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  1. Some cracking images, thanks for sharing.
  2. Nicely done, that's an excellent result given the poor seeing. I had hoped to get some imaging in today but turned out to be one of those days with too much to do and not enough hours to do it all 🙄
  3. Got up to mostly clear blue skies and bright sunshine so had to make the most of that. Just got setup in time for some cloud to arrive, fortunately it moved on fairly quickly. Just finished capturing all the data for 6 panes in 3 lights and more cloud arrived! Did manage a couple of close ups between the clouds before packing up as they gathered and thickened. Overcast and grey now so glad I got on when I did.
  4. The usual high standards Steve 🫡
  5. It is accurate to the best of my knowledge
  6. Big prom in the east (left side of the image) which could well be something about to poke its spotty head over the limb 😁
  7. The big group from last weekend may have moved on but the sun is still very busy, lots of spots / groups, filaments in hydrogen alpha as well as prominences in hydrogen alpha and calcium k.
  8. Tougher conditions today so imaging was a bit limited. Lots of cloud, occasionally a bit breezy and the seeing had moments 🙄. Anyway, persevered and managed to grab some white light / continuum shots. Spent some time visually with the Quark today (don't do that very often) which was interesting, watching the proms develop over the course of the afternoon. Quite surprised these came out as well as they did!
  9. Good job Steve, lots of clouds and rubbish seeing here today.
  10. 2 meteors, that's just greedy 🤣 Great combo of time-lapse and images, well done.
  11. Wow, the "Full Monty" today Steve, nice one!
  12. Nice shot. Was a close thing between Ca-K and white light for me but the white light view was quite spectacular.
  13. Blown away by the Aurora Borealis last night, fingers crossed we might get some more tonight 🙏

  14. Well spots and proms to be honest but the size of the prom in Ca-K Struggled with contrails and cloud this morning but made the best of it.
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