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  1. Love your choice of colours and framing, quite different to the usual presentation of this. Lots of fine detail too. Damian
  2. I wouldn’t think so Jeremy, J likes to save her pennies, not “spend them frivolously!”
  3. Thanks Mike, thought you'd appreciate the post. I should point out here that J isn't.... 'quite'.... the dragon as I portrayed for the comic effect (!!!), she did in fact buy me two small gifts while I was busy taking photos in the shop. The paper 'zodiac bauble' hangs above my desk as I type. The keyring has a working mini planisphere on it's reverse. D
  4. Quite agree, left J there are brought back a CCA250 and a TOA150.... sort of... ‘twins’...!!!
  5. Found this via the Uncensored Tak users group, that came via the AstroPhysics group. All in Japanese, but interesting to see, especially for us ‘Tak’ nuts! Enjoy... Damian
  6. Just going through the old back-up drives on a wet Saturday afternoon... Came across these pics from our holiday to Japan, back in 2016 that I never posted to SGL - meant to... better late than never! Japan was always somewhere I'd wanted to visit back from the days in art college. The graphics, comics, cartoons, culture, video games (that Designers Republic work done on the Playstation game 'Wipeout', will always stick in my designer memory, it was so modern and out there, so non-Western) and import consoles. Reading in awe about that 'Akihabara' electronic district (sound
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I see you've done a reprocess Brendan since I last posted, looks great. I tried your orientation (portrait) with my second process below, but it didn't work as well as yours - I think my more rectangular chip didn't give the right look and I didn't want to crop it down... Anyway, using the same data set as previous, a complete re-process, this time taking greater care with the stars and brighter regions. The palette is perhaps more in-keeping with a traditional RGB image, also the overall brightness is not so aggressively pushed as attempt #1…
  8. Can't remember the last time I processed something up in colour... Was hoping to get some SII, then produce something along the lines of Brendan's superb rendition: https://www.kinchastro.com/rosette-nebula.html But, with the weather being abysmal, used a revised 'Cannistra' method for combining what I had - Ha and OIII http://www.starrywonders.com/bicolortechniquenew.html Ha 8x 1200 and 13x 600 (some from way back in 2013 before I took a break from imaging) OIII 19x 1200 From my suburban, light polluted Bortle 5-6 back garden. FSQ106ED with FR (385mm @
  9. I had this issue when I moved my planetarium/scope control and guiding over to an old DELL i3 laptop running W7. I never had the issue with the even older MacBook Pro. I am currently using both and it is pretty nippy tonight! I still use the Mac for camera and Robofocus control. I think the Mac has slowed, not quite sluggish, but it is just on the table outside next to the DELL... Anyway, I couldn’t work out why the DELL would shut down (at different times so it wasn’t due to ‘updates’. Having only ever used Macs (graphics) I was at a loss, but decided to put the PC into my sola
  10. Lucky enough to be in a position to grab a few hours imaging on the night of the 24th, just the usual problem with the moon in attendance! From my suburban, light polluted Bortle 5 back garden. FSQ106ED with FR (385mm @ f/3.6) and the rather 'out of fashion', old CCD based STF8300m and Baader 7nm filter - hence the halo, or two, or three! Preprocessed (darks, flats and dark flats) and stacked in APP and then into Ps CC2017 Ha 14x 900sec, so three and a half hours worth. Lost one due to clouds rolling in. Usually find if I can get around 25 subs the visible noise rapidly fa
  11. Thanks for the positive comments! AS!2 is giving me a hard time... from what I can gather, even the Ms PC version had issues with large files, something that was addressed in v3. I just haven’t been able to work out how to get the 64bit version of WINE to open the .exe AS!3 programme file - I should in theory just be able to double click it (the .exe file I believe), but nothing happens. As for stitching together, Ps does a great job and hardly ever those a tantrum!
  12. Thanks Nik ! Two more to add - 5x TV PM. D
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