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  1. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Thought I’d packed everything but I forgot the skis
  2. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Plenty of room, Sun is shining
  4. the prom action today 15-3-18

    Nicely done Charl, no chance here. Dave
  5. Not for nebula particularly but Noels Actions automate a lot of things. Dave
  6. He's a prince among men and can leap tall buildings with one bound Dave
  7. Baby steps Rodd It should have flagged it up when you plugged it in and it couldn't find the driver, with a message something about echoes. Dave Drivers on their site need unzipping, if you'd loaded them from a supplied disc it would have done it automatically.
  8. Well done Rodd, just tried it on my Win10 laptop and it works OK. Dave
  9. Did you say you've got the Loadstar plugged into the ASI ? Dave
  10. I'll try and give it a go on Win10 machine. Dave
  11. Hi Anne, I run 2 of everything by simply starting 2 instances of Maxim. Dave
  12. Just fired mine up, it's in the obs'y so all old stuff, Windows XP, Maxim 5.xx, SX universal driver dated 2011. Connects and starts taking guide subs OK, but as I said I don't normally use Maxim to guide. What version of Windows are you using ? Dave
  13. lovely set of proms today 13-3-18

    Great result Charl, nice and sharp, still raining here. Dave
  14. Looks like a scene from Midsommer Murders Dave
  15. Used AutoCAD for a while many years ago and I don't think I ever got to figure out all it's intricacies, guess I may take the plunge into PI sometime but " Old dog new tricks " springs to mind. Dave