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David Smith

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  1. Great set Charl
  2. Finally a break in the cloud I could use! Got home a little early and went straight out with the scope. Not a lot to see but more spots than we have had in recent times.
  3. Impressive, most impressive!
  4. Sun was out this morning, I didn't have time for a full imaging session but did grab a few minutes with the Evostar 120 / Lunt wedge / #58 / Polariser. Expected a blank disk but actually found 2 maybe 3 very small spots on the west limb. Some small areas of bright faculae on the west limb but otherwise a very barren disk. Did not get time to put the PST on the CG-4, weather looks ok so may get a chance when I get home later.
  5. Clouds cleared here but too late for solar. Good report.
  6. Super shots there Steve, well done.
  7. Good disks Michael
  8. And another weekend of diabolical weather!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. David Smith

      David Smith

      You should know better than to buy new kit :grin: Although at the moment it doesn't seem to make any difference, the weekend weather is just horrible regardless.

    3. xtreemchaos


      one word to sum it up "Quarkers" help !. I brought a new quark but it wasn't off Daystar, do I get time off. charl.

    4. David Smith

      David Smith

      Apparently not looking at the skies this morning :clouds1:

  9. Never seen a boring Ca-K image
  10. Absolutely superb, bought a lump to my throat.
  11. More than I got although that was mostly due to having to be at work all day
  12. Whatever camera you go for make it a mono version. I use a QHY5-II but I would probably go with one of the ASI cams as Dave suggests.
  13. Good first attempt. Imaging in H Alpha with a DSLR is not easy (I know, I tried it). With practice you will get better and better shots, only having 30 minutes between the clouds is not really conducive to trial and error!
  14. Good start. Have a look at Michael Wilkinson's processing guide (sticky), it really is very useful. Also try AS!2 for stacking as generally it will give better results than Reg which is a bit long in the tooth now.
  15. Been there, done that, got the scorch marks on my T Shirt sleeve to show for it