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  1. Won't matter if you can't see the sky, I just go for the Hog roast, Curry and the Craic. Oh and the drink Dave
  2. Careful or you'll have an empty bank account before know it. There is the cheap option of the SW motor focuser but I don't know if this works over a remote connection otherwise you're into the realms of dedicated motor focusers for a few hundred pounds, plus some compatible software to work it. Always best to refocus on filter change whether they claim to be parfocal or not. Dave
  3. Using the ASI1600 needs careful consideration of your setup to keep filters close to the sensor to avoid paying out for larger more expensive filters, it also produces masses of data to store and process. I think an Atik 314 or newer equivalent would be a more sensible place to start CCD imaging using your 80ED and EQ6 you'd have a trouble free undemanding setup. Dave
  4. Congratulations Helen, still resisting the Dob urge here. Does this mean you'll be camping in the Dob Mob enclosure at SGL SP2017 ? Dave
  5. You need to dither in both directions, 12 / 15 pixels using DSLR, if you use APT you can set it all up. Dave There's a good video on Y'tube by Tony Hallas, I'll have a search for it
  6. Atik 314 files are 2827kb or 709kb binned 2x2, and download pretty much instantly, 8300 files are 15.8 mb unbinned and take 5 secs to download using QSI683 and Win 10 with SSD drive. 8300 files obviously take up loads more disc space as well. Does the ZWO1600 also capture lots of large short exposure files ? Dave
  7. I've had a word with them and they've postponed it until tomorrow 1300 UT. especially for you Charl Dave
  8. Personally I'd look out for a secondhand Atik 314L+ and filter wheel and not worry about achieving the same FOV as a DSLR. Large CCDs produce large files and take an age to download, the Atik 314 files are much smaller and download pretty well instantaneously. No reason it can't be a portable setup, loads of people use similar at star parties. Use the 80ED and finder guider, you may need a flattener / reducer Dave
  9. Live launch of SpaceX rocket at 1300 UT, not a very exciting satellite but will be interesting to see if the first stage lands successfully. Dave OOps think I've missed it ? not sure if the video is live or recording UPDATE Launch has now been put off until tomorrow 11.00 UT
  10. Nicely done Michael, no reward for early birds here, just cloud and wind and maybe rain later. Dave
  11. I did see a short very bright flash in Hercules the other night while looking for comets, perhaps I should get an eye test Dave
  12. We'll have all the no win no fee lawyers ringing up saying " I believe you were involved in a nasty blinding accident recently sir " Dave
  13. As mentioned stick to one sub length, the longest one you can confidently repeat, also try to get to grips with dithering, it really helps with DSLR images. Dave
  14. Are you fitting encoders ? Dave