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  1. Nicely done. Back at work today so no imaging for me.
  2. Great shots, love the Ca-K disk.
  3. Nicely done Dave, takes a couple of sessions to get back on track after the winter break.
  4. First session of the year as the Sun is out of reach from early November to end of January. Add in a busy work schedule, DIY projects and other interests and all of a sudden its March! First session after Winter is always a bit of an adventure, mount has been sat unused for 3 months+ and I've apparently forgotten everything I ever knew about solar imaging (didn't amount to a lot to start with). The mount needed a good clean up and the declination axis attending to as it was very stiff and had developed a heap of backlash. Still managed to cobble together a few images below, far from my finest
  5. Fingers crossed for my first solar session of 2021 today :cool2:

  6. Nicely done. Do you have to mosaic the K line / ED80 shots to get a full disk with the 178?
  7. Merry Christmas all

    1. xtreemchaos


      all the best mate. its a strange one this year with the plague and to cap it all ive just lost one of my dogs . hope the new years better for us all. charl.

    2. Luke


      Merry Christmas, David!

      Charl, sorry to hear you've lost one of your dogs.

    3. xtreemchaos


      thanks Luke. happy new year mate.

  8. Day off today and the skies cleared briefly this morning! Had a few things to try out with the Quark so grabbed the scope for a look see. Saw clouds inbound so grabbed the laptop to try and grab a quick Ca-K disk, just about managed to get 500 frames in before the clouds arrived. Seeing looked horrible through the Quark and it definitely isn't flattered by Ca-K! Despite Raben showing no activity I was quite pleased to see some activity with some active areas and some nice proms on show in the Quark.
  9. More clear, sunny skies so had to take a look. Still quiet (oddly enough) but the faint prom on show in Ca-K yesterday has evolved quite nicely. Took the Evostar out to start with today and spent quite a bit of time visually scanning the white light disk. Picked up an ES 82 degree 4.7mm eyepiece this week, this gives me 212x in this scope and I did not expect it to work but actually in moments of good seeing it was brilliant! Some lovely views of granulation and the odd pore too. For imaging though it had to be the Bresser as the breeze was too much for the Evostar.
  10. Thanks all. If you look really close you can just make out that prom in the Ca-K disk at about the 11 o'clock position.
  11. Very quiet sun at the moment but couldn't waste the sunny, if rather windy conditions. Limited to using the Bresser again today because of the wind gusts but then there's not much to see anyway
  12. Despite the lack of activity those are still cracking images.
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