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  1. Zodiacal light

    That is beautiful! I wish I could see that every night!
  2. Sketching template

    Thank you!
  3. Sketching template

    Thank you N3ptune! I'll take your advice in consideration next time. Your sketches are really amazing and they inspired me to start sketching myself. clear skies!
  4. Hello.......again!

    Welcome back! Must be fun to look through a telescope again after such a long time!
  5. Says it's a refractor. Must be a refractor covered in a large tube making it look like a newt. What should we call it??
  6. Sketching template

    I don't draw very well but instead of imaging I think this could be a fun journey. I have also heard that it helps pick up detail in objects.
  7. M13 & M92 first ever sketches

    That was excactly how m92 looked in my scope the other night!
  8. Sketching template

    Since I have planned to start sketching I thought a fun start could be to create my own template. I think it came out very nice, and I really like the simplicity of it. Feel free to download it and use it yourself! Skecthing template.docx Skecthing template.pdf I have included both a pdf version and the word file. Clear skies!
  9. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    That's what I thought. I have looked at the 2" skywatcher di-electric diagonal, and that will probably be replacing the 45 degree diagonal if I go ahead and buy the startravel. I will probably wait until christmas if I do. I think the scope will do amazing with my 24mm 82 degree eyepiece!!
  10. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Looks nice! The only thing bothering me is that the OTA is sold with a (from what I have read) poor 45 degree 1,25" diagonal. The finder should not be a problem to replace because I should just be able to take the finder from my dob and mount it on the startravel, shoud I not?? in my case I would mount the startravel on a photographic mount with a tough ball head to have an ultra travel friendly setup.
  11. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Thank you very much! I am really starting to enjoy globular clusters:-)
  12. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Thanks! I will.
  13. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Well that's weird
  14. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    Thanks stu! As you mentioned yourself I will need darker skies to get the propeller. The light pollution is pretty bad where I live. I have been thinking of investing in a UHC and an OIII to improve nebula, so thank you for your advice!
  15. Planetary nebula and glubular clusters

    The targets I saw last night are pretty much the only targets I can observe from my terrace at this moment.. thats why I am desperate to try my scope at my grandparents house where there is a lot my sky available. I am also thinking about getting a smal travel scope at some point. Then I would be able to bring a telescope with me when I am going to a dark sky. I am looking at the startravel 102, and I just noticed that it might be what you have in your profile picture?