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  1. Quick session this morning before work. Not a lot to see to be fair, nothing doing in white light but a nice prom on show in Ca-K. I was quite surprised the full disk mosaic stitched as there is very little for Autostitch to work with really.
  2. Thanks. Yes, didn't expect anything this weekend other than maybe a bit of rain!
  3. Thanks Charl, was a surprise when I woke.
  4. Made an early start and found clear-ish skies, a bit hazy but much better than the last 2 days. Didn't expect much with all the active regions now on the far side but I was pleasantly surprised! White light was quiet as expected although the seeing was not bad at all and visually the granulation was quite impressive. I didn't do close ups with the ASI today as there were no AR's, just an FD via DSLR. Ca-K disk looked pretty quiet too Then I switched to look for proms and found a whole bunch of stuff going on. After reading a few articles / posts recently I had a play around with binning 2x today. This really helps capture proms with shorter exposure times and faster frame rates. The first 2 images below are at native 1000mm focal length, the last 2 using the 2.5x barlow.
  5. Crikey Dave, that Prom's one to be proud of, especially given the conditions. Well done.
  6. I use the Colours > Levels control and adjust the red, green and blue channels until I am happy with the results. Once you find something you are happy with you can save those settings so that you can reuse the same settings next time.
  7. Well done catching those. Conditions were tough here yesterday as well.
  8. Great image Ben. This prom looked faint and ill-defined in Ca-K, nothing like this!
  9. I picked up an ASI120MC-S at a good price recently, with the intention of doing a bit of planetary imaging when Jupiter gets to opposition in a few weeks. Did a first night-time test last night with a few shots of the Moon. Not the best night for it with some cirrus cloud in the way but had a go anyway. Never owned or used a colour camera before so took a bit of getting used to. Screwed to the T thread on the back of the Skymax 127 I took a few 2000 frames captures then stacked and sharpened them. Below is the best of the set.
  10. Another early start, rubbish conditions though. Still got a few shots in though.
  11. Good result from a quick session. Did well to get 3 lights!
  12. Good catch Ewan. Good to see you posting some images again
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