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  1. ISS with an IPhone 5

    Well done! Considering it’s took with a phone that is an excellent result. Mighty try it with my iPhone 7plus and see if I can get a similar result.
  2. My First Geminid!

    Good capture Reggie. Well done mate!
  3. Solar glasses dangers

    Saw this on my Twitter feed this morning. Sadly I think there will be many more people perhaps with problems after using fake solar glasses after the last solar eclipse. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/07/health/eclipse-eye-damage-case-study/index.html?sr=twCNN120717eclipse-eye-damage-case-study1002PMVODtop
  4. Uranus 30/11/2017

    Nice work. Well done!
  5. Astronomy apps recommendations

    Another plus for Skysafari Plus. I have the Pro version, but the Plus version would have done me just as well. Only reason I got the Pro version was they do 50% off sale sometimes (approx every 3 months or so) so bagged it whilst it was on offer.
  6. Binocular advice

    If collimation is out on the binoculars then yes this could cause eye strain where the two images do not line up correctly due to poor collimation or a knock to the binoculars.
  7. Heads up nice prom on show 1-12-17

    Nice work Charl. Well done mate. Anything in white light at all yet?
  8. Neptune in 15x70s

    Here’s the view with 15x70 binos from 10:15pm last night. I’ve tried to make the stars appear close to correct magnitudes in relation to Neptune. Should be doable with your binos, but most likely you were hampered by the low altitude seen at in the murk low down.
  9. Quick smash and grab for about an hour. Some old chums seen (M42 very clear, even without filters), and some new asteroids added to the tally! :) 

  10. Finally started

    Looking like a good start. Hope all the rest of the project goes well. 😀👍🏻
  11. Celestron Starsense

    I’m always last in the queue even for self prezzies! I can wait till new year to acquire one, so no rush really.
  12. Celestron Starsense

    PM sent.
  13. Celestron Starsense

    Wrong side of Christmas for this alas, otherwise I’d take it off your hands!
  14. Quick session

    Billiard ball sun time again! Hehe!
  15. Cleaning optics with dirt?

    Hmmmm.......don’t think I would do this on any optics with a coating on them, and as Alan says soot is an abrasive then it will damage any coating. OK maybe for just clear optics perhaps with no coatings on, but definitely a no-no for any expensive optics. Yikes!