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  1. Davey-T


    Nice image Mick, I been trying to gather some Trio data when the skies are clear but the Moons not helping. Dave
  2. Davey-T


    Poor seeing plus wind etc today, best I could do, took some proms but having trouble getting them to stack without artefacts. Dave
  3. Nice set, at least the Florida Sun is at a reasonable height when you glimpse it, still dragging it's feet here at -11 degrees with resulting poor seeing. Dave
  4. Davey-T

    Solar 17th Feb - I give up!

    Same problem here cloud, contrails, wind and seeing making it hard to focus, managed a few but whether they'll stack is another matter Dave
  5. I use this one, not very light but sturdy enough to do the job, you can leave the head at home to save weight if you're not going to use it for regular photography, a geared head shouldn't be necessary, If using a tele lens with amounting foot I fit it to the dovetail bar or mount the camera on a ball head if not, but still on the dovetail bar. I wouldn't worry about extra level, if you level it using the inbuilt one then you can check the PA while imaging and tweak it to keep Polaris tracking round the polar scope circle. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/tripods/horizon-8115-2-way-heavy-duty-tripod.html Dave Quick pic' of mine still set up from last night., an RDF in the hotshoe is indispensable.
  6. Davey-T

    Soul Nebula IC1871 from SE London

    Very nice Carole, I should have been doing something similar but spent two nights chasing comets and supernovas Dave
  7. Davey-T


    Well caught Bob, shame about the A380 a bit reminiscent of the Bristol Brabazon. Dave
  8. Davey-T

    Still EFW driver puzzle.

    I had this problem with Atik original filter wheel and Maxim and they said they would make the driver available on their site which they did, a few years ago now. Dave
  9. Davey-T

    Messier 81 and 82 panorama

    A masterpiece Barry, well worth all the effort, full size is awesome, wish I had a bigger screen to view it on. Good to see the expense of remote imaging paying off. Dave
  10. Davey-T

    Roll on summer

    I keep thinking about getting them powder coated but it's way down my to do list Dave
  11. Davey-T

    Roll on summer

    I got a quote for having them chrome plated £250.00 Dave
  12. Davey-T

    Roll on summer

    I've got the solar setup balanced on the patio steps ATM with a fig tree that I have to keep untangling from the scope, it's the best spot for winter Sun but not very convenient, hopefully I can relocate shortly to a more roomy spot. No Sun today so here's a pic' from yesterday. Dave
  13. Davey-T

    Lakeside focusing issue

    So what was the problem, did you have a screw loose At least it's Friday, well Saturday now. Dave
  14. Davey-T

    Lakeside focusing issue

    I recall the guy at Lakeside telling me that backlash wasn't critical as long as you had some. Dave
  15. imppg does a great job of aligning images before animating, better than PS, http://greatattractor.github.io/imppg/ After aligning / cropping I animate them in P'Shop CS4 using the animation option under window, if they're tiff files convert to something with smaller file sizes, load files into stack under scripts then make frames from layers and fiddle with the timings. Under files / save for web and devices choose the GIF option from the drop down menu at the top to save as animated gif. Dave

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