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  1. I am astounded they came out so well (not that they are good) given the seeing and the ser file. Lucky imaging indeed. C11 Chameleon cam best 10% of rgb
  2. Good shots of todays activity.
  3. Some good detail with the FS 102 but clouds came over . Also I got the bino viewer out and it must have got damp as the prisms don't look good - hope its a bit of damp and not mold
  4. arghhh would have set up but was doing final tweaks for tomorrow night waffle talk. Might get the 102 on the case as it cools quicker than the C11 and forget trying to image it and try an eyethingy in the end
  5. Thanks folks
  6. Proms look great in Cak
  7. Nice white images.
  8. Daz has an image nicely done
  9. The PST mod came out to play today usual stuff below
  10. Been there and got the T shirt. I thought it was you who said once I got it in place I left well alone. Good to get out in a bit of sun though
  11. thanks I have been struggling with man flu and weather of late so it has been good to get out there .
  12. Good stuff Michael
  13. thanks folks