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Victor Boesen

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    Astronomy, icehockey and gymnastics.
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    Frederiksberg, Denmark
  1. Victor Boesen

    TMB Optical APM 105/f6.2 LZOS APO

    It's a little risky because if I get pulled aside going through security I'll have to pay duties off it, but this has never happened to me before on any of my trips including the three previous times to the states.
  2. Victor Boesen

    TMB Optical APM 105/f6.2 LZOS APO

    They do, but in the US they're 400£ cheaper...
  3. Victor Boesen

    TMB Optical APM 105/f6.2 LZOS APO

    @dannybgoode You're right! Thank you, but instead you made my decide to visit the US next autumn to buy a Televue 85!!! Should be cheaper in the long run....(if you don't account for the tickets and the stay)
  4. Victor Boesen

    TMB Optical APM 105/f6.2 LZOS APO

    Congrats!!! You know we'll all be expecting a first light as soon as the month long cloud coverage included with the purchase will start fading away:-))
  5. Victor Boesen

    SW ED's Top end?

    But then, what's cheaper? Moving to Texas or buying a small but high quality frac? I do agree with you point and sometimes I really wish my 10" dob would deliver the same sharp image every night as it did one perfect night on Saturn this summer. This topic really catches my interest since a small ED/APO frac could be able to deliver a more stable view than the dob can in the worst conditions. Victor
  6. Nice! Was it the one from rothervalley optics?
  7. Victor Boesen

    Quick Orion Nebula

    If that's a quicky I'd love to see a "not as quick" result!!!
  8. Victor Boesen

    Is FLO Safe?

    I live in Denmark and my 10" dob arrived without any dents or chips in the paint. I wouldn't worry at all!
  9. Victor Boesen

    Orion at 55mm

    The Bernard's loop is also there, great image!
  10. Victor Boesen

    TeleVue 85 f/7 vs Takahashi FC-76DCU

    Good news @GavStar!!! I'll probably be going to the states this autumn and by this I mean New York. B&H photo seems to have the TV85 on their website a lot cheaper(1525£) which means I'll have something to look forward to:-)) I just had to let you know Victor
  11. Wow! Very nice looking surroundings!
  12. It was indeed! The Helios Apollo 15X70 is really a keeper
  13. Its really a nice looking refractor and its size is still very manageable. I am considering the FCD-100 type for a nice compact refractor for traveling also because of its 2" focuser capability which would give me absuper wide field with my 24mm 82 degree.
  14. Thank you very much! The fact that I know it was a comet is what makes my happy:-)
  15. Sounds like a nice first light! Is it the version with the "FCD-100" type glass?

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