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  1. There is a new combination, FLO now do the ST102 on the all new Skywatcher AZ5, it has slow mo controls and looks a better head for balancing, hopefully SGL member John will be writing a review of the mount very soon. Oh though that price is quite a bit higher than the AZ3 combo. link here
  2. That's looks a worthy upgrade to the AZ3 and looks good with the ST102. Can't see from the photos where you can adjust how tight both axis are so you can tweak to get a balanced mount that works with a nudge or using the twidle sticks.
  3. Astroboot often sell just the synscan heads and condition can vary if that helps
  4. I've got a bag but the jury is out if these bags actually work as the one that will work is a US product and very expensive to import (for an A4 sized bag) and there are no sellers within the EU. The other so called fire proof bags are as good as well luck given they are copies of the good US one I mentioned that does work. I contacted the company who seem quiet happy with product being with a Swiss seller.,.. Switzerland is not in the EU from the point of view of buying stuff but they didn't seem that bothered.
  5. Sign up for the email monthly from binocularsky, it's a great read.
  6. The Plough has come out very well. Are you using some form of tripod or stable mount?
  7. Don't they have to have a certain certification to be able to go as hand luggage?
  8. I have the Celestron LiFePo4 7ah one for my Virtuoso mount. They are not expensive because if you factor in how many charge cycles you could get mine works out at 13pence for every charge it is given and I've used mine 7 times and it's still half charged from when bought last November. Weighs nothing and was used in a recent power cut to light a room up.
  9. The 200D is the new SL2 aka the newer version on the SL1. Has no viewfinder and no articulated screen on the SL1 I haven't looked to see if the SL2 has either of those in the new model.
  10. That new mount does look the business with slo mo controls.
  11. An equatorial mount adds an unnecessary layer if just observing and extra weight to carry. If you are able to get to a local observing session or shop this will help in choosing. For observing I prefer an altaz mount which moves in simple left right up down and can point it quickly anywhere in the sky.
  12. Welcome. How portable does the setup need to be too get on foot to your mentioned fields, two trips might be needed. Adding a battery can add considerable weight unless it is such like the tracer then it adds price. It might be for observing outside of home binoculars might fit. It might be you'd need a bluetooth dongle which adds further cost if hoping to control it from a tablet, I don't know which is cheaper wifi or Bluetooth. Telescope can not be run on rechargeable AA batteries 8 of those don't carry enough power. Future learn do many great online courses they are free you pay for the certificate of you want one on completing on the courses I have done. The excellent Moons course is about to start.
  13. I very much like the capture of the trains passing. A selection I'd be extremely happy with.
  14. Hi Take a look at what other members on this thread are doing when they have the 6 or 8SE tripod (it is the same tripod) some are using the tripod but not the telescope. If starting something less demanding like a camera and lens would be perhaps easier. What equipment do you already own?
  15. astroboot do a red dot finder that mounts in a camera flash hotshoe.