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  1. Berlebach Tripods Uni series

    That last few words have never been more apt.
  2. Berlebach Tripods Uni series

    I had seen it thanks for the pointer though. At the price of the ABS one, I can get one from FLO. Not that I am getting one just yet......but
  3. For those fine folks who own Berlebach Tripods. Is the North pin removable? Reason for asking some mounts need it removing, others don't. I hear these tripods calling my name and looking made me curious.
  4. Wooden Tripod Plans and Advice

    Great idea and find, should look really wonderful with this addition.
  5. I await your very next eyepiece purchase post, early 2018.
  6. Over as in, stopped? Or as in Over for 2017? But never, ever, Over!
  7. Sky-Watcher AZ GTi - Biggest scope Mounted OK?

    5 Kg in the spec, but it does not specify the length or diameter of said 5 Kg. I was asking to see what folks had done so far, really as a learning point on the mount.
  8. No dew heater tapes in use? Your thought please

    No, not really, your short answer is -NO- I use tapes.
  9. No dew heater tapes in use? Your thought please

    Aha, stealth scopes, 'Undercover Operation' - like it
  10. Sky-Watcher AZ GTi - Biggest scope Mounted OK?

    I presume no one has done this fireballxl5, by the silence after you posting. Clearly the mount is only good for Taks
  11. What did the postman bring

    Indeed it was. Even worse I nearly had the 5mm XW too. Thankfully the Finance Officer noted my budget extension plans.
  12. Observing , National Forest Star Party.

    Sounds wonderful Nick. Not at all sure about camping this time of year though.
  13. What did the postman bring

    It's like the OK Coral at present Dave. How comes you are still able to afford the toast as well as the beans after two eyepieces? That's not fair, we are on a diet of beans only till payday ;-) so best keep away from this end of Essex for a while!
  14. Spiral Cluster

    Sounds good Richard. A night when it all came together for you.
  15. Surely there must be a mistake.......

    I think good old 'Cloud Outside' has again shown it's wild side tonight Shane, but fingers crossed for you.