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  1. Way too warm for anything really good on Friday but clear skies means the gear comes out. A few Ha caught but more WL than anything tbh Have a great weekend people
  2. Now that came out really well Charl.....;-)
  3. That's a pretty neat BIG set there fella
  4. For sure Dave, I noticed it a while ago, I knew 100% I had good data, put it through AS!3 & got a very blurry image, tried !2 & it was fine. Ive probably binned good data because of it
  5. Sorry edit button seems kaput!! I meant to say that I usually use AS!3 for all my solar processing but I found that AS!2 gives totally different results so that's the one I used for these. Into ImPPG for sharpening, PS for false colouring.
  6. 25-06-2020 White Light AZEQ6-GT 152mm Tecnosky 3.8 Solarfilm + Baader Green Filter Point Grey IMX174 I was just trying different filters in single & combined with a Baader Green, haven't got a clue what 'combo' those were though , my first FD where I didn't do a mosaic as well.
  7. Some WL imaging instead this day & my first FD without doing a Hi Res mosaic. Have a great weekend
  8. Very nice images, looks like that little group could do some great stuff, fingers crossed
  9. Sorry to hear that fella, how is the 2nd hand one image wise ? I could do with a prom version or something around the 0.8A area would be nice.
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