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  1. Davey-T

    Qwick n dirty AR2712 26-5-18

    Well done Charl, another day ticked off, early morning fog here. Dave
  2. Davey-T

    EPDM rubber roofing

    As we always say when estimating materials, better to be looking at it than for it Dave
  3. Just started on Eden channel, seen it before well worth watching. Dave
  4. Davey-T

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    Sounds like a plan Jon. Don't know if Back Yard Nikon would be any help, folk use BYEOS to video planets. Dave
  5. Davey-T

    Nikon D3200 movie crop mode?

    It only appears to run at 25fps/30fps in 640 X424 so not a good indication, Canon 1 to 1 640X480 runs at 60fps. Dave
  6. Davey-T


    Funny you should say that Barry, the 10Micron refused to boot up a few nights ago, it's been doing this occasionally since new, they had it back once and I thought they'd fixed it but apparently they just sent it back because they couldn't find the fault, they're now going to supply replacement box. I've tried it every night since and it's started first time Dave
  7. Davey-T

    EPDM rubber roofing

    Made my large, 3000gal pond, with it 30 years ago and it's still going strong Dave
  8. I use Lindy RS232 cables and they are much better quality than the usual rubbish where the retaining clip breaks off after a couple of months. Dave
  9. Davey-T


    Super M101 Barry, I've been gathering data on it over the past couple off weeks when weather allowed, may have to give up soon and have a crack at processing, at least I've got something to aspire to now Dave
  10. The mount won't take much but the laptop could flatten your car battery then you'll be stuck in the field all night. Dave
  11. Makes a change to have Sun in Scotland and cloud down south. I've got some Revelation bino' viewers that work on my LS60 but the focuser has a lot more in / out travel than the LS50. Not used them much though as I couldn't get on with them. Dave
  12. It's a good idea to try and get your head round what you're doing and why rather than blindly follow instructions. Also the shorter you're focal length the slower the drift and if you take a while mechanical tolerances in the mount will come into play. The DARV method is quick and very good using DSLR. Dave
  13. You could do RGB all at the same time Dave
  14. Very worrying if BH are turning out stuff like that now, I wonder what the problem is, looks a symptom of things that have happened to other " respected " names in the past, long delays and poor quality, could be down to health or other issues, I'd like to know before judging. Dave
  15. Davey-T

    "GinaRep Giant Mk 2" 3D Printer

    Working well now after all that effort you could use that to blow your own trumpet and deservedly so Dave

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