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David Smith

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  1. Prom Action Today 16-3-18

    One of these.
  2. Prom Action Today 16-3-18

    Managed a quick view in white light with my new continuum filter but it's clouded up again now. Some nice proms there Charl, well caught.
  3. First light Lunt LS50THA

    Nice one John. Fingers crossed for some better weather for you. At least you will have something to look at / see whilst white light is so quite over the next couple of years. A good investment.
  4. Sol 8-3-2018 Ha

    Great shot Steve.
  5. Proms HA 8-3-18

    Nice set Charl. Rain here this morning.
  6. To good to be true?

    Mountain bike = too much hard work for my liking
  7. Parker Solar Probe

    Love a good bandwagon....
  8. To good to be true?

    Good excuse to buy a 4x4
  9. "Minimum hope" for Solar Imagers? :D

    Will be my first solar minimum with the ability to see anything other than white light solar disk, so should be interesting this time round. In white light last solar minimum gave me something like 16 months of zero's on my spot count tracker I'm sure there were spots during that period but I did not see them.
  10. Nice Prom 6-3-17

    Nice one Charl. Horizon-to-horizon greyness here
  11. Sun HA 25.02.18

    Nice. Seeing was horrible here today, to the point where I didn't even bother trying to shoot any video today.
  12. That's true but they can only be used with refractors and the OP is using a Netwonian, hence was not been suggested.
  13. Sol 25-2-2018

    Nice disks. Guess you had better seeing than I did, mind you that wouldn't have been hard! Hope the vampire was good to you
  14. proms 25-2-18

    Good set Charl. Seeing was monumentally terrible here so I didn't even get the Ca-K rig out today.
  15. Yesterday's solar work. Didn't bother imaging in WL as there was nothing doing. A bit windy and the seeing had it's moments but not too bad overall.