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  1. Seeing I gather has been not great for mars observing perhaps you'll have a better experience soon
  2. Hi Great to see you got the Moon. What eyepieces do you have? The magnification is the telescope focal length / the eyepiece focal length 700/20 = x35 With the barlow (700*3)/20 = x105 Often a smaller sharp image is easier to observe then a bigger softer blurry image.
  3. I hope it turns out all fine for you with the lens
  4. I would use the lens with a lens shield, helps with dew but also prevent random surface light hitting. Tube of rolled card from the brown side of a cereal box held with rubber bands would do if you don't have something none reflective black.
  5. have you moved the weight to the top of the bar closest to the tripod head?
  6. Getting some extended region there. When you stacked the images did you use kappa sigma clipping, it can help with star shapes.
  7. What are you using to control your bresser hd camera, I don't see the capture software mentioned.
  8. This link might be inspiring, have fun with what you have whilst deciding researching next step https://youtu.be/e0JSTF8SGi4
  9. A picture of your existing equatorial mount might help with suggestions on motorising it if it's possible. You can take images using a static tripod. The T3 is not full frame I have the same camera. You just have to work within what works before star trails appear. However star trail images are also great especially if you have an interesting item/object/forground to set them in. The 100mm being macro should I think have a good flat lens with little edge distortion (off top of head). Exposure length to not have star trails showing is 400/lens focal length as a start for you, then see whether you need shorter or can go longer. For star trails then say 30 seconds would be a start then take an hours worth. If I was going to a dark sky one of my targets might be Andromeda with the 100mm and take 200+ 4 second shots. Check the camera histogram you want the light peak clear of the left edge but I know with my T3 I can't go higher than ISO1600 otherwise way too much noise. For camera control I use an Android device and app DSLR Controller with an OTG cable with the camera USB lead. Makes focus a breeze plus has timelapse ability. Use the lens in manual mode. For aiming I have a red dot finder that fits in the camera flash hot shoe. The camera lens may get dew so I've made a dew shield from a plastic flower pot that I've flocked. A piece of card rolled and rubber bands over the lens will suffice. Though ideally not white card, inside cereal box is at least muddy brown. Once you have images it's a whole new world of processing with many very good and free solutions. This is a static tripod 28mm lens image Link here Have fun playing and enjoy the night sky.
  10. Hi There are several things that can help stabilise a tripod, assuming it is level. Use the tripod on stable ground, decking wobbles for example. Don't extend the tripod legs fully. You could put something a little heavy on the tripod accessory tray, or hang a weight from the centre of the tripod. Fill the tripod legs with sand. Use a remote trigger for the camera shutter.
  11. You have two super lenses, the white barrel will have good optics and the 100mm is a lovely lens as well. Many deep sky objects are huge and camera lenses can be used to capture them. You might find the white barreled lens can be used wide open at full aperture but the 100mm may be like the 85mm it's a sibling of and benefit from stopping down to f4. Both are two long in focal length for static tripod use really so an equatorial tracking mount would be best. The kit lens at 18mm could be used on a static mount at around 20 second exposure length.
  12. If you have an android device then DSLR Controller and a OTG cable with the canon camera USB cable works well (if your camera is compatible).
  13. I personally use StarTools as it is good price and in active development with tools to help with my less than ideal data, plus I've GIMP and paintshoppro and affinity photo both of which I lucked on for £23 specials.
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