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  1. Not many chances of Solar Imaging this year so far but caught this one. AR2741 from the 12th late afternoon AZEQ6-GT 152mm Technosky Refractor @ f5.9 135mm Baader D-ERF Daystar Quark Chromosphere + Eliminator PG IMX174 5862 Frames, 4Ms 30 second capture @ 195Fps 1024 x 768 Mono16 Best 45% Frames stacked in AS!3, ImPPG then tweaked in PS Atb
  2. Very nice, I seriously maybe need to get an ERF for my 203mm SCT ?
  3. Nice set there Charl, seems your seeing wasn't that bad. I actually managed to get my solar imaging for 2019 off the starting blocks myself today as well....................yippee ?
  4. Tough conditions Dave BUT it's all good practice for getting settings etc right for when things heat up, which they will ?
  5. Microscope Dave ? my god they do get small eh ? still a nice capture well done fella.
  6. Love these CaK images but im still not buying one ? (not yet anyway)
  7. Faint one's Charl, you did well to get them ?
  8. Needed my sun glasses for those top 2 lol, very nice mate !
  9. Every time I see your Ca-k images make me realise I need one ;-), nice set David.
  10. Nice little duo there Steve, those proms appeared quite faint on my Q this afternoon but have to say seeing had dropped.
  11. Very nice John, what set up do you use ?
  12. Pass on my best wishes & a great image that is too.
  13. I explained to Tiffany about the unit not being marked & what I thought may have happened ie they sent the wrong unit out. It just doesn't add up to me, exactly same settings I use to do images like above but if I had your unit they would have been over exposed, the settings files say it all. Hope they sort it for you mate & I found quicker replies came through FB.
  14. Evening Dave ? . sleep sleep sleep eh. The missus keeps telling me to get back doing that night time astro graphinging thingy me bob lol but I need my sleep, im up at 5.30am ;-( Any decisions on your Quark yet ? I was really lucky 2 days on the trot with seeing, crystal clear skies Dave that I haven't seen in years.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the comments, I did capture a lot of frames for this area so maybe i'll upload some others. Atb
  16. Your not wrong Stu & no you don't need Specsavers ;-), I prefer doing mono as it's very easy to lose the fine delicate details once it's false coloured, I know exactly what you mean.
  17. Now that made me chuckle ;-), glad you liked it.
  18. Nothing much to say about this 2 pane mosaic other than the best seeing I have had at my location. After a few hundred gigabytes of captures this was the last set I took as the sun was getting lower, goes to show you can image late in the afternoon & get results. Best 35% (I think) from 4000 frames captured using Genika Astro, stacked in AS!3 then sharpened in IMPPG. Usual set up :- 152mm TecnoSky Refractor 135mm Baader D-ERF Daystar Quark Chromosphere Point Grey IMX174 Skywatcher AZEQ6-GT Atb
  19. Nice set to add to the top drawer Charl ?
  20. There is that side of it Derek but I can't stand there for ages looking through a tube at such a dynamic sight & not capture it, sorry mate I'm a solar imaging addict ? Atb
  21. That is a great capture & well worth all that 'agro' well done that man ?
  22. Nice set Charl, mono yessss ?
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