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  1. If it helps I've just started using dark flats and these have made a big difference in quality of the background sky.
  2. telescope 100% by hand ... help leica

    Welcome Please could you use jpeg image, I can't see tif. I want to see what your telescope is.
  3. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    That's great too Matt, will you be trying to add to your data when the clouds go?
  4. Why not the Skywatcher Evogluide 246mm Ed guidescpe? I know it is untested but it is ED and is top of my considering list. I am currently using a Nikkor Q200 mm f4. For RGB it shows CA so not ideal, plus possibly some corner lens aberration too. Hence I am looking at the Evogluide.
  5. I think first try out I would not use a barlow. It will be tricky enough to keep Jupiter in the FOV using a webcam I think. The nice thing is you run the video and let Jupiter drift through the FOV. Stop the video, preposition and start the capture again as Jupiter again drifts across the FOV.
  6. It was a great challenge well done all
  7. £50 Imaging Cameras!

    Just updating, the driver for the neximage 5 can be found here LINK I have one version of the driver installed on XP and the latest on W10. Do note that you will most likely get 'This device cannot start. (Code 10)' if the USB port used is not the full mojo. The front ports on my desktop produced that error but plugging into a rear USB port and all is fine. Should add that XP was happy with the front port it is W10 that will only work on a rear USB port. Edit 1 - XP allocates 500mA for the USB ports. The neximage 5 drew 50mA when on in sharpcap. Next I'll be fiddling in W10 to get the front USB ports enough power allocation.
  8. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    @JOC see the image above for some inspiration for your dob :-)
  9. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    That's a super image. Andromeda might have been better placed sky wise for 30 seconds. Orion is quite south now.
  10. The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Had to do some magic in StarTools on the blue channel to seriously kill off the halos. Bin 50%. Used a new method here using Deconvolution on the blue channel then re merged with red and green. 18 minutes 54 lights a mix of 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 and 5, bias, flats and dark flats. I had taken the 5 second images to sort the core out I just haven't done that part of the process. Along the way I have lost some star colour I think but it was a new way of processing out chromatic aberation so I may need to review that to bring any lost colour back. The CA was showing even before stretching just on the bin. Final colour channel balance in PSP then levels then saved as png. Very strong gradients as well to remove I think the street light got in my flocked bazooka tube.. Virtuoso mount, 200mm lens Canon 1100d Lesson for today make sure the red dot finder is aligned for your most powerful lens! Just realised I have caught the running man and can make it out, much clearer on the pre uploaded image. Edit: I did the 5 second stack but there is not enough overall resolution to make it worth layer blending the middle bit.
  11. To make sure use the optimum dss settings these are in bottletpburly's post link.
  12. Messin' around with a few bits....

    I have it installed but funny me can;t find it now, I'll keep looking as I am not going mad...
  13. For me quiet is all natural sounds, no cars or people even if you had all the natural noises.
  14. The sea must be quite magical at night with all that quiet.