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David Smith

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  1. David Smith

    The Sun in Ca-K - 21st Oct 2018

    More sunshine, poor seeing today though.
  2. Yay, sunshine Nothing doing in white light as usual but a little activity in Ca-K.
  3. David Smith

    IAS 2018

    Wow, has it been that many! My memory gets worse I take it all back and if anyone figures out how to be in two places at once, please let me know
  4. David Smith

    IAS 2018

    Remember SGL SP moved from March to October this year. IAS has been around the middle of October for a number of years now. And now we expect IAS to move to suit us!
  5. David Smith

    Observing a retrograde

    Not sure which planets may be in retrograde over the coming months, I'm sure someone will chip in. Retrograde movement is a relative motion against the background stars caused by the Earth "over-taking" a planet in it's orbit. So the only way to see this is to plot the relative position of the planet against the background star field over a period of time covering the "over-taking maneuver". So it's not a quick thing to do but a nice mid to long-term project over the winter months. Good luck!
  6. David Smith

    heads up new AR on the oncoming limb 11-10-18

    Good catch Charl. I managed to catch them visually but no chance of imaging with the wind the way it is.
  7. Typical, the Sun has spots, the clouds have parted but it's blowing a gale :angry5: No imaging for me today.

    1. xtreemchaos


      thick cloud here mate and its raining so fast I carnt tell if its going up or down 🙄. carnt you find a place where the wind is blocked ?. charl.

    2. johninderby


      Not raining here but windy and cloudy. 😠

      Don’t think you’re missing much judging by this underwhelming image grabbed off the web.


  8. David Smith

    The Sun - 10th October 2018

    Missed out on scope-time yesterday as I was in London most of the day. Nothing to stop me today so had a decent session this morning. Usual lack of activity in white light so as a bit of a challenge I decided to try and shoot a white light mosaic with the ASI178 at native 1000mm focal length of the Evostar. I was quite shocked when Autostitch actually managed to put it all together! Then on to the usual Ca-K imagery. Some nice proms on show to make up for the lack of activity on the disk. Nice to be imaging in shorts and t-shirt in mid-October
  9. David Smith

    Sun Ha Dim prom on NW limb

    I can see why you had to shoot it, what a cracker. Showed up in Ca-K today too.
  10. David Smith

    Sol 9-10-2018 Ha

    Fabulous disks Steve.
  11. David Smith

    Ha Prom 10/10/18

    Good catch
  12. David Smith

    Proms Today 10-10-18

    Very nice. Best get some imaging in before the rain sets in.
  13. David Smith

    todays solar action 9-10-18

    Some nice activity. Good set.
  14. David Smith

    Ha solar 10/10/18

    Nice. That big prom showed up in Ca-K today too.
  15. David Smith

    International Astronomy Show

    Hopefully will be there on Saturday. My wife's birthday on the Friday so limited options this year.

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