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  1. Hope it lasts Helen, been psyching myself up to return one that was supplied new as a replacement about a year ago which has developed the same problem not getting hardly any light through it and have to bump the Firecapture settings right up just to see a bit of surface detail and no prom's. Had to purchase a second hand one to keep me going. Dave PS: Had trouble getting mine out of customs last time as they wanted to charge duty on it, had to pay it and reclaim it, took months to get my money back
  2. Nicely done Gav, another one of those targets I've gathered data on with the 10"SCT when able but not processed, I did try it as a first project in APP but couldn't get past an issue with the flats and never got back to it. Dave
  3. Done well there Mick, I had a shot at it in passing once but didn't pursue it. Dave
  4. Good mod' Nigella, never liked the original, ordering one now, thanks for the tip Dave
  5. Not sure why you'd need that maybe a glorified RS232 to USB converter, anyway it says it connects to an ST4 port on your guide camera, which guide camera do you have ? If your mount has a guider socket and your guide camera has an ST4 port you should have a cable that came with the camera to connect them then select the on camera option in PHD which hopefully will have a drop down list with your camera in it. Dave
  6. Will do, just trying to resist buying a ZWO ASI2600MC PRO camera as the Atik4000OSC pixels are a bit big. Dave
  7. Been waiting for Howie Glatter laser collimator with attachment for fast scopes that arrived a few days ago, there didn't appear to have been any attempt to collimate it from the factory or someone had fiddled with it after the event judging by all the mirror locking screws being loosened to the point of nearly falling out. Also bought a better Baader T adapter to rotate the camera as I didn't want to rotate the focuser once I've got rid of the coma / tilt. Had a go at collimating it and waiting for a decent night to try it, tonight would have been ok but it's too windy, when I tried it the first time on the iEQ45 it was a bit of a flag. Dave
  8. I made three squares from 18mm plywood about 9 inches by 6 inches with holes drilled in them to locate the tripod points for my extremely heavy Meade Giant Field Tripod, easy to move them on grass with a judicious kick or by tugging on the legs. Dave
  9. Good job Steve, the subs I took at the same time as yourself were pretty crap so need more data, at least I get them both in the same FOV with the WO 110FLT Dave
  10. Same here using the Star Adventurer and WO Redcat took lot's of star hopping and zooming in on live view to find it Dave
  11. Nice one Richard, I really must have a look at the ones I took of it passing the Double Cluster, been a bit busy recently. Dave
  12. Hoping for some clear to try out the Sharpstar HNT now I've had a stab at collimating it Need a still night as it's a bit of a flag. Dave
  13. That's why you need a spare one Dave
  14. About a week so far, I think they ship them off somewhere to be fixed. Dave
  15. Best not to meddle Gav, one of mine is with Atik/QSI ATM being fixed, had a problem with it starting with orange LED then Green LED then after a few seconds flashing red LED then repeating the process. Dave
  16. Not a very successful evening here, got started late and too much passing cloud for long subs so packed up now. Dave
  17. You can also get what's referred to as differential flexure between the guide scope and the main scope, reflector or refractor, however this can be mitigated by using solid connections between the two rather than adjustable guide scope rings. All this can be further aggravated at longer focal lengths as any slight movement is magnified I have however guided my 10 inch, 2500mm focal length SCT successfully using a separate guide scope bolted firmly to the main scope and the main scope having a mirror lock. Dave
  18. You're a mere spring chicken Nigella I'm 75 and was out imaging all night two nights ago, got to bed at 5.30am after some nice bonus views of the crescent Moon and Mars and up again at 8.00am. I'm not OCD about the quality of my images, you may have noticed that you never see any posted on here, but get lot's of satisfaction from capturing and butchering them There aren't that many clear nights in the UK so plenty of time to catch up on lost sleep. 12" is a bit OTT maybe a smaller widefield setup. Once the imaging rig is chuntering away I can do a bit of visual with bin's or other scopes, skies are too rubbish for a big Dob though. I also have a Lunt LS60DS to play in the sunshine and being retired need something to keep me occupied in the day time. I guess it depends how passionate about it you are, no good when it stops being a hobby and becomes a chore. Dave
  19. Davey-T

    M81 LRGB

    Nice M81 Steve, I had a go at LRGB on M81 and M82 in the same FOV last night as they were the only target I could find straight up but still gathered lots of light pollution. Dave
  20. Because they can suffer from mirror movement which wouldn't be accounted for when guided by a separate scope. Dave
  21. Just purchased HG laser collimator and about to embark on collimating the 150mm f/2.8 SharpStar HNT, never collimated a Newt' before so probably jumping in the deep end but gotta be easier than one of those RCs Dave
  22. Well done, I wonder if the last owner had the same problem or just didn't realise. Dave
  23. HG collimator and attachment for fast scopes to collimate the SharpStar f/2.8 HNT, never collimated a newt in my life so didn't want to have to collimate the collimator, apparently HG throws them against the wall or some such to test them Baader quality Canon adapter plus yet another adapter to add to my collection. Dave
  24. Quick out of focus, blurry handheld shot of Moon and Mars out the bedroom window after being up all night imaging. Dave
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