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  1. I agree the filter is great , the comment relates to my general failing interest in astronomy due to light pollution, ignore me Im being a miserable git.
  2. SOLD Explorer Scientific UHC Nebula Filter 1.25" with original box and certificate. £28 including postage.
  3. it was with the 200p. I dead reckoned it with the telrad and viewfinder then bagged it with the Panaview 32mm. Faintest of whisps a little more distinct in 18mm
  4. Nice clear night bagged the Crab Nebula . The faintest of smudges. There is the love!
  5. flipping eck!...I will stop wingeing now.
  6. Not giving up yet a while just need to find a spark. ; )
  7. Im fed up with the frustration of trying to enjoy astronomy from my back garden. Before I begin I know that I am being unreasonable in expecting all of my neighbours and the population of Warrington specifically and Greater Manchester in general to consider me when they are turning outside lights on, but there isnt an intent ,interest , policy ,or a direction to reduce light pollution by governments, or in the wider population, outside of small groups of enthusiasts like you lot. Indeed they want more light because they are scared to death of violent crime. The purchase of a 200p Dobsonian has only made it worse as now I am interested in trying for fainter objects . My skies are not dark ...no where near dark , and as more LED street lights have been rolled out around Cheshire the skies are getting noticably brighter. ( maybe they are not and Im just noticing the existing issue??) Ive built screens , Ive added setting circles, to help to search in the gaps between the visible stars, but its never dark. Ive stopped planning my star hops before I go out because I know that my initial expectations will collapse into a Muttley like muttering of damning my fellow humankind . I know I should pack the van and drive out to a dark sight but just how often can you do that in practise.? Sad but Im losing the love.
  8. i have an 8 inch dobs and have the lights of greater manchester as a background 10 miles away. Galaxies are always very faint smudges and are great to be able to say that you have seen a galaxy and then a bit meh.. So choice of target is key , open and closed clusters , some of the brighter nebula such as the ring nebula and some good double stars makes being cold in the early hour worthwhile. Good star charts and a route plan and then some searching work , some failures, finally the aah Gotcha! is the game for me. And on a bad night I damn the LED light into hell.
  9. they are saving money because the wattage of leds are lower than the old sodium lights. However they could save more money if they used even lower wattage leds and pointed them downwards, maybe dimming them later in the night...the councils dont really think it through
  10. My local council has a page on the website where you can request /complain ,they added a side shield to a new led lamp and that worked for that lamp, however I do reckon that the sky glow is getting worse as the rollout of leds continues around me.
  11. yes works fine . I made 4 screens and a few double feet. So two screens fit into a shared foot. I have a couple of cuphooks in the top corners so can wrap a bungee to attache the tops. Need to be careful when its windy so use a guy rope or weights on the feet I used weed control matting as blackout , wrapped around the posts and then hotglued to itself.
  12. I also have an 8 inch dobs and I found the best additions to help locate objects were A pair of 8 x 40 binoculars. ---A telrad finder ---A Right Angle Erecting Viewfinder ( gives a more comfortable upright view ) ---A 32mm eyepiece ( but you could use you 25mm EP) ---The Pocket Sky and Telescope Guide ( I also have the Jumbo sized one , same maps but easier to read) Later I added some setting circles but best to use starhopping first to learn the skills. Planning before the session is important use the Sky guide to locate some bright stars near to your target and decide which route you are going to take to the target. I use the Telrad to aim the scope to a bright star near to my target then use the Finder scope to starhop to where it should be then the 30mm Eyepiece to finally nail the target You will get better , the first few sessions were difficult but it will come to you.
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