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  1. Sol 15-12-2017 ha

    Great shot Steve.
  2. Geminids - heads up

    Many clear nights here recently but tipping down now.
  3. Doa! look what ive done

    At least it was just a cap! I've singed a few of those in my time.
  4. We're going back... it's official!

    Will believe it when I see it!
  5. The first line of defense

    Looks like a comprehensive job and you're braver than I dismantling your scope like that! Forgive my ignorance but with the lens encased in an opaque cell is the black paint really necessary? Does it help to minimise internal reflections within the lens itself? Thanks
  6. Sol 8-12-2017 Ha

    Good catch.
  7. todays lovely Proms 1-12-17

    Some nice prom pics there Charl, well caught.
  8. Sol 1-12-2017 ha

    Don't think I have ever seen an H Alpha disks so quiet.
  9. Sun Ha 1st Prom of December

    Wow, that's some impressive prom!
  10. Will USB1 do? (& how I nearly broke the mount)

    For a mount I can't imagine it being a problem. The volume of data back and forth must be pretty small.
  11. QHY5L-II Issue

    I had to replace the USB cable that came with my QHY5-II mono as the camera kept crashing sharpcap at one stage. Worked fine ever since.
  12. Nearly trifecta

    Quite a collection!
  13. Sun-25-11-17

    Nice one Dave, great prom.
  14. AR2689 in Ha November 25, 2017

    Good catch John. Always good to see these regions at different wavelengths.
  15. 1st Solar images for a month!

    Good effort Pete. It's tough this time of year, this weekends images were my first in almost 3 weeks.