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  1. Ibbo!

    Sol 17-10-2018 Ha

    Thanks Charl . I'm going to turn them the right way now
  2. Ibbo!

    Sol 17-10-2018 Ha

    Extra H2O filter used today 201 frames stacked in AS3 and generally battered into submission with imppg and PS
  3. I have aligned CCD and DSLR in registar and it did all the work with regards to resizing. IIRC I combined them in PS. The folder does need to be on the same PC and not on the NAS for me. I have some data that does need aligning and cropping so if somebody can jog my memory how to it please tell as its been a while.
  4. One of those cracking southern hemisphere galaxies would be nice. NGC253 maybe.
  5. Ibbo!

    Sol 10-10-2018 Ha

    Its an active region, hoping it will develop into a spot.
  6. Ibbo!

    The Sun - 10th October 2018

    Nicely done. Same here thought they were packed away till next year.
  7. Ibbo!

    Ha solar 10/10/18

    Nice sketch
  8. Ibbo!

    Sol 9-10-2018 Ha

    Thanks folks. i think you are right Charl there does seem to be something in the centre
  9. Ibbo!

    U235 Data Surgery

    I will bring the disc with madness on it
  10. Ibbo!

    Sol 9-10-2018 Ha

    Lunt 60 mm Chameleon cam 201 frames stacked prodded and poked in imppg & PS4 Give it a few clicks for full size
  11. Ibbo!

    Anyone bringing a laptop with Firewire to SGL SP2018?

    Sorry mine is also the smaller 1394 socket on the lappy
  12. Yes i read that last night and thought "who wrote that never tried a scope out"
  13. Ibbo!

    Sh2-132 Ha

    Downloaded a trial of PI last night and had a go with it
  14. Lots of help if you ask at the SP but if you leave it while dark let us get our kit running first

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