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Alan White

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  1. Alan White

    Heq5 pro goto for sale

    Matt, you will help your sale if you tell folks where you are.
  2. Alan White

    Old guys do the Veil.

    What a wonderful session you both had. You got a lucky weather window and took advantage, good on you Nick.
  3. I think it’s a great fun idea John. As to the padded rear end, well I can manage that easily' I have one already fitted to me!
  4. Nice one Steve and all at FLO. A pragmatic and fairly simple interim solution until SW and OVL here in the UK can resolve this longer term. I look forward to John’s ongoing test with scope 3.
  5. Alan White

    Sometimes less is more.

    Beulah that sounds wonderful and a great way to be out under a star filled sky, as you say sometimes less is more. I have relatives in Herefordshire and love to naked eye observe on clear nights when we visit, something special about the lack of kit worries and ease of use of a good old mk1 eyeball, or two.
  6. Alan White

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Oh well spotted, the secrets out in the open now.......
  7. Neil When did you start looking into the future 09/2018? I am impressed
  8. Alan White

    Magnetic clouds

    Magnetic Clouds, whatever next Must agree that whenever I have a burning desire to observe something special on a once only time line, the clouds are drawn to me, so perhaps I am a Cloud Magnet, you are warned people.
  9. Late response to this thread, sorry. As has been said, the Televue Nagler 3-6 zoom is a high class piece of kit, I know as I own one, but you will be better served with other eyepieces first. The Starguiders suggested are highly rated for the price point and comfortable to use, comfort as a beginner is almost as important as the view provided. As you develop your observing eye, by all means move up the eye piece grades and types. The Explore Scientific suggested is also a good one, wider view than the Starguider but also less eye relief. Just get out observing rather than worrying about extra kit too much.
  10. Alan White

    New dome...picture heavy.

    What a great record of your build and a nice explanation too. One thing that concerns me is the soil against the cladding, will this not leak or rot in time?
  11. Alan White

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    I have to say most of my changes have been for trying other things sake scope wise rather than not getting on. The one thing that I have learnt thus far is that if you big things up before you try they are destined to fail in meeting over sized expectations. As already said, the wonder of the universe should be enough to subdue any upset with kit. Some of my best memories were formed with my worst kit, go figure that one out. The only scope that I remember being really bad was my first folding Boots one and at 35mm and handheld, no wonder that it was so bad.
  12. Alan White

    Double Double

    I was wondering how you were finding this difficult with your scope. Your chart markings show why. Star hopping and finding your way about either goes well or completely astray in my case too.
  13. Alan White

    Hi from Kent

    Welcome to the SGL family. Everyone on here started out once and are happy to share tips and advice when asked. No question is a silly one, the answers may be silly of course but if you dont ask you wont know.
  14. Alan White

    Quick Menorca report

    Mark Welcome back to damp and cooler Blighty. You were indeed blessed with a decent nights observing, which must have been somewhat better than London at its best. Have no regrets, you sound like your session was of note and most enjoyed.
  15. Oh yes indeed, forums are a great way of keeping things in the open and some manufacturers honest*. *(This applies to all walks of life and hobbies and is not aimed at any manufacturer specifically). The lawyers said put this qualifier in

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