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  1. Took some images of it last night but haven't got around to them yet. Dave
  2. I ordered something from a site calling itself telescopes uk or some such, the invoice was in dollars and delivery from Europe Dave
  3. Yes had a look this morning and decided not to bother imaging, couldn't decide if that brighter bit was real or my imagination Clouded over now. Dave
  4. Well caught, they cancelled it so many times I missed it completely in the end Dave
  5. As Stu said more visible at higher power, have a look at some WL close ups in the solar imaging section ( Freddies are good examples ) to see how it looks. Dave
  6. Had a squint through the scope this morning and didn't bother imaging, faint proms on both rims and a small bright spot on the East side maybe, couldn't swear to it, can't see it on your image so probably wishful thinking Dave
  7. Had it happen to me, actually went to the shop to buy it as they advertised it as in stock, turned out they meant in stock at the suppliers and then it turned out it was even out of stock there with no idea when it might show up, first and last time I tried to buy from them Dave
  8. Looks a lot better David, the remaining odd stars may just stack out with luck. Dave
  9. Just catching a few pic's of it between the trees, will have a try at Pallas if the cloud stays away. Dave
  10. Yes same one on the Tecnosky version of the Altair 152mm. PS: you need matching spaced holes in the dovetail. Dave
  11. That all sounds very strange, all I do is scroll to zero position on the handset, press and it wanders off in RA / Dec to where it thinks zero is and stops, only goes in one direction, no returning, I then use the hand control to get the spirit level level and loosen the clutches and rotate manually to zero position, weights down, scope up north and that's it then star align. First star alignment is off in mine as well but usually just on the edge of the FOV of a 26mm eyepiece with 110 f/7 refractor. Dave
  12. That looks pretty horrendous David, is it identical in a short exposure ? Dave
  13. I don't think the mount has any idea where zero position is until you tell it by setting the bubble level then loosening the clutches and rotating to zero. The bubble level should put 6 oclock at the right position, I put an O ring behind mine to give a small bit of adjustment. Curious to why it doesn't stop, do you mean it keeps going without stopping or just stops at the " wrong " place ? Dave
  14. Good job Charl, all right for you I've been gardening weeding all day just stopped for lunch now going back out. Dave
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