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David Smith

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  1. David Smith

    Qwick n dirty AR2712 26-5-18

    Nice catch Charl. Raining here but if the forecast is right then I might get a look later, fingers crossed.
  2. David Smith

    9,2h of M101

    Well I'm no dark-side imager but that looks pretty spectacular to me.
  3. David Smith

    Jupiter 5/22 rgb

    Nice final image and interesting to see the colour component frames too. Thanks
  4. David Smith

    Sun Ha May 23rd 2018

    Cracking set John. Weather's turned very "British" here leaving everything rather damp and with little chance of getting any solar imaging done for a couple of days.
  5. David Smith

    What are you doing to fill these short summer nights?

    We have Jupiter at opposition, Mars and Saturn approaching it, the Moon intermittently and the Sun during the day. Nights are not as cold so I don't have to freeze my you-know-what off to see all this good stuff, what's not to like? In fact I am observing more now than I have done in the last couple of winter seasons.
  6. David Smith

    AR2710, PROM 22-5-18

    Good catch Charl. The only clear bit here arrived whilst I was at work.
  7. David Smith

    Sol 22-5-2018 Ha

    Cracking disks Steve. That new group is small but looks lively in your images.
  8. Yes, that or the 178MM which is the one I have (mostly because it's cheaper but also because the pixel size is better suited to my system).
  9. You want a mono camera for Solar imaging really but you don't need a cooled camera.
  10. David Smith

    Sun Ha Prom in Black & White

    Do like that, very nice.
  11. David Smith

    Best way to process prominences?

    +1 for imppg too.
  12. David Smith

    May 21, 2018: WL and Ca-K disks with new AR

    Nice captures. I managed a quick visual at lunchtime but think that may be it for the day today.
  13. David Smith

    Best way to process prominences?

    Interesting, I used to find the same thing but since using AS!3 I don't feel the need for Reg any more (in both Ca-K and Ha).
  14. David Smith

    The Sun - 20th May 2018

    Morning session just takes me a while to process with other jobs on the go I did shoot H Alpha too but could not stitch today. I was experimenting with different ROI settings and did not leave enough overlap on the 6 panes. Fortunately I shot the Ca-K pano using both new and old settings so at least have that to show for the session.
  15. David Smith

    Jupiter Another from 19-05-18

    Nice capture. Good correlation with my sketch from that night too.

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