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  1. Mine are on 6mm, quite strong enough and thick enough should you need to tap hole in it. Dave
  2. Doesn't sound like a good idea for my dual / triple setup, ASCOM drivers are the flies in the ointment trying to run multiple focusers etc despite manufacturers claims to the contrary, multiple QSIs run happily together. Dave
  3. Easy done Bob, I spent a while imaging a fuzzy little galaxy one night before I realised it wasn't moving
  4. Perhaps he could paint it with camouflage paint Dave
  5. Yep, get planning permission and you can erect all sorts of eyesores and housing estates on the Green Belt Dave
  6. Well done Gav, cloud / rain here Dave
  7. Would have thought that was plenty of exposure, I generally bump up the saturation in P'Shop There is a method to get colour into brighter stars documented by Pete Lawrence somewhere in cyberspace. Dave
  8. Hi Martin, if you wait a couple of weeks you can have the WO Megrez 72FD to play with. Dave
  9. Nice Steve, don't mind the spikes, one of the few objects to escape being given a silly name by our American cousins, I'm sure if you joined the dots it could be made to resemble something
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL, it's fine for planets with a suitable camera, when they stop hiding at low altitudes, and brighter DSOs at high frame rates. A wedge introduces problems of its own but can be sorted, I use my Meade 10" SCT ok on a wedge but best if it's permanently mounted. Launching into full blown astro' photography from scratch can quickly eat up money, Dave
  11. Excellent Bob, I opened the obs'y roof last night and wandered in and out until gone midnight but the clouds refused to budge. Dave
  12. Just checked and belong to half a dozen but only regularly view 4 of them, as said lot's of useful info on them so will be missed but they did annoy a few people a while back with their "facelift" Dave
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