag of x250, which is high! At high mags, focusing gets more critical and brightness drops, which could explain the poor view. High mags are generally over-rated - lower mags give clearer, sharper views. Pigeons - have you noticed they seem to sense you are looking at them!! Doug.
  12. cloudsweeper

    70mm Skies 16-17 June 2018

    Good session Mike, plus eloquent report - thanks! Doug.
  13. cloudsweeper

    New Dob's First Outing

    Yes Gert, very effective. And it cost nothing! Doug.
  14. cloudsweeper

    New Dob's First Outing

    Lovin' it, DP! Doug.
  15. cloudsweeper

    New Dob's First Outing

    Yes Dom, it is a thing of beauty! I nearly always stand when observing, so standing with this one is normal for me. Having it on an extra 5" of platform helps in this respect - I don't have to bend forward much. Tracking was smooth and easy, although of course it might get a bit trickier at high mag. As for the weight (I'm in pretty good shape), I manage it fine, but as I've said, I wouldn't want to cart anything bigger around the garden. You've just got to hold it carefully, move carefully, and watch out in doorways that you don't knock the focuser or Rigel. Once it's in place, handling it is quite effortless. Doug.

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