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Alan White

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  1. I have just purchased a used one at last, so Mods please close this Wanted post.
  2. Alan White

    Just walls around an observing area?

    Thank you all so far. I would love an observatory, but as much as I love my present home, it's not forever as it is part of my retirement plan to sell and downsize. So building one here is probably a bit silly at present. I have an area that I observe from and move about along it, the hedge is growing too slowly so a fence sounds the way to go. No pier at present, just tripod to move about. As a manual no power used, visual observer that works for me. The best bit is no one said I was mad in my thinking.
  3. Alan White

    Just walls around an observing area?

    I had thought of temporary cloths, but to be honest I don't want the hassle and time to put up, take down and dry off.
  4. Alan White

    Just walls around an observing area?

    No intention of a brick structure, I live in Greenbelt, just, so Wooden fence would be the aim.
  5. Has anyone built just walls around an observing area to block wind and stray lights? This has gone through my mind as an option for visual only and not need such a robust build as an observatory. Your thoughts and experience will as always be appreciated.
  6. Alan White

    JamesF's observatory build

    It looks huge, because it is huge Kev. James has covered half of Somerset with it!
  7. Alan White

    Evostar 120ED Diagonal

    I have tried many. The ones I still own are a 1.25" TV Everbrite and a William Optics 2" as above. I cannot see any difference other than about £100 between them!
  8. Alan White

    a Qwick solar Session 20-1-19

    Charl, thank you, that answered my thoughts upon a sunny morning. Alan
  9. Alan White

    IAS 2019

    According to the IAS Facebook page and an answer to that very question. Yes IAS 2019 is happening, they are finalising contracts and will release a date very soon.
  10. What model Berlebach tripod is that Steve? Uni?
  11. Alan White

    Vixen HR comfort

    Nice acquisition Mike. Taky it's not.
  12. Alan White

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Shall we start a new thread, 'Show me you Chips / Crisps in action' ??? I am glad we are resolving two continents dived not just by an Ocean but by a Common Language. Perhaps we should ask what a Tap is in Canada or the US?
  13. Alan White

    SALE PENDING - Vixen LVW 42mm

    No, Mike, someone .... I missed a coma!
  14. Alan White

    SALE PENDING - Vixen LVW 42mm

    Mike, someone has a wanted for one of these on Astro buy sell.
  15. Alan White

    Moon Filters for Visual Observation ?

    This conclusion sounds like premium eyepieces, no wrong or right, we all like differing things and all see things in a differing way, it’s what makes life so much fun, diversity.

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