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  1. AMD Ryzen CPU's are generally considered to be the best for the price when it comes to video rendering and photo editing while intel is best for gamin. I would recommend an AMD ryzen 5 2600X or the 2700 if money can stretch. As for memory 8gb 3000mhz will do a good job while 16gb would of course be better if it's also 2400mhz or faster. I hope it helps feel free to ask any further questions:-) Victor
  2. Thank you very much! Yes I'm aware of the ending and it actually bothers me a little that I couldn't make it longer but I hope as soon as I have a little more time from school that I can make some more of these videos covering other topics. Thank you:)
  3. As a part of a school project I made this short video about the history of black hole research, how the image was taken and what we can determine from the image. It's nothing fancy but I figured I wanted to upload it anyway since I haven't been active on my channel and website for quite some time now. Remember to put english subtitles on(except if you're danish of course:-)) I hope you found it little entertaining but feel free to send some criticism so I know what to change next time, cause I actually really enjoy making these types of videos so it's probably not going to be the last one tat I make:) Clear skies, Victor
  4. Thank you very much!!!
  5. Hahah thank you very much! I never know if I can trust the translator on these types of word:-))
  6. Thank you very much! Yes, the ten inches of aperture really helps
  7. So I caught myself in not knowing when I last had out the scope so I went over to look at my sketches and it suddenly hit me. I haven't even posted them on here That's when I decided that I wanted to share it but not only here. Also for other people who stumbles across one of my videos on youtube, so I published a new page on my website with all my sketches. I hope you like it but keep in mind that they were all done with nothing more than a pencil and and eraser. https://myastronomyjourney.wordpress.com/my-astronomy-sketches/
  8. It's a little risky because if I get pulled aside going through security I'll have to pay duties off it, but this has never happened to me before on any of my trips including the three previous times to the states.
  9. @dannybgoode You're right! Thank you, but instead you made my decide to visit the US next autumn to buy a Televue 85!!! Should be cheaper in the long run....(if you don't account for the tickets and the stay)
  10. Congrats!!! You know we'll all be expecting a first light as soon as the month long cloud coverage included with the purchase will start fading away:-))
  11. But then, what's cheaper? Moving to Texas or buying a small but high quality frac? I do agree with you point and sometimes I really wish my 10" dob would deliver the same sharp image every night as it did one perfect night on Saturn this summer. This topic really catches my interest since a small ED/APO frac could be able to deliver a more stable view than the dob can in the worst conditions. Victor
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