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  1. Ibbo!

    Featureless sleeping Sun..

    I don't know - not had a chance this week.
  2. Ibbo!

    For Sale-Astronomical Accessories-

    Its is in a light coloured text ......or was
  3. Ibbo!

    Flats and Meridian Flip

    They should still work.
  4. How about one of the small heritage scopes?
  5. Ibbo!

    Filter query for RGB Mars with ASI290MM

    The filters block the IR. I do hope we get another chance as I have the tripod on some 8" blocks so i have a longer window of oppurtunity and I think before i did not clear the wall properly. I may have some better data from the other night , I have just got to run it through when i have enough spare time.
  6. Ibbo!

    Filter query for RGB Mars with ASI290MM

    My rgb filters do have an IR blocker layer as well. Here are the stacks from the other night - not the best i have had this season but it gives an idea IR642 red green blue 642 prodded in PS RGB final process IR RGB not sure it helps but gives you an idea
  7. Ibbo!

    Filter query for RGB Mars with ASI290MM

    I use a mono cam. I have found an IR helps this time round with the planets being so low . i have used a 742 until recently as I have acquired a 642 which has been slightly better when seeing is not bad, I use the 742 if its worse and have even run the 807 when the conditions have been really poor ( but you need a larger scope for that) And yes I have found using the IR as Lum is of benefit.
  8. Ibbo!

    19 years ago

    Just sat outside getting a few vids of mars and trying to see a few meteors and it struck me that 19 years ago I was in a bar on a ferry in the English channel nervously waiting for the following morning hoping it would be clear and I would get to see my first total eclipse of the sun. A visit to the loft to dig out some photos and scan them in, maybe not for this year but next years anniversary.
  9. Ibbo!

    Parker Solar Probe

    I hope it goes well. and should help us understand the dominant object in the solar system a little more. I do find it amusing that it is a 3am local time launch though.
  10. Try dropping Starlight Xpress an e mail they have been very good with me in the past. http://www.sxccd.com/technical-help
  11. Good to hear John, The seeing is much better here tonight and I can see detail in the ser file as I am capturing or its the extra 8" the blocks under5 the tripod legs is getting me a bit more clearence above the wall.
  12. Ibbo!

    Mars 6-8-2018 IR RGB

    Depends on conditions If seeing not too bad IR 642 if choppy IR 742 I also have an IR 807. Also lots of patience (or sheer bloody mindedness)
  13. Ibbo!

    Sol 7-8-2018 ha

    Thanks Folks
  14. Ibbo!

    Sol 6-8-2018 ha

    Lunt 60 mm D/S Chameleon cam As ever click for full res as it does look better.

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