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  1. Ah TakaSmiffy make fine scopes
  2. I never will, we were lucky, just had a smoulder with our one.
  3. Chris, Great Name. My only concern would be that it will suddenly catch , just like all those tumble driers did!
  4. Good luck with the sale Paul, wonderful scopes these, someone is in for a treat. Thank goodness my cash is already committed and its a 12" and not bigger.
  5. So Takahashi is very common..... not starting an argument on scopes here, I must add.
  6. Thanks, I was curious about the name and potential links. I did wonder if it was Mr Smith in UK Parlance?
  7. I watched a Pentax vision presentation (cameras) this weekend, it was raining hard and I was sat in the camper. Anyways, Pentax is lead by Mr Takahashi, who speaks very good English by the way. Anyway made me ponder, is Takahashi a common Japanese family name or are the companies linked somehow? Anyone know at all? Dear Google was not much help when I looked.
  8. Nice to see it, thanks for the link Jeremy, made me look at the BAA site for an answer on changing to paper based membership from electronic one.
  9. Guess what, I have decided on neither in my initial list of this post, does sound familiar? Going for the Morpheus 12.5 for glasses friendly and sits better in my steps of magnification on both of my scopes. Funnily I tried one as a loaner a while back and bought the 10XW, but knew I needed a 12.5mm. Final call made, placed an order with the forum sponsor
  10. I thought that would be the case Don, thanks for the reply.
  11. I work too closely with the Refuse teams at work....... RRR rubs off.
  12. Sounds familiar on the glasses front Don, except I have Vari-focals and they are not Astro friendly. So Single vision for at EP and readers for the charts and soon to arrive DSC as well. Age, its a great curse to live with (preferable to any other options available in my book).
  13. Fully support the 2021 out plan. I think we have Covid-19 booked for 2021 in answer to one of the points above! This stop year gives a decent breather to get this thing under some control and allow bigger gatherings again.
  14. That is a great idea Nigella. Chris, how about 'The 3R Observatory' (Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle)
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