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  1. Secondhand telescopes

    Yep! AB&S is a good place to get 2nd hand Astro gear from. The scopes I’ve bought from there I normally go to inspect before I buy to make sure all is well, so if you can find something pretty local to you to do that then that’s probably the best bet. http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?typechoice[]=Telescope-Refractor&titlechoice[]=For+Sale&statuschoice[]=Active&minprice=&maxprice=
  2. OK. Ta! I normally use my goto mount mainly, and also all my manual mounts have slo mo controls, so I can keep things in view much easier than having to push and shove a scope around.
  3. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Bravo!
  4. Help me with observing nebulas

    You should see a very pronounced difference between both scopes, with the 7 inches extra of light gathering your getting on the new dob. First thing I would check is make sure your scope is colimated OK. I’m not an expert on collimation, so others can tell you better in this regard, but if collimation is bad then than this will affect your seeing with the new scope. The stock 25mm is probably not helping, but try the scope on the moon if you can at some point and seee how the views go viewing that.
  5. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn 21 March

    Like it! Gives me a good idea of what I should be able to capture with my ASI 120MC with my C8 SCT when I get a chance too some time soon I hope.
  6. Lee, what is the 6.5mm Morpheus like to look through? I am thinking of getting the 4.5mm EP, as my 14mm is excellent to look through.
  7. Anyone used Altair Astro ?

    I had to return a scope damaged in transit back to them (bought off another Astro company, but sent back to them for repair) a while back. Have to say although I got the scope sorted out OK, they didn’t respond well to emails. Had to push more through the company I bought the scope off initially.
  8. M1 Crab

    Excellent! Well done!
  9. BTW: I’ve shone a laser through my ‘fracs and get similar results to you, but work fine under the stars, except when conditions are poor which I suspect is mostly what is the issue here.
  10. Like Stu says I would check it again over the next few sessions. Probably more likely to be sky conditions if no drops or anything else to the scope have occurred, which you say they haven’t. Let us know if you still have this same issue in the next few outings. Frac’s are normally pretty tough, so think it more likely sky conditions that caused this than anything else.
  11. What EP and magnification where you trying to use? Just checked the specs for the RS and it states max mag is 160x.
  12. Galaxies and globs

    Nice session, with some good targets seen. What scope were you using to view them with?
  13. For your scope your looking at a maximum in the best seeing conditions (which rarely happen) of about 13.5 magnitude. Bear in mind this is the theoretical limit. What you most likely will see will vary with conditions, and how good your eyesight is. In reality it will be less than the theoretical limit of your scope.
  14. Got a 14mm one of these already. Cracking EP. May be tempted by another when payday rolls around!
  15. Nice image. Well done! Looks like your going to have a great time imaging in the new place!