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  1. Moon for pudding

    Sounds good, it has been a couple of good evenings on the trot for looking at the moon. ☺
  2. Seeing a circle with a black dot in the middle may mean you are miles out of focus. As others have mentioned, try slowly and methodically adjusting the focus, you could easily adjust straight through the right focus point and miss it if you are unfamiliar with it. Focusing on a distant tree or lamp post in the daylight will make sure you are in the right ball park and you can also work out which way to turn the focus to focus closer or further away to reduce the amount of guessing further. Once you've got the focus right you should see the moons for sure and the 2 main equatorial bands but if the atmosphere is bad and the planet is low then details may come and go as the air movement constant changes. You may see a featureless blob one minute and then details will materialise by magic..and then disappear again! Even with the best gear giving it time at the eyepiece is necessary on order to catch the good moments of seeing.
  3. Lunar diamonds

    I was looking at the moon yesterday evening with the vx14 starting in daylight and packing up before dark. I noticed one diamond hanging out on its own at the south pole at one point. Petavius was good and the dark line on the crater floor I had not seen before, I guess because I normally never get the chance to observe the moon at this phase. I saw a forked tongue structure to the ejecta thrown forwards from messier / messier a which I hadn't noticed before, but couldn't make out the butterfly ejecta. Mare Crisium is usually flat when I get to look at the moon during later phases but yesterday it was 3d all around. The flooded area around Yerkes and Lick being of most interest.
  4. I would vote for keeping the reflector myself, but a good way to test is the next few times you go out which do you pick given the choice. If you find yourself going for the refractor because it's easier then it may be best to stick with that.
  5. 20" truss dobsonian

    Sorry to hear you are selling this Mike, unfortunately I would never get political approval for a scope like this. However I've still got your old VX14 which has been great and is still seeing lots of action.
  6. The higher magnification you get with the 6.3mm makes focusing more critical compared to lower magnifications. A short focal length plossl is harder to use as you have to get your eye closer to it but it shouldn't be too bad quality wise. I have a 6.3mm plossl and I find the view quality is fine but it's too fiddly to use for my liking. An 8mm bst would give you 50x magnification which is not asking too much of the scope so it should be fine. I've got an ST80 and an 8mm BST and although I can't recall if they have seen action together I would have no concerns about pairing them up.
  7. I agree, there's a bit of space under the 17mm! 😉 A very nice set there.
  8. The H-Beta Filter

    Good luck with the new filter. I use my UHC the most then an oiii and the H b the least but it is satisfying knowing you've got one in your arsenal for when you need it.
  9. Pm'd re parfocal rings.
  10. I've only been doing this for a few years and the weather has always been mostly poor in that time so I don't have any better experiences to compare it to. 6 weeks with no opportunities does happen now and again. Two weeks with no opportunities happens often. I keep everything ready to go on an opportunistic basis because it's easy to miss a chance if you were not expecting it. I probably have too much stuff and need to thin things out a bit but this is a long term interest for me and I do feel I'm getting my monies worth over the long term.
  11. Binoviewer Moon

    A dangerous post - this should be accompanied by a wallet warning.
  12. The 1874 Transit of Venus

    A great read!
  13. Best time of the year?

    Personally I often find myself wishing it was summer just because I struggle with the cold despite adopting every trick in the book to combat it.
  14. Observing from indoors?

    Secretly I will admit I have had the odd go looking at the moon from indoors but don't tell anybody!
  15. 20mm T5 v 22mm T4 Naglers

    The 22mm has an adjustable height eye guard so you can set it exactly where you went to help with eye placement. I have no problem with eye placement and find it easy to use but to be fair I am well used to it now. The only eyepiece I find a bit tricky is a BST in my light set up but this is because I use it to plug a gap in my SLV set and I'm so used to the SLVs and their consistency that I never quite get used to the BST.