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  1. Only ever used mine at 100 gain as recommended by someone, can't remember who but not enough clear skies here to do experiments Dave
  2. Not really, it's just remembering to tick the right boxes, I've been using Maxim for years and it requires practically no human intervention compared to APP, watched a good tutorial and managed a decent widefield rendition of Horsehead and Flame that needs more data, should get some soon hopefully, I was up late / early recently an Orion was showing well. ATB Dave
  3. Nice one Tom, I'm still trying to get to grips with APP and my new ZWO ASI2600MC. Dave
  4. Nice Shark Olly, I only managed the head half from a dark site before lockdown struck. Dave
  5. Black Sun is done with select colour tool and paint can filled set to black. Then selection inverted to colour. I just drag the red slider to the left and blue and green to the right in levels until it's a colour I'm happy with. Dave
  6. Managed to drag a couple of images out of yesterdays shambles in spite of the software Dave ARs 2866-2868
  7. Nice set Steve, I'd planned to get the LS60 out but took so long getting the other rig working I didn't get round to it and now the processing has gone pear shaped so giving up until tomorrow / today. Dave
  8. Tried that but still the same, may try uninstalling / reinstalling AS3. Dave
  9. Took a few vid's of the Sun today and processed them as usual in AS3 , it processed half a dozen then froze so restarted it and did the remainder but when I looked in the folder it only had the original 6 in it. Redid one and clicked on show output folder and it had created a new folder called AS_stacks_check_settings for some reason and put the image there but if I then did another image it did the same deleting the first one. Tried deleting that folder and restarting AS3 but it just recreated the folder and put the image in there again. Anyone any idea what's going on ? Dave
  10. Busy old Sun today, first time it's shown it's face in weeks, got all set up and the cig' plug on the camera flew to bits firing springs etc all over the garden and they promptly disappeared of course, had a brief look for them then went in search of another plug to cannibalize for bits, found three plugs all with different size fittings managed to force one together after wasting an hour and started imaging then camera kept disconnecting, no idea why, turned it off and on a few times then it seemed to be happy so have manage a few vid's of sunspots and just going to try for some proms fingers crossed Dave Will add some pic's later, hopefully.
  11. Hi Adam, not seen that before, have you tried a different light source to eliminate that ? Dave
  12. ZWO do a WiFi extender for the ASIAIR Pro but it has had mixed reviews apart from the fact that it lights up like a Christmas tree which may not matter if your imaging alone. You could try a router at the scope to connect to your home WiFi depending how strong a signal you have. A CAT6 cable may be more reliable but a lot of cable to keep running out and rolling up again. You should join the ASIAR users group on Facebook as lot's of folk on there so bound to be someone in a similar situation, mines a few feet from my back door so I just leave the iPad beside it and pop out now and then to check progress. Dave
  13. Using it with ASIAIR Pro PHD and have left all the settings at default, haven't messed with PEC or backlash yet. This a corner of a ZWO ASI2600MC single frame, uncalibrated, enlarged to 200%, 600sec' WO110FLT. Guiding is fine, got a bit of tilt that I haven't sorted yet. Dave
  14. I'm using the Rainbow RST-135 makes for an incredibly portable setup, doesn't require balancing so just bung the Sharpstar on it and off you go. Dave
  15. But on the other hand todays APOD is much more interesting Dave
  16. I blacked the back of the secondary and the shiny steel circle behind it and Loctited it to the mirror as it kept coming loose when adjusting, changed the spring on the secondary for a weaker one and changed the secondary adjusting screws for dog end ones as they have flat ends that don't dig in. Also blacked all the shiny screws etc inside the tube. Fitted springs under the primary mirror locking screws as they had a habit of loosening themselves and need to stay put as the slightest movement on them alters the collimation. Have to say I'm really pleased with it now and I suppose it's good that I'm now familiar with how to take it to bits and reassemble it Dave
  17. Nice scope and images, I have this scope and unfortunately mine was put together by a blind man on a Friday afternoon and basically needed rebuilding to get it working which it does now, apparently TS test theirs before despatch, also using ZWO ASI2600MC plus the ZWO26OOMM with Baader 2" filter draw which I also use with the MC and Optolong LeNhance filter. I use a Badder Varilock to set the spacing. Do you have a ZWO Asiair Pro ? I use one and combined with an iPad it makes a really great setup, synced to mount it autofocuses, sets up guiding has a good list of targets that can be selected and GoTod then plate solves and centres them and off you go. There is a new version of the Asiair Pro coming out that has an external WiFi aerial as that has been a source of complaints, and does away with the micro SD card that has the OS stored on it so was a bit delicate and prone to getting corrupted if shut down unexpectedly, would definitely recommend it. Dave
  18. Did you seek any advice before choosing it, it's not the easiest scope for a beginner. Dave
  19. Came across these folks a while ago when looking for replacement springs for my pop up ROR obs'y roof but not gotten around to it yet. Dave Lee Spring | Stock and Custom Springs - Engineering Support
  20. Is that the one that was putting out a nice prom a couple of days ago, only glimpsed it briefly through the clouds. Only early morning Sun here recently and I've never got my ass in gear soon enough to catch it Dave
  21. Nice one Luke, clouds add to the atmosphere but completely clouded out here last night, possibility of some holes in the cloud tonight, forecast looks better up your way. Dave
  22. Excellent Luke, can't remember the last time I did a solar animation. Dave
  23. Had mine running in a few different programs but don't have Nebulosity. Dave
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