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  1. Had a nice viewing of Jupiter with very mixed seeing on the 21st. Due to the seeing I took the time to study more fully - not a bad thing really and make a sketch or two. Here is my better effort.
  2. Nice sketch indeed. It's clearly getting a bit more activity than the other day when I last looked and sketched.
  3. Steve, more the save stage looking at dome prices, have to look out for a used one perhaps.
  4. I would love a dome as well, but I am not sure my pockets hold enough wonga.
  5. Revaron, I also had a look for Venus, perhaps it's been stolen 😉
  6. I am at the plan and save stage for my observatory and having been blown to bits in the wind today, have been thinking. What is the best sheltered observatory. I sit on a hill (ok bump, it's in Essex), but when any draft blows my observing is spoiled by the scope shakes from the wind. So what observatory will be best shelter?
  7. Achim, That is a wonderful piece of artwork. I wish I was that artistically skilled, quite something to aspire to. Moonshane has already asked the same questions I would have asked. Best Wishes Alan
  8. Hello and welcome to the SGL community. Ask any questions, none are silly, because if you don't know, you don't know. Even more importantly, welcome to the wonderful hobby of astronomy.
  9. Just been looking in white light. Two sun spots visible, One looks to be growing? The other is a small pair, looks like Yong yang or a 69. Will put a sketch up later. Now sketch as promised, if a bit slow.
  10. Good luck Stu, Typical in that I am out tonight so clear or not sadly no sky time for me, always tomorrow though.
  11. Welcome, look forward to posts from you. Hope you share some of you ATM information with us.
  12. Well I finally got a clear sky and an evening viewing Venus in the West at the last 5% of phase, which was wonderful> Then Orion dead South. Got to use my set of Baader Classic Orthos and had a great observing sessions. I have seperated the sketches onto a second page as things were getting crowded and smudged before this. So pleased with my sketches I have signed them as well!
  13. If you live in Essex you don't live on a hill. I live on a hill - at 3000 feet in the Alps. Olly, 🤔 I will have you know I am 61m above sea level, in Essex, that's alpine! Its not the height it's being exposed. Thanks for you input, it really helps. This has got my good lady engaged with the challenge, perhaps a good solution may be forthcoming.
  14. Olly one serious question, how do you stop it blowing over in high wind? i live on a hill and catch the wind, the obey pad for obvious reasons is in the open...