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  1. Wow! Saturn is still too low in the sky here in Denmark, so I'll have to wait 5-10 years to get better observations of the ringed planet. Very nice picture! Victor Boesen.
  2. Imaging with the 130pds

    Looking very nice Galen! Seems like you and your new equipment is getting along very well! I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only youngster in this boat😂😜
  3. New post on my website!

    Thank you all three of you!
  4. milky way at 50mm (Cygnus area)

    Thank you very much! And yes! even with the 18-135mm at 135mm you should get pin-point stars with good polar alignment. You could even get 3min. With your 50mm lens you could get 5min. Balancing and good polar aligment is key to good tracking (but also a good tripod). Good luck with your new star adventurer! let it surprise you:-)
  5. New post on my website!

    I already did, but it was a while ago. I didn't want to make my post on the website if I got another clear night, so my post on here is about one and a half weeks ago. But thank you for your feedback. That is what keeps me going!
  6. New post on my website!

    I have just made a new post on my website which includes my first image at a dark sky with my star adventurer. I hope that you enjoy it! Feedback is appreciated! Clear skies!
  7. New first scope

    1+ for the dob! You can get the goto version, or get one without goto, and go for the bigger aperture.
  8. First Widefield

    That looks very nice! This makes me want to make a mosaic of the Milky Way!
  9. Beginner Scope

    1+ for the 200mm dob
  10. milky way at 50mm (Cygnus area)

    What a coincidence! Right now I am actually on a vacation at the west coast of Sjælland, from here the milky way is easily visible, and the cygnus region, really lights up on the sky.
  11. milky way at 50mm (Cygnus area)

    With a modded camera under dark skies, you should be able to get even better results!!
  12. m20 sagittarius

    Very nice and sharp detail in the red nebulosity!
  13. milky way at 50mm (Cygnus area)

    Thank you very much!