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  1. Tak 102 QSI cam 17xHa 1800s 10x O3 x1800s S2x10 x 1800s 20 each rgb x 60 s
  2. I put one of B&Q's finest buckets over the mount head and then the cover. Next home made/sown mount cover I will get the wizard with the sewing machine to try and sow in the bucket.
  3. I have been told "you cannot go out wearing that thing with holes in it" and "you cannot go into the workshop wearing that new shirt" Only to find out I can
  4. Yep tripod to max height and dust off the solar scope. I will get round to the proms disc as there was a bit going off and there is an AR just left of centre.
  5. Lunt 60mm & Coronado DS with PGR Chameleon cam 151 frames stacked in AS3 prodded and poked with IMPPG and PS clicking might get the full res mage Quot
  6. I have a load of data on M33 from last year and I tried several attempts at processing it and the last one I made a right mess of the stars and never noticed till I posted it . I find it is easy to loose sight of the whole image while trying to pull out or contain a certain portion of the image. I must go back and do something with it.
  7. Hi Dave looks to have grest detail but maybe the black point is a bit clipped as the background looks very black and you may have lost a bit of the outer arms.
  8. C11 IR807 filter 10% of 20000 frames
  9. Fog stopped play. Packed up but might just have to watch the Tom and Jerry compilation that has poppe dup on my You Tube.
  10. Maxim packed in guiding used PHD2 all went well on the "other side" of the meridian from normal, then I fliped to the normal side and PDH2 started overcorrecting. Now on PHD1 and after prodding and pokeing guiding "seems" to have settled after turning off auto and just guiding in north. My man flu is coming along nicely thank you.
  11. Well it was much brighter without the powermate, but it was still a mess of an image.
  12. Lunt 60mm & Coronado DS with PGR Chameleon cam 500ish frames stacked in AS3 prodded and poked with IMPPG and PS clicking might get the full res mage
  13. Managed a bit of Sol and Venus earlier now clouded over. Met office says partialy clear, Windy says clear in about 1 hour CO says cloudy as does the image from SAT 24.
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