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  1. Thank you:)) I enjoy it very much! I'm apart of a community of radio enthusiasts who receive all sorts of satellites in wide variety of frequencies. A couple months ago we started exploring the possibility of receiving Proba 1 & 2(which is the one I received here). Since then software has been developed to demodulate and decode the signal to get images from them. A lot of this hobby is built upon amateurs across the world and reverse engineering signal modulation because of poor documentation. I also regularly receive weather images and do hydrogen line observing with my own s
  2. I've only seen this target once under bortle 4 skies with my Helios Apollo binoculars. It looked like a faint ring of smoke around the main stars. I actually did a report on it: It's a difficult target, but I think its surface brightness really benefits from dark skies, low magnification view and a large exit pupil. Adding the UHC and OIII filter to the binoculars also made the difference from not visible at all to quite obvious.
  3. I briefly talked to the creater of the decoding & demodulating software and he's also aware that this is possible. He'll probably implement it at some point:))
  4. Thank you both of you!! It seems like this won't be the last one I share on here then:) Didn't know what to expect since it isn't me directly capturing the image. The only problem with this that I can think of is that the sun isn't centered in the exact same spot in all images, and that the roll of the satellite changes in some images. This would make it harder to do FPN I guess? The sun could be centered and rotated with OpenCV, but then the noise wouldn't be fixed.
  5. Thanks ZiHao:) It seems that people actually like these so will most likely share some more at some point:) Indeed! There's so much you don't know about just because you can't see it. It's a whole new world in many ways.
  6. Thank you I received a total of 16 images in a single pass and the pattern seems to be fixed so it's definitely not a bad idea!! Talk about an astrophotography and radio knowledge collab
  7. Definitely!! It's quite interesting how different the sun looks depending on the wavelength.
  8. Ahh sorry Craig, didn't notice the edit:) It captures the sun at 17.4nm so far lower than the usual UV many people think of. Here's a little read about the mission in case you or others fancy giving it a read: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/proba-2/swap
  9. Thank you Craig! I really appreciate your support on Twitter as well
  10. I don't know if this would be considered as cheating on another level, but here I go:) Since I also have an interest in weather satellites and radio astronomy I regularly receive weather images from Russian, European, Chinese and American weather satellites. Some time ago I became aware of a European satellite imaging the sun in extreme ultraviolet and dumping the images when in range of Belgium (location of headquarters). This is all done at a frequency of 2235MHz and can be received with moderate equipment. Here is my first image received from the Proba 2 satellite The noise i
  11. I wouldn't want to exclude perhaps using an EQ mount at some point so I'd rather not remove it entirely. Removing the pin would still not make the star adventurer wedge fit inside the slot of the tripod since its diameter is too large for the tripod.
  12. After almost three months of waiting for my AZ4 tripod originally purchased for my, at that time, new Tecnosky 102 f/7 telescope, I received it about a week ago. I wanted to try and mount the star adventurer on the tripod but didn't manage to do so because the wedge doesn't fit inside the slot of the tripod. The "pin" on the mount also seems to be in the way. Photo not mine, but it shows the pin where the star adventurer wedge should go. Is there a spacer available or any other way of mounting the star adventurer to this tripod? Thanks in advance! Victor
  13. I certainly agree with this!! I have to know though... was the pun intended?
  14. How does the AZ-GTi handle the scope? I could imagine it's on the heavy side.
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