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  1. todays Prom action 17-10-17

    Nice set Charl. Some sunshine here today but I was at work the whole time
  2. Ophelia Sun From Brittany

    Yep, I made my Jeep all nice and shiny over the weekend too, DOH!
  3. I keep all the finished images but clear out the raw data when my hard drive starts to scream for mercy
  4. Sol HA proms 16-10-17 windy !

    Good set Charl. Tricky conditions to say the least.
  5. Great set and a cracking prom.
  6. Ophelia Sun

    Can't imagine the skies will be very transparent though with all that sand in the sky.
  7. Heated All Sky Camera Dome - ASI120MM Camera

    INteresting, love the laptop exhaust as a dew heater idea! What software do you use for capture?
  8. Getting to know the Lunt LS60

    Mark, appreciate the candid response. I am trying to resist the urge to upgrade my H Alpha setup but still considering options! If I have to spend £4000 to get quality images then the discussion will be academic anyway. Enjoy your new setup
  9. Getting to know the Lunt LS60

    Interesting write up Mark. Would you consider that the additional 10mm of aperture (at a premium of what must be £2000) is good value?
  10. The Sun 14 October 2017 White light

    Nice shot. I decided not to shoot white light today and go for calcium instead as there was more going on, not hard when the white light s this quiet!
  11. Sunny skies today but rather windy. Seems it was prom day on the sun today, below are the ones I managed to capture. And a couple of H Alphas to round off the set.
  12. IAS Show Discount Bargains.

    Think of this not as a complaint, more as an observation I was wandering around IAS this morning, checking out the discounts. Had a few items on my wish list and found a couple of them on show and available. One of them £339 discounted from £400+! Ooh, very nice I thought and went off to get a cuppa to mull it over. Whilst there I checked both items on FLO website and both are a few quid cheaper even without splashy discounts! I came home with my credit card un-damaged and will order from @FLO when the time is right.
  13. Not to be sniffed at. I've seen Mercury a handful of times over the years and imaged it even less! Might have something to do with my lack of desire to get out of bed early though
  14. sol todays prom action 10-10-17

    Very quiet at the moment. Good captures though. The usual grey stuff here today.
  15. Nice Prom 9-10-17 " pics added"

    Good catch Charl. Nothing but clouds here.