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  1. The blue does have a charm about it.
  2. An interesting proposition, I can see why it is of appeal to you. As you say costs will no doubt surpass the value, but is that really a problem if you get the space you desire? Wish you well with that and look forward to any updates.
  3. Yes please, will pm.
  4. Dave Fully agree on your conclusion, probably brexit playing its part.
  5. As usual a very high quality observation and sketch from you Mike. I wish I could find it from my garden, but then again that's half the fun, finding things.
  6. I took a look this afternoon as well, finally mobile enough to use a scope again. As to boring, yes a bit plain, but if you don't look you don't know!
  7. I certainly did not post to start a knocking thread, I like quality so I like TV as well as many others. This was a heads up, prices have changed post, may also apply to Chinese items as well soon as its all no doubt traded in Dollars. As to used TV Plossls, that's my route in at present but not only TV.
  8. Chris, I think that applies to many things for many of us on here. You know what quality you desire, but you also know how far the wallet will stretch, very rarely do the two connect! As to the focuser, its not the hex unit and does look perhaps to be synthetic.
  9. Odd increase, the Pan 24 looks to have had a creep up as well John.
  10. Now that is a nice scope size, tempting.....
  11. Just window shopping again at Telescope House and note that TeleVue has had an uplift in Price. The 3-6mm Nagler zoom is now £406, it only feels like moments ago it was £299 or so. Is this exchange rates or a mid year uplift before astro-season re-ignition?
  12. Mark Nice holiday picture of your scope 😊
  13. Nice small scope, looks the usual WO quality build. Small and light has appeal to me right now, but 60mm for visual, hmmm.
  14. Great report Richard, Glad the hood was a hit, are you going to update with an equipment review? As to being distracted and not following compiled list, that's me, observing free spirit, your in good company.