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  1. Thanks Dave. I have not bothered today as fighting the fluffy things for a near blank disc is too much like work.
  2. if you squint you can see a couple of "small" filaments and proms Click for full res
  3. Lovely image. Thanks for posting the details. I have started this again the other night to go with the data from last year and did wonder how you managed the core.
  4. Catch up day today
  5. tak 102 x2.5 pm ZWO178 cam just as it was starting to lighten up
  6. Still don't do the moon Tak 102 ZWO 178 Do the clicky thing for full res
  7. Slight angle to a normal diagonal with my WO 132 I think it is more comfortable. I do like mine.
  8. Tak102 ZWO 178 cam do the clicky thing for full res
  9. Lunt 60mm D/S chameleon cam 151 frames stacked in AS3 prodded with imppg and poked with PS do the clicky thing for full res
  10. sovled I think - it helps if you capture as an rgb rather than a b. feeling a bit of an idiot at the moment. i don't think i can blame the old speckled hen i consumed last night either. my excuse is I have not used firecapture for things like this before.
  11. Thats want I seem to remember from my OSC days - about 20 years ago
  12. Thanks Got same advice from local group and it did not work . No RGB levels . I am about to go outside now and make sure the capture settings are/were correct.
  13. Thanks, its that long long since I did anything like this. Does DSS automatically do it if you tick something or is a converstion job in say maxim?
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