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David Smith

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  1. David Smith

    Cut or no

    Does it (the piece of plastic) have a purpose / function other than damaging your expensive filter? If no then go for it, if other then needs further consideration
  2. David Smith

    AR2729's Three Day Progression in 6562.8A

    Wow, some spectacular images
  3. David Smith

    Sol Ha 9-12-2018

    Looks good to me Steve.
  4. David Smith

    Sol 7-12-2018 ha and a plane transit

    At least the plane made up for the blank disk! Good catch, only an hour or so around midday now where the Sun is above the tree line from home
  5. David Smith

    Supernova in M77 (SN AT2018ivc) Mag 14.5

    Fascinating. Needs to brighten to near side of mag 13 for me to stand any chance of seeing it visually though.
  6. David Smith


    Nice. I don't image asteroids but have a list of those I have seen visually, anything down to about 13th mag is fair game with my scope.
  7. David Smith

    Solar Observing fear

    If you have that level of concern then it's probably not worth the stress, especially with the current low (non-existent) levels of activity. Suffice to say there are lots of solar observers and imagers on this and other forums who manage to observe on a regular basis without injury. I used mylar film for many years without injury and my children also enjoyed the views. So long as you are careful there is no reason why you should come to any harm observing our star.
  8. Very pleased with mine so I'm sure you'll enjoy. The articulating screen was the initial driver for the upgrade but then I found a whole lot of new functions that will be very handy. Still figuring it all out......bit of a change from my old 1100D!
  9. New lappy ordered, should allow me to get better frame rates from the ASI 178. Fingers crossed.

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    2. David Smith

      David Smith

      I went for an HP Ryzen 5 2500 with 8Gig of ram and 256Gig SSD. Arrived this morning so will spend some of today seeing how it performs.

    3. xtreemchaos


      your going to love the Ryzen mate, thay are very good cpus, ive just updated my vr gaming rig to a 2700x, mate it wipes the floor with the top intel cpu at half the price. is yours the one with on chip vega gpu ?.

    4. David Smith

      David Smith

      Yes, vega 8 or something? Ryzen bench tests looked like this would complete with I7 cpu's so seemed like a no-brainer and £250 off in Black Friday sale too!

  10. David Smith

    HDEW Cameras

    Not an astronomy supplier as such but when I decided to upgrade my DSLR this is where I ended up ordering from. https://www.hdewcameras.co.uk/ I had done all the research, decided on either an EOS 800D or EOS 77D with the latter being the preferred option. Shopped around the traditional UK retailers and found the 800D for about £550 and the 77D was more like £700. Then I looked on ebay and found them for a little less but they were import versions. The saving I was going to make made the risk of getting something that I potentially had no warranty or recourse for unjustifiable. Whilst researching the pros and cons of import cameras though I came across HDEW Cameras (recommendation from another forum) who have been in business sine 1993 and offer a 3 year warranty on the cameras I was looking at. The savings available here were significant too, with the 800D available for less than £400 and the 77D for ~£460. So after some more deliberation / procrastination and a quick email exchange with Shaun at HDEW I eventually ordered the 77D @ £459! Ordered Thursday, delivered the following Monday, well inside their claim of 48 hours from despatch. I received a brand new fully functional EOS 77D body kit with all the trimmings (Battery, charger, strap and cap). The camera is clearly intended to be sold in North America but came with an adaptor to allow the charger to be used in the UK. Obviously I don't have a UK EOS 77D to compare with but I can find no difference between the item received and the descriptions available on the interweb (and I studied the specs for a considerable time before pulling the trigger on either model). I received a card inside the box with details of how to pursue warranty claims (via HDEW cameras) but I cannot vouch for their warranty process as I have not had cause to use it. In summary despite a little anxiety before the spend I am very pleased with my purchase and would encourage others to consider HDEW cameras based on this experience.
  11. David Smith

    Sol 15-11-2018

    Good to see a solar disk, nice one Steve. Hoping to get some Sol time myself as the forecast is clear and cold, fingers crossed.
  12. David Smith

    Sunday Prom Action. 11-11-18

    Good catch Charl. I probably could have got a shot this morning but decided to go out instead.
  13. David Smith

    Revisited an old image, from back when the sun was active

    Ah those were the day Fantastic image Michael
  14. David Smith

    Nothing to see here

    Nice disk nonetheless. Seems to only be clear when I'm at work at the moment
  15. David Smith

    Sol 25-10-2018 Ha

    Good disk Steve

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