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  1. James you either have terrible hearing or well trained 'Stealth Badgers' your way. Our Badgers are so loud in approach you know they are on the move 5 minutes before they arrive.
  2. Blimey Billy, that's bright. So unused to seeing it so bright or with all that nebulosity (see my signature), that I find it rather overpowering. This is not a criticism by the way, as I have great respect for you imagers.
  3. You have to watch them Gina, crafty devils. Just don't sit on a stair lift and you should be OK. But if they trick you, your in trouble. Sorry to the OP as this is now so far off topic!
  4. New Lithium Battery Celestron due end 2019, on FLO and looks most interesting if you do not have high power demands. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/celestron-6-1-ah-powetank-lithium-lt.html
  5. Alongside the Gremlins of course, all Observatories have those too.
  6. Mods please close, I have been a purchased one new from @FLO
  7. Please see a rather long running thread on this under IAS 2019. The latest plan is to use th FLO / IKI stand for meeting up with fellow SGLers.
  8. Same idea, but I fenced my area, 6 ft high fence. blocks the multitude of spotlights next door (main purpose) and has the benefit of being a super windbreak as well.
  9. Just read this Ade, fully understand the frustration, long drive or not. Good to see that FLO are being very helpful as usual, so that makes a bad experience easier. I too rather like the look of these mounts, but with the varying reports have always held off even saving for one. But as you say the AZ100 is very interesting indeed, but again for me is a save up job if I decide one is for me. I did try the alternate methods of fund raising; but so far no body parts sold and someone else won the EuroMillions! As to the riser and it's cost, the add on bits with so many things are always stupidly high, I needed a cover ring for my Olympus Pro lens to cover where a bracket can be removed, it's made of plastic, but specific to the lens, £35 for a small lump of poor quality plastic. I wish you well with this mount and I am sure things will work through OK in the end, they always do.
  10. Just wondering if anyone else has one on a Dob mount at all? If you do, please can you share a picture.
  11. Looking good now, worth the effort. How long until you start moulding?
  12. Post person delivered early today as I left home, only just opened the FLO parcel. My much looked forward to 0.75 Dioptrx unit. I hope my views will improve, may still yet need a Coma Corrector as well, you know how it never ends! Of course I may decide to have more than one Dioptrx as well to save messing about, Butt at £92 each,perhaps not.
  13. I had the very same issue with them over a destroyed Vixen tripod bought via AB&S. Same lines for payout used. Wanted two quotes to repair. Never got paid out. The original post on AB&S got my attention earlier as well, so thanks Nigella for posting.
  14. Is that Coma or is that the Parabola of the mirror having differing focal distance centre to edge? or is that Coma? Sorry for such an odd question, just curious.
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