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  1. Hi Paul superb set up !! Who supplied the scope?? Stuart
  2. stuy

    Second Saturn from 07-06-18

    Top drawer considering the low elevation!!
  3. stuy

    Jupiter grs 9th June 2018

    Impressed by the colours again , nice indeed what scope are you using? Regards stuart
  4. Yes John great optics it’s a pity that they are currently not making any more telescope s Apparently they are concentrating there efforts on military programs, Ive had 7 ,8, 10” Mak’s of Mak Newt and Mak Cass etc as I’ve stated cool. Down can be problematic but if you plan your observing session before hand it does help, the scope needs a bit of a clean up and I’ll put a starlight focuser on it but now need to source a portable pier tripod as the present tripod is too high !! stuy
  5. Hi all picked up a 10” Mak Newt from a friend, i had one a few years back but sold it ! A mistake on my part there super heavy and do take a while to cool, but boy oh boy the image through these scopes are incredible contrast etc.. the scope needs a bit of TLC cleanup etc but a bargain, sat on a Gemini 41 observatory mount on a homade tripod Stuy
  6. stuy

    Europa/shadow/GRS tomorrow night

    Currently working in London and have been for the last year! So just weekends for me ( when wife agrees ) so not a happy bunny s I hope you chaps get some good seeing stuy
  7. stuy

    Jupiter 02-06-2018

    Very nice the colours look spot on
  8. stuy

    Show us your Frac

    Yes John it is ive moved from Abergavenny sold cottage in the country to now live in ystrad mynach so my observatory gone
  9. Fantastic scope, Ive had various Mak’s from 7” up to 10” f 15 incredible contrast bit of a pain to Cool down but they are worth it , now enjoying a 6 “ apm apo , But going back to a intes micro 10” Mak Newt you cant beat a bit of aperture
  10. stuy

    Show us your Frac

    My current set up is a ed apo 150 from APM , mainly used in conjunction with Baader Zeiss mark v binoviewer on a Gemini 41 observatory mount this is at the dark skies of Brecon visitors centre
  11. stuy

    Jupiter June 2nd into 3rd.

    Just received this off fellow astronomer nick busby taken last night in Abergavenny i also noticed this barge/knot feature while observing in Brecon but we did not get the good seeing Regards stuart
  12. stuy

    Jupiter 18th May

    That’s a great image again! As stated under difficult seeing conditions
  13. stuy

    C14 Celestron cash waiting

    Looking for a c14 in excellent shape preferably a new version but would consider an older model cash waiting Regards stuart
  14. stuy

    Jupiter with Europa in transit

    Yes we must fight against bad seeing and low elevation!! But nevertheless a good image against the odds
  15. stuy

    Jupiter, May 07-2018

    Superb image and processing, very impressed

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