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  1. Sky watcher star adventurer tripod?

    Yes quite a few people use their scope tripod for the Star Adventurer. Dave
  2. August 21, 2017: First eclipse results

    Worth all the effort and expense Michael, looking forward to the animation. Dave
  3. Sol WL 22-08-17

    Nice set John, Sun arrived too late here. Dave
  4. First Light Lunt LS50THa

    Great start Nial, guess you'll have to buy a solar imaging camera now Dave
  5. Awesome Wyoming eclipse

    Excellent Luke, worth every penny dollar. Dave
  6. Sol WL 21-08-17

    Nicely done John, looking positively busy up there. Dave
  7. Sol 21.08.17 3:30pm

    Well caught Pat. Dave
  8. A few from Sunday 20.8.2017

    Good job Pete, looking at the forecast it could be the last ones for a while. Dave
  9. August 20, 2017: Ca-K disks with proms

    Nice set Michael, looking at the latest GONG images there are a few nice proms showing for eclipse images, weather not looking good here for tomorrow so " lucky " we can't see it Dave
  10. AR2671 animation attempt

    ImPPG does an excellent job of aligning and cropping frames before animating. https://greatattractor.github.io/imppg/ Dave
  11. I have made a mistake...

    Worth a read before being tempted to look without proper protection. https://www.space.com/37199-solar-eclipse-blindness.html Dave
  12. AR2671 animation attempt

    Caught some action there James, what are you using for processing ? Dave
  13. Prom 18th August 2017

    Great detail captured there. Dave
  14. 20th August - Solar Close Ups

    Nice to see different surface views. Dave
  15. The Sun 20 August 2017 white light

    Super close up. Dave