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Alan White

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  1. Alan White

    EQ Platform for 10-inch Dobsonian

    and then.... made me smile Francis, made me smile and today I needed a smile
  2. Alan White

    JamesF's observatory build

    James, looking good, looking really good. Looking more an observatory each posting.
  3. Alan White

    Vixen GP-DX clamp upgrade

    A reason for Vixen, why? You are slacking on the scope front though Fozzie, only 1 really.....tsk....tsk....tsk!
  4. Alan White

    Dobsonian Base

    As he says, its what I do as well, very comfortable. I use an ancient adjustable height stool bought from MFI in 1979. Sitting is not about resting, it is about stability of your eye and observing well.
  5. Alan White

    I'd like some tips

    Agree with all above comments in this thread, however the above from Sunshine is very true and under estimated by newer observers. The conditions vary enormously hour by hour let alone night by night in my location, so stick with it a b be patient.
  6. That is a fine instrument Jeremy. I can see the appeal of a small and truly portable scope, if you cannot fit that in on your travels, you would be travelling mighty light indeed.
  7. Alan White

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I was more concerned about slipping over on its mirror finish myself
  8. Alan White

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Sounds and looks great Kev, that door with cladding looks the business. Enjoy your dinner, nice daughter, one of mine just came in having said no dinner needed tonight, asked what's for dinner as I dished up, ended up having 1/2 of mine.....grrrr I like my food.
  9. Sounds like you had a great evening and day before. Mr Scott sounds an interesting person indeed.
  10. Mrs White asks about the physical presence in the Astro store, the physical presence of so much kit in the dining room. JOC I am so sorry I have taken this so far off topic
  11. Sorry Doug, but once the AWM strikes you are destined to full spaces and empty pockets. But why he?
  12. An a used on is in the classifieds now I believe........says the AWM!
  13. I am glad you did JOC. It is something that festers in so many of us, me included, to want rather than need something. The Astro Want Monster or 'AWM' is a terrible beast to resist at times. Just look in my dining room and you can see the devastation it brings.......ooops don't read that bit Mrs W! You wait until the AWM drives scopes as well as eyepieces, then you are in trouble.......don't read that either Mrs W!
  14. I must add something. Only you can know if you feel you have a genuine gap in your ep range. Or are you allowing the equipment want monster to take charge?

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