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  1. Starwiz

    Crab Nebula

    I had to throw away some of last night's frames due to issues with the guiding, but happy to have caught some detail in just 5 x 15 min subs.
  2. Starwiz

    NEQ6 Power

    Thanks all. They look very similar to my laptop supply which is 19V. I'd better use some creative labeling so I don't go plugging that in by mistake. John
  3. Starwiz

    NEQ6 Power

    Anyone know if a 12V mains adaptor can be used to power the NEQ6 rather than using a battery pack? Thanks John
  4. Starwiz

    M45 Around 3 hours

    Love those swirls of nebulosity.
  5. Starwiz

    Widefield Cygnus

    Very nice, lovely image.
  6. Starwiz

    NGC 891 Questions

    Hi Olly, I checked my PSP data as per the final image I posted, and the graph is telling me that I hadn't clipped the black point, so I'm wondering if saving it to JPEG affects it in this way? Thanks John
  7. Starwiz

    NGC 891 Questions

    Many thanks Olly. I'm at home at present recovering from a hernia op, so that's given me something to have a go at John
  8. Starwiz

    NGC 891 Questions

    Yes, I did think that myself to some extent, but followed the Doug German tutorials and he set the black point at 7-8, so that's what I did too. It got rid of the horrible lens-flare or whatever it was, so I decided to go with it. Thanks for the comments. John
  9. Starwiz

    NGC 891 Questions

    Here's what I ended up with after grabbing another 16 frames a few nights ago. So, 35 x 15 minute frames in total from which I stacked the best 20. Not the easiest of targets I've tried. John
  10. Starwiz


    Nice image. M13 was my first ever DSO, done before I got auto-guiding.
  11. Starwiz

    NGC 891 Questions

    Thanks all, for the excellent replies. I hadn't considered Almach being the source. Does anyone know if there's a way to clean up the unwanted artifacts in Photoshop? Thanks John
  12. 19 x 15 minutes stacked in DSS. Does anyone know what these streaks might be, indicated by the yellow arrow? My first thought was stray light getting in somewhere, but the streaks appear in the same place on all the subs over nearly 5 hours. Also, it's fairly dark in my back garden, so I can't think what light might be getting in anyway. Also, I noticed some distant galaxies, indicated by the blue arrows. Does anyone know what these are and their distances? Thanks John
  13. Starwiz


    NGC 891 sounds interesting, might have a go at that one.
  14. Starwiz


    Thanks for the feedback. The night started off quite transparent, but then it seemed like an atmospheric mist moved in. If I get a clear night, I may try extending the exposure to 15 minutes to see if I can bring out more detail. John
  15. Starwiz


    Fairly happy with this one, considering it's only 10 x 10 min frames stacked. John

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