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  1. Cas A

    Looking good, I've been imaging it on and off for a few years with 10"SCT, it needs a lot of data to bring it out. Dave
  2. DSOs is bit of a catch all description, from you're Andromeda Galaxy one of the larger ones to things like the Eskimo Nebula one of the smaller ones, so one scope / camera combo is not capable of capturing everything perfectly. An SCT is good for Solar system objects and other small stuff, a focal reducer can help get a brighter image and you can bin exposures which will also help but starting out in astro' imaging is better done with a short focal length refractor. Dave
  3. If you don't need it switch off WiFi, that's what I do Dave
  4. (3200) Phaethon

    Excellent sketch, I had trouble nudging the mount to get it to cross the frame from one side to the other for imaging as it was going at a fair rate in the SCT. Dave
  5. Easy to read setting circles

    As Michael said Meade LX have quite big ones though not EQ unless on a wedge, I've used mine occasionally to locate something roughly but pretty well superseded by modern electronics. Dave
  6. Some budding students at MIT Dave
  7. todays proms 16-12-17

    Thanks for the view Charl, lovely clear dawn sky here but Sun behind the trees, hung around 'till 2am yesterday / today waiting for the forecast clear sky to appear but it was still cloudy so gave up. Dave
  8. Mount Stops Slewing

    Are you using a mains power supply ? Somewhere lurking in the menu should be a reset option to reset the handset in case it's got itself in a twist. Dave
  9. PHD guiding

    The best thing to do is find some online explanations from the PHD2 site and You Tube, the GP Cam is a small mono camera that can be used in conjunction with a small telescope and PHD to track a star and guide your mount to stay centred on it. There are a few different guide cameras available some of which can be used for capturing images as well. Dave
  10. Focuser

    Hi Andy I use the Maxim autofocus routine with the Lakeside focuser, check the log readout the HFD should alter by about 1.5 between exposures , check your star isn't too bright if it maxes out at 64000 reduce exposure time. How did you work out the step size ? I think the Maxim focus routine is the same as FocusMax3 but I couldn't get that to work at all. I have had it run away past focus and get lost at times and come up with strange messages like " can't go to 2 million steps or some such Dave
  11. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    That is the identical problem I had with the fist SA that I got, replaced by FLO, the replacement can track perfectly for hours, I suspect it was more an electrical rather than mechanical problem. Dave
  12. Dual Imaging Rig

    A few FOV and arc/secs/pixel calculators around to help decide which is the best combo. Are you mounting them piggy backed or side by side ? Dave
  13. nice prom 15-12-17

    Good catch Charl, some blue bits here but it'll be a couple of weeks before I can catch it again. on the bright side I've got a motor focuser on the way for the 152mm so should make life easier. Dave
  14. Heads up The Secrets of Quantum Physics

    There doesn't appear to be any one in charge of the sound quality on TV anymore, some old BBC sound engineers must be turning in their graves. My volume control can be set from 12 to 30 for different programs and have to keep adjusting it up and down during programs as the sound fades away. Dave
  15. Heads up The Secrets of Quantum Physics

    Makes my brain hurt Dave