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  1. Yes, it's common. I have the same with my SW200P. I found light leakage at the focuser and at the primary mirror. I use dark cloth shrouds. The best way to find where it's getting in is to have your camera running in a dark room, then go around with a torch or mobile phone and note where the image changes. John
  2. Can anyone tell me how I go about recording a PEC curve. I can find tutorials on how to use the curve, but not how I get it in the first place. I'm using PHD2 and EQMOD. Thanks John
  3. Thanks, that's great. Here's my contribution: Quasar [VV2006] J140354.6+543246 Magnitude: 20.69 Redshift: 3.258 Lookback distance: 11.8 billion years Indicated by the yellow markers in the image.
  4. I think I've found a quasar in one of my images from last year, that is near M101. I only know this based on a post I saw on CN. What is the best way to validate this if I don't know the name of the quasar? John
  5. A useful explanation for anyone who needs it............. Link: Understanding offset Note: The last histogram is a short video, so you have to click on it to see the results. John
  6. SHO post-processed in Gimp then finished off in PS. John
  7. While doing some more processing this morning, I noticed another artifact, but this one occurs at 90 degrees to the other and is smaller. This also occurs at multiple places throughtout the image. I'm thinking that it might be some sort of alignment feature added by the stacking program, but not cleaned up.
  8. OK, this is rather weird. Ha, OIII and SII stacked in ASTAP. See the two 'stars' at the end of each of the yellow lines. This isn't visible in the individual lights, so I can only think it is some sort of stacking artifact? It appears in all channels. John
  9. It doesn't look that way on my screen. Differences in displays & settings, perhaps.
  10. Yes, I used the 'Average' method and used stars for alignment in both programs, although ASTAP has other alternatives.
  11. Having been a user of DSS for several years, I've recently had a look at the stacking feature in ASTAP. The two images were both stacked using the same lights, darks, flats and dark flats. Ha = 17 x 360s, Temp -10 deg C, Gain 200, Offset 50. 30 x matching darks. 30 x flats 30 x dark flats. The images were stretched to about the same level in Gimp. I then zoomed to 250% and cropped, to show the comparison better. To me, the ASTAP stacked image looks a lot cleaner and a bit sharper too. Has anyone carried out a more extensive comparison between the
  12. Thanks both! I identified it as a font from the Nirmala UI font family, Malayalam from the Indian sub-continent. For reasons unknown, this was set to the default language in CdC and I have no idea why??? It was only in CdC as none of my other applications have been affected and uninstalling and re-installing CdC didn't solve it. I ticked the en - English box, then applied the settings and it seems to have solved the problem.
  13. Has anyone else seen this issue with the CdC menus? I have: Run a deep virus scan - no issues found. Downloaded and re-installed CdC, but the problem remains. I thought it could be a FONT problem on my laptop, but then I would expect to see the same issue with all the menu tabs. As you can see, File; Telescope; Update all look fine. Thanks John
  14. To take the flats, I used the Flats Aid in DSS. For the light, I used 3 white pillowcases and a Yaufey A3 Copy Board. Thanks.
  15. Here's a stretched image of the master flat for the red filter created using 30 flats in DSS. The dust mote I've highlighted is still visible in the Red image I've stacked when I stretch the image. I've used 30x flats, 30x dark flats, 30x darks and 40x lights. So, the dust mote isn't being fully cancelled out by the flats in DSS. Does this mean there is something wrong with my flats, or could it be something else? Thanks John
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