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    The Moon ,craters ,doubles ,binarys,planet imaging,gardening,fruit growing ,family life,walking
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    Alpha Carinae V
  1. M92 the tricky one...

    Great stuff its always a good target ro view great work pat
  2. Solar system sketches 26/5/2017

    Great work pat
  3. Jupiter 26th May 2017

    Nice work pat
  4. Clavius

    Very nice ,its my style of drawing pat
  5. Hyginus area

    Nice work looks great pat
  6. Orion Nebula and moon

    I was on the moon tonight with the 12" sky watcher venus was great as well,all around the constelation of Orion is a dream for me plenty to look at pat
  7. Your best 2016 moon /dso sketch

    Loving the sun sketch
  8. Your best 2016 moon /dso sketch

    Hi Richard They are some great sketches hope to see more of yor work pat
  9. Your best 2016 moon /dso sketch

    Hi Mike great sketches the moon is some what a obsession of mine well for the last 11 years i would say imlove dso's,but the moon and its shadows just blow me away every time i look forward to some of you sketches i the new year great dso,sketches by the way i look forward ro more of you work pat
  10. Your best 2016 moon /dso sketch

    Thanks for your kind comments the moon as caught my eye since i started its always around and it never looks the same ,the reason i sketchd from day one is because you look for,longer at what ever it is a dso or the moon ,before i would spend five minutes looking at as many things as i could but never realy looked for,long enough have a great xmass and new year I was t going for a 3D effect at the time with the moon surface but when i saw those shadows bing cast by those mountains wow i could not belive how great they looked . pat
  11. Your best 2016 moon /dso sketch

    Hi all what a great sketching year its been for me and sketching i would be interested to see your best or worst moon /dso sketch heres what i think is mine lets see yours and have a great chrismas and new year
  12. An attempt of the great orion nebula

    When are you moving over to black card and white pencils i would love to see some more great work from you pat
  13. Some sun spots #12615

    great work
  14. Hope every one has a great chrismas and new year 

    1. orion25


      Thank you and same to you! :icon_biggrin:


  15. Freeze in fog

    Frosty scope