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  1. I hope someone will be able to help please. I just got a shock I had not expected the price to print my part for my mini mak project that was more than I paid for the telescope. I had thought that the 3dhub service included for hobbyist like me but I guess it doesn't but is aimed at proper prototyping print service. My model measures just under 10cm by 4.1cm and can be seen at the end of this thread link here. I have a couple brass m3 inserts I would be heat pushing through the turret on the finished item. I think on my limited reading up it would be in ABS. Can anyone point me towards a hobbyist 3d printing service or could print my model for me at a discussed price please?
  2. My barn door is made from chip board, in a previous life it was something else. It is a completely self contained unit and needs no tripod just a flatish surface. Link in my signature.
  3. I have the 40mm EF pancake lens it makes a great everyday lens as so small and tidy, but for astro my preferred lens is a vintage 50mm all manual lens including p&p under £25 (plus £7 adaptor) Fast at f2 and good star shapes so I only stop it down a little bit. I like and prefer prime lenses (none zoom). On a 1100d
  4. Fingers like to touch, I don't think you need to give things to handle, being on tripod on display I think is fine. Do know who your local club is so you can point people if interested to find out more about the hobby.
  5. What does half the aperture mean.... Aperture squared in minutes. 5.6 x 5.6 = 31.3 6 4 x 4 = 16 So you can get the same light collected in 16 minutes at f4 which takes 32 minutes at f5.6 Thirds focusing is anywhere where the thirds intersect.
  6. Cheers. Ken brings a valid point about so rusty what might we forget next opportunity. Lol
  7. You can start with the kit lens that your camera probably came with. An intervalometer is really useful for taking images. I paid £13 for mine. This is a good read go to the very start of this member's blog. link You don't mention a budget but an example lens might be the Canon 50mm f1.8 nifty fifty at around £60 second hand.
  8. Well I can right all of those off, even though I had 52 good images out of 61 the general light gradient in that direction was hideous anyway so even though more subs and a bazzoka lens shield the final result is worse than first time around. So next clear night I willl revert to the back garden and the neighbour's hedge and restrictive view but where I think there is less sky glow dome in the Westerly direction.
  9. I think first buy and read the book Making Every Photon Count.
  10. It's better than mine and your sky looks quite dark.
  11. Enjoyed reading your processing thread on this.
  12. Lovely find and just a £5. I would not use any old stuff to clean the lenses but have a research on here first to make sure you know how to do the glass to make them better not worse.
  13. Interesting and fun Given its now exceeded its total lifetime is it now space junk?
  14. My A4 flocked tube worked great. Filthy moist air again but a lot warmer outside I had my dinner whilst I sat imaging out there. I'll have to pass on the rosette now as I think I'm going to lose half the images I took as my target drifted over to the other side and my mount was weight biased for a rising object not a declining one. Had to do two star alignment three times to get tracking good enough most likely due to my poor accuracy contorting around objects to sight through the rdf. So my one given win is my flocked tube no nasty street light direct reflection on the lens. Tomorrow I'll see what I managed. Before I forget lens was set at f3. That's 6 times using my battery now and still half charged.
  15. Yep only save as tiff. Have you tried any other fits file?