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  1. Thanks This was taken with the TS71 imaging star. I got the Tak collimator for the RC. I do have an FS102 and FS60 though both doublets, the 60 is out on loan at the moment.
  2. Good capture Gav. It took me about 10 attempts before I got one.
  3. Thanks. Stick with it Alan the more you do the better it gets .
  4. M31 from home after about 6 hours with the Tak collimator last weekend. Slighty better stars but still the odd shape on one or two of the brighter ones.
  5. Thanks folks I have been using that sort of exposure on the "squid" for about 3 years. Thanks I did stretch it harder but brought it back as the noise I thought the noise was coming through. This one is in Cygnus and I have seen it called the flying dragon somewhere else esp with this orientation.
  6. 42 x 1800 secs in Ha with the TS 71 and QSI cam. 2 nights from kelling and 6 from home.
  7. Nice one Charl. Thanks for the reminder what the sun looks like.
  8. Ibbo!

    Mercury Transit

    Here is one I did earlier in Ha about 1-34 in is first contact. Pity the You tube compresses the data.
  9. M31LRGB Managed to almost beat the colour into submission 20 x 120 L 10 x 60 RGB TS 71 IS and QSI cam
  10. Slightly different processing today. Annoyingly the NR's are back but that could be tuning slightly off or the seeing. Lunt 60 mm Chameleon cam Might need a click or 3 for full res where the NR's don't look so bad.
  11. I did this with a 60 and a x2.5 powermate . It has been a journey as up till this image I have been plagued with NR's when using the powermate, I hope that I have the tilter set up now.
  12. Certainly brought more out. I have a few Ha subs on this and I might try that technique.
  13. Thanks. We can try a swap with Eta Carina if you like for a couple of months
  14. 20 x 120 s TS71 QSI cam hopefully colour to follow if I can beta it into submission. It might need a click or 2.
  15. Back home from Kelling kit working at first attempt last night. 5 x 1800 ha with the TS71
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