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  1. Just a thought; did you try a drop or two of oil on it to seep into the turning bearing and see if it would loosen up a little at all? I had a similar issue on a Baader focuser that was stiff too, but loosened up with a small amount of lubricant added into the turning bearing area.
  2. Tempted by the scope, but after having just splashed out on a new scope I can’t really justify another one alas, as much a I would like too! Hmmmnn.......
  3. The top mount can also be adjusted via the black knob below where the scope would sit. As this is only tightened by hand it can work loose and if you use something too heavy could suddenly slip on the locking knob and spin down and get damaged by hitting the legs of the mount, so not worth the risk unless it is a very light item. Happened to me once with a heavier scope on top. Luckily I was there to stop it hitting the mount and causing any damage, so since then I only use the 2 side clamps I have (I added in an extra ADM Vixen clamp along with an upgraded Primaluce vixen/losmondy clamp tha
  4. Nah! No code here. Move along! ........ Move along!
  5. Looks like they took it down. Good work John.
  6. Yes, it will balance much better on the side than from the top.
  7. Hi Doug. I’m away for work at the moment, but I’ll get a photo of it at next opportunity. Yes, realised I missed the Skytee2 that much that I got another one a while back ago.
  8. Yes, normally with a smaller ‘frac, or sometimes with just weights on too.
  9. Don't see why not? I use my SW250 on my Skytee2 mount with no problem, so the AZ8 should cope well with the load.
  10. OK, watched video and it explains briefly what the issue is.
  11. Might help to explain what the plight of the 43 year old space treaty is?
  12. Not read the books, but the 2012 movie (John Carter) with Taylor Kitsch was pretty good. Seemed to have got panned by critics, but I enjoyed it never the less. Pity they never made any further sequels of the film of the series of books.
  13. Try to focus on something out of your window that is a far away as possible to see, then adjust your focus (which has quite a lot of range in this type of scope) till you achieve focus OK. If your finder is aligned this will help you aim the scope, but if not try to see the image of the object in view as best as you can without the 25mm EP in place. You should be able to see if you are on or near alignment with the object. Once lined up with a distant object you should be able to then adjust you finder scope so that it is aligned with your telescope to make it easier to get things in view.
  14. Forcast for weekend here in UK not good, so don’t know the next chance I’ll get to view Mars as yet, but fingers crossed, miracles do sometimes happen!
  15. If still available I’ll take this please. PM incoming.
  16. Great shot Reggie. Excellent view!
  17. Owned both and enjoyed both. 4SE has max magnitude of 240x, whilst 8SE has max magnitude of 480x. So yes you will be able to see bigger images of the planets, however just remember that in the UK at least there are not many nights were you will get steady views that would hold going above 300x normally. Also, as with the different focal lengths of each scope you will get higher magnifications in EP’s in the 8SE due to this as Cornelius says. With the larger light grasp of the 8SE you will see better images of the planets, so images will be better in the 8SE.
  18. And by the looks of it the booze hit you pretty hard too ‘eh?
  19. Did you put the right date format in? Think you need to do it in American format of month first, then date and year. Had to do that with the Celestron goto mounts I used to own.
  20. Yep, been a long while waiting for some WL action. Managed an iphone shot myself up at the eyepiece the other day of it too near the limb as it came round. Not a patch on yours, but not too shabby for a camera phone.
  21. Some subtle details captured. Well done!
  22. Nicely captured. Well done!
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