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  1. Sorry Paul, only just seen your reply. Hope your Quark adventure is going well!
  2. Mixture of imaging and visual today. My first opportunity to image with the Quark attached to the Evostar but I also spent a lot of the session just experimenting with the config; barlows, aperture masks, quark settings, flats, etc. All the images below were taken with the aperture stopped down to 100mm and a 1.5x barlow in place. This seemed to give reasonable balance between contrast and focal length. Looks like I need to order a tilt adaptor to deal with the Newtons Rings, not unexpected. Ca-K is much simpler..... Nothing going on in WL today so rather than grab a full disk I just went for some granulation.
  3. Nice image John. If it's any consolation it's not just you she is hiding from!
  4. Early session today. After a few weeks break from Ca-K and WL whilst playing with the new Quark, I decided to get back to these today. Unfortunately by the time I got to H Alpha the seeing had gone off quite badly and I didn't manage to image anything. Nothing doing in white light but some detail on show in Ca-K including some nice proms.
  5. Dumb question of the day but how does stacking 2 filters with the same band pass result in a narrower overall band pass
  6. Great prom capture.
  7. Good result given the meteorological and physical obstacles.
  8. Sunny skies (between the clouds) today but very windy so limited to imaging with the Bresser. Managed to grab white light and Ca-K full disks as well as getting my first images with the the Quark. A monster prom visible in Ca-K, shame I couldn't get the Evostar on it as it would have been quite spectacular.
  9. Wow, awesome set Marty. You certainly made the most of the break in the weather.
  10. Just seen this on social media, thought it would be appreciated here.
  11. Thanks Pete. Lots of sunshine all week whilst at work but of course with it being the weekend now the weather has taken a dramatic turn for the worst and the rain is bashing down out there today! Fingers crossed for some time on sol tomorrow.
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