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  1. Hi Robin, and thank you for the nice pictures! I have the Lunt 80 and thinking about getting a quark for close-ups, would use it on my WO-FLT98. Question: Do you use a ERF or UV/IR filter in your Quark setup? //Ola
  2. Thank you for the information! Think I will stick with the Lunt until I get a larger refrector some day, then I might get a Quark. //Ola
  3. Thank you! As I live in Sweden it would be quite far for me to travel It would be interesting to see how your Quark performes vs the Lunt when you get it back. And yes, the Lunt 80 is very nice indeed, I only have the single stacked, would also be nice to see how much better it gets when double stacked, what I´ve heard is that it gets much better for visual use but not so much better for imaging. //Ola
  4. Hi, how do you think a Quark Chromosphere on a WO FLT98 would perform compared to a Lunt 80 with a powermate 2.5X, camera is a skyris 274M. //Ola
  5. Hello, sounds like you are processing like I do, adjusting levels and colors in PS, I have seen some non desirable effects when adjusting the levels too much, they show up even more when adding the color. //Ola
  6. A small dome is ok if you make the walls under it high enough, mine is 2.4m and the walls around 150cm, I am about 180cm and having no problems standing straight in there anywhere. Just remember to get the pier high enough as well. That geodesic design looks great, would be fun to try building one. //Ola
  7. Hello, here is what I got on the 3/9 using a lunt 80, powermate 2.5x, skyris 274m, mosaic of 6 pictures (surface). //Ola
  8. Yes, wind driven rain has never been a problem, wind driven snow is another story, gets in everywhere, I have a motorcycle cover over the scopes in winter if any snow gets in.
  9. Hello, I used fiberglass and polyester for my 2.4m dome and painted it with boat paint, works great! http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/150317-building-observatory-with-dome-in-southern-sweden/ Ola
  10. Hello! It is now over 2 years since the observatory was finished and it is working perfectly so far, there have been a few storms but the dome is still there keeping the weather out. Updates that have been made: -The Dome is now coated with fiberglass polyester so it is more or less like a boat -Ventilation has been slightly improved, there is a fan blowing the dry air from downstairs when it gets around 70% relative humidity in the observatory. Scopes in the observatory is Lunt 80, Celestron 11", WO FLT98, orion guidescope. No motor drive yet. Here are som recent pictures:
  11. Thanks, I use autostitch, it´s freeware.
  12. Had 45 minutes of clear sky in the morning, stacked in Autostakkert, 12 pane mosaic, Skyris 274M with powermate 2.5x[attachment
  13. The sun from southern Sweden with a Lunt 80 + Skyris 274M + 2.5x Powermate. 6 photos for surface and 6 for prominences.
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