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  1. With my camera and lens I use my 7 android tablet and the application lightbox.
  2. Lovely observing report
  3. You don't need go o to do astrophotography. For example the Skywatcher staradventure is used for astrophotography but only had the one motor for the ra axis as I think your eq5 mount currently has. Whilst on the lookout for the upgrade to your mount you are after don't let that stop you starting imaging with what you do have.
  4. I either use f2.8 out stop it down one or two stops still experimenting to decide where is best for my lens. I posted two images in Here f8 just was too dim.
  5. Looking at your link you have good star shapes corner to corner. If it is like my lens f8 won't stop the chromatic aberration. i have to process it out but rather have the light with wider aperture.
  6. showing 130p heritage telescope on a decent camera tripod
  7. That's great you still had a go with the 50mm. Collapsing the tripod legs might make the mount less wind vulnerable.
  8. It has a standard skywatcher attachment, it's like a long dovetail bar.
  9. The mount works very well. The heritage 130p telescope can also be mounted on a normal decent photo tripod with the addition of a ball joint and eq clamp so you don't have to stay with the dobsonian mount it comes on.
  10. If you had an android device using skysafari or even using stellarium on a pc plug your telescope and camera in then you coulld see directly what your framing would be on the object you choose. Only you know for where you set up what direction is best unless you are lucky and they are all good.
  11. Often for planets video clips are used to create an image. Seeing turbulence etc is so unpredictable that a single exposure doesn't capture the best image.
  12. I don't get any noticeable wiggle from shutter vibration I think it has a lot to do with sturdiness of mount.
  13. Herzy that sounds like dew or dust spot.
  14. Thank you. When I look at levels in PSP on this new data last couple sessions to data taken say last year then the data is right up to the left edge in levels (clipped) it never used to be it's clipped to the right as well. The single change is stacking on windows 10. Tuesday I will stack this data using XP and compare. Edit 1: I think it is because I haven't installed the Canon utilities etc. on this W10 disc. W10 comes with the capabilities to review raw files so it didn't occur to me to install them.