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  1. ahhhh, you were quicker than me:)) Looks like it, sliding dewshield, simple design(no tube rings etc).
  2. Everything helps;) I've also seen a thread posted recently about the undercuts on eyepieces and I think I will probably give some electrical tape a go. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I've only tried it once where I was testing the focus with the diagonal so can't quite commend on the quality of it but I will post when I've tried it out properly.
  4. Thinking about it, I could do both an imaging an visual "section"... Thanks for your suggestion;)
  5. I've recently begun takning programming classes in c# which has had me working on a small project for the last week or so. This is very basic and it's mostly made as a project I could learn from but I ended up feeling like it could actually be somewhat useful. I'm excited to see what more I can program since I've only had programming lessons in a little under a month now and I still have the rest of the year to go. I attached the program so you can give it a go. I don't expect you to say "wow" but I just want to share my work and my first "real" program I've written myself:) If you have any ideas on what I should add I'd be happy to do so(if it isn't too difficult). Astronomy calculator.exe Clear skies! Victor
  6. Thank you very much! The reason I am looking to buy it is because of the locking mechanism. My ES 82 degree oculars all have an undercut to them and I can't lock them completely tight(without mentioning how much turning I have to do after). I could look into other clicklock options that have a shorter lightpath.
  7. @iPeace I'm looking to buy these parts for my diagonal but I already have a nosepiece that screws into my M42 thread. Would the reducer thread allow this??? I assume it accepts both because of the (Incl. T-2 threads). And, would any other 2" to 1.25" adapter work with it?? I ask this because I need a shot light path otherwise it won't reach focus so a low profile 2"-1.25" adapter would be ideal. How far is the optical length of the entire reducer?? Victor
  8. Thank you very much! It measures 42mm so I will buy second one:)
  9. The AMD chips are also a lot better at multicore work I only chose the intel because of its gaming capabilities. Sounds like a really nice system!!
  10. I'm purchasing an adapter for my camera to be mounted to my skywatcher 72 that supports filters. I'm looking at the following two but I don't know whether my current T-ring(or whatever it is) is an M42 type or M48. https://www.astroshop.eu/extension-tubes/omegon-extension-tube-nosepiece-2r-ver-2-m48-to-2r-/p,21988 https://www.astroshop.eu/extension-tubes/omegon-extension-tube-nosepiece-2r-ver-1-m42-to-2r-/p,21987#tab_bar_0_select Here are some pictures of the "t-ring": Thank you in advance! Victor
  11. I look forward to receive more(hopefully also larger ones) in the future...
  12. A little update on the scope. I have since the last post had the opportunity to use it a little more both for observing and imaging. Observing double stars and the planets has been a real pleasure although I feel Saturn looks a lot better than Jupiter. Saturn shows some slight banding on the planet itself and the Cassini division is visible at 90X with my 4.7mm eyepiece. Jupiter shows the two main bands and some features within them. Keep in mind the planet season from Denmark has been really bad since the planets don't rise that high on the horizon. I will post an update in a decade when they're up higher. Stars show small airy disks and I've easily split the double in Andromeda(Almach) at 90X. I've used the scope on my star adventurer when I've been imaging and this works really well. I can get 90sec exposures if I spend some time on polar alignment and from my bortle 7-8 skies I've taken the following images which are both around 30minutes total exposure: I've cropped the images a bit since I don't have the field flattener for it which I will probably get at some point. Today I received the Takahashi diagonal which I'm really excited to try out as soon as time and weather permits:) I will continue to update this thread with new experiences and reviews of the scope and diagonal. Victor
  13. Today I had a takahashi box delivered:)))) Although it might not be what some of you expected here it is: I'd purchased it together with the skywatcher 72 I ordered a month ago and I finally got it today. Build-quality seems to be high but I do miss some included caps for the precious prism inside(I will order some immediately)... The forecast doesn't look good for the next week or so unfortunately. @upahill nice PC you got going there! Is you graphics card the 2060? I have the 2070 in mine and I mostly built my computer towards gaming while also being able to do some 3d-modeling like you say and some video editing. I also have an I5-9600K which I can easily overclock to 5ghz but I left it at 4.7ghz since the temperature at this clock speed is a little more comfortable. If you need some help feel free to ask(I see you have almost everything set so there might not be any). And by the way! Here's a pic of mine:
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