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  1. very excited to see some pictures from your newly acquired setup! Good luck in astrophotography!
  2. Thank you Rune, and yes I will add some images as I get to use the mount.
  3. It was an adapter in the motor module itself. It was an adapter that made the thread smaller.
  4. yesterday I finally got my star adventurer, so I have made this post on my blog about my thoughts on the mount. Feedback appreciated! Victor Boesen
  5. Very nice report! sometimes it really is worth it to get out of bed in the middle of the night!
  6. The red spot looked very nice in the beginning of the night, but when Jupiter wandered towards the horizon the views were much less clear.
  7. exactly! I get very excited each time I have the opportunity to get out with my scope.
  8. Because of a lot of homework, tests in school and cloudy weather I have not had the opportunity to observe for a long time. However tonight I finally have time and the weather to get some views of Jupiter again. I will keep you updated on views, and what it looked like!
  9. what was the problem?
  10. Planets: If the seeing is poor, then I normally use my 10 inch dob at 130x (with my 8,8mm). If the seeing is very good and my 8,8mm easily shows detail, then I use my 4,7mm which gives me 255x. I normally don't use the 4,7mm, but I did this saturday, when the conditions was very good. DSO's: I don't have any rules when observing dso's. I normally just use the mag that fits the object best. The moon: The moon can take a bit more mag than the planets(in my opinion). Sometimes when my 4,7mm doesn't work on the planets, I can still use it to get clear views of the moon.
  11. Very nice first try!
  12. I had the same "problem". I could only make out Io.
  13. I had an appointment at the doctor at 9 am, so I could sleep to 8:15 am, where as I normally have to get up at 7 am.
  14. I got to see it, but in poor to average seeing. The shadow from Io was clearer than europas shadow, and the red spot was clearly visible right above (using a dobsonian telescope) the two shadows. It was very nice to see!
  15. Sadly I have school tomorrow...