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  1. Hi, just to add my experience: I tried for the Elephant's Trunk with a 16" scope from my urban / rural transition sky (SQM 20.39) a couple of years ago and got nothing. Last month, full of expectation, I pointed my new 20" scope to it, with UHC filter, and got....nothing! I was definitely looking in the right place and spent a good half hour hoping for at least a glimpse but didn't even get a hint of it, though the nebulosity in the surrounding area was fairly apparent. I conclude that this one is really very dependent on excellent skies. The only other conclusion is that I'm not as good an
  2. Thanks. I'll let you know about the views when I get a decent night! First impression is that on some objects it's a massive step up from my previous 16" scope, and on other objects it's not so great a difference. I suspect that's due to my not great skies; galaxies and other faint fuzzies are going to be tough even with the big aperture. Price: it's a high spec David Lukehurst model (1/10 mirror etc) so doesn't come cheap at around £6100 ($8600). These are handmade and superb pieces of kit, and it's the "ultra-portable" (ha!) version, which adds to the price too. (website link below). I
  3. Thanks mate. There have only been 2 clear nights since buying it, so not much rolling out has been done since then... It works like a dream, though I was seriously worried when the friend who did it went at it with a hand held saw! Here it is part way through. The more he chopped, the more the front section fell apart. Luckily he knew what he was doing:
  4. I had the police come over to me as someone had reported a man dragging a body across a field! How a 16" dob got confused with a body I'll never know. They were very nice about it. Another time I was in my own front garden with the scope (Potters Bar , north of London) and a police car arrived. They were far less pleasant, and were actively suspicious. I explained what I was doing and offered them a look but they took this as sarcasm, which made things worst. Iain
  5. Since buying my 20" dob exactly a month ago, apart from a couple of quick moon grabs, there has been just ONE clear night. Ah the pain ! Iain
  6. Thanks mate, funnily enough i just posted over on Cloudy nights forum about observing the Eskimo Nebula last night. The sketch is here, superimposed on one I did a couple of years ago with the 16". The difference is very obvious!
  7. Thanks. I see you have the same wheelbarrow handle set up. Invaluable aren't they? I don't know how I'd move it without. I'm so happy with them, I carry them around ;-)
  8. "Dob Royalty": I like it! First report: moon stunning, like being there, saw the rille in Alpine Valley very clearly, Eskimo Nebula: not immediately more impressive than through 16" but 1/4 moon was nearby so not a fair test. And pink colour in M42! Wasn't expecting that , as never saw anything but green/blue with the 16"
  9. Thanks guys, yes I realised when observing the moon last night that leaning over to line up the scope was a risky business!
  10. Hi all I just took possession of my biggest scope ever, a 20" Dob. We had to cut off the front of the large shed and fit hinges so the shed now has a double door. Then we fitted permanent planks inside and a moveable ramp on the outside. There's a large mirror at the back so you can check the wheels Stay on the ramp during roll out. Short video of its inaugural roll out here! Iain http://fouragesofsand.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/the-half-metre-dobsonian-telescope-see.html
  11. NOW SOLD Lunt LS80THa/B1800 80mm H-Alpha Telescope Crayford Focuser, Pressure Tuner. Hi all, I was talking about this scope on the Solar Imaging Forum and offered it for sale there, and the post was subsequently moved here, but now I'm doing it "properly" with much more information and some images. On the original post you'll see my concerns about the main objective, as it appeared to have a scratch and some chips to the surface. It was very kindly pointed out to me that these were in fact stuck on pollen grains, and my worries were unfounded! A quick wipe with Baader Wonder Fluid l
  12. Thanks Mick, that's appreciated. Interesting about those price rises Mark. It's hard to think of other manufactured items which have increased their price over the years.
  13. Yes, it's an easy lift! The only problem is the price. I wondered if these things might be more affordable over time but the opposite seems to be true.
  14. Ah sorry mate, and to make it worse, I see you are only about 8 miles down the road
  15. Hi, yes it was a tough choice! I took the advice from the salesman (not always a wise idea...) who said the 80mm was the best in terms of size, weight, portability and performance in UK seeing conditions, so best to go for that and worry about upgrading later to DS. I never had the stomach or the money to pay another £1700+ for the DS and was always quite happy with the SS (perhaps because I didn't know any better!). It would be interesting to see them perform side to side. It's a very bright image with the standard zoom eyepiece but gets much dimmer of course with the 2X Barlow, and really q
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