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  1. Have to fully agree Stu, it was just good not looking at cloud! Solar viewing is nice as its a darn sight warmer for starters. The white light view when it does produce the wow are wonderful. I still marvel at each look that I am studying a star up close, that in itself is a real wow factor for me.
  2. As promised yesterday: Spot number 1 now looked at agin, really does look like a winking face! All were fairly small, seeing was coming and going as well as cloud sweeping about, but in those moments of clear seeing, it was a wow moment for me.
  3. Observing 4x sunspots in white light at present Will post sketches later
  4. Shane, yes you can have first refusal. Post would always be at cost, but it's heart so will not be pennies.
  5. Due to upgrade of tripod and then mount. My AZ4 with Steel legs is up for sale, very good condition, fully boxed - £100.00 This is a bit over 1 year old. Collection from Essex prefered or can send at your cost via a courier.
  6. Adam, sorry no photos as I went, just a rebox and some soldering involved, I am not a electronics wiz, just a diy person. Did it in a couple of hours, nice and slow, lots of online examples of led dimmer controllers if you google away. It really is easy. Julians above is far neater inside than my effort.
  7. Adam, I use the same led dimmer as control for my heaters on my ed100, make control easy and for once in astronomy, cheap. Transfered into a marlins small adaptable box.
  8. Thank you. On the shading, I think that's my pencil shading skills showing themselves rather than what I observed, I find subtle shading difficult still, you are correct a bit too contrasty against reality.
  9. The dome available has no bays Carole, I will be looking for some desert tan one/s leading up to installation.
  10. Ian I tried Equatorial from AZ4 but did not work well for me, was a super mount though. I have just upgraded from an AZ4 to a 2" legged CG-5 tripod, that may things far more solid from the 1.75" legs and subsequently bought a Giro Ercole, which is buttery smooth. Used with my ED100 DS Pro. Highly reccomend the double upgrades. I am at one with manual nudge tracking, very easy to do and very intuative to me.
  11. Great sketch as always Mike. I need to take note on your note style, better than my own ramblings.
  12. My slightly improving sketch from last night, the seeing was rather good, the limiting factor was cloud, my eyes and I got cold towards the end. Sketch is a redone this morning from 3 at the eyepiece sketches and rough notes. Had been enhanced with a good wash of tea after I tipped a mug of tea all over as I was putting my kit away last night! Hence the re-done version today.
  13. Hello and welcome, Please free to ask away, plenty of help always willing and able to assist you. This is a very friendly, willing and helpful forum.
  14. Roger, I had a similar view a few days ago when first using my new Giro Ercole mount. As you say a vaild observation, just a bit less exciting to find.