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  1. That's a great photo, the Messier craters are one of my favourite lunar features. That lunar module looks like something from the scrap heap challenge tv show!
  2. The that's a good question. I guess you could mask off one hole so that you could observe through the other and still keep both eyes open.
  3. I was observing the sun yesterday and it was very wobbly. It's not much better where I am today.
  4. I don't do astro photography myself but from the occasional post that I read I do admire the determination and community spirit that photography people tend to have.
  5. It has been pretty cloudy for a while. I've been enjoying other hobbies that don't rely on clear skies to keep me occupied for a while. My guitar chops are improving a little as a result.
  6. You beat me to it, I've used stopped down aperture many times with the st80 (and also with a st120) to clean up CA (although the CA wasnt a big deal to me). A moon filter also makes it less noticeable and you can get semiapo filters that reduce CA by clipping both ends of the visible spectrum.
  7. Nice review, I've had lots of good times with an ST80. It is also very light which means it doesn't vibe so much on light mounts.
  8. It's a TS optics alt az head (bought separately from the tripod I should have said) that allows me to use a scope dovetail mount rather than a camera mount. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p9334_TS-Optics-Tilting-Head-and-Altazimuth-Mount-for-photo-tripods.html
  9. I use a 72mm f6 with it, here's a photo...
  10. That is interesting, I've read about the effect of splitting the beam in half and so each eye gets a dimmer image, but I had not come across the false exit pupil method of articulating it. Hopefully over time I can work out when/where binoviewing is preferable and when mono is preferable in practice. The lowest magnification I can get at the moment is with 30mm NLVs but with a little bit of vignetting, I'll try them out next. I have a 32mm Televue Plossl so I can try that out in one side for comparison.
  11. I don't like the cold at all, but over time I've slowly improved my cold weather gear it's now easier than it was. When it's really cold I pick one set up and stick with it, i.e. fix the eyepiece, fix the focus and just use that all session to avoid having to take off my gloves to fiddle about.
  12. Very nice, interesting how the secondary is supported, I guess that saves a bit of weight and bulk in the setup.
  13. I was going to give up with binoviewing as the top end binos were so expensive and also big/heavy and I had bad luck with lower end binos, bit when the MB2 was announced I decided to try that when it came out - and it is fine - lighter, smaller, shorter light path, and cheaper than the big boys but not far off on quality from what I had read. The gpc was as in the picture below... screwed into the back of the nosepiece which then screws into the front of the diagonal.
  14. That will be a fine set up, will be interested to hear what you think.
  15. I had that same thing last night - where an extended object grows and shrinks as you go between averted and direct vision!
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