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  1. Neil apparently claimed to have made it on the spot more or less but according the documentary of his life his brother said he tried it out on him before he left. Dave
  2. Not much has changed in 50 years Dave
  3. Well one of the video frames may be if it didn't get culled by PIPP Not too confident in the crater naming, feel free to correct me and failed to crop top right corner but it's taken a while to get this far with AS3 still chocking on the ZWO178 files for some reason even after culling 3000 frames down to 1200 frames in PIPP. Dave 10"SCT 2X Powermate ZWOASI178 Astronomik 642IR pass filter
  4. Well done Geof, got a bit of clear here at just the right moment, haven't looked at the vid' yet, closed the obs'y at 4.30 as the sun was coming up and went to bed for 4 hours. Dave
  5. Got a clear bit at just the right moment so worth staying up all night Dave
  6. May be something on NASA TV. Just taken another vid through a gap in the clouds. 15 minutes to start of decent. Dave
  7. Clouds rapidly approaching, looks like a race against time with the clouds ATM may have to settle for an early image. Dave
  8. If you run that video staring about 3.44 it should coincide with the landing just about. Dave
  9. Still clear here, bit of cloud on the horizon. Dave
  10. Taken insurance against cloud shots of Apollo 17 and Apollo 11 landing sites, poured myself a glass of Scottish wine to toast their memory at the time of landing Dave
  11. Set up on Moon waiting to image the landing spot exactly 50 years on to the second, if it doesn't cloud over first. Dave
  12. Set up ready imaging Moon waiting for landing time, clear here ATM hope it lasts. Dave
  13. One of these may work better. Dave https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomik-filters/astronomik-proplanet-642-bp-ir-pass-filter.html
  14. Nicely done Dave, confuses us up here seeing it "upside down" Dave
  15. Thought it might just have been the very poor conditions cloud and Moon. Dave
  16. Using the same MBP as for solar when both cameras run OK, the Black Fly is GIPO. Dave
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