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  1. The DPS-1 10x50 present a pleasing image, are easier to hold and perform well for the money. I have a pair and rather like them. A 15x70 will need to be used on a tripod or monopod for a stable view for many people.
  2. What did the postman bring?

    Does that suggest the Equinox will hit the for sale boards soon? The plain lid idea I understand, but why not leave it in disguise and then surprise as the ED100 turns into a Tak, et Voila!
  3. What did the postman bring?

    It certainly does for me Steve, my pockets are not deep enough or full enough for a Tak.
  4. What did the postman bring?

    That shows how alike the ED100 is in size.
  5. MARS at 6.3 arc seconds

    Nice one Mike. You were lucky to see some sky, we are clouded out.
  6. Show us your Frac

    Clearly the SW 50mm finder is too good or cheap to replace with a hand made one.
  7. What did the postman bring?

    Ah, the 4mm just needs to use The Force to protect it and other smaller EP.
  8. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    Too true! @GarryLazereyes take note, its so darned true.
  9. What did the postman bring?

    But if you got hip and with it Jeremy the 23mm would be as small and light as the 4mm once de-cloaked
  10. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    Have to mainly agree with this advice. Almost all my kit has been purchased used and most via SGL, no problems so far. Astronomers tend to look after kit very well and used is a less painful way into more expensive EP. The payment is a very personal thing, if you pay via Paypal either the seller or buyer gets clobbered for fees, which to me is a waste. I always try and pay by bank transfer and to date have had no problems. eBay is a mine field for used kit, unless you are comfortable and able to write off the odd eBay purchase, then give it a miss. Again I will take a roll of the dice on eBay, subject to the pictures and description.
  11. Aperture Fever Strikes!

    Good luck with your new scope Neil, major step up in size. That is a really nice build from Steve, so should be a pleasure to use. Based on your normal observations with the 130, this should be stonking. As others have said look forward to the observing reports.
  12. He only did so as he was sent the wrong dob base with the scope and he only kept it mounted on the Skytee for one night!
  13. An area I know well from the annual Summer pilgrimage. Nice images, enjoyed them.
  14. UV Protection Hat On Sale

    Interesting, look forward to your report. Being black though, will things not get a touch warm?