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  1. Sadly not quite, miss measured when built by a 25mm! But where there is a will..... Thanks for the sugestion, food for thought.
  2. A Cambridge Press facsimile of fine publication: Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes. Rev Thomas William Webb. I really wanted an original, but my pockets were not deep enough or my luck good enough to get one at an affordable cost. It truly is a clear marvel of its time and the flick read it had over lunch was most enjoyable. Really getting into these older publications bit by bit, next thing I will be in a jacket and tie when observing
  3. Ed, thanks, yes indeed it was sized to possibly do this duty when it was built last year. The caps are from the chap in Russia, Roman Backay at R-Sky, same maker of the Monks Hoods https://r-sky.org/en/ As to the Loo Roll, its behind the Dob I still have a flush of sucess with this project!
  4. ,Well, as these things go another change has taken place, perhaps what I should have done at the start! The shelves all removed from the 'Khazi' and its now a mini-shed for the Dob and Tripod and Mount. Driven by a year long project with the builders in at home, I needed to have access to the scopes and kit, clean and dust free. For Jan and Feb, they have been wrapped away and no access to scopes, which was not tenable for a whole year or more. So the Khazi is less toilet and more shed going forwards, for now, but as someone hinted at the start, it might grow more walls and a roof
  5. Wonderful sketch as always, your skill are far higher than my own, gives me something to aim for.
  6. Wowzer, my dream set up, wonderful. Please let us know how it goes once you are builder free. Something in common, we have notable building works started, in moving all the packing boxes, I managed to cocoon the scopes to no longer allow access, very poor plan on my part indeed.
  7. Didn't you get the clear spot last night? Not best seeing, but always any seeing is welcome at present!
  8. That tickled my sense of humour Paul, at least its not a baked beans puzzle. A good way to keep entertained. Hope you and Lorna are keeping OK, long time no exchange a hello.
  9. Yes, its a downwards slope into your wallet! But enjoyable in the views obtained, that are after all priceless.
  10. That's not cold, it's mearly chilly..... you have no ice on your lenses and no icicles on your nose sir!
  11. Well done for going out at all last night @JeremyS, let alone the fine achievment. I was busy giving a talk on The Moon at my club online last night, I did venture out but just with the 10x50's and only for 20 mins before I froze, I admire your dedication.
  12. Yep, best way, hide in plain sight.
  13. Rigel base is by rear ring in picture.
  14. So you can have a peak through the Reflector? or So you can allow a peak through your Refractor when the seeing is too poor for a larger scope?
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