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  1. Agree the 2 star align is much easier, my only other suggestion to improve accuracy is to refine your alignment with each star using something like a 12.5mm reticle EP, I found this helped a lot. Start with the larger EP and then fine tune with the reticle EP.
  2. G'day Bob and welcome to SGL Cheers
  3. Hi Graham and welcome aboard
  4. G'day and welcome to SGL Cheers
  5. G'day Kane and welcome to SGL Cheers
  6. G'day Mr Walt and welcome to SGL, plenty of helpful advice here.
  7. G'day Warren and welcome to SGL
  8. G'day and welcome to SGL
  9. I agree with above, my best viewing recently has been with a 14.5mm (x193) which gave brilliant crisp views, but it was good conditions. I have found anything more than that and I struggle a bit.
  10. Hi Jeff and welcome to SGL Cheers
  11. G'day and welcome aboard
  12. G'day Zack and welcome aboard
  13. G'day and welcome to SGL
  14. G'day and welcome to SGL, enjoy your new scope.
  15. MarkJ44

    New Chap

    Hi there and welcome to SGL, this is a great place to visit and there are many people with a wealth of experience to assist with any questions you may have.
  16. I'm not an EP expert but my go to EP with my CPC1100 is the 24mm Panoptic, just brilliant. I also use a TV 32mm plossol a lot which gives great views and more recently got a cheaper 42mm Wideview EP which works well. Cheers
  17. G'day Pete and welcome to SGL from a fellow aussie.
  18. G'day and welcome to SGL.
  19. Hi Bianca Another plus for the 6SE. Re retailers, Bintel and OzScopes already named but definitely check out Andrews Communications in Sydney, they are very good and well priced.
  20. MarkJ44


    Hi and welcome
  21. MarkJ44


    G'day Jeff and welcome to SGL
  22. G'day and welcome to SGL, plenty of folk here to answer any questions you have so ask away!
  23. MarkJ44

    Hello from majer

    G'day and welcome to SGL
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