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  1. Nice result. I have a few to stack ( when I get round to it) at about the same time and don't think it will be as good as your image.
  2. Ibbo!

    Cartes du ciel comet info download

    I found that I also needed to update CDC to V4 on the lappy last night
  3. Ibbo!

    Sol Ha 9-12-2018

    I was begining to wonder what it looked like.
  4. Ibbo!

    Sol Ha 9-12-2018

    Thanks folks. Its more of a challenge at this time of year for us northern hemisphere types.
  5. Ibbo!

    Sol Ha 9-12-2018

    used the blackfly cam today larger pixels so not so seeing dependant. Still got to sort the gradient.
  6. Ibbo!

    Observing Comet 46P

    I would have agreed with you a few years ago but as I have aged my tolerance to supermarkets has dwindled. we have found Friday night is the quietest except when it is shut, yes we discovered it was not 24 hours. Note to self read the instructions and note the opening times. Back on topic Sunday looks like my next chance.
  7. Ibbo!

    Observing Comet 46P

    Steve also failed to spot 46p last night as Friday night is weekly torture night (shopping trip) and by the time we got back it was raining.
  8. nowhere near my best but the drought has been toooo long
  9. Ibbo!

    M33 LRGB

    Thank you very much Alan, I try not to make the sky jet black and not to be too harsh with the sharpening. I don't always manage it though
  10. Ibbo!

    M33 LRGB

    More data added to the L image
  11. Ibbo!

    AA batteries not working

    I find one of these good for contact cleaning Glass Fibre pencil https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fibre-Fiber-Fibreglass-Pen-Pencil-Abrasive-Cleaning-Electronics-3-Refills-/252610461516?hash=item3ad0c1bf4c
  12. Ibbo!

    Good live Aurora feed on facebook now

    I believe it is the wind.
  13. Ibbo!

    Good live Aurora feed on facebook now

    Stopped streaming for now

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