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  1. Looks to be the opposite of last night, clear in middle England, cloudy in the SE. Dave
  2. Nicely done David, been tipping down all day here. Dave
  3. Perhaps you should move "Doug Larson " nearer to the quote Ron ? Dave
  4. Doug Larson. Dave
  5. I often find full disc flats make the image worse, if there are only a couple of dust bunnies I just clone stamp them , pity you can't do that with NRs, you can mess about with gaussian blur filter which sometimes works for NRs, all a bit hit and miss. Don't really understand the physics of the NRs, expect you do If I use a focal reducer I don't get them, without a f/r they appear, some sort of witchcraft Dave
  6. Thats amusing Mike they're still using pretty much the same description in the latest website spiel Dave
  7. Sounds like a good excuse, you can tell Mrs C you musta pushed the button in your sleep Dave
  8. You must by a Tak, you must buy a Tak, you must buy a Tak resistance is futile. Dave
  9. Must give Ian a ring and see if I can have one on HP for 50p a day Dave
  10. And prices set to rise again shortly I believe. Should've bought a few Mike, you could have sold them at a profit now Dave
  11. Just been playing around with your image Chris to even up illumination and there's something strange going on in the background area, did you do any processing other than stacking with flat. Dave
  12. Well done Charl, it looked like there was something lurking on the limb yesterday but I didn't dare mention it Windy and wet here Dave
  13. Very nice Mike, I'm sure there's one of those old Chinese proverbs to suit your sentiments. Nearly bought a 100mm Tak earlier this year and wish I had now as the prices are going up in leaps and bounds. Dave
  14. You can get 1200mm X 2400mm sheets of building insulation in various thicknesses but would probably need an expanding foam adhesive to hold the weight. There is also spray on insulation but you'd need to take the roof off and lay it upside down to apply it. You can fix to steel frame using self drill screws. Dave
  15. I think I was lucky looking on the satellite weather the cloud missed me until about 2am, you must have been on the edge of it, shame as humidity was quite low and sky fairly good. Even managed to catch comet 41p/TGK with the 10"SCT. Dave