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  1. happy-kat


    It's not clippee but I agree it is too close than ideal. If I stretch it to bring out the nebulously the dust bunnies show. Ideally you'd process fresh from the stack using the autosave fits file rather than process a jpeg. Flats would help the large dust bunnies.
  2. happy-kat


    Why not try the free trail of StarTools, it is a fully working version just can't save so do a screen grab while trailing it. The cost of StarTools will bring many great tools plus an excellent gradient remover and it is about the same cost of just gradient exterminator plugin for photoshop.
  3. happy-kat

    Nice Council

    I never thought of that approach. I might try it.
  4. Keep the handset handy somewhere, when it's -4 you might prefer to wear gloves and use it.
  5. happy-kat

    Skyliner 150 or 200p?

    Will any difference in weight and size matter.
  6. happy-kat

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Done, good link
  7. I can't see it mentioned but the heritage 130p I would think would be as useful as a chocolate T pot for looking at the Solar eclipse, very dangerous as the heritage is opened sided. What are your plans to make the heritage 130p solar safe?
  8. The more you do and see you'll probably find that visual you want the largest light bucket you can work with but for imaging many use small refractors as long exposure gives the eyes a light bucket does for observing.
  9. happy-kat

    Binocular Sky Newsletter, November 2018

    Oooh a comet, love those. Thanks for the newsletter.
  10. Super photos, well done all, and all the entries too.
  11. This is a good site http://dslrmodifications.com/DSLRcomparison.html
  12. Do you know what the camera mount is on your old lenses, what camera were they used on? Edit: ah old Pentax K mount mount I think from your post. Old Pentax m42 lenses can work great on a Canon for example, about £10 for n adapter. I have one old pentax k mount too though need to be careful the mirror clears the sticky out bit.. The 1100d has video which if you using it as a day time camera might be useful. The 450d is too old to work fully with for example the Android app DSLR Controller if that is any help. Whether they are suitable would be trail and error on seeing their image quality. A quick look suggest uses the same sensor so I guess the biggest difference is digic logic 4 (the 450 is digic logic III I think) and video
  13. happy-kat

    a7s star eater with M33?

    This has a little background to help you know whether or not you experienced it. link here though it sounds like you are not :)-
  14. If you do it like I did mine you can plonk and go anywhere. mine here
  15. happy-kat

    a7s star eater with M33?

    When you are next set up on the same target if you took a 30 second exposure or even a 29 second and a 40 second as well and then compared those to the above image. Even comparing the three new images to eachother may help know what is happening.

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