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  1. Hi i am looking to buy a Baader Steel track Diamond Focuser for my C14 ,thanks for looking
  2. This is a really good thread,i intend to get one for my C14,when you include that power mate Paz ,it looks like something you could build at Galaxy's Edge
  3. Hi I’m looking to buy a pier tripod for my EQ 8 thanks for looking
  4. Hi I’m looking to buy a Skywatcher EQ 8 counter weight as I need a third to balance my C14 ,thanks for looking .
  5. I'm looking to buy 2 of these for Bino viewers but i'm happy to buy as singles , thanks for looking
  6. Hi rob it’s always great to to hear and share other people’s opinions And experiences on what they do During what is a more challenging time of the year for many of the reasons mentioned above. But as the spring summer progressed I’ve alway concentrated on brighter objects , the moon and most of the brighter clusters like m13 or if the conditions were poor I’d spend a evening with Bino’s looking for objects like the ‘ coat hanger ‘.Ive not been very active the last couple of years myself but last going off I used to switch to solar observing at this time of year ,I used to own a Coronado PST
  7. Update Celestron EQ 5 GT Mount £ 300 The mount is boxed and comes with a power supply and 3 counter wieghts, it has always been pier mounted ,the tripod has never been used and is boxed Eyepieces and Filters I may have the boxes but I cant promise but they will be well wrapped / boxed and sent with insured postage. Skywatcher Nirvana 28mm 82 £100 Bresser SA 2x Barlow £80 Same as the Meade 5000 tele-extenders excellent barlow Baader 2” Neodymium IR cut filter / Baader 0.6 Neutral Density filter £50 for both ( Neutral Density fi
  8. Sorry for the lack of communication ive been busy with work.Ive decided to split the items up but the lumicons and the ota are already sold. It is a goto mount brun but im sure they had issues in the past and its not compatible with the gt series mounts ,i think the star sense works best with skywatcher eq/az mounts and the newer celestron mounts. Hi Eren i will be pricing everything up shortly
  9. Faulksy has first dibs on the lumicons if i do split everything up .
  10. Due to continuing poor health ive decided to sell some of my astro equipment to help fund a new solar scope ( I much prefer sun burn to frostbite at the moment ). Celestron C11 on a EQ 5 GT Mount The telescope is in perfect condition the optics are clean and everything works as it should,it comes with the Celestron dew shield,Celestron dslr camera adapter and the 9x50 finder.The mount is also in superb condition ,the scope has been obsy mounted and the tripod is in the box,as new never used( it also has a power supply ). Eyepieces and Filters Explore Scientific 20mm
  11. Thanks Helen,the dodgey disc has complicated things for a while but im on the mend slowly. I'm at the base stage at the moment and i have to finish the base for the summer house at the same time but i will be looking for some decent wheels and runners shortly..... where did you source yours ?
  12. It certainly is,ive just been admiring them while watering the plants in the garden im tempted to get my binos out for a bit
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