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  1. stuy

    Mars 31st July - good seeing

    Looks really good peter
  2. Great news that you’re scope is now sorted but reading between the lines here as a interested spectator, who has done a bit of searching etc .. on various forums it’s a bad show from Orion Optics UK surely?? We as amateur astronomers put all of our hard earned money into our hobby , so every penny counts, so when you pay a premium for a high end optical scope no matter what configuration, Mak , newt etc.. and you get a lemon! WHY? Obviously quality control is just not happening at this company, which i find quite sad , to hear people in the USA saying how bad British scopes are ! And terrible customer service blaming the customer! again sad stuart
  3. Yes very interesting link, I too have spent many an hour reading herr Wolfgang Rohrs test results on Astro foren!! But it doesn’t bode well for Orion optics reading the test on an Orion optics 24” poor show that ( if it is true??) But this is a well respected tester of optics , does make me wonder with accompanying test certificates of the honesty of sum telescope manufacturers
  4. stuy


    I must put my 2 pennies worth in here having owned so many different “quality “ scopes of different makes , the seeing is everything ! A well collimated SCTwill produce lovely images fact! BUT a Mak either a F15 or a Mak Newt 5.5 CO 20%! With optical surfaces figured to a Strehl value of 96/98 will produce a more contrasty images resulting in finer details visible on objects like Jupiter etc.. its just weighing up the seeing here in the UK and the cost of a high end Mak , it’s a personal choice ,to me WHEN we get the seeing ( not often) I want the best possible image, so the extra cost in the high end figured optics for me is worth it !! These scopes come into there own when we get good seeing FACT
  5. stuy


    Definitely great images and superb processing skills something I lack I’m afraid being mostly visual observer
  6. stuy


    Intes micro scopes really do perform he’s an image from 5 years ago taken with a 10” mn 5x powermate 742nm filter at the eyepiece was jaw dropping glad I had a few friends around to witness it Regards stuart
  7. stuy


    Lovely image you obviously had sum really good seeing with the combination good seeing and a well collimated scope of the highest order( I am of course biased having a intes micro scope) this is what is possible ,oh and some good processing skills ,again well done I bet visually it was stunning regards stuart
  8. Cheers thanks for your input chaps sounds like a can of worms really pity stu
  9. Hi all just wondered if anyone here has experience in buying second hand telescope etc from the the US? pitfalls etc tax etc.. any help or guidance would be appreciated thanks regards stuart
  10. Yes it’s incredibly sad news having owned so many intes micro scopes over 20 years,I’ve just acquired a used 10” Mak Newt and it isn’t going anywhere! Yes they are heavy, yes built like tanks but optically superb, some times you don’t realise what you got until it’s gone? Very few options now for medium to large Mak Newt or Mak Cass and these options I know will be very expensive if you can find one !I’ve a few contacts in Germany and I’ll do sum digging Regards stuart
  11. I don’t think so ! But I want one
  12. stuy

    Jupiter & Europa 29-6-18

    I had some great seeing here in wales but your Jupiter images are right in every aspect of colour and processing lovely work
  13. Hi all i would like to thank paulc here on SGL for help in decoding the elusive push pull system on these scopes and collimation I had first light last night with the big Mak Newt ,the collimation was perfect from a trip from London to wales and back out again to a dark site in and out of a 4x4, these are incredibley heavy scopes around 40kg with rings etc! Seeing conditions were very good last night I’m an out and out planetary observer so Jupiter it was first I put in a 7 mm pentax XX which gave me 196x approx incredible details were visible across the planet festoons lots of structure in NEB the SEB looks very white ish it’s been a while since I’ve seen Jupiter look this good , I didn’t doubt the capabilities of these scopes as having owned so many over many years, but this is an older model the ALTER 106 second hand , but I knew it had exceptionally good optics delivering tack sharp images, I need to make a few more purchases ie a 2” powermate and adapter for my Baader mark v to reach focus , and paulc is going to put on a starlight focuser these are truly wonderful scopes they are of course heavy and built like a tanks cool down is not an issue compared to the Mak Cass , within 30 min it was perfect so sad that these aren’t made anymore at the moment they are to me the ultimate all rounder high magnification planetary views , or wide field great deep sky scopes offering pinpoint stars and contrast regards stuart

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