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Alan White

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  1. Alan White

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    All I need for now too Michael...... Sorry its not all eyepieces!
  2. I offer my Astro Engineering Magni Max AC555 for sale. It was added to my collection and fitted to one eyepiece, I don't really do barlows, just thought this was a good idea. Making space for other goodies. Your for £10 posted UK. Bank transfer only please.
  3. Alan White

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    As is thinking your eyepiece collection is complete..........
  4. I was so waiting for a hacksaw picture Steve...... Pheww, that is such a modular design, they are clever our friends at Takahashi.
  5. Alan White

    Sky Quality Meter

    A very interesting post, thank you. I too have wondered about these meters as I am probably needing to find observing sites away from home due to spot lights issues on two sides, I once had a darkish site at home, I no longer do, but that’s typical for many. The accurate assessment of the sky using such a meter sounds very practical and reliable. But as Neil says above, many other items have a bigger call on funds at present.
  6. Alan White

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    Looks rather good Geoff. Clearly not a good scope if you are of smaller stature. Wish you luck with your skies.
  7. Alan White

    What did the postman bring?

    That looks interesting Jeremy, please let us know what its like.
  8. Alan White

    Skywatcher 12 inch Dob ordered!

    Well it’s Saturday morning in the UK now, so no doubt you have it now, hope it’s what you wanted and that you get first light soon, enjoy.
  9. Now sold, sorry Jim
  10. Alan White

    Heads up " The Sky at Night " Thursday

    Oh dear missed it, oh well thank goodness for iPlayer.
  11. Alan White

    Third light Frac report

    Very nice set up, enjoy it.
  12. Alan White

    Little and large

    Sadly not so down South, enjoy your evening and company.
  13. Alan White

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Well I had to show the family and the unaltered home, which is work in progress. All now Made in Japan, hence my Avatar change.
  14. Alan White

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Are we having a Vixen love affair or do you have others too?
  15. A Winter star party in tee shirts and shorts, now that's most unfair.

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