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  1. Skipper Billy, that is bad luck, If you ever see any of the GPO lads working in the street, have a bit of cheek and ask if they could possibly furnish you with ( at a price ) a length of their draw cord. Other than that, I have used platted nylon cord, available from good hardware suppliers, bit on the expensive side though, but very strong. I used 40mm household waste water pipe, with slow bends, to use as a conduit, when I put my supplies underground, with no bother. If you have started digging I am probably too late to suggest this. You can buy quite cheaply, online or from hardware st
  2. Hi Marc and welcome to SGL, enjoy the forum
  3. Hi Jens and welcome to SGL, enjoy the forum
  4. Hi Chris and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  5. You would not believe the row they make during the courting season
  6. Hi Mitch and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  7. glowjet

    Hello all..

    Hi Olsin and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  8. Hi Max and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  9. Hi Rockeyes and welcome to SGL. Choosing the right scope and photographic accessories for AP, if you are not sure, might just become a bit overwhelming. In the end a lot will depend on your budget, but one of the most popular setups, centres around using an 80mm ED/APO telescope, mounted atop of such as the Skywatcher HEQ5 mount, with an appropriate imaging camera. However, such will make very big holes in your pockets and you may not want to stretch your finances that far to start with. There are many other ways to take piccy's of the night sky, which are much less demanding on the pocke
  10. Hi Imanol and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  11. glowjet

    Hello from NZ

    Hi thebionn and welcome to SGL, hope you like using your new scope, enjoy the forum
  12. Hi M104 and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy using your scope and the forum
  13. glowjet

    In exile!

    Hi Rusted and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forum
  14. Paul, If you measure the diameter of the hole, this should give you an indication of the screw size, which, in all probability, will one of the standard metric sizes, used mostly now as the industry standard. Better still, if nothing is going to fall apart, take out the front cell screw shown in the photo, then you will have something to match accurately for screw depth and diameter. There is an abundance of small quantities of metric screws on the Bay, black possibly difficult to match. I personally, would replace all screws with Stainless steel, there will be no chance of rust attacking
  15. Hi Grapefruitmoon and welcome to SGL, I am afraid I am not conversant with the Doncaster area, but I am sure there will be someone along soon that can give you some guidance on suitable places to observe from, enjoy the forum
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