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    Archery (longbow, best award third in the G.B national's 2007). Gardening. Reading history. Walking. Researching my family history.
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    Rural Shropshire.
  1. ToxoLight

    hi everyone

    Hi Dave and welcome to the lounge, nothing like a bit of tinkering.
  2. Hi M and welcome to the lounge, you don't have to be a nut to lurk hear but it does help. ?
  3. Hi David, welcome to the lounge and good luck with the project.
  4. Hello and welcome to the lounge from middle England.
  5. Welcome back Keith. One more of us and one less of them.
  6. ToxoLight

    Hi All

    Hi Adrian and welcome aboard.
  7. Greetings and welcome to the lounge.
  8. Hi T.W.G and welcome to the lounge, try this site for some good info. on bino. observing http://binocularsky.com/
  9. ToxoLight

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi and welcome along to the lounge.
  10. Hi Paul and welcome to the lounge.
  11. Hi Jim and welcome to the lounge.
  12. Hi and welcome back Murray.
  13. Hi Mike and welcome to the lounge.
  14. ToxoLight


    Hi and welcome to the lounge.
  15. Hi and welcome to the lounge, clouds are an occupational hazard I'm afraid.
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