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  1. Getting to know the Lunt LS60

    My LS60 DS with pressure tuner refused to tune a while ago after I hadn't moved the tuning for some time, I took the tuner apart and cleaned and reassembled it using red brake grease cos I already had some and it seemed to have a high temperature operating range and be nice and sticky. Obviously this is not the recommended grease but it has been working OK for 6 months since. On the screwing right in question, mine has always required screwing nearly right in, the instructions from Lunt are a bit confusing as they say to start fully out and wind in slowly until tuned which wastes a considerable amount of time as every one I've seen has required screwing nearly right in. Dave
  2. M33

    Very strange Rodd, looks almost insect like, maybe a very very small fly got in somehow, would explain it appearing, moving and disappearing ? Dave
  3. Sol 20-10-2017 Ha

    Excellent images Steve, you did well to get anything today, rubbish here. Nice to meet you at SGL17, good talk except I was late and had to stand at the back, was hoping to crib Gav's notes Dave
  4. Chameleon First Light

    No end to spending money on this hobby Gav Nice first image, I actually use my MBP for solar with the PG Bfly but running Bootcamp and Firecapture. Dave
  5. Once in a life time... Heads up

    Wouldn't mind if they put a bit of effort into it but they just recycle the same heatwave, coldwave, forecast every year pretty much word for word Dave
  6. When you've more money to spend you can get a USB stick weather station that gives you temp', humidity and pressure readings Dave
  7. Peter at Lakeside is very helpful and quick to respond to email queries and will be happy to advise on backlash and step settings. Dave
  8. No rush, he's on holiday this week Dave
  9. If you buy the Lakeside for the Moonlight I can knock you up a bracket to fit it to the Star 71 might save you all of £30.00 Dave
  10. Picture from Lakeside site, it looks as if the only difference between different scopes is the bracket and connector. Dave
  11. Yes I removed the collar on mine. Dave
  12. I've got a Lakeside on my Star71 Mk11 see pic'. You should be able to swop between this and a Moonlight with just the appropriate bracket. Dave
  13. Fitted a Lakeside on my Mk 1 and 2 there are 2 grub screws on some of them and they're not opposite to each other as you would think but rather something like 45 degrees apart. Dave
  14. our huge prom today 20-10-17

    Superb prom image Charl, your best yet I think, not looking very hopeful here Dave
  15. good beginner astrophotography camera

    Have a browse of this and see if you recognise it, may even find a review. Dave https://www.dpreview.com/products/nikon/cameras?subcategoryId=cameras