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  1. I use DSLR controller and a android phone to control my 1100d really helps with focusing, no laptop used.
  2. Looks a fair price comparing to MPB, plus has video crop mode helps on planets/moon. Do you know the shutter count?
  3. If you still have some why not use those same don't bother with either a 80ED or 130PDS just get a mount for now
  4. was windy now it is totally still here
  5. Does the door have a rebated join on closure?
  6. That illustrates my thoughts and the spectrum graphs are very useful as well, thank you. Even 20-30% pass on lighting is way better than getting the lot right now so is The L-enhance by optilong has a narrower second peak and is second on my list but the UHC has high % of wavelength pass in the ranges and good product QA.
  7. Thanks Steve. That's my concern with the UHC, it has a wider pass band on the second peak then a duo filter and I had wondered if that might be a loss of filtering in an LP area..
  8. No I hadn't yet but I did download the latest beta today that Ivo just released. So fresh I wore my oven gloves to download. I'll give the 3d a try on this reprocess I'm doing.
  9. I have been pondering for a while now and my limiting factors are: 1 Get the most out of what I already have 2 be mindful of my foot print and raw resources, so second hand appeals 3 less is more, there is usually more that can be gained from 1 then often not yet squeezed
  10. I already use EF lenses on the APS-C 1100d body it's great as pretty much no vignetting. I already own a 2" astro filter and use various step rings to connect to the different lenses, though none of those chop more than 4mm off the lens apertures. The 200mm is a 72mm threaded lens so stepping that down to 48mm is quite an aperture hit when the lens is good to use wide open. I am considering a narrow band duo filter and is part of my evaluating whether to get a FF for the ED50 or sell that and get a Canon 200mm l f2.8 (SH). Anyway you confirmed my thoughts it is either an astro cam or mirrorless to be able stick a filter on the back of that lens between the lens and camera.
  11. Yes thank you I could, but I do not want to use a clip in filter as the lens is commonly used for general daytime, though a clip in filter would solve the immediate question but doesn't have great long legs unless I sold it.
  12. I've assumed there's not enough back focus room on a canon 200mm f2.8 lens to fit a filter between the lens and camera at the back end, I'm guessing there would be if a mirrorless or astro camera was used.
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