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  1. Widefield of M51a and M51b (NGC 5194)

    Very nice capture! You caught some faint neighbors as well:-)
  2. Well.... +viewing from a terrace=great observing conditions
  3. It might be, but it would hawe to be a 2" Barlow, because a 1,25" won't do the job. I have a 1,25" Barlow and I can't seem to reach focus no matter what I do.
  4. I use almost this exact setup for my live view voice overs and solar system videos. It works ok, but the focal length is just a little too short to get any surface detail on Jupiter and examine smaller craters on the moon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYSfXUcdonwWX9atnbGzb1Q
  5. If you use stellarium then you can check when the object crosses the meridian. (I don't know why the window is half transparent....)
  6. Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    Yes it did!
  7. There it was I hadn't seen it before I commented on youtube.
  8. Binoviewer adventures.

    Great write-up! I have yet to try the joy of binoviewers, but I have heard many good things about them and this certainly sounds like one! I saw a video on youtube once where a guy put glasses of some sort on one of the eyepieces and it made it even more 3d-like. I'll see if I can dig it up. Found it! Skip to 2:35 and 3:25 (only if you want to miss out on some serious telescope footage!!) Not that I want you to spend even more money, but I think I would make a good seller Clear skies!
  9. Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    Well, I have just been out with my scope, and I had a look at the moon now and then and it was really interesting how new features and detail comes to live as time passes. One object that struck my eye was this almost "man-made" looking object almost looking like the mathematical "phi" aka the golden number (look it up if you have time, cause this actually also relates to spiral galaxies;-) The feature can be seen in the bottom half of the screen, and it was a lot sharper in person. As a teaser to the "golden number" subject;-) Clear skies!
  10. Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    @Stu I can't seem to find the MoonMap Pro?? only the moon phase photo maps app is shown.
  11. Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    Will have a go at downloading this. Seems like just what I was looking for! Thank you, and the two others who have also recommended some great maps!
  12. As the title says I am looking for a detailed moon map for my computer or smartphone. I would really like to be able to study small craters as well as the larger more known craters, and that is why I am asking for recommendations. clear skies!
  13. Bode's and a cigar...

    The IFN is indeed visible. Great capture!
  14. Wow very interesting!! I can't comment on what it is but it looks very bright.