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  1. The az-gti with free firmware update can work on a wedge in eq mode however I'd then use just a camera with camera lens for DSO imagining. For the Moon or planets you can use the mount in AZ mode and with the telescope MAK and possibly the 130 as with planets you tend to do video.
  2. Doing a google looks like Nebulousity by Craig Stark works with the camera.
  3. From what I've read the az-gti can be guided and it looks like it guides using both axis. There is a bigger thread on it on cloudy nights and shared guiding graphs. The mount also had goto and can either use app or if you have one a hand controller. The sticky I've read is sometimes members have commented that their mount wasn't quite right when using it manually by hand ie no app no power but there's a thread on that and what some did to fix it. The mount doesn't have the extra bits that the star adventurer has for time lapse etc. Doesn't your eq5 have a greater imaging payload though?
  4. There is a long thread on imaging using the eq3-2 and you can read and see what members have managed with it and gripes. The bigger the telescope the heavier it is an opportunity of it being a wind sail.
  5. There are differences between the ED80 and the ED72. Weight, length and field of view spring to mind. You might want to consider if these are a consideration to you.
  6. The ED100 isn't it longer and heavier and is that not a consideration to?
  7. What have you plugged your WiFi adaptor into? @Wako
  8. That's a great thread of Rod's. I also managed to pick up a used eq clamp on here which clamps the heritage dove bar and the clamp fits to a ball head.
  9. Depends how heavy you know you will crop by and whether you have a tracking mount.
  10. You can do this with the ball head in the notch. Sorry sketch was for ST80 but same idea. Then azimuth is made by the rotation of the base of the ball head adaptor and altitude by raising lowering the telescope angle using the ball staying in the notch. I've used a ball head like this but not yet with the heritage specifically.
  11. It was a tip given by a member on here who is well respected for his photography.
  12. Focus where a third intersects spreads focus better then using the centre for stars.
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