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  1. The white could be because of light pollution. Is there a lot of lightpollution where you live?
  2. Light Pollution - can you help??

    Not only is it a shame for us stargazers, it's also a bad thing for animals because they aren't used to it being bright at night, therefor they live in forrests and other places without much light instead of in the cities where it's bright at night as well
  3. The bst explorer eyepieces are great eyepieces for their value, and many members of this forum would recommend them, so I wouldn't either. As for widefield eyepiece, then skywatcher make some good budget ones such as the SWA 70 degree and explorer scientific also have a great set of eyepieces, and if you want some eyepieces that will also be your best friend in 10-20 years then I would recommend the 68 degree version, or the newer version of the 68 degree, the 82 degree eyepieces which is also more expansive. I hope that you'll find what you're looking for, and I am sure som other members on here will help you out as well. Clear skies! Victor
  4. Is this worth the purchase??

    Thank you for your advice. I have been very skeptical about purchasing one of the vintag lenses from ebay, but when I saw one being sold close to where I live, I had to check up with this forum first, and it was IMO a good choice. Thank you.
  5. First of all, I don't know whether this is the right place for this but if not then if a mod could please move it then I would be happy. Cut to the case!! On a Danish website where you sell stuff you don't use anymore I found this Tokina lens which certainly caught my attention. It's a 100-300mm f/5 called "Tokina, RMC Tokina Macro Focus Zoom and it's being sold for 110£. It looks like it is in very good shape and the seller says this as well. The photos of it look really nice, and so does the photos taken with it. The seller says that it can be used on many mirrorless cameras such as nikon (I have a nikon d3300) without an adapter. Would I be able to use it with the D3300 without one as well? If anyone can give me some advice for this it would be great, but just bear in mind that I will be getting the samyang 135mm f/2 later in 2018. If you don't think it is worth getting for christmas then please let me know:-) Clear skies! Victor
  6. Tripod for SA

    I just bought it from a trip to canada, and I must say, that the tripod is a sturdy beast, and I have not regretted buying it. It handles my SA setup easily.
  7. Night vision binoculars/monoculars

    I saw a guy on here recently who used a nightvision monocular. I'll try to find the post...
  8. The Andromeda Galaxy

    Great sketch!!
  9. Processing before stacking

    I always correct the white balance and gradients before stacking.
  10. M42 Orion Nebula

    I like it too. Good idea with putting something in front of the objective
  11. M42 Orion Nebula

    What a beautiful image!! One thing that confuses me however is why there are diffraction spikes when you are using a refractor? Added in post-processing or something?
  12. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    I would get the regular star adventurer bundle.
  13. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Not mine. I am pretty impressed with the amount of color it picks up unmodded.
  14. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Shot with the star adventurer on a velbon videomate 638, nikon d3300, nikkor 50mm f/1.8 @ 3,5 and an intervalometer under a dark sky this summer. 29X2min subs with no calibration frames I really like the star adventurer and it is IMHO an excellent piece of kit. Clear skies! Victor