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  1. You will definitely be able to do so;) But if you are like any other getting into astrophotography you'll will quickly want to capture images that are better than half as good, and the star adventurer doesn't limit you to do so. I haven't taken full advantage of my setup yet so result way better than the ones I get is not impossible in any way.
  2. Yes I think you'd be fine starting with your suggested tripod. I'm actually using the Nikon D3300 the camera one year older than yours so your camera should be fine since I've been using mine for over three(maybe even four I don't remember haha) years. These are some pictures taken from home at a Bortle 7-8 location without a light pollution filter. The Bortle scale is a scale tha goes from 1-9 where 9 is the worst(I live in copenhagen, the capital of Denmark): And these are taken from my granparents' Bortle 4 location with the OVL field flattener. Keep in mind the orion nebula is only 2 mins of exposure in total since I had some weather problems... I'm visiting them next week so I hope the weather allows me to improve on my current result: I don't use a finderscope at the moment and I don't actually find it useful since I've been doing astronomy for 5 years now and I've learned where most things are located on the sky. And by the way I also don't do guiding and I don't have any intentions to do so since I like the portability and ease of setup with the star adventurer. Hope I answered your question;) Victor
  3. I currently use that scope with a star adventurer and I use it on a manfrotto xpro 055 with none of the legs extended. I've found that in windy conditions it mostly depends on the tripod and not so much on the star adventurer. I previously used the star adventurer and DSLR on a Velbon videomate 638 and I saw a huge improvement when upgrading. The star adventurer is a very capable mount especially when mounted on a proper tripod with proper polar alignment;) EDIT: I noticed you added the skywatcher 0.85X FF. I got the OVL field flattener instead and saw great performance, compared to using the scope without any FF, for under half the price:) EDIT number 2: Welcome to the forum!!! Feel free to ask me more questions regarding the setup since I've used it for over 6 months now and don't regret buying the evostar 72! Victor
  4. Thank you! You should get really good results even without a scope. Here's one I took with a 50mm prime lense:
  5. I assume that means the star's temperature is slowly falling?? Since the emitted energy has shifted towards the infrared spectrum instead of the blue??
  6. The weather has unfortunately been very bad and my time has been limited since I started in school again monday so I have yet to try out my star adventurer and try to fix the problem. I will definitely return with a post as soon as I have anything to share:)
  7. Thank you very much! I appreciate all the nice comments on here:)
  8. I've already posted on my website but I figured I'd create a video as well since I thought I had enough to share:) I hope you enjoy the video! I have a couple of videos planned in the future of which one of them will be a review of my Evostar 72ED since I now feel like I have enough experience with it to comment on its pros and cons. I also want to do a video on my astrophotography workflow from capturing the raw subs to processing the final image. Clear skies! Victor
  9. Thank you @joe aguiar, @Davey-T and @Pompey Monkey!! I will be more cautious with my DEC axis balance and maybe get a battery pack in the future. Victor
  10. Because of issues with my star adventurer mount I was only able to get two subs of 75s ISO 800 each so noise is a major problem in the image although the low amount of light pollution at my grandma and grandpa's house proved itself great again and I'm quite satisfied with the image anyways. I'm excited to revisit this target, hopefully at my grandma and grandpa's, again before it's too late. And happy new year to everyone!! I hope the next decade will bring even more clear nights! Victor
  11. That's exactly what I've also concluded so far... I hope I can solve the problem either by letting the gears run a little or by dealing with the balancing issues.
  12. I could try this. Thank you for giving every sort of possible advice to help!
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