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  1. Great report, these are targets most of us can only read about in books or see in photos! It's nice when you have a mega session that you won't forget, you never know when these experiences are going to hit you.
  2. I think any reasonable seller would allow you to inspect a scope accepting that a proper star test might not be practical. I think often you can reliably assume a scope or item of gear is good or not based on the seller themselves. If they are knowledgeable, courteous and give a straight answer to a straight question then you are less likely to end up disappointed or surprised by a problem.
  3. This is an interesting topic, I'm not qualified to answer the question but a good book on black holes is "Gravity's Fatal Attraction" by Begelman and Rees.
  4. With the holidays approaching I am thinking about what grab and go set up to take on holiday. I've always made a point of never leaving astronomy gear in a car in the daytime in case it gets too hot and something gets damaged but I'm not sure if that will be possible this year. Has anyone any knowledge or experience of how heat can damage things like scopes, eyepieces, rubber bits, greases/lubricants on mounts, etc or am I worrying too much.
  5. Great post, this kind of observing is completely out of my league but is exciting to read about.
  6. Paz

    A Start On Doubles With New Dob

    Nice report, perhaps the beginning of a slippery slope into doubles hunting?! I'm also a fan of fewer targets rather than more, partly because I don't use go to and partly because I like to think about what I'm looking at.
  7. This scope will be fine on planets. f4 just means it will be more sensitive to collimation and more predisposed to coma at the edges, but on the plus side it's smaller and lighter and can do wider fields than a longer focal length scope. My vx14 has a baader steel track style dual speed focuser which works fine.
  8. Paz

    Observing goal for life

    I do write down all my sessions but so don't keep a tally of how many objects I have seen from any lists. My aims vary widely, but fundamentally I'm interested in what I'm looking at and the science of it more than I'm interested in aesthetic views. In the end I didn't make it out tonight but my hit list was just to spot V1357 Cygni which is a nondescript star in terms of the view but it is also the star associated with the black hole Cygnus X1 which makes it interesting. Reading up on the science of targets before and after seeing them is a something I enjoy doing.
  9. Paz

    Paracorr and 2" filters?

    You can screw a filter onto the paracorr while it is in place but this means reaching into the ota in the dark and so carries a bit of risk unless you level the ota so that a dropped filter doesn't hit your primary mirror. You also have to be careful of the secondary. I don't like focuser draw tubes or paracorrs sticking out into the light path and have my primary set such that my focuser holds the paracorr back out of the light path. Adding a filter on the end would necessitate moving the primary up a bit to move the paracorr out further so the filter didn't stick out.
  10. Paz

    Daytime Venus anyone?

    I wasn't able to have a go today but have done Venus in the daylight a few times recently but with no moon to jump off. I put my scope in the shade so there can be no sun mishaps, and as I don't use goto I pick a ground marker and sweep vertically up from it using the finder scope to search, then I move 5 degrees along and sweep up again and this usually does the trick quickly enough. With an eq mount I sweep across right ascension then change the declination a bit and sweep again. I've found my best views have been in daylight/twilight.
  11. Paz

    Exit Pupil vs Max Magnification

    Welcome to sgl. I would recommend erring on the side of less rather than more magnification at least at first, exit pupils of 0.7mm and 0.5mm are not going work well so often. An 8mm eyepece would give 150x magnification and a 1.3mm exit pupil, thats a good start and would be winning on many targets in most conditions. A 6mm eyepiece would be 200x and an exit pupil of 1mm which would still be sensible but you begin to trade things off... more magnification when it is possible but it but it will be possible less often. As well as the issue of amplifying noise and losing contradt at high magnification other things also get tougher... collimation accurracy matters more, focussing accuracy matters more, finding a target gets harder, and following a target gets harder. For those reasons I would recommend starting off lower than the theoretical maximum magnification and go higher when youve got your bearings on what works for you.
  12. Paz

    COMPLETED - Clear out *COMPLETE*

    I'd be happy to have the Lacerta Herschel Wedge for £80 posted.
  13. My C8 is the least used of my scopes at present. If I am doing grab and go the smaller maksutov usually gets picked, and if I'm going for aperture the VX14 goes out and the C8 therefore gets left out in the middle. It is however a load of aperture in a relatively small light package. Where it does win is I can break down my eq5 and other stuff with the C8 to go to other sites, I can't take the VX14 in the car. The views are softer than the reflector or maksutov but it does resolve more detail than my smaller maksutov. Cool down does need planning, I don't have a fan on the C8 so I can't speed up the process or break up the currents. I remember a fine view of M42 through my C8 with a UHC filter, which is proof enough that this scope has a lot going for it. Like the ST120 and MC127 which I'm more familiar with, I'm hoping to learn more over time about how to get the most out of the C8.
  14. Paz

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    My VX14 is my dream scope and I still get excited when setting it up. Anything bigger or smaller or different would just compromise one thing for another and tick less of my boxes. My dream second scope would be a 120mm/f7 or thereabouts apo refractor.
  15. Paz

    Are you comfortable standing when observing?

    I had the problem of wobbling at the eyepiece. I tried leaning gently on the mount but that just made the mount shake. Then I dug out a monopod and used it as a kind of stick to lean on and that helped a bit. Then I got a sky watcher observing chair. The chair looks awful, and feels rickety and poor quality but actually it is functionally perfect. I have my eyepieces pointing almost straight out these days, just up from horizontal so I look slightly down from horizontal. I set the seat so I am sitting up straight and looking forward in a normal (for me) position that doesn't need any effort to hold. I also got an extension pillar for my eq5 but it's a lot of extra weight and bulk and so isn't used so much.

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