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  1. Thanks Charl Your clear bit will come.
  2. A few choice words may have been used in the making of this failed mosaic. WO132 and ZWO 178 cam Do the clicky thing for full res
  3. Very nice sketch. I have altered the title - does it read better?
  4. Thanks Thanks Thanks yes I was surprised Thanks It makes a good change from the blankish disc. Thanks Just managed to squeeze the discs in before it set.
  5. 201 frames 60mm lunt coronado d/s chameleon cam Do the clicky thing for full res
  6. Ibbo!

    M1 SHO

    Thanks Dave. I think the RGB will have to wait (if I remember) a while if I try it.
  7. Ibbo!

    M1 SHO

    Thanks Yes it behaves quite well - mostly
  8. Ibbo!

    M1 SHO

    Taken over several nights. 19x1200Ha  18x1200O3 16x1200S2 binned 2x2 200mm Meade SCT @f10 ith QSI cam. Click for full res might not be needed, but who can resist a click or two
  9. Ibbo!

    M53 RGB

    Thanks. I think i could do with more subs on this.
  10. Ibbo!

    M53 RGB

    4 x 30 secs each RGB 200mm Meade SCT and QSI cam
  11. Still not doing the moon 1500 frames from C11 and ZWO 178. Do the clicky thing for full res.
  12. Nice one Charl. I was begining to think sol was a myth.
  13. Ibbo!

    M3 LRGB

    I might be Dave . I have another plan to try next time out .
  14. Managed to add the L to the mix and add another nights worth of data.
  15. Ibbo!

    M3 LRGB

    Needed more than the 10 x30 secs RGB and 20 x 30 sec L 200mm SCT and QSI cam 
  16. Ibbo!

    M5 LRGB

    Ran out of darkness so 6 x 30 secs RGB and 10 30 sec L 200mm SCT and QSI cam
  17. If there is anybody still there this "breeze" will blow the cobwebs off. Hope to get back up again.
  18. Good images David. Is there something coming round??
  19. Very nice image. With APP with my attempts at mosaics I used Sara's method of putting all the subs in rather than stacking each pane and then reloading them to join up the mosaic.(if that makes sense)
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