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  1. Sun popped out for a bit this afternoon. After a bit of visual white light visual I found the seeing was pretty good for the time of day so decided to pop the Ca-K diagonal in and grab an FD despite the lack of activity.
  2. Nice work Charl. Raben is showing some AR's on the disk today so i am searching the forecast for a gap in the clouds and rain.
  3. Good set Charl. Got my first session for a month in today.
  4. Nice work Dave. Similar conditions here from the sound of things.
  5. Been so long since my last imaging session. Not much going on today (what's new), nothing in white light and just a couple of small proms in Ca-K.
  6. Nicely done Dave but definitely upside down
  7. Did not expect to get to see this but found a spot with a decent-ish horizon and the clouds played nice for a change. No moon in this one just the sunset and clouds!
  8. Nice looking prom shots Charl
  9. Wow, awesome "surface" details. Not my choice of colours (looks sort of pink-ish on my screen) but that's just me.
  10. Nice image. For me this is why wedges are safer, I have never forgotten to put the wedge in and there is no danger of it coming adrift and leaving my eye in the "firing line". Scorched the inside of my focuser cap many a time when using front-mounted white light filters.
  11. Early morning session followed by a busy day hence posting rather late. Just a single spot in white light and some small proms in Ca-K
  12. Lovely disks Steve. I hope to get some imaging in tomorrow morning......
  13. Nice catch Charl. A couple of small spots visible in white light (just west of centre) when I looked this evening. Hopefully get chance to image in the morning.
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