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Hello from Cheshire ,UK


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hello All .

I have always been interested in astronomy and space. I was a 60s kid and the apollo missions and the related airfix kits are part of my upbringing.

I have inherited a Telementor 2 630mm  refractor and have bought a 130p Heritage dobs to take away with on camping trips.

Absolutely love the optical quality of the telementor for planets and the moon and I am learning to use the 130p.

No idea how to get this averted vision to work , but looking forward to learning.

all the best


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Hi sockgoblin,

Welcome to SGL. As far as averted vision is concerned it can take quite some practice. The way I do it (not often), is to get what you want to look at central in the eyepiece then look to the left or right of the object. Fix on a spot there, you should with practice start to get glimpses of the bit you want to see in more detail. trouble is as soon as it happens you tend to try to look directly at the object and it disappears from clearer view. You have to persist and over time I am told it gets easier. I am still trying at those times I do visual. I am sure there will be others that will clarify this for you shortly.

Enjoy the forum.


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^ as he said, averted vision is like looking just to the side of the actual object you want to see.

The heritage 130p is great, a quick change is wrap a couple wounds of ptfe plumbers tape on the focuser if you find it a bit lose/sloppy.

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