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  1. Not sure about others, but to me it seems like the 2mm spacing looks sharper Especially around the sunspot and on the bright part of the disk.
  2. As stated in the title, I'm currently looking into a step-up solution from my TS AZT6 mount which I've used for a couple of years now mostly with my Evostar 72ED on my photo tripod. It's a very light weight and capable setup and I've not had the need to use any counterweights for comfortable use. However, I purchased a 4" APO about 7 months ago which I've been using on the same mounting solution and it's just past the limit of the AZT6's capabilites in my opinion. Works fine for low power observing with slight to no wind around, but it's struggling in windy conditions and at high magnification
  3. What about something like a telescope handle specialist? Would suit you and @johninderby perfectly After all you've become quite good at handling.... many professional telescope-carrying solutions.
  4. Highly useful information once again Joe! Thanks a lot for your advice and luck for my graduation
  5. When will the fourth one come up then? Could surely fit a magnesium quark setup somewhere in there Focusing each scope will start to be a pain though. Now that I look at it I definitely see what you mean I will, however, have to disappoint you and confess that I have yet to go against gravity. There is a slight curb/edge which it's standing on;)
  6. Wow thanks Joe! Very kind words I wish I had more time to put some effort into keeping my website and youtube channel up to date. The list of todo/to post on both platforms keeps getting longer, but I will not be able to do much about it until the summer holidays after I've graduated in a couple of weeks! Back to topic: It sounds like the az gti would suit my needs great. I've never used a goto mount before, my star adventure being the only motorized mount I've tried, and always managed to get around with manual tracking. Although having a travel-capable goto/tracking mount for my Evostar
  7. Here in Denmark the weather was perfectly clear for first contact but quickly got cloudy about 30-40 minutes into the eclipse. A great experience nonetheless and we were able to have some peeks at the eclipse through the high cloud layer. I brought my quark and two refractors. Being the only H-alpha telescope/setup it certainly caught some interest compared to the regular white light view. Many people were amazed with the fine filaments on the disk and the large prominence on the south-eastern part of the disk. My setup is the one on the right Being my first solar eclipse I hav
  8. I somehow stumbled upon this thread again and would like to update my daytime setup:) I received a daystar quark chromosphere in the start of May and been enjoying it a lot! It's compact, easy to use and it seems I've received a great unit. Above is my Tecnosky 102 F7 apo refractor with the quark. Works great for teasing out details in prominences and active regions. Yesterday I'm confident I was also able to observe a small filaprom. The photo was taken today at the partial solar eclipse, my first solar eclipse Next up is my Evostar 72 and the quark, this time on a photo
  9. Looks great! How do you like the az gti for solar tracking? I'm tempted by the solar quest and its simplicity but would rather get the az gti for night time use as well. I've read that one star alignment on the sun or north and level alignment should work fine?
  10. Be aware that it may just barely fit if you're using the collar and lens with a DSLR. With my Nikon D3300 I need to turn the camera body a certain way to fit the collar under the camera flash housing.
  11. The 40mm is great with both of my scope. It's a little counter intuitive to think a "cheap" plössl is better than my 82degree explore scientific, but I suspect it's because the large exit pupil, lower magnification and overall higher contrast. It also has an adjustable eye guard so no matter the eye relief I can always adjust it to the perfect distance. Could see myself getting the 32mm as well at some point in the future or just a regular 25mm TS optics super plössl.
  12. Exceptionally sharp and detailed Well done!
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