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  1. Davey-T

    Comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma spotted

    Thanks Michael, clear here ATM but don't know how long it will last, had a look at the Sun with the LS6ODS not much to see, a few small proms and one bright patch. Dave
  2. Davey-T

    Comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma spotted

    Just checked Stellarium and it's showing 38P in a completely different spot than it did last night at the same time so no wonder I couldn't find it It should have been lower centre of this image according to Stellarium, will try a different site tonight if it's clear. Dave
  3. Davey-T

    Comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma spotted

    Waited until 3.00am for the Moon to recede and had a go with 11x70s with no luck then tried DSLR on WOZ61 and no sign of it either. Dave
  4. Davey-T

    Lakeside motor Focus Bracket for WO GT81

    Easy enough to make one out of a bit of aluminium angle. Dave
  5. Davey-T

    dont know what I'm doing wrong

    What are you capturing with ? Dave
  6. Davey-T

    Weird Tartan pattern on ZWO ASI 120MC

    Bayer matrix ? Dave
  7. Davey-T

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    Yes should be fine, very nice scope. Dave
  8. Davey-T

    Comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma spotted

    Good catch Michael, 38P/Stephan-Oterma is nicely placed between Alhera and Alzirr in Gemini tonight so will have a try for it. I've never actually counted up how many comets I've imaged, must have a check. Dave
  9. Davey-T

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    I've used mine with 110mm f/7 triplet refractor which works OK, also tried with 152mm refractor which was a bit too much for it when loaded with imaging gear. The 45 in the name I believe indicates the weight carrying capacity in pounds but I think this is a bit optimistic especially for long refractors it's better with short SCTs. I have had mine to bits and done a few mods to upgrade it to later mechanical spec so it works better than the original. Dave
  10. Davey-T

    IOptron iEQ45 pro OR Skywatcher EQ6-R

    Some things need improving, like SW bendy bolts Dave
  11. Davey-T

    Who’s out ?

    Still murky here and horrendous dew. Dave
  12. Davey-T

    IOptron iEQ45 pro OR Skywatcher EQ6-R

    Polar scope works fine and it's "free", I have found that polar alignment routines can disagree with each other but that's not surprising as we're trying to aim a 6" tube at something around 400 light years away. Dave
  13. Davey-T

    Who’s out ?

    Set up in clear skies but bands of cloud soon appeared, just looked out and high haze now so packed up. Dave
  14. Davey-T

    ieq 45 pro vs heq6r pro

    I have an iEQ45 V2 older than the Pro which has some improvements, I bought it to take to star parties because of its light weight. The Alt/ Az' adjustment on the iEQ45 is better than the SW ones and the polar alignment works well. Handset is annoying as you can't hold down the buttons to scroll you have to keep pressing it for each step. Dave
  15. Davey-T

    Bloated Stars

    If the flattener needs 55mm and the camera has 13mm back focus spacer should be around 42mm. Wrong spacing doesn't give you uniform faults across the frame so as said it looks like the focus is moving after removing the B'Mask. Dave

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