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  1. Little Observatory Build

    Love the 'Micro Adjusting Tool', I always refer to them as Percussion Fine Adjustment myself. Your build is sounding realistic and achievable, a very good thing indeed. I look forward to seeing what your shed builder produces as its of interest to me and perhaps many more on here.
  2. Indeed it is rather nice, presently works with the improving back, the problem at present is all this cloud around. The scope for its little tests has been as good as expected, will in time probably become the travel and grab and go scope.
  3. Hello from Hungary

    Welcome to the SGL family Adam. Don't just sit reading away, join in. ask questions, pass comment, there is no such thing as a silly question.
  4. How is the sky over there?

    Usual UK Piero, Cloud, with a few gaps and more cloud, the usual.
  5. Now it has a suitable mount and was nice for a quick first try this afternoon on Solar grab session. Working a day from home has it's bonuses. A used Celestron AVX. First GoTo I have owned, third equatorial mount though.
  6. Dawn Planets Line up

    Sounds great Kerry. My East has no Horizon due to houses sadly.
  7. The Sky at Night

    Just watched this after work on iPlayer. I think Sky at Night is truly on a roll again and look forward to each episode. The Cassini episode was of great interest, what an amazing space craft it has been, I will have very mixed emotions on Friday when 'she' has gone.
  8. New mount required a new case!

    That is looking good, the case looks of a very solid build and high quality.
  9. Pier project

    Now that is looking very nice indeed, once powder coated it will be spot on. Does not look a DIY job in anyway. Are you willing and able to share your drawings so others can copy at all?
  10. The OTA and the case as had diagonals, finder etc already.
  11. That look a perfect set up Charl, the two scopes on my want list, have just bought the ed80 myself. You said white light on the ed80 with the Lunt wedge, is that with your dslr or visual?
  12. Indeed it does, green and black to match the scope, not sure what it will look like with the orange and black AVX mount though.....clash, clash, clash. I will only use it in the dark so no one notices 😜
  13. I think it will be in the Moses basket to keep it close for a while 😉
  14. Thank you, indeed it is and will be. My previous ED100 was rather special too, so expecting good things from the smaller cousin.
  15. Indeed it would, may be tempted after next payday or one for Santa perhaps.