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  1. happy-kat

    Dobsonian DSO

    Your telescope does sound it might be big, you'll have to search and see what others have managed/using. There is a thread on cloudy nights where it is being used for imaging and guided if that helps.
  2. happy-kat

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    A couple weeks back but did have a go at Wirtenan in the fog with Capella. Christmas Eve shrouded in swirling fog oh and Moon was 98%. Still with the weather like it was can't be fussy so setup anyway, this time using the 85mm f1.8 Canon lens at f4 on 1100d with a flocked flower pot shield. Using a Virtuoso mount and Android tablet rattled off 110 lights of 30 seconds ISO 400, 24 flats , 23 dark flats and 23 darks and bias files. Stacked in DSS using the best placed image for the comet rather then the highest scoring light made a stack on the stars and one on the stars and comet, comet only did not work due to the lack of clear sky around the comet. The processing was in StarTools with a mix of layers and masks. I have tried to keep more star data in this process rather then isolate away the background too strongly. The fog did make the data a bit more murky then i had hoped for especially with 110 light frames, took quite a while marking the comet on every frame. I reprocessed having another go again using StarTools I created three images. Stars stack for the stars and then healed out the comet area. Stars and comet stack for the comet and subtracted the stars using layers and then used the life module do subdue the stars and then the heal module to remove Capella area. Then worked on the colour in the comet and lastly combined the files again using layers module. I am currently trying to create a time lapse of 11 images from DSS each stack having 10 images with the reference file starting with the first then advancing 11 frames before the next batch's reference frame ending with the last frame ending as the last reference frame in the last batch. But these batches are hard to process as the fog and cloud are much more evident. Work in progress. Thought to share the effort here as well as the challenge.
  3. It's faint but still a line of stars rather than just a smattering random arrangement.
  4. happy-kat

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    You could also ask the supplier of your mount if you bought it from an astro specialist. I like the Celstron lifepo4 battery I use but I don't know if the voltage or power connector is compatible with your mount. You could send first light optics an email, who are a uk stockist of your mount, and of lifepo4 batteries which one would work with your mount.
  5. There's a noticeable line of stars on the left between the two framing stars, interesting as they really stand out with averted vision.
  6. I can't read any of your post on my tablet it is just solid black lines.
  7. Also factor in weight and size. You may find taking a 200p out side to setup too heavy and bulky or you might store it in a room where there are stairs so getting it out to use a pain. It's finding a telescope that works best for you so it gets used to take advantage of those clear patches.
  8. happy-kat

    Dobsonian DSO

    What about going lighter and the azgti mount used in altaz for observing with one of the telescope flavours and in eq mode with say camera and lens for imaging where you also use a wedge and counter balance. That mount can be guided too. If purely imaging then there is the star adventurer but it doesn't have goto. Though I've assumed you've got existing camera stuff.
  9. happy-kat

    Skywatcher az-gti mount

    Very nice purchases. Do you want the accurate tracking for visual use?
  10. happy-kat

    Lunar Eclipse 21st January 19

    Went to bed but woke up at 4:20 and it was clear, yey so opened the bedroom window wide and enjoyed the 66% eclipse for several minutes, particularly liked seeing the star just below to the left. The sky looked really still and with no moisture, a first for months.
  11. happy-kat

    Yet more Lunar eclipse!

    Great colour captured.
  12. You've got star colours in there on looking closely that's always nice to see.
  13. happy-kat

    Dobsonian DSO

    You might like the no eq dso challenge thread to see what members are doing within the limitations of their tracking altaz mounts.. Field rotation is what limits exposure length and even if stay within a 30 second level you'll still need to crop the edges. Whether it is a sensible to spend on that type of mount if imaging is your main driver is a personal choice. Is your main focus observing or imaging and can you see enough stars to compete a goto alignment.
  14. happy-kat

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Love the lone star bottom left.
  15. happy-kat

    First 'Proper' go at Orion

    Well done. Shows light pollution needn't be a barrier.

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