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Sol WL, HA, prom 7-4-17


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nice and sunny first thing, but that darn thin cloud is still there. sols gone very quite in WL, theres a little bit going on in HA, only the one prom.

kit ed80 Quark,asi120mc for HA, 120mm, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL.

theres a bit of action on the out going limb,ar2645 has a prom coming from it, cloud was worse when I got my shot, hope Ian gets a animation of it.

thanks for looking, clear skys , charl.





ar2648 and filla'.




close but by this time the cloud had got bad so could only get 240 usable frames.


closer artistic ar2648




and lastly a 2 pane artistic mosaic.





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Charl nice AR2648 captures, it was showing promise late yesterday afternoon but I have just seen a full disc image with nothing showing at all, has it dies out ;-(, hope not as I want it at the weekend.

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thanks Ewan, as of 10am thismorrning AR2648 was still there in the vis there was three small spots/ pores, visable and you can just see one of them in my WL, its hopefully going to develop more, its quite lively in Ha I think its far from finished, got my fingers crossed for us for the weekend. charl.

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