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  1. Knighty2112

    ED120 composite moon

    Cracking image Trevor. Excellent! Well done!
  2. Knighty2112

    Another iPhone moon

    Thumbs up from me. Well done!
  3. Knighty2112

    20,000 not out.....

    Well done Stu! That’s a lot of nonsense there! Just need about 16,000 more posts myself to catch you up!
  4. Knighty2112

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Hi and welcome. Hope you enjoy the site. Nice image of the moon with your phone.
  5. Knighty2112

    What are you doing to fill these short summer nights?

    Do more planetary and lunar imaging. The sky doesn’t have to be totally dark for this. Also plan on lots more double star observations too.
  6. Knighty2112

    First moon shot in years!

    Very good. Well done! what camera did you use for these please?
  7. Knighty2112

    Binoculars and Tripod

    I have an Orion binocular mount. Works great and recommend them with no problem.
  8. Knighty2112

    iPhone moon

    The last one is a cracking image John. Well done! Certainly giving Stu a run for his money with the iPhone there. None of my iPhone pics of the moon turn in to good ones like that.
  9. Knighty2112

    Jupiter at last!

    Excellent image. Well done!
  10. Knighty2112

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Very nice. Well done! I got some images of Jupiter last night with my smaller 4SE Celestron mak, but seeing was very poor, and didn’t have enough aperture really to get any better detail. Still have some more files to work through, but don’t think I will improve what I got below. Pushing wavelets too high just increases the noise, so I kept them to a low setting. Will try again with my C8 as soon as I can again when I’m back home at the weekend. I did manage to capture the GRS though, and the dark vortex above it that shows in your excellent image too.
  11. Knighty2112

    May 21, 2018: WL and Ca-K disks with new AR

    Nice images. Well done! I saw the new AR earlier on, and also again just now. When the seeing was steady with my Omni 120mm frac with my Lunt wedge fitted with a 10mm Delos EP I could just make out too a couple of smaller pin pricks of spots immediately behind the one you can see in your image. Be interesting to note if I can see them better in an hour or so perhaps.
  12. Knighty2112

    Deep Sky with ASI120MC

    Good to know. After doing the planets and moon I’ll try some other stuff too with my 120mc, especially some planetaries too.
  13. Knighty2112

    Sunspots spotted!

    Managed to see it here in East Yorkshire. Looks an interesting area of faculae forming around the spot, so should develop in to an interesting AR. I’ll have a chance to see it again tomorrow morning if clear before I have to zoom off for work around lunchtime to travel to another hotel.
  14. Knighty2112

    May 21, 2018: Heads up; new AR visible in WL

    Thanks for the heads up Michael. I’ll see if I can see it after lunch.
  15. Knighty2112

    Need help

    I’ve got a 4SE, and a 6/8 SE goto mount that I use my C8 scope on mainly, although I still do fit the 4SE onto the mount still for observation sometimes. Any questions please ask.

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