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  1. I'll keep an eye out for them Reggie as long as the weather plays ball. Thanks!
  2. Nice work Reggie. Well done mate!
  3. Think we've all done number one at some point Doug. I know I have. You do feel a little stupid don't cha? Hehe! Number 2; that time off year with limited darkness alas. Will get better from August onwards! Yucky number 3; not had that issue with any Astro equipment as yet, but did get a snail hitching a ride on the side of my car. Noticed it when I returned from Tesxo's, so carefully peeled it off the door of my car and put it in some long grass. 😳
  4. Will give it a try if the skies clear at all. Just added it to observe in Skysafari app. Fingers crossed for some clear nights!
  5. Can onl give my point of view here from a visual point of view only and not about any AS involved really ; had an ED80. Nice scope but didn't fit in really for what I am observing, so sold on. Starwave f11. Still got and it will be a keeper for a long time I think. I'm sure the f11 would be good for lunar and planetary work with AP, but the shorter ED80 will be easier to control and guide for longer exposures for DSO work.
  6. Check your focus is correct. Even if the moon close to filling up the view in the eyepiece you should see craters and other features on the moon etc. If you just see a light round blur then you need to adjust your focus on the scope.
  7. Don't put the tube at a 90 degree angle. Place it at 45 degrees instead. Heat will still rise out, and birds will have to drop any pooh into the tube a little like the Dam Busters, which would be very unlikely to ever hit anywhere on any mirrors in said position.
  8. Surplus to requirements now (just sold my Newtonian scope) I have my Premium Cheshire colimator which is in mint condition. Used about three times maximum to collimate the Newtonian scope when I bought it. The collimation cap was also only used about the same amount of times too. Both in as new condition with no marks, and original packaging from FLO. The collimation cap is free to whoever buys the Cheshire. Cost from FLO if both bought together is around £45 with postage. Asking for a bargain price of £25 which includes postage in the UK. Currently unable to post any pics or post out if sold until Thursday/Friday when I'm back home again. Any questions please ask. Preferred payment via PayPal (either friends and family free, or if paying via services add 3.5% so that's £25.88) Gus
  9. Nice mount John. Got the version 1 Porta, which works a treat. What price are you asking for the mount for anyone interested?
  10. I'd snap this up at that price, only I've got an 18mm Celestron X-cel LX which works a charm. I do have a 7mm and a 15mm LV which give very nice views though, and if I didn't have the Celestron 18mm EP I'd buy it off you in a heartbeat.
  11. Nice report. I was looking at some globs last night too. Saw the usual supspects very easily, so wandered through a few more which came up well in my C8. Tried for a few galaxies too (Makarians chain, Leo triplet etc), along with Bodes and Whirlpool and was surprised that they popped out as good as they did as I thought the conditions were not that great.
  12. I was looking at Jupiter last night for a while before I needed to retire to bed for work with both my Celestron C8 SCT, and my smaller Opticstar 90mm 'frac. With the larger aperture of the C8 I could push the ,magnification up on the C8 to get a pleasing image at around 150x and easily see 6 bands, and the GRS too in the middle of the disk. With the smaller 'frac I couldn't push the magnification quite as high, but could still see the moons and 4 belts on Jupiter quite clearly, although I couldn't make out GRS due to the smaller magnification. Your 130mm scope (I'm assuming is a reflector) should be able to pick out at least 4 belts, the moons and on a good clear night with good seeing the GRS with care. However, as stated previously the larger the aperture of your scope the better and clearer the image should be. This would then enable you on good nights to up the magnification some more.
  13. Scope now sold. Thanks Marci.
  14. Just remembered the other saddle I have too; Farpoint. Nice chunky knobs to lock, but like I said no springs to aid opening on the saddle when removing and attaching the scope, so prefer the ADM saddle better.