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  1. Very interesting read, thank you for sharing.
  2. happy-kat

    Advice about telescope

    Or this one, this mount which has freedom find, a great feature. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-gti-wifi/sky-watcher-skymax-127-az-gti.html
  3. Thank you, though I should point out that the chamfered edge of the finder shoe is a different angle to the edge of the tripod mount. So whilst the clamp does tighten on the finder shoe the area of touch is slim across the shoe and tripod bracket.
  4. happy-kat

    DSS trails

    Two things during to mind 1 there is a rogue sub in the mix with bad trails. 2 it has treated the globular as a comet. Though on a prior version 3.3.4 (which I used) you had to manually indicate the comet but I haven't tried the latest version yet.
  5. happy-kat

    Motor Drive Astrophotography

    You'll need to polar align your mount if you intend to use it to image if you've got a motor. You might decide to fashion something to help you do this to get it as close as you can then perhaps drift align it to get it as accurate as you can. If you set up in the same place marking where the tripod legs to would speed up the next session.
  6. I've put mine in a standard Skywatcher finder shoe and using that to mount on the mount clamp on my Skywatcher tripods. It perhaps isn't perfect but it clamps quite solid and I'll also be using the DSLR on it. I've also got an eqclamp I use with it as I haven't got round to tapping a 3/8" thread on the base leg.
  7. happy-kat

    Some wide field experiments

    The samyang has really tight stars but way more vignetting but I'd use that one as the milky way looks very promising.
  8. Aren't they beautiful.
  9. happy-kat

    Motor Drive Astrophotography

    Are you into DIY. One member added stepper motors and fashioned a polar alignment rig for their EQ2 mount.
  10. happy-kat

    Some Messiers and Heritage 130p first light

    That's a great report. They sure are a tidy, capable, compact, portable telescope and versatile with being able to put the telescope on other mounts having a standard dove bar.
  11. The animation is rather nice. (Isn't it 1 image per post in any of the comp entries)
  12. It is portable, do you need a portable option with your 100p.
  13. Lovely intense colour.
  14. happy-kat

    I need sum Help my Bois.

    Respecting your budget I think I'd see if I could find/wait for one that had motors as the motor gets you into AP and can be expensive to add after. Just don't look lower than an eq 3-2. There will always be better out there but right now you have no idea on whether you have the patience, access our home life to support the hobby. So spending wisely on your first purchase let's you learn a lot with a considered budget and you'll see from that thread there's stuff possible and lots to learn. You still need budget for that camera element and possibly processing software though you can start with all free software.

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