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Victor Boesen

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  1. Victor Boesen

    My first telescope...

    Feel free to! If you want to start with the planets, then I would highly recommend the same as linked in the post above by @happy-kat. And buy from FLO because I've also been buying from them for a couple of years now, and they're always nice and delivery is quick and easy.
  2. Victor Boesen

    10 inch dob stopped down to 2 inch - Details on Mars!!

    Thanks for the advice! I will try this.
  3. Victor Boesen

    10 inch dob stopped down to 2 inch - Details on Mars!!

    haven't actually tried it on the moon yet. Maybe I should try tonight if it's clear again. Sorry to hear about the planets.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I was out after a long time and I tried observing double stars with my dob. I found that using the "aperture mask" built into the dust-cap really made it easier to separate most of the stars. Two nights ago I was out observing Mars(probably the last time this "Mars-season") and it was almost like observing a ball of fire. I wasn't surprised that I could see any details, because I observe from a balcony in the middle of one of Denmark's biggest cities. I then tried to put on the aperture mask, and I could now see the icecap at times and a couple of times, I could just about see some dark features, which skysafari later confirmed. What I'm trying to say is, that I'm really surprised with the difference and I want to hear your opinion on using aperture masks instead of using a smaller aperture high quality refractor or mak. Victor
  5. Victor Boesen

    My first telescope...

    Welcome to the forum! Where do you live in Denmark? Me myself live in Frederiksberg probably one of the worst places to live light-pollution wise.... As for the telescope you want to buy. Do you have a budget or a max? I maybe think you (just like I was myself) are a little ambitious with what you want from a telescope. Each type of telescope has its own strengths and the difficult part of this is choosing the one, which has the most strengths that you want. I highly recommend for you to read this article which discusses the different types of telescopes, and which one to chose. http://scopeviews.co.uk/Beginners Choosing Article.htm Feel free to ask more questions, and I will answer as fast as possible! Victor
  6. Thanks for sharing! Do you think the same results could be achieved with a star adventurer, a dslr and a small refractor? I would really want to try this. victor
  7. Victor Boesen

    Large moon mosaic. 100 megapixel

    woooow!! Really worth taking a look at the full version!
  8. Victor Boesen

    finally a night out after 2 months!

    Thank YOU for reading. The whether here in Denmark is very much the same, clear at times, but mostly cloudy in the night time...
  9. I just posted a new post on my website about my night out this evening where I got to see the most beautiful meteor trail. https://myastronomyjourney.wordpress.com/ I hope you want to take a look a it and if not, then it's totally fine with me:-) Clear skies! Victor
  10. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    Thanks for sharing the link! does match with your name:-))
  11. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    I have some of the eyepieces in the ES 82 degree series and they work great in my f/5 dob, so I guess it wouldn't be a huge problem?
  12. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    Thank you very much for the great idea!
  13. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    Thank you very much! what telescope is it??
  14. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    Thank you for the recommendations! I will look a little more into the three scopes.
  15. Victor Boesen

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    It's very tempting:-)) Do you have any recommendations that I could mount on my photo-tripod?

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