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  1. Good set Charl. Sunny here but I'm stuck @ work
  2. Love the Ca-K disks, nice new AR coming around too.
  3. Definitely something close to the new AR. Great catch Michael.
  4. Superb as always Michael
  5. Nice, some more interesting proms on show.
  6. Great set Charl. All clouds and very little sunshine here today. Looks like AR12663 has completely disappeared now then.
  7. Good catch Pete
  8. Great disks Michael.
  9. Early was definitely best today. Sometimes despite your better judgement, you just can't help having a go.
  10. This morning's early Ca-K data. Very little prom activity going on in Ca-K today so I focused on the AR's whilst they are still around. Forecast not too good for tomorrow.
  11. Nice work Michael.
  12. Up early to get some data before work today, can't let all this lovely weather go to waste! Ca-K data to process later and maybe some H Alpha if the skies remain clear.
  13. Another scorcher here today Charl. Grabbed some data before work this morning! Some really nice images there, well done.
  14. Cracking disks! Looks like the mono cam was a good investment.