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  1. That’s easy Charl. 666 miles a second! 😈😈😈
  2. ST120 v 130PDS

    I had a Startravel ST120. Good scope, and I wish I’d kept it now. Not sure on the other one, but both would be good either way for visual use.
  3. Ophelia Sun.

    Good shot of our weird looking sun today. I was expecting helicopters roaring out of the sky reigning fire and death on all below with a sun like that today! Hehe!
  4. M15 globular cluster wide field

    Excellent image. Well done!
  5. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    As promised a list (in order of observation mainly) from Lucksall on mostly Saturday night, with a little from Sunday too; NGC7293, NGC7009, M2, M72, M77, NGC488, M74, NGC524, NGC7331, NGC7662, M30, M57, M27, M31, M33, M110, Uranus, Neptune, NGC6992 (E.Veil) , NGC6960 (W.Veil), NGC6888, NGC404, M101, M76, M81, M82, M35, M36,M37, M56, Albireo, NGC6826, M71, M29, M15, M39, M42, NGC2392, NGC6818, NGC6543, NGC6979 (central Veil), M13, M92. Highlights for me seeing the Veil in most of its glory. M42 also for the brief period I got to observe it before cloud cover came over showed plenty of detail. Nice to see the Milky Way again in all its glory. I convinced myself that I also saw NGC7000 (N.American Nebula) with the OIII filter, but rather than claim I did I’ll leave it open as it could be more wishful thinking than reality! Hehe! Nice to see other fellow SGL’ers there, and hope to attend again next year, with better weather. Now I can’t wait for Galloway SP in March next year!
  6. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Knighty night Lucksall!
  7. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    A brief hour of clear weather around 8, now clouded out alas. On the plus side I managed to view the veil again before cloud stopped play!
  8. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Got some good clear spells for a few hours until just about 1am, and got a great haul of things. Will post up a thread on it later on, but managed to see the eastern and western veil very easily, along with a good smattering of NGC’s & Messier’s. Only downside was my WiFi decided not to work on the scope, so used the hand control instead on the SE mount. No big deal really!
  9. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Unwrapped the scopes in hope, so fingers crossed. Forecast says for a clear spell between 8 & 9pm. Here’s hoping at Lucksall! 😀😀😀
  10. SGL 2017 Chit chat

    Tent up. Scopes set. Clouds in! Hoping Saturday and Sunday fare much better! 🔭🥃🔭😀😀
  11. Great work Charl. Nice shots. Well done mate!
  12. my binocular pics

    Nice shots. Well done. I recognise some of the landmarks been a Kingstonian too!
  13. The hunt for Uranus

    Here’s the field of view for your scope with a 25mm and 10mm EP. Shouldn’t take to much travel with a 25mm EP to get to Uranus.
  14. The hunt for Uranus

    Your 200P should scoop it up nicely.
  15. The hunt for Uranus

    Goto certainly helps, yes sireee!