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  1. Yes well done John, I had the LS60 aimed sunwards all day but never got more than a quick look, shame as there was a rather nice prom. Dave
  2. As Waldemar mentioned above the iOptron iEQ45 is a very light mount for the carrying capacity. I think the 45 part is supposed to be the carrying capacity but it's a bit optimistic, I have one and it struggles once getting near 30lbs. The mount head in a case can be carried easily in one hand and the tripod in the other, if you make a bag for the weights they can be carried in one hand. Dave
  3. So what did you buy ? Dave
  4. Looks "better" than mine, not that I've got to look through it yet, clouds, clouds and more clouds. Dave
  5. So what now ? do the M.I.B. come round and delete our memories with their red flashy thing Look out Dave in Vermont they'll be round your house first Dave
  6. I bought a new Win 10 netbook to run my new imaging setup with just astro software installed and once it was all running nicely I switched off the WiFi connection to stop MS trashing it. I think this is a good idea unless you need to use the internet for plate solving or time synchronisation. Dave
  7. Got a couple of bits of F1 as they're local to me, the only problem I had, in common with a lot of suppliers, is when they say they have something in stock they mean their suppliers hopefully have it in stock and will ship it direct. Dave
  8. Perhaps someone should give Ron a nudge to point out that compression rings aren't ideal for modern astro imaging and get him to produce Moonlight focusers with self centering twist locks. He always seems open to suggestions. WO seem to producing many of their scopes with twist locks as standard now Dave
  9. Cheap enough so worth a punt, plus you can get a dimmer so saves messing about with sheets of paper. I built a white plastic box with 4 x dimmable 12 volt halogen bulbs for my 10" SCT but LED panels weren't available all those years ago Dave
  10. Intuitive lol, after all these years I still push the wrong button on the hand controller and whiz off in the opposite direction Dave
  11. Sounds like a plan Larry, enjoy your eclipse, wish I was going. Dave
  12. Hi Alistair I had the same problem with the WO F/R 1V on WO110FLT and resorted to buying the WO twist lock focuser thingy, expensive but it works. Dave
  13. S&N has arrived now. Dave
  14. All very worrying Paul, hope it shows up soon, just can't rely on some people Dave
  15. I think you can select edit then click on the bin icon on the image if not PM a mod and they'll do it for you. Dave If you scroll to the bottom of the home page you can see who's on line