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Victor Boesen

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  1. Victor Boesen

    Noticed something familiar while playing KOTOR 2...

    I often see documentaries using images of the orion nebula and in some movies I have seen it too.
  2. This is pretty common since an unfocused image will always show the secondary mirror and the spidervanes. What I would do is to try and focus the image until the spidervanes goes away and you subject becomes sharp and in focus. I hope it helped, otherwise please feel free to ask again. John beat me....
  3. I will be at my summerhouse, where I can bring the scope down to the beach, so I am all set. Also for mars and the other planets same night. Lets hope the weather will be with us!
  4. yes we do;-) because of the orientation of my balcony from home, I really can't observe any of the planets at the moment, som I haven't really had the scope out for a really long time..
  5. As the title says, I have just posted a new post about noctilucent clouds on my website, where and when to observe them. I hope you will take a look;-) link to my website: https://myastronomyjourney.wordpress.com/ Clear skies
  6. As the title says, when will the dust storm on mars begin to set, so we can begin to see the surface details? Many people on here has been complaining about it, so I was wondering if this opposition will get ruined by the dust storm?
  7. Victor Boesen

    Stellarium 0.18.1

    Wow!! the stellarium web is soooo cool!!
  8. Victor Boesen

    Latest Meade Entry

    As long as you only use it for nighttime viewing then the darkness will take care of the rest.
  9. I don't know if this has been posted here already but right after the sun sets on the 27th of July, people in the north eastern parts of the world can observe a total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse lasting as long as this one won't happen again this decade. Hope you'll have clear skies!
  10. Victor Boesen

    My small frac beat my dob :-/

    Do you think a mak would perform like the frac in this case?
  11. Victor Boesen

    My small frac beat my dob :-/

    I also have the 250px, and it has provided me with beautiful views of Jupiter last year, planetary nebula and other night sky objects, and yet I have only observed with it from my bortle 8 skies which will hopefully change this summer. The only criticism I have is the size and weight of it. This is also why I mostly bring my helios 15X70 on my manfrotto when travelling to my grandparents' house(bortle 4)
  12. Victor Boesen

    My small frac beat my dob :-/

    ohh no, don't make me fall for a small apo again
  13. Victor Boesen

    First mars image!

    don't test me now;-))))
  14. Victor Boesen

    First mars image!

    Come on, really?? I just made this in powerpoint from a screenshot taken in stellarium. It's not to be mean, but please be honest when sharing photos and don't share these kinds of photos. They can be misleasing for some beginners and we don't want that.
  15. Victor Boesen

    First mars image!


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