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  1. I have great seeing then goes off, very slight high clouds moving through. And it has got very damp, so the Arthritis is now complaining in my knees! But worth the pain, the Lunar Observing has been great, but in now.
  2. Reminded me to go look for Solar Chat, thanks Dave.
  3. I too was Lunar observing last night, it was a good evening and we were clearly looking at the same things. Bet that was good in a 150mm as it was outstanding in a 100mm.
  4. It is a great atlas for general use as well as Double Star work in my opinion, easier to see than the normal atlas too.
  5. Delivery person, not postie today. My new to me trial Pseudo Masuyama 12.5mm Celestron Ultima. Nice build quality, hope to test it tonight
  6. That's funny, my smelling is too awful...... Who we need is Olly Penrice to come and correct us propper like e duz sometimz!! I was more concerned it was a Freudian comment on DeLites to be honest.
  7. Thin cloud came and went. Just had great fun Lunar observing, used my first ever eyepiece and others. Actually very steady for lunar, ran out of magnification, then barlowed the 3-6 Nag Zoom. ISS Pass, tracked that with the scope and saw some structure, just. And watched and enjoyed Norah the Bat flying about and then the family of Badgers come and go. Badger cub wants to look as walked over to near my Observing Pad. Good luck folks, I am in as work in morning. Enjoy if you can.
  8. Telvue Delete, that's a new one @Sweep
  9. To follow on within the thread, it set me thinking and looking for eyepiece No.1 a 20mm Bresser RK (Rank Kellner / Reverse Kellner?) I found it last night, arrived with my 90mm Bresser Achromat in the 1990's. It took my breath away at the time looking at The Moon, consigned to the bits box long ago, so thought why not. Well surprisingly good, long eye relief and very sharp on axis, off well, not, but who cares this eyepiece was my first and will now be loved a little bit more. So pointed back at The Moon just before Clapping at 8pm. Oddly mounted in something a bit more exotic than the long departed Bresser, which had great glass but an awful focuser. As a PS, added 30 mins later: I in a fit of sentiment trialled the 2x barlow, it was as awful as I remember it! The 12.5 Kellner had my eyeball on the lens, The 9mm RK was ok as well. Thanks Ags for this trip down memory lane and some additional fun at the scope
  10. Out now, been blue sky Lunar Observing with the ED103. Of course whispy cloud drifted over as soon as I settled at the scope, it WILL clear!
  11. Now that the present crisis is calming down and from the 1st June coming to my garden is again within the rules, I return this to the For Sale section. All purchases require social distancing etc. A shuffle of kit is in order and with a heavy heart the item up for sale is my OOUK OD250 10" f4.8 1/6 wave Dobsonian, DeLuxe Version. (The reason for the shuffle is a desire for an AZ100 Rowan mount or an AZEQ6). Hilux Coated 1/6 wave mirror with test certificate. OOUK Dobsonian Mount, very smooth in operation. Friction Brake 'R' Sky covers top and bottom. Has had additional vents cut in the base, cools far faster. Added feet so you can stand the tube out of the mount. Partly flocked. Nice mirrors and in good order, one small mark in tube from the seat belt clasp, see the end image. Due to the size, lack of packaging, collection only and socially distanced, I have a large enough garden and area for you to inspect it. (This will have to be controlled as the property has a shielded older person on site). Asking £500.
  12. Oh dear, an expensive direction, a liking for eyepieces and premium ones too.
  13. Hi Dale, Sorry I called you Dan. Enjoy the sky when you can.
  14. Hello and Welcome to SGL Dan. As you say, Astronomy is a great way of calming and chilling. It has helped my mental health on a number of occasions, even before 2020 came along. It certainly has in 2020. My daughters who are frontline too often want eyepiece time after difficult shifts.
  15. Nice dedication Russ and nice to see you back imaging. I have been out observing as early some mornings, but as you say not so good on a work morning, head on desk (at home) before lunch if not careful!
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