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  1. Position of the sun at noon on next equinox, rather than when it crosses meridian.
  2. Position of the sun at highest altitude crossing the meridian on the next equinox from UK.
  3. Best single image from the morning of 12/07/20, taken with Canon EOS4000D and 75-300mm zoom lens. A little editing done in Adobe, and on ipad too.
  4. Neowise 12/07/30 with Canon camera and zoom lens.
  5. Some nice views of Neowise in the evening sky tonight. Managed to snag it through my 25x70 binos, with my iphone camera held up to one of the barrels. Taken approx just gone 11pm UK time.
  6. Just waiting for the comet to clear the neighbours roof and I will be a happy bunny to after seeing Jupiter and GRS, along with Saturn.
  7. Excellent Time lapse! Hoping to see it early in the morning on Saturday (fingers crossed!) if weather Plays ball.
  8. Nice one Doug. Well done! There is a chance that there will be clear skies where I am between 1am to 3am, so fingers crossed I am going to hopefully have a shot at Comet Neowise (even more finger crossing going on!).
  9. Looking for a new 25mm EP, so I’ll take the 25mm EP off you then if still available. Ill drop you a PM.
  10. Yeah, been a while since i had some of my kit out too.
  11. My astro purchasing this year has gone right down, almost to a trickle, if not a drought. However, for my other hobbies which includes retro computing, arduino, raspberry pi, electronics etc seem to be going on a steep incline! Anyhoo, I guess I am at a stage now where I am happy with the astro kit I have now, but to get there did mean an awful lot of money spent. On the plus side my other hobbies don’t nearly consume a fraction as much as I spent on astro equipment, so I’ve still got a happy smile!
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