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  1. I hope the skies clear for you all, I may be about in the near future after working away and a house move I’ll keep my fingers crossed stuy
  2. Jupiter 4th May

    Great images neil
  3. Late late Jupiter May 27th GRS

    Nice indeed considering the elevation and apparent size well done
  4. A nice scope indeed how much is it ? Thanks stuy
  5. Hows it going matt? Ive been away workjng for a while mate you still at it 😊 whats your set up now regards stuart

  6. weather!!!

    hi all!! sorry havent been around as of late but got laid off just before xmas! but i have now gone back as a sub contractor ,and i am flat out! working on the memo in newbridge doing the plaster works restoration , so very busy, but this weather is a nightmare, and can be very depressing as an amateur astronomer, just keeping my fingers crossed for one good night of seeing!!!! regards stuy
  7. are we mad?

    hi all!, after nearly 3 weeks of non astronomical activities ,weather work etc.. i was determined this morning to observe the double transit on jupiter, so set the alarm for 3 am got the observatory ready , scope fans on ,power up and ready, weather forcast was good . i woke with great great expectations saw some cloud but thought it would clear got out to the obsy thick cloud !! could just make out the moon and waited, and waited,until 5 45 am having stood in the obsy through rain!( small shower ) then the cloud parted wow here we go i thought knowing that i missed the transit but still wanted to see the king of planets saw jupiter as a boiling blob!! the seeing was terrible , i explained my nights activities to my wife who just said we are all mad!! welcome to my world stuy
  8. the areas every one lives in

    i am in abergavenny old monmouth rd stuy!!!!!
  9. Best Powermate for 300P?

    hi i would go for the 5x powermate brings your scope up to F25 Iish which is ideal when the seeing permits you could stack other systems to try and get around F30-45!!! hope this helps stuy
  10. baker street starparty ?

    as far as i know pat its at cwm du i went last year to have a look was very good the BBC will also be filming the sky at night there!! all info is at the baker street irregular s web site regards stuy
  11. hi all!! anyone going up to this event this weekend?(6th-10th sept ?) regrds stuy
  12. Perseid Meteor Shower 11/8/13

    thanks to one and all who turned out sunday ! pity the weather didnt play ball!! nice to see my my old mate graham again, i was out last night and from 0015am to 0115am counted 43 meteors, and the sky was superb great views of the veil and dumbell ! see you all soon stuy
  13. Perseid Meteor Shower 11/8/13

    weather looking very good for sunday folks!! fingers crossed stuy
  14. Perseid Meteor Shower 11/8/13

    8 pm should be fine .i will be there with nick from aber astro should be a good one suty
  15. cold winter nights

    yes that does sound good , and of course no JET STREAM PLEASE!!! would be perfect for uranus neptune and JUPITER!!! stuy