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  1. I had a look at the hr plot and both components are close together within the K class.
  2. Nice report, I've never spotted the pup myself - I must give this a proper try this time around.
  3. Great report, I'm with you on the weather and tiredness front. I've skipped many opportunities recently as it takes too long to catch up if I let myself get too short on sleep. It's been small scope grab and go only for a while but I've been enjoying it a lot.
  4. I think the glare / sunglasses line is not very believable but at the same time doing this without planning permission does leave the astronomer open to stronger challenge and more likelihood of a challenge. That observatory looks epic to me, but if it was a 12ft skate ramp or a 12ft bungalow or any other 12ft construction dominating my horizon right on top of my garden boundary I wouldn't be so keen.
  5. It can also get expensive if you are careful!
  6. Regarding a focal reducer I would say don't get one for visual. I've got one for my C8 as a previous owner did AP with it but I tried it once and have never used it since as I don't use the C8 for wider fields of view.
  7. I originally booked the afternoon off and then realised I would probably get snarled up in work all day if I try that so I've booked the whole day. I can drive but knowing my luck I'll need a private jet to reach clear skies!
  8. I think I have this problem. I have almost a full set of Delos except for the 14mm which I didn't think I needed. But when a 14mm came up for sale recently I very nearly went for it just to avoid having a gap in a set. The thing that made me pause was that the end cap has changed design and I don't want an odd one out in my set. That's quite bad I know.
  9. I much prefer seated observing so that I can have a straight back and my head is looking naturally forwards rather than up or down. The other way around this for grab and go without a chair is having a camera tripod that can raise a small scope to head height so I can stand up straight and look straight ahead, even if observing targets at the zenith.
  10. In field testing with my st80 I have identified altitude balance and the minimisation of vibes as the two outstanding issues I need to make sure I have covered. On the topic of altitude balance I would like things balanced with little or no need for using friction to hold position, so the idea of a dovetail that can go back far enough in order to hold the scope forward is a good one. With vibes I think lower weight will make a difference, and not being too greedy in expectations of huge magnifications will also help.
  11. A lot of your thoughts are the same as I've been thinking. I have a C8 but it's not as sharp as my maksutov or newtonian (it is however a lot of aperture in a small and light ota). I'm not surprised about your 80mm being used a lot. I'm having a great time with my st80 at the moment as it's so easy to use. I've been thinking for some time about a mid sized refractor and initially thought something like a 120mm f7 to f9 would be ideal, but I checked them out at the stoneleigh show last year and they are bigger and heavier than I had hoped and require a serious mount. The issue if they take much effort to set up is that they would be competing with my vx14 and would likely not see so much use. So I have come around to the idea of a 100mm or so apo probably being more complementary in my case.
  12. Thanks that is helpful. I was thinking that I find it easier to see how I could replace the st120 and not so easy to see the maksutov going. My idea has been to maybe replace the 4 smaller scopes I have (from 60mm to 127mm) with just a travel apo and a 4 inch apo so simplifying my kit. If I can cover more bases with less scopes that would be good. And besides, I think it has probably gone into the category of being an itch that has to be scratched at some point having noticed that smallish apos are a very common scope in the arsenal of the more experienced observers who still enjoy the hobby after many years doing it.
  13. I am wondering if an apo around 100mm would better my st120/mc127 combination. I use my st120 mostly for white light solar with a wedge and solar continuum filter. Would the smaller apo do better in white light solar. In theory the extra aperture if the st120 would help it quite a lot. Would a 100mm apo do better than my 127mm maksutov on doubles, lunar, etc. Again the extra aperture of the Mak is going to help it. One 100mm apo costs more than my st120 and mc127 maksutov combined. I'd be interested in hearing any comments.
  14. I would go for more aperture if visual, but I would only go for the biggest you can afford and handle on your own
  15. I have no right to post an opinion as I haven't owned either... but I would say go for it. I spent a couple of years looking out for a 180 maksutov and hardly any ever came up and I missed out on those that did. In the end I gave up and decided to look for a C8 instead. Within a few weeks I had a C8. Therefore if a good opportunity for a 180 maksutov is a rare event but opportunities for sct's come much more often, I would take this opportunity. My other reason to volunteer an opinion is that I still have my 127 maksutov and the C8, whilst good, did not result in my smaller maksutov being dropped from use.
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