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  1. I use a refurbished 6th generation iPad about £250.00 of EBay. Dave
  2. Nice dusty image, been collecting a bit wider FOV of it the last couple of nights. Dave
  3. Looking good Steve, love the Ca-K, fog here today. Dave
  4. Good to see you're still persevering, thought you'd given up. Dave
  5. Sounds like a problem with the camera probably have to send it off to Atik for assessment, email them to see hat they think. Dave
  6. Only made one visit to Farringdon Road many years ago, just looking couldn't afford a scope, could only just afford the exorbitant parking meter charge Dave
  7. Flats look a bit weird on screen when taking them but look ok colour converted. Dave
  8. Only just started using it myself, flats seemed to work ok but only managed this rough and ready Rosette so far, about a dozen 300sec's Dave
  9. Looks pretty much like my flats with ZWOASI2600MC and Optolong LeNhance filter, mine are purple on one edge and green on the other. Dave
  10. First go of 2021, can only get better hopefully. Dave
  11. Nice set, good to see things back to "normal" David, had the same problem yesterday, first go for months and not only forgotten what to do nothing wanted to work, spent a few hours cursing the equipment and by the time I'd got a camera and computer to talk to each other Sun was disappearing behind the rooftops. Having started yesterday just after Sun crossed the meridian with perfect weather and hoping for a time lapse on AR2804 I ended up with sweet FA, today everything sprang to life first time but weather and seeing wasn't up to much. Dave
  12. After yesterdays complete failure for stuff working with a clear blue sky and no wind, having not used it for months today it all fired up and worked first time Seeing wasn't up to much here today, Sun looking like it was in a puddle, but had snatches of nice views with the Tecnosky 152mm, Quark and TV Plossls. Then shot a couple if pic's but not looked at them yet. Dave
  13. Tried it this morning and it's working fine now it's gone cloudy and breezy, someone up there has it in for me Dave
  14. Just tried the Win partition on Mac book and it's working fine now Dave
  15. Good job, nice sunny day at last and nothing wanted to work, first time I've setup in months, tried to start Windows on Mac partition as done before for years and got message it couldn't find boot manager whatever that is, started OAcapture on Mac and it couldn't find the camera, tried another camera but got another mystic error message, tried several laptop, camera software combos with no luck, downloaded Sharp Cap onto another laptop and it connected to ZWO178 but by that time Sun was disappearing behind the rooftops. Dave
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