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  1. They've no chance after all this hassle Dave
  2. Sounds like a ploy to get me to join the annual subscription version, surely there must be lots of people running SGP 3.**** with ASCOM 6.5 as lots of astro' programs require it now. Dave
  3. Yes, but they seem to be saying it won't install with ASCOM 6.5
  4. Did you see the latest post on the forum, do they seriously mean that if anyone installs ASCOM 6.5 they can't register SGP3.2. If I was actually using SGP on this laptop I'd be quite [removed word] with them by now. Dave
  5. Very nice John look forward to more. Dave
  6. As soon as it's said 45 days left it closes, so only there for less than 30sec's Dave
  7. Yes done all that got new activation key but can't get it started to enter the new key. Gets this far then nothing Dave
  8. Only to practice indoors as I still haven't figured out all its nooks and crannies Dave
  9. Just had a thought I've got V3.0.0.7 running on my imaging laptop, as it's in an install folder do you think it would work on this laptop or would it still need registering via internet. Dave
  10. Sorry typo I downloaded V3.20613. Dave
  11. Uninstalled all trace of previous version, installed 3.1** which installs with program folder and desktop icon, click on icon registration screen appears says 45 days left of trial version disappears and SGP doesn't start. Interestingly SGP doesn't show up in add remove programs so had to uninstall via the uninstall file in the program folder. Dave
  12. Hi Carole, I've got an Astrodon 5nm S11 that fell apart, the guy that was running Astrodon at the time said to send it to him and he would fix it or I could do it myself with a spot of super glue iy's been a while but still haven't done anything about it. Dave
  13. Tried different version 3. something or other, click on desktop icon and registration screen opens green bar goes along then it disappears and nothing happens. Dave
  14. That's what I did, entered new details they sent and got that message. Dave
  15. Wasn't using it but would be nice to have it as I've paid for it. Dave
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