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  1. Or whacked on the face by the rotating mass.
  2. That's quite a selection of targets you're building up there, that's another great capture.
  3. Doesn't the skywatcher also have time lapse and camera trigger options,
  4. The mount I suspect would only track in EQ mode if it has that flavour of firmware and when the synscan handset or dongle are not being used. Ah I still need to check what firmware my mount has.
  5. Personally I think the word 'entry' is nicer cheap and budget can sound negative, or mix up the use of the words as cheap was repeated. Your mono camera has advantages as wouldn't pick up the chromatic aberration like a colour one would.
  6. The ST80 has a terrestrial flavour which has a dove bar instead of tube rings, my ST is of that flavour.
  7. You can take photos off using the sd card connector into the lightning port (there's probably a new connector now and sd card reader) and you can also connect camera direct into it using the usb bit but only to take photos off and I've not looked into it Apple have kept this going the sd card thing. DSLR controller for Android is brilliant at controlling a lot of canon cameras, I'm not personally an apple user to know if there is an equivalent.
  8. I think that's a very good image and you have good star shapes which can be challenging with altaz imaging on your mount. I would watch the background as that is very dark and you could be loosing some faint detail. Edit- link removed OP is using an EQ mount
  9. Like how the refraction spikes are not intrusive and quite subtle. Lovely image.
  10. You won't know until you try, give it a go on any star as you will either focus or not.
  11. Having recently taken the opportunity to process a member's data shared on this site it made seeing how modules work easier as it was so much better than my data is and without any particular flaws which my data has. Autodev with manipulation pulled all the faint dust clouds out which I couldn't get from the develop module.
  12. Great idea to illustrate like that. Ah the line is a pointer and not pylon cable
  13. You could install the phone application clearoutside, and the pc application stellarium Both free and the first includes the % Moon illumination.
  14. There are posts on the mount on here and without a budget it was a guess idea. Sturdy tripod legs help there. The most suggested mount is the HEQ5 for astrophotography.
  15. There was a 450 being sold on here just Monday, it may be still available
  16. There's a member who picked one of those up but has had trouble connecting to it, not sure what the outcome was.
  17. I think the 600d has similar, there a great website somewhere with camera noise stars gary hollis i think
  18. There is but I would rather start again and work on my stars as there are a coupe not tight enough.
  19. That's a great viel. Personally I would stick with canon lots of support here and in software. 600d onwards has an articulated screen and 550d onwards can be controlled with an Android phone dslr controller application (but check with models of this is important). I would not get 350d as a replacement as your budget is generous for a newer model. There are other places other then auctions like mbt.
  20. Thank you for the data to play with, it's unfamiliar territory as I usually just have star fields, it's increasing or is that pushing my StarTools processing
  21. I think I'd look at compromising, as an idea Az-gti with 127mm mak Use in altaz for visual and imaging planets. Take mak 127mm off and replace with camera and camera lenses and with the free firmware upgrade use for imaging in EQ mode. Note this update does alter the telescope mount position so will need to mount the finder scope differently. The mount can be guided as well. Do if decide to purchase get from reputable dealer in case your one does not operate correctly. But Can you make out key stars in your skies, if not alignment could be tricky for goto to work. A budget would help with suggestions
  22. On my home monitor there are a lot of billowy dust clouds showing.i
  23. That has much more definition then live stacking earlier examples I think. In your DSS settings don't forget to ensure not using white balance, though you probably already have that sorted.
  24. A cooler coloured version. I might start again and create a less star filled version.
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