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  1. Ibbo!

    May 23, 2018: 31-pane, 87 Mpixel Lunar Mosaic

    Thats a biggie very nice Mchael
  2. Ibbo!

    luna 23-5-2018

    15 pane mosaic - just before the cloud came in. C11 6.3 reducer Chameleon cam Clck through for full res
  3. Ibbo!

    Sun Ha May 23rd 2018

    Very nice. Do detect a slightly different processng routine , if so I like.
  4. Ibbo!

    Saturn 22-5-2018

    Thanks everybody
  5. Ibbo!

    Analogue film imaging

    I still have a couple of OM10's and an OM1. I used 400 asa slide film and used a lab that was good until they were taken over and that was it as they could not get the idea of astro. had a dabble at devlopng my own ( was successful at college) but could not do it consistantly so went back to sketching till the digtal revolution.
  6. I thnk its the same one as the guy in Nigeria that has 1M to give away
  7. Try AS3 or try t as a planet instead of surface - I know it sounds wrong but sometimes works. If that fails run it through pipp.
  8. The sky was turnng blue to the north as I ran the last few vds C11 2.5 PM then bnned 2x2 Chameleon cam and IR742 rgb filters Stacked in AS3 sligth sharpen n Imppg and then into PS
  9. Ibbo!

    Saturn 22-5-2018

    Thanks I was not going to stack them this morning it was fully light when i went to bed This one maybe a touch better
  10. Ibbo!

    Sol 22-5-2018 Ha

    60mm Lunt Double stacked with 60mm Coronado and PGR Chameleon cam Clck through for full res
  11. Ibbo!

    Saturn 22-5-2018

    C11 x 2.5 pm binned 2x2 742 rgb chameleon cam
  12. Ibbo!

    Sol 21-5-2018 Ha

    New AR comng on the disc 
  13. Ibbo!

    Best way to process prominences?

    AS 3 for me (t may still be beta but I have no trouble with it) ImPPG and then nto PS for final tweaks
  14. Ibbo!

    The Sun - 19th May 2018

    Good stuff David

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