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  1. If i hadn't just bought a new scope I’d would have snapped this up.
  2. Well, its got to be that the Clangers have been spotted on the surface.
  3. FLO’s Clear Outside app saying good for tonight here from 10pm, so hoping to nab Mars in the new scope tonight, and do any final collimation if needed too.
  4. Nice work Reggie. Excellent result mate!
  5. Yes, we all say that too. Astronomy sure does seem to suck that money out of your account!
  6. Used a collimation cap on 6” CC. Secondary mirror was out, so now pretty much smack on from what I can see with my eye. Primary seemed slightly off too with the cap, so tweeeked that slightly too, so now looking more like it. Now just need some clear skies to test it out with again with actual stars etc.
  7. Thanks Chris. Looks like focuser part is OK from what I can see against figure 8 diagrams A/B, but can’t make it out well enough for the diagram C, however I’ll get some stuff later on back off my brother to allow me to test this better. Failing that I’ll aim at Polaris the next clear night & fine tune secondary off that.
  8. Yeah, been advised to do the secondary first, and if needed the primary second. Hopefully all should go well.
  9. Focus 1st on the brightest star you can see if the moon is not available to focus on, and get the star to appear as the sharpest image you will see (you will see the diffraction spikes form the the front mirror as bright lines), but get the star to the sharpest image possible (this should make the star look almost like a pin prick of light), then move on to Mars, Jupiter or Saturn and you should see a much sharper image, however they may be small depending on the EP used and magnification.
  10. Sadly my scope is poorly and out of collimation, so waiting on a response back from FLO.
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