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  1. Nice image Ewan, just got back from a weekend away, took a few solar images that I've been sorting through and that reminds me I took some of that area but don't remember seeing them in the saved folder, must go have another look tomorrow. Up all night until dawn 2 nights running so need to catch up on some sleep Dave
  2. Davey-T

    Saturday Proms & Surface Action 14-7-18

    Nicely done Charl, just got back from a weekend away in the camper van, caught a few solar images so will process them later. Dave
  3. Davey-T

    Sol 15-7-2018 ha

    Nice selection of different views Steve, just got back from a weekend away, got a few images to process. Dave
  4. Davey-T

    The Sun - 14th July 2018

    Nice set David, interesting contrast between the hot HA and the cool Ca-K. Dave
  5. Davey-T

    Ha Solar video 13th-14th July

    Nicely done Chris, just catching up after a weekend away. Dave
  6. There you go, from our sponsors, available by clicking their logo at the top of this page. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bst-starguider-eyepieces/bst-starguider-60-8mm-ed-eyepiece.html Dave
  7. Davey-T

    Reasonable price?

    The RCX as said was touted as a magic imaging scope but turned out most owners needed to be magicians to get them to work, I'd steer well clear of them. When my 10" was on a tripod in alt/az mode the GoTo was always spot on, not so good on a wedge, the alt/az fork is a joy for visual use. Dave
  8. Hi and welcome to SGL. Do you have any eyepieces at all ? Dave
  9. Davey-T

    So, what else?

    Meade giant field tripods come up occasionally on AB&S, I bought one for the 10Micron for £400.00 It will be a bit hard lifting a 12" on and off so it would need to be permanently mounted, have you considered a 10", I'd prefer a 10" ACF over a 12" LX, it would also be just about liftable by one person and fit on an ordinary Meade tripod. Dave
  10. Davey-T

    How to determine best exposure and ISO

    Have you thought of using colour slide film and developing it yourself ? Assuming the processing kit is still available, it's what I used to do before digital. Dave
  11. That's weird, if you click on the MPC list of observable comets it should automatically log onto the MPC site and gets a list. Dave
  12. Davey-T

    Sol 10-7-2018 ha

    Good squeezing Steve. Dave
  13. Davey-T

    First refractor for imaging

    That's right gotta make their money somewhere Dave
  14. Yep missed a bit, have edited original in red. Just tried it and it worked OK. Dave
  15. May have missed a step, will check, knew I shouldn't have done it from memory at my age Dave

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