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  1. I've not had a go at this but have now added it to my hit list.
  2. Paz


    M22 in Sagittarius is a good one. Its only visible low in the south in the summer from the UK so you can't get the same clear views as M13 but it is big and easy to find without computers or a tough star hop. M13 is high up and out of the galactic plane but M22 is in the direction of the centre of the galaxy and there's plenty of other globs and dso's in that area to check out. M13 reminds me of freezing in my back garden in the winter, but M22 reminds me of being on holiday.
  3. It's good news that you can merge the images ok. I've been using a Baader maxbright II with my 102 ed-r for a while and can focus with a 2.6x and 1.7x glass path correctors, and depending on exactly how far along the optical train I place them I can vary the magnification and back focus a bit.
  4. I agree. When I started I was mostly into dso's but the more time has gone by the more I appreciate the moon. Last year I tried to list all the astro objects I have observed, and very unexpectedly the longest list by far was not dso's but lunar features.
  5. I've used various colour filters and dimming filters over time and have found some to be beneficial. However the higher the magnification gets the more marginal any benefits become as the dimming of a filter becomes a hindrance. Often a benefit I have found is that colour filters just bring different features to my attention that I go back to looking at without a filter. Looking at a full moon through various colour filters is a good example of this.
  6. I've got a tak prism and a Baader t2 prism. I only really use the Baader these days as it is stronger and more versatile.
  7. I've only been observing seriously for 5 years or so and the weather has been cloudy the majority or vast majority of the time which is bad but as I've never known it any better it doesn't bother me much. My set ups are designed with opportunism in mind and if I manage to get out and observe for 10 minutes before being clouded out that's a win for me. I have often gone for weeks on end with no opportunities at all but then appreciate it more when I do go out. I agree with the comments about having other things to do when it's cloudy, which does reduce the resentment.
  8. I use Delos eyepieces with a C8 and they work very well.
  9. Welcome to the club! Will be interested to hear how it goes when you get a chance to observe.
  10. This is one of the reasons it has grown on me, how easy it is to use compared to the quality of views you get is a good combination. I take my ed-r straight out and start observing anything. Today I took out the C8 but that required knowing that I would be going out and putting it in the garage to cool down.
  11. It's sometimes called atmospheric dispersion. You can get a corrector (called an atmospheric dispersion corrector) for it which does work but it a bit of extra workload to set up. I was looking at Mars this evening and had one set up (see below), I don't often observe the planets without it any more.
  12. I'm not really one for bring interested in arbitrary shapes and images that the brain makes up but this evening I saw a striking likeness of a rabbit face just to the right of Gassendi, I got a picture with my phone below...
  13. I would stick with the Ethos. I have a 31mm Nagler but I went for that for the eye relief (along with a 22mm Nagler and most of the Delos range for the same reason). If you are happy with the 21mm Ethos I think that would get picked for use rather than a 31mm Nagler the vast majority of the time.
  14. Good luck with the f7 fpl53 scope, I got one of those last year and it's been my most used scope ever since.
  15. I am also a fan of these and the t2 system for minimising light path. The fact that I'm fiddling around with it says more about me than the binoviewers, I've been using them fine for some time but if something can be fettled and it's so persistently cloudy that not much observing is happening then this is the result.
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