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    Photography, computing and technology, music (rock,classical, ambient and a few others besides), Sci Fi & 50's B movies, Baseball and American Football.
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    Banbury, UK
  1. Nice shot Dave. Sun out of range from home now until end-Jan-ish
  2. Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, happy holidays to those who celebrate something else and happy hump day to those for whom it's just another day.

    1. Tzitzis


      Here in Greece we say "Many Years" as in we want you to live many years. Wish you the best David. 

  3. Thanks Helen. Ordered a MT190XPRO4 + 494 head, after cashback I'm looking at just north of £100 for the package. Discount code seems to apply to the head as well which I wasn't expecting.
  4. The Mercury transit sparked a bit of a renewal of my enthusiasm for solar imaging, just in time for the Sun to move out of reach in the next couple of weeks! So when the clouds parted briefly earlier I made the most of it and grabbed a quick FD with the Bresser. Nice little plage area on show as well as a fair sized prom too. Would have liked to get some close ups of the plage area with the Evostar but the clouds soon came back. The Bresser comes in to it's own on days like today where I have a short gap between the clouds to grab what I can, 2 x 1000 frame SER files later (about 15 seconds each) and I have both surface and prom layers ready to go! I did take a look at the WL disk but there was nothing to see.
  5. Good catch. Problem at the moment is that the Sun is so quiet across the spectrum that contrast in any light is hard to come by. Aside from the Newton Rings surface contrast looks comparable to what I would have expected on a good day from my PST a while back. Persevere and you will get there.
  6. Good capture. Tough conditions for a lot of people I think.
  7. You have your own record of the event which is unique to you, well done.
  8. Awesome, look forward to seeing the full animation
  9. Thanks Martin. Glad you enjoyed it. We just need some more solar activity now to keep our interest after this little flurry of excitement.
  10. Thanks Stu. Not many Ca-K imagers on here so I thought I would focus on this aspect.
  11. Thanks John. Must have been a good day if even Scotland got a glimpse!
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