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  1. Knighty2112

    Altair Astro Lightwave 66mm F6 ED-R refractor

    Sale Pending.
  2. Up for sale in excellent if not mint condition is my Altair Astro Lightwave 66mm F6 ED-R refractor. Comes with aluminium carry case, and both are like new with no marks or scratches anywhere (not even on the dovetail attachment!). This is the OTA only with no extra’s, so looking for £275 either collection from Hull, or would do a meet up if needed within reason (contact me to arrange), so cash on either collection or meet up). I am away for work at the moment, so will post more pictures when I get home later on in the week, so for now a few pictures of it below. Note; tripods, EP, diagonal, RDF finder/base are not included in the sale
  3. Knighty2112

    Small solace.

    Usually Nick whisky and telescopes don’t mix too well! Never heard of this one. Might give it a try perhaps for a Christmas tipple. Cheers!
  4. Knighty2112

    Mars in November

    Great shots Reggie. Well done mate! was observing Mars the other night for a very brief visual session. Seeing wasn’t great, so nothing really on show alas. You’ve pulled out some great detail in the images.
  5. Knighty2112

    Is AltairAstro in Norwich out of Business?

    AA are not the best to get hold of with general queries.
  6. Great scope to start off with. Wish I had started off with one myself, but as others say very capable scope that will do most things, just make sure it’s cooled down enough to get good views out of it. Unlike a refractor that really needs little cool down before. You get stable images with it, the SCT will require a good hour especially in winter to get good views with, so place it out to cool well before you observe if you can.
  7. Knighty2112

    lastnights lovely Moon 17-11-18

    Nice shots Charl. Great work!
  8. Knighty2112

    Tricky Double Double In Auriga, And More

    Nice work Doug. Was going to have an hour or so last night, but was too zonked out. Some nice targets. Well done mate!
  9. Knighty2112

    Dob Exorcises Ghost

    Thought it was time for a picture change as alas I lost my little pal earlier this year in March.
  10. Knighty2112

    Blinking planetaries !

    Nice list Nick. I was out last night for around an hour observing some planetaries too, but a few on the list I’ve not seen, so I’ll note them down for next time. Ta!
  11. Knighty2112

    Dob Exorcises Ghost

    Nice work Doug. I was out last night trying to see the asteroid Xanthippe occult a 12.5 magnitude star, but even with my C8 the mag 14 asteroid wasn’t visible with the conditions. Maybe if I’d have been at a dark sky site I would have bagged it. Anyhoo, I then had a trawl around the skies looking at some planetaries, and finished off with Uranus and Neptune, but did look at Mirach’s ghost too. Transparency wasn’t great as I’d tried M82 earlier and could barely see it well, but could just see the glow of the ghost. Got back inside after an hour as it was bitter outside. Edited post to get the asteroid name correct. Spell check changed it to some thing totally different.
  12. Knighty2112

    Some new objects observed : 300p goto dob

    Try for the Cat’s Eye planetary nebula in Draco. Most nights it really does live up to its name. Nice wee haul there.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Here’s what I get for location, time and position in Skysafari. Hope for clear skies to observe it hopefully, but weather is forcast to be bad alas, so fingers crossed.
  14. Knighty2112

    Nexstar 5se tips and advice?

    People say it doesn’t matter, but I found it did on my 6/8SE Mount, is get it as level as you can before you do any alignment too. I got much better results when it was level than when it wasn’t in general.
  15. I use one on my AVX Mount OK. Last quite a while between charging, so I can easily do 5 or 6 sessions lasting around 4 hours each. Never counted really how many I get until fully dead, so the reality may be more than that. Lasts much, much longer than the old Celestron powertank.

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