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  1. Day off today and the skies cleared briefly this morning! Had a few things to try out with the Quark so grabbed the scope for a look see. Saw clouds inbound so grabbed the laptop to try and grab a quick Ca-K disk, just about managed to get 500 frames in before the clouds arrived. Seeing looked horrible through the Quark and it definitely isn't flattered by Ca-K! Despite Raben showing no activity I was quite pleased to see some activity with some active areas and some nice proms on show in the Quark.
  2. More clear, sunny skies so had to take a look. Still quiet (oddly enough) but the faint prom on show in Ca-K yesterday has evolved quite nicely. Took the Evostar out to start with today and spent quite a bit of time visually scanning the white light disk. Picked up an ES 82 degree 4.7mm eyepiece this week, this gives me 212x in this scope and I did not expect it to work but actually in moments of good seeing it was brilliant! Some lovely views of granulation and the odd pore too. For imaging though it had to be the Bresser as the breeze was too much for the Evostar.
  3. Thanks all. If you look really close you can just make out that prom in the Ca-K disk at about the 11 o'clock position.
  4. Very quiet sun at the moment but couldn't waste the sunny, if rather windy conditions. Limited to using the Bresser again today because of the wind gusts but then there's not much to see anyway
  5. Despite the lack of activity those are still cracking images.
  6. Typical, weekend arrives, sunshine forecast and nothing to see
  7. Got my fingers crossed for the weekend.
  8. Lots of broken cloud around today as well as a stiff breeze so limited to just the Bresser AR102xs for a couple of quick full disks (no point trying to use the big scope in the breeze and no point trying to do mosaics with so much cloud about). Not much going on anyway so not missing much...I don't think. I had a quick look with the Quark too but there was nothing more than the prom you can see in the Ca-K images below. Roll on some new spot activity.
  9. All very quiet at the moment. Good captures nonetheless. Quite a bit of cloud here else I would probably have had a go myself.
  10. Nice. I spotted them rising in the east last night, very pretty.
  11. Some good captures and a nice looking prominence. We had intermittent sunshine here yesterday but I was busy re-roofing the shed. Had there been some activity I may have changed my priorities.
  12. Caught some lovely blue skies this morning so made the most of it! Not seen the Sun so as to be able to image it since the 8th! Clean disk in white light so visual inspection only. Not a huge amount going on in Ca-K but enough to keep the interest. There are a few proms on the full disk image and a nice plage area which I then imaged in H alpha. Plenty going on in H alpha with lots of proms and some structure / filaments in the area where Ca-K shows plage structure.
  13. Nice job Steve, sometimes they just need a little persuasion!
  14. Scruffy bit, new entry in the Oxford dictionary of astronomy then Good catch, all clouds and rain here.
  15. Good catch Steve. Seems to be nothing but work and rain here at the moment.
  16. I've got one of these and just had a poke around, can't see any evidence of a t-thread hiding anywhere. The twist-up eye-guard appears to be glued in place and the twist mechanism doesn't appear detachable.
  17. Thanks John. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! We have storms forecast here for the next couple of days. I'll be at work anyway so no imaging for me until next weekend.
  18. No Sun here this morning so spent my time wisely putting this together... Left-to-right, top-to-bottom - Skywatcher 2" diagonal with extension tube and 35nm H alpha filter attached, Quark Combo Chromosphere, Lacerta Herschel Wedge with 2" nose piece, 2" UV/IR cut and continuum filter attached, Lunt B1200 Ca-K Module, ZWO ASI178MM, USB cable,ES 2x focal extender, ES 3x focal extender, Revelation 2x barlow, Revelation 2.5x barlow, Skywatcher Hyperflex 7-21 zoom eyepiece. Purchased the case a few weeks back but waited to fit it out until I had the Quark and a few other bits that were on order. Still a little bit of space in case I find another item I "need" With my solar case I have a "grab-one-case and everything is in it" type of setup. I have to grab my objective masks, Quark power pack and laptop separately obviously (oh yeah and the mount and scope) but everything else is in here, ready to go (filters attached, etc). Should reduce the number of trips back into the house any way! I've got a second case which will likely become my primary observing case with my ES eyepieces, filters and the like in and my old Revelation eyepiece kit case will become my night-time imaging case. This will have the ASI120mc-s, QHY5-II, cables and a few other bits in. I might buy a bigger case in the end so I can put the AZ GTi in the case too. Also did an essential upgrade to my solar scope, fitting my trusty Evostar 120 with a snazzy green dovetail bar Looks the part now with the upgraded focuser and pimped out with the green dovetail.
  19. Thanks all. Positive comments are always nice First time since I've had the Quark that I've had several hours of unbroken sunshine. Scope was out on the mount until lunch time and I spent quite a bit of time visually watching that prom and "fiddling" with the tuner on the Quark to see what I could see. Forecast doesn't look as good tomorrow but fingers crossed.
  20. Too hot to sleep last night so was up early and out imaging not long after 7. Lots going on but the seeing was a little hit & miss to be honest. Ca-K and white light seemed to suffer the worst, I think the seeing actually settled a bit by the time I got to H alpha. Start off with Ca-K, full disk via 6 pane mosaic @ native 1000mm of the Evostar 120, Prominence @2000mm and a 3 pane pano of the active regions shot at 2000mm focal length. White light with the Lacerta wedge, continuum & UV/IR filter shot at 2000mm focal length. H Alpha shot at 2000mm focal length with the Quark and ES 2x focal extender. 4 Pane mosaic of the active regions, proms on both sides of the disk with a 3 image series showing the evolution of the largest of them. Evolution of this prom over 3 shots
  21. Sunshine in Scotland! Must be global warming
  22. Nice shot Roger. Lots of clouds and some rain here today.
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