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  1. Ibbo!

    M81 LRGB

    Thanks Steve. So do i normally, in fact I have not done much LRGB over the last few years but the position of Mr B and the scope on the mount limited targets the other day. I do like a go at galaxy imaging and its actually a plan to do more in the near future
  2. Ibbo!

    M81 LRGB

    I think its a lot to do with the moon. I calibrate and stack in APP. Over to PS for a series of stretches in curves and lowering the black point in levels to taste. Grad ex to try and kill the gradients on this image a touch of decon using Astra image then noise reduction bit more sharpeing using layers, overlay , high pass -hide and then rubbed out to tweak the galaxy only up the viberance a tad and a dose of saturation increase back to levels to tame the background save as png I have given this version a couple of saturation increases what do you reckon now?
  3. Ibbo!

    Registar users - was it worth it?

    Well over a year ago (early adopter of APP) it would not align the Ha and O3 of my 4 pane mosaic NB filters of the veil which has been fixed now and did a great job in the end. I also had a issue with the rgb not aligning in a recent image but Registar sorted it (I think it was M78 ) that could have been user error though. On the other hand if I remember correctly I was doing a multi pane mosaic of NGC1499 and Registar would not play and APP did it no problem and that is what convinced my to buy it at the time. And I do now use APP for my calibration and stacking of DSO objects.
  4. Ibbo!

    Registar users - was it worth it?

    Yes it was at the time and I do still use it on the odd occasion . For me it has recovered data I could not align anywhere else using Maxim and recently APP. (though APP has only failed on that one image TBH) i am not a Pixinsight user.
  5. Ibbo!

    M81 LRGB

    ak 102 QSI cam 40 x L 20 x rgb 300 secs Not too bad with Mr B arround. Do the clicky thing for full res (and the naughty bunnies)
  6. Ibbo!

    Mineral Moon help needed 🙂

    As above if you have PS do it as a new adjustment layer increase saturation by 10% each time, but watch the hightlights for over exposing. well thats what I found. There is a method on Ice In Space, I will see if I can find a link. found it http://www.iceinspace.com.au/63-656-0-0-1-0.html
  7. Ibbo!

    Solar 17th Feb - I give up!

    Better than I have so far.
  8. Ibbo!

    Sol catch up

    15-2-2019 16-2-2019
  9. Ibbo!

    More Luna 14-2-2019

    No problem Dave. go on give it a touch of sharpening.
  10. Ibbo!

    More Luna 14-2-2019

    Thanks Dave. As you know I don't do the moon. Have a look in downloads -thats where my Win 10 likes to save stuff. Thanks Jim. I had to tone the saturation back down as some of the craters where blue.
  11. Ibbo!

    More Luna 14-2-2019

    More lunacy 8" SCT 178 ZWO cam stitched together in ICE 75% crop Do the clicky thing for full res
  12. Ibbo!

    Sun bits -15-02-19

    Yes the seeing was better here as well. It was just the numpty pressing the wrong buttons and tuning it all wrong. I might need some kip.
  13. Ibbo!

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    Thanks Charl. Was clear this afters but high wispy stuff has come in so its a atch up processing night - unless it clears through.
  14. Ibbo!

    Don't blame I'm old :)

    Lovely images. Glad I'm not he only one to have done that.

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