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  1. Welcome Have you inserted the diagonal first into the focuser before your eyepiece? Use the eyepiece with the highest number (lowest magnification).
  2. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    The Pinwheel shows very clearly on my monitor but looks barely visible on my tablet viewing this post again.
  3. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Thanks Steve. Last time for me was the.15th February!
  4. I wish that I could pick stars within 90 degrees off the first, as I might have 180 degree vista but 3 street lights limit it down to 90 degrees to actually see a star) the second star I just have to accept as I can never see it. I do use a small three way level to make sure I am level, I don't like those bubble things. Polaris is I gather not a good star to use as it doesn't actually move (enough).
  5. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    M101 Pinwheel and many friends. Yey it was clear last night and not working today so could stay up a bit later. Imaged from 10pm to 11pm,. a bit of time lost trying to align as the street lights make it so hard to see stars. I can choose and align the first star but the second star I just accept where the telescope slews to as I can't see the star. Red dot finder aligned live on first star using tablet screen to centre the star and then adjusted RDF to point to it. Virtuoso Canon 1100d vintage Q200 200mm lens at f4 (wide open) ISO 800 21 x 30 seconds + 1 x 20 seconds 1 x 45 seconds (felt the stars were just a smidge too elongated so stuck with 30 seconds) just over 12 minutes of data (I know just not enough!) Flats, dark flats and bias files from session in February. DSS 4.1.0 beta StarTools using deconvolution to squash the chromatic aberration on the blue channel (can't wait for my Evoguide) and a final histogram squash of the red channel (light pollution) and HLVG in PaintShopPro saved as png. This is the platesolve, over 20 DSO in this small area in Virgo. This is a resize of one raw showing the street light got into my 10inch flocked bazooka (all subs are like this).
  6. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    You have a lovely big dob, it's not insignificantly sized it is an 8 inch mirror? Do you get decent images of the Moon using your Starshoot? Jupiter over here is way too low I can only dream of how high it as a couple years ago. If you look to upgrade perhaps spend time reading reviews and looking at images to see if the camera considering is going to be a noticeable step up.
  7. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    Your XT8 looks like real winner for planets. Sorry I can't offer more help.
  8. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    That possibly looks out of focus too. Getting the settings right takes experimentation. Have you looked at what other people have used for the settings to get results?
  9. StarTools RGB Noise?

    I too only use autodev to quickly show how much I need to crop otherwise I use manual dev.
  10. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    I can't add a link between my tablet will crash. You could search this forum for it James has just released a new version. (I think it's Linux ...)
  11. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    Firstly the idea is to let the planet drift across the field of view for each video created. There won't be rotation of the planet in short clips. Secondly why not try oocapture written by JamesF on this forum. Good luck on your next try.
  12. Or what about the new ed72. Though there aren't so many images taken with it yet, could try looking to see if much on astrobin. An articulated screen is useful.
  13. Problem Streetlight

    That's grounds for a complaint and shielding will not be enough (I do not think) if that light housing is the wrong type for an LED setup in the first place.
  14. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    Reading other posts on your starshoot you need to turn the gamma up all the way. Try that next time you can have another go. I don't think you're yet exhausted the equipment you already have.
  15. Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece Camera II

    What size is your dob telescope?