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  1. The heritage 130p telescope can be removed from the base and fitted to a stable photo tripod using an eq clamp as the heritage has a standard dove bar. I use mine with it sat on an upturned bucket and I sit on a garden chair.
  2. DSS help

    Today from another post there's something that might have been able to have done this, software is free and called sequator, looks like it would have done this image. I'm going to see if I already have visual basic on my W10 PC and if I do I'll install as many of my images include a hedge.
  3. Widefield - Part of The Milky Way

    That's a nice tight lens. As your in the southern hemisphere do you know what the dso are you captured please?
  4. Processing before stacking

    Raw files have no white balance applied so there's nothing to correct?
  5. Yes I find flats help and aren't really optional. My tablet is a 7 inch 2012 nexus so nothing flash. I use my phone to control the camera it makes it easier and I do lights then flats then take the filter I use off and do bias. I'm not doing darks currently.
  6. Sky at Night Magazine Equatorial Platform

    That's an interesting build to do, good luck with your project hope it is successful. Well you be sharing pictures along the way?
  7. Your aiming for the histogram in the middle and you'll see that the lightbox app is very bright even when I've got tablet brightness turned right down so adjust the app brightness slider I guess I turn it down to about 75% dimmed and then fiddle the exposure time to get the histogram peak in the middle. Trial and error. My tablet has a very evenly lit screen you may find your tablet isn't and you can't get ok flats.
  8. I don't but I place the lens in the middle of the screen (I balance the tablet on top of the lens) and I adjust the lightbox app brightness to suit as full blare is too much.
  9. AZ-EQ5 GT or HEQ5??? Please help!

    Does the az eq5 give the option of visual use and can the mount be nudged by hand in az mode? (i have not read the manual so I don't know) Doesn't the heq5 only work when powered there no manual movement? Is there an imaging payload difference between the mounts?
  10. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Might even find someone you already know has some m42 mount lenses kicking around.
  11. Even the heritage needs cooling i just use my least powerful eyepiece when first observing. There's a picture of the mak on the heritage base as one member has that combo.
  12. That's come out well. I use the android app lightbox as my 7 inch tablet fits well over a camera lens for taking flats with if that helps.
  13. Flats would help with the vignetting. If you are using a lens then you might find the app lightbox on either a phone or tablet gives a big enough light source to take your flats. Same iso and f just vary exposure to aim for histogram peak in the middle. That's how I take mine. What about trying bias files instead of dark files.
  14. Hope all is well now. Perhaps this member might be able to help specifically @bobro on attaching your DSLR directly to the Celestron eq2 tripod. I don't have your tripod myself to know what bits it has already and what might be needed.
  15. Canon vs Nikon

    Those tests don't allow for in camera noise reduction star eating analysis, arguably the cleanest image to look at has the potential to have wiped out the most stars. This is still a current issue today with some Sony cameras but that's hidden from those tests.