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Found 29 results

  1. M13 - Great Globular Cluster in Hercules from 06/09/2018 22,180 light years away, 145 light years wide Quite a close crop on this due to its scale in my scope, but happy nonetheless. Looks like better flats are definately helping me out now when it comes to processing. The only thing I couldn't work out is the faint fuzzy at around 2 o'clock. With a bit more research it looks like it is the spiral galaxy NGC6207 (distance 30 million light years) - and VERY faintly you can just make out IC4617 (489 million light years away) TS65Q / Modded 1200D / EQ6 Guided - 83x30s

    © 2018 S Fields

  2. good seeing tonight from 21.30, a few bits of cloud about, the moon is steady with a small bit of fazing. kit- ed80 + 1200d for wide, AR127L +1200d for larger, AR127L +asi120mc for close ups . thanks for looking, and I wish you clear skys with great seeing. charl. wide 70 frames staxed with regi. larger 90 frames staxed with regi. assorted close ups, 2000 frames sorted with PIPP best 200 staxed with regi.
  3. qwick afternoon one, seeings a bit hazy with a fair bit of cloud about. kit ed80 1200d, 65 frames staxed with regi. thanks for looking and I hope you have clear skys. charl. wide. 2pane mosaic taken with ed80 and asi120mc. cu1. cu2.
  4. a not so qwick moon, dodging cloud but won in the end, seeing was fair there was a bit of fazing. kit- ed80 1200d for wide, AR127L 1200d for larger, asi120mc for closeups. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl. wide. closer. and closer still. and this crazy mosaic, I just let ice do it its self and it made this so I thought it looked cool so I posted it.
  5. qwick moon, its foggy here tonight so its a bit soft, looked good in the mist, but detail close up was poor. kit- AR127L +1200d, iso 100, 43 frames staxed with regi. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl.
  6. "Oh no its that guy who carnt stop taking pics of the moon again" " somebody help him" too late !. qwick twilight moon. kit ed80, 2xed barlow, 1200d. thanks for looking, clear skys , charl. lazy moon 80 fames. wide 100 frames. right way up.
  7. heres my Hi-res shots. the moon looked fantastic lastnight, I most enjoyed looking and imaging, I love the way the crater rays and bright areas standout when full. seeing was OK bit fazey. kit- starwave 102 classic f11, 1200d in 1:1 crop mode, and asi120mc for close ups. hope you got chance to view. thanks for looking, please leave a comment, good or bad its good to have feedback. charl. Wide, hi-res 120 frames, well as wide as I could get with a f11. Hi-res 160 frames looks better in full ,31 mb so if you have slow internet it might take a while to load. it was 64 mb but I reduced it as my internet is like smoke signals are faster. a few closer shots to show the rays and bright dust streaks. not hires 1200x920. 1 2. 3. 4.
  8. lovely moon tonight with good seeing, I watch it rise from my obsyroom window. kit ed80 for wide and AR127L for large and 1200d. no barlows or filters where harmed taking these pics. thanks for looking, and I hope you have clear sky. charl. wide. closer.
  9. lovely and sunny here in south wales, seeings okish a bit of fazing going on but I think its thermals rising up the side of the house morethan anything. not a lot happerning in WL just two small ARs , in HA theres some large proms on the out going limb . hope you all have clear too to have a look. kit ed80, Quark chromo, asi120mc for HA, 120mm f5 frac, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL. Thanks for looking. charl. AR2654. AR2653. PROM 1 PROM 2 PROM3 PROM 4 PROM 5 WL MONO WL coloured WL coloured invert just for fun. ive 10 more vids to do so if better ill update. clear skys charl. invert
  10. cracking skys again lastnight, carnt belive ive had 5 clear nights in a row " don't mean to rub it in for folks who have had cloud". kit AR127L "old faithfull", asi120mc for close ups, 1200d for full discs. thanks for looking, tonights the main event for me moon wise, will my luck continue and get me a full moon ?, stay tuned. clear skys, charl. dusk 08.30pm. hi/res mono 3883x3750. best viewed full. colour wide taken at 21.50. some closer shots. some with the 2x barlow added to the asi120mc. think I was pushing my luck.
  11. a few qwick moon shots from lastnight, cloud was rabid, relentless, so could only get 35 frames with the 1200d, and 200 frames with the asi120. detail isn't great and the full disc is a bit noisey, but I was happy to catch it for the first time this cycle. kit AR127L, 1200d for full disc and asi12mc for closer. hope we get some better skys soon, thanks for looking. charl. full disc. closer. closer more.
  12. lovely seeing today, ive still got a very thin bit of cloud "or my glasses need cleaning" ive took some close ups so will update when I'm done. could get a dark moon tonight if its not too far outa range. kit- AR127L, 1200D, HEQ5. From obsyroom open window. 75 frames staxed with regi, and adjusted in photoshop and topaz. thanks for looking, and I hope you all have clear skys. charl. lazy wide colour up mono up colour lazy 2 and a invert for fun. 3 pane mosaic of some close ups. there a bit noisey, its the curse of daytime moons. hot off the press, just got me Dark moon "some say DSOers run in terror at the mea sound of its name" seeing not as good as earlier.
  13. qwick one today, seeing is worse than yesterday, so no close ups I took some but bined them for having poor detail. kit AR127L, 1200d, 55frames in the colour, 80frames in the 2 pane mono out 1500 took with asi120mc. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl colour. 2 pane mosaic mono.
  14. you know me I carnt resist a day one or a night one or a inbetween one. at last some better seeing for a day time moon. bit of cloud about no wind. kit ar127l and 1200d. 105 frames staxed with regi, adjusted in photoshop thanks for looking, clear skys, charl. mono. lazy. colour.. and a wide one took at 15.40 72 frames, ive still some close ups to process ,ill update when done. a few close ups , think I was pushing the mag, seeing dropped the closer you go, but I cant exspect too much with day time shots. taken at 16.50 1 2 3 4
  15. Hi again, Previously I asked which would be the best setup for me to get within my budget and a lot of people have stated to go for the 130pds and a eq5 Mount as a minimum. I’m now on a hunt for a good starter Digital camera most likely an slr. I’ll probably have £300-£400 to spend on the body and to get some lenses. I’ve seen people suggest the cannon 11 and 1200d. I’m mostly looking to do DSO’s. Are there any others that you recommended. Also would the mount be able to hold all of this easily. Struggle to find the max load. I’m probably going to get a piece of equipment every 6 months so I can save money. Just a side note can the eq5 handle camera equipment and 200pds ok? many thanks
  16. sunny here today but cloudy aswell, so the 100% clear sky as forcast wasnt too be. but carried on just the same, I'm a bit late today as staxing was a nightmare, resorted to regi as as2 was saying no . same old kit, only short vids to play with think the largest was 400 frames. hope you all have clear, thanks for looking , sorry for moaning. charl.. WL mono. 56 frames. coloured. ar2662. lower mid 800x800 artistic fila prom 1 wider invert.
  17. lovely sunshine here thismorrning, seeings ok bit fazey. the new AR is looking nice, theres a nice prom just below it. oh I do love abit of new action... kit ed80 quark asi120mc for HA. 120mm f5 frac. lunt wedge, 1200d for WL. thanks for looking and I hope you all have clear skys with good seeing. charl. WL mono coloured AR2651 hello closer. filaments ar2650 huge prom. other prom Updated at shot with the full chaos treatment.
  18. a few qwickish moon pics from 2pm onwards. not the best had thin cloud and wobbley seeing. kit ed80, 1200d for colour, asi120mc for the rest. hope you all have clear sky ,thanks for looking. charl. 3pane mosaic in mono. coloured 25 frames staxed. cu1 cu2 cu3 cu4.
  19. just caught it through a break in the cloud, seeing okish deff worth a look I think its a 99.8 so very near full. kit ar127l f9.5, 1200d. 52 frames staxed with regi, shot from my obsyroonm open window. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl.
  20. Qwick moon tonight through gaps in the cloud. 28 frames staxed with regi. kit ed80 2x2inch ed barlow, 1200d. didn't have time to set up the big frac up, thought i was going to be clouded out all night. thanks for looking, clear skys ,charl. colour. mono.
  21. seeings not bad but not as good as the 17th, managed to put a 12 pane mosaic together of sorts. kit ed80 and 1200d for discs and asi120mc +2x barlow for close ups, staxed with regi and adjusted in photoshop, stitched with ICE. thanks for looking, clear skys ,charl. wide. closer. mosaic. close ups
  22. cracking seeing tonight before the cloud arrived so i set the big frac up and got myself a set of frames with the 1200d and then got a few close ups with my asi120mc. hope you all have clear skys . charl. this is as wide as i can get with the ar127l ,72 frames staxed with regi. a lazy one. cu1. cu2. cu3. cu4. cu5. this is a strange crater i havnt notice before, its a triangle of sorts, it dont look natural, straight lines isnt common on the moon.
  23. qwick moon from tonight, seeings not bad theres abit of thin cloud about, not long to the supermoon, lets hope we get super clear sky. kit AR127L, 1200D + 2xbarlow for the closer shots. thanks for looking, clear skys , charl. wide. closer. even closer.
  24. another qwick moon frame. kit AR127l, 1200d. hope I get a clear night soon, it would be nice to have a few to stax. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl. wide. crop 1. crop 2.
  25. another qwick one, loads of clouds here with very few gaps. seeings fair, its fazing a bit. kit AR127L, 1200d, heq5. 28 frames staxed with regi. thanks for looking, clear skys, charl. mono.
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