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  1. That will be interesting. Look forward to seeing your first go.
  2. Yes it is on my Virtuoso mount and it's great flexibility. Plus the mount works manually with no power this is not often on all tracking goto mounts.
  3. So you won't want to then additionally use a barlow as you might get very degraded views.
  4. That's a strong bright one. Very intense.
  5. Something to ponder. Member Nigel G had tried his ED80 on his Star Discovery mount, even used it for an imaging run (he's proficient within altaz imaging limitations). (I'll double check later incase I recall incorrectly) It does read that an EQ mount is unnecessary hassle for you. Can you visit a shop to gauge size of equipment or check out youtube to see if videos hello you gauge size.
  6. ^ I think they don't work without power which is why I think the freedom find mounts better as can be fully manual, track or goto.
  7. I would consider do you need an EQ mount it could be adding to your setup delay. If you want help lining things up with what you have you could buy a red dot finder and fix it to your lens. Astroboot is where I got my extra RDFs. Goto mount are not all equal many will not move unless powered with handset. Skywatcher freedom find mounts can be used completely manually so less restrictive and more grab and go for quick session where no goto is needed.
  8. If this is for the idea to create parts to 3D print then I use SketchUP as it is for home use I can use the free version and there is an extension to output STL file format. There are loads of free extentions to add even further functionaility plus YouTube is full of video tutorials. I know AutoCAD very well and that knowledge was a comfortable fit for Sketchup as draughting is draughting.
  9. This is the thread, for when you want to do what you can with the equipment you already have for DSO at a later time. link here Enjoy your planetary and lunar imaging.
  10. I run my skywatcher Virtuoso mount with a Celestron powertank the liFePo4 one. It is super light and very small and a 7Ah it's plenty for me *you will not be able to run a dew heater as well from it. Lead acid battery was going to be too heavy and pain to remember to always keep it charged regardless of use.
  11. If you are in the northern hemisphere then the book Turn Left at Orion is a great read and includes what expect to see and how to star hop to it and goes from binoculars to a large telescope with smaller in between.
  12. You got a plug on NASA night sky network just now on face book with your news letter. :-)
  13. What do you mean by super long accumulated exposures please in relation to the challenge?
  14. Observing and imaging are two different activities. You could use a webcam and have a go at imaging the Moon and planets with your dob. If you want to try imaging DSO you want to be thinking about a tracking mount of some sort, the more it will carry the more capable the mount will need to be. If you just want to try now then use your T5 with kit lens and have a go at wide field or star trails. You still get to dabble at collecting data, processing it and whether you like what you are doing and learning.
  15. has some easy to follow and get started tutorials you might like.