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  1. Pity about that its spoilt the cloud image Nicely done
  2. there is one in there
  3. 4 panes of 600s each TS IS71 and SX694 click for full size
  4. I'm actually about halfway between Derby and mansfield, place called westwood
  5. I'm shocked Thanks Olly I will have a go with Stratton next time i get the urge to process this data and will let you know I how get on with it -not used/tried it for a long time
  6. Of course now you have mentioned it they are annoying me . I am thinking Stratton to get rid of the stars and do a quick run of short binned RGB's You are to blame now where are the rgb filters
  7. Thanks The blue halos are abit OTT but I can to some extent ignore them, bit like selective hearing when the other half is waffling on . Also i have had enough processing for this afternoon. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Yes you should and I should go on Solar Chat more
  9. 6 pane of Ha and O3 taken over 2 nights. Just 3 subs /pane /filter of 600 secs TSIS 71 and SX694 I may go back and reprocess but quite like this one. click for larger image
  10. Flat not working too well today best viewed at full res
  11. Cleared a bit late in the day Todya I manged o get the plastic bag flat to work on a full disc image Best viewd at full res
  12. my kit has just had a refreshing shower very tempting detail through the scudding clouds
  13. This was a battle to get the prom at 4 o'clock to show
  14. perhaps somebody trimmed the hedge.
  15. Poorish skies with haze and a gradient I could not get rid of at least it was a bit steadier than yesterday. best viewed at full size