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  1. Tried getting out last night to hunt for Vesta as there was a sudden break in the clouds at 21:30, so rushed in to get my Orion binicular tripod set up outside, then went in to get my 15x70 binos to have a looksie with, but alas before I even got back outside and screwed them onto the mount clouds where scudding in once again to block the sky. Hoping the weather over the next few days prove better for me! Fingers tightly crossed!
  2. Been there and done that. Thankfully I like beans on toast, so no problem when needs arise!
  3. Thanks. Just ordered some. Maybe not need them too often now, but will come in handy when those cold nights return later on in the year, although there still have been some pretty cold nights out there still, so may yet prove handy for a while!
  4. Glad you took the temptation away from me! Hehe!
  5. Not sure. I think it can, but need to check.
  6. Yeah, I noticed that today too! šŸ‘€
  7. I think you missed my PM earlier!
  8. Surplus to requirements now I have for sale a set of Skywatcher white tube rings which have a 116mm internal diameter which will fit 120mm scopes. Excellent condition with screws/washers etc to fix to dovetail. Asking Ā£13 for the tube rings which includes signed for P&P in the U.K. Any further question please ask. Images below. Gus
  9. I like that. Much quicker. When I start (when?) doing some Astro sketching that is what I was going to do too.
  10. Hey Dave, do I get commission on this? Hehe!
  11. The writing on the side of the EP glows in the dark too if it has been exposed to light in the daytime, making it easier to see which EP size your getting. Useful if you have more than one Morpheus EP.
  12. It is both. The smaller ribbed part at the bottom of the EP sits into a 1.25" diagonal/focuser, whereas the larger ribbed area above this allows it to sit in a 2" diagonal/focuser. You don't have to unscrew anything from the EP for this. Great eyepiece. I have one too. Get some great views with it.
  13. I've got a bridge camera, so may try to sit that on top of the scope and get an image of the area that way.
  14. Glad your getting some good views with the new mount. Hope it works out for you with the AZ4 mount.