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  1. You should give it a go! I captured it with my 50mm lens with only 75 6sec lights. It is in the top right corner.
  2. I have tried this before, but the stars got too purple, and it was just a pain in the ass to correct in lightroom. But thanks for your nice words Steve, it means a lot to me!! And I wish you dark and clear skies as well!
  3. As I mentioned in my other post in this part of the forum, I have been at my grandma and grandpas this easter. They live in a small town where there is not much light pollution. I was lucky to get two nights of clear skies, and I ended up with two nice pictures. One of m51 and m101, and one of m81 and m82. Both pictures is 6sec, iso 800, f/3.2 and the first is 75 lights and no correction frames. Second is about 120 lights and no correction frames. Any advice appreciated! Clear skies! Victor Boesen
  4. Thanks, appreciate it alot!
  5. So I am currently at my grandma and grandpas, and they live in an area where the milky way is clearly visible at moonless nights. I took advantage of this the other day as the sky was clear, so I get my telescope, binocular and camera outside at dusk. My main goal was to try out my 50mm f/1.8 lens for the first time under darks skies, but i also wanted to try out my bins(naturesport 10X50 wa). I shot a couple of test frames all over the sky to check out what I should focus on. As I took a frame of the handle of the big dipper, I tried zooming in at the area where i knew m51 would be placed. Even tho I didn't expect anything as the moon was full, I noticed a slight glow from the galaxy. This made me really excited as I wasn't expecting to capture it with a 50mm lens. I checked the area where m101 was located, and wow! I could also see this galaxy! Because of all of this, I continued shooting frames at this target, so in the end, I had 75 frames of 6 seconds each, f/3.2 and iso 800 taken with a nikon d3300. processed in deep sky stacker and adobe lightroom cc 2017. Any feedback is appreciated! clear skies! Victor Boesen
  6. since I got my 50mm f/1.8 I have taken some pictures that I really enjoy. most of them are 6sec exposure since I don't have a star adventure.
  7. Do you want to do visual?
  8. almost looks like it was a 3d picture!! very nice detail. You have certainly done it again!!
  9. Probably a geostationary satellite. Geostationary satellites appear as stationary dots in the sky since the follow the earths rotation, and since you follow the stars that move in the sky, the satellites will appear as lines.
  10. Wow, very nice capture! amazing what you can get with a 50mm lens.
  11. probably mercury since venus is now almost in a straight line with the sun.
  12. pinwheel but very nice picture!!
  13. Thank you all for your respons! I think that I will get the one from FLO, because i want to support the creators of this site:-) Victor Boesen
  14. Ok, so i've had my bins since christmas, and since I got a tripod for christmas as well, I want to put my bins on my tripod to make viewing more pleasing. I have sort of searched around the internet to find an adapter that fits both min bins and my tripod. Btw, my tripod is called velbon videomate 638. I hope that some of you have had the same problem as me, and that you can help me! Victor Boesen
  15. I agree on that.