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David Smith

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    Photography, computing and technology, music (rock,classical, ambient and a few others besides), Sci Fi & 50's B movies, Baseball and American Football.
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    Banbury, UK
  1. David Smith

    Solar 17th Feb - I give up!

    It's tough out there today, I've spent the whole morning at the scope,waiting for gaps, trying to grab a solar image When it's not cloudy it's windy and when it's neither of those the seeing is terrible! Did manage to grab these two but that's it for today me thinks.
  2. David Smith

    Sol catch up

    Great shot. Clear here again this morning just need the Sun to come up!
  3. David Smith

    Sol 14-2-2019 ha

    Wow, impressive prom and similarly impressive pic! Nice work Steve.
  4. David Smith

    Sun bits -15-02-19

    Great set Dave. Lots of prominence activity this week, hopefully means some spots on the way.
  5. David Smith

    Any tips for lunar imaging.

    Thanks for that explanation. I will try that next time,
  6. David Smith

    Any tips for lunar imaging.

    With my 1100D and Mak127 the other night I was shooting 1/100th second at ISO 100, so I would be surprised if you need ISO much higher than 200 although a barlow may change things a bit.
  7. David Smith

    Roll on summer

    I try to keep my solar setup somewhat portable so that I can shift it around the garden in winter, accessing the Sun in the gaps between the trees
  8. David Smith

    Lunar close-ups Feb 15th 2019

    Great set, love the Copermicus amd Moretus shots
  9. David Smith

    Watch out, watch out, the Moon's about!

    Nice Moon Daz. The AtikGP Cam can record video at upto 30fps so this would be just under 3 minutes of video. Most capture apps (like FireCapture, SharpCap) let you specify either a time length or max number of frames to capture.
  10. David Smith

    NCG 5139

    Nice sketch Miguel
  11. David Smith

    QHY132E camera

    Assuming you have installed the driver then you should be able to use something like FireCapture or SharpCap for capture. Once the driver is installed and the camera plugged in, start FC. It should automatically detect the camera type and go to the main screen. There are tutorial videos on FireCapture here.
  12. Yuk, clouds :mad2:

    1. xtreemchaos


      ill raise you a yuk and make it a yuk yuk , darn weather !. charl.

    2. David Smith

      David Smith

      Looks grim all day here Charl, don't know about you?


    3. xtreemchaos


      same here mate, im going to be spending the day in VR in the USA after a nuclear war it should be sunny there 😀.

  13. David Smith

    The Moon - 15th Feb 2019

    Different approach tonight using the ASI178MM to image instead of the 1100D. Some cloud cover before I Managed to complete the data capture but I'm reasonably happy with the result. This is a 9 pane mosaic, each pane being a stack of 55 frames from 1000.
  14. David Smith

    The Sun - 15th Feb 2019

    Another glorious sunny day here. AR12733 continues to rotate into view although it shows no sunspots at this time. Loads of prominence activity in both Ca-K and H Alpha. Seeing was not the best today but I made do

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