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  1. Moonshane as one of the two who encouraged me, your mission has indeed hit target. Thank you to both yourself and mikeDnight. The pair of you pointed me in a good direction. Makes you think about what is being observed and looking for more detail. I am making notes and awful sketch at the scope, then tidy it up into my note book later. If I did not do that the book would be a wet, streaked mess very quickly.
  2. Fully agree about the volumes od steel and the heat sink effect. But out of interest, why are some of the smaller Las Palmas observatories in steel shipping containers?
  3. How many scopes! - Blimey that's a collection, very nice. Good to see the refractors win out
  4. Simple solutions are always best in my book. Very nice solution, hat off for the simplicity.
  5. After encouragment from Moonshane and mikeDnight I have decided to keep observing notes and sketch. I have done neither to date. Bought a new sketching book from Hobby Craft and have started, just an HB pencil. Here is a scan of my first entry for posterity. Based on the fact I have never made a sketch in years of anything, I was quite pleased and happy to share. My GCE Art was clearly not wasted, shame I did Pottery as my main part, did not help with this sketch one jot!
  6. Interesting point. What about the metal shed observatories folks have, are they a heat sink as well? Micahel Morris, what are your thoughts on this?
  7. Very interesting indeed. I was taken aback by how dark Cornwall skies were last summer, winter skies if cloud free must be wonderful. Light pollution is such a blight for us astronomers!
  8. Stu, I will bide my time, the manual controls will do for a start anyway. Worse case I go skywatcher basic set.
  9. Thank you all for your input. The three options are: 1. MT1 motors and DD-3 handset for Vixen quality and quietness and of course that costs about £359 2. Skywatcher et al EQ5 motors and handset, about £130 3. Skywatcher et al EQ5 goto or similar, about, £300. As I do not hanker for go-to I can dismiss option 3. leaves me with a quality or cost conundrum heart over head issue. Any thoughts please, will help me resolve this one.
  10. Mike, are these the Skywatcher ones? Are they ok for visual, and any idea if the Vixen motors are quieter, better or similar, because as you say a big price difference.
  11. Thanks Stu, that is how I read the Vixen dd-3 information. Are the Vixen motors notably better than Chinese clones?
  12. After my shocking change of tack to a Vixen GP2 mount from alt az, I am after some advice please. Having just bought a little used Vixen GP2 I am looking at tracking options for visual use. The intention is manual use as proof of concept for my requirement and then to motorise it somehow, I know the options are diverse. Who has similar mounts and have you motorised it, if yes, how please and your feedback. It will be fitted to my cig-5 2" steel leg tripod and the 16" riser.
  13. I can but hope, just seen a local forecast.
  14. It might, but many have built observatories from metal sheds, so it may not be much of a problem. Indeed it would, could be craned back out again to reloacte rather than leave or demolish. Is this perhaps a double edged answer. Jules, thanks for the above points you raise, food for thought.
  15. Has anyone on here built a home observatory from a shipping container at all? I know wooden shed and metal sheds converted have been done. Just thinking out aloud about shipping containers, I work next to a container yard and look at them far too often wondering how easy a conversion would be? Lots of folks here build an observatory and then move etc. If its a containerised one, then it could shift with you. Your thoughts please.