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  1. Hi yes it’s a lovely job my mate nick put together silky smooth great for the 33kg mak newt
  2. Same as my mate nick John only 18 miles away terrible he said !!! Sometimes it’s the other way round down to local topography
  3. last night saw the shootout I’ve been waiting for the 12”zen mak cass v10” mak newt intes micro ! Both scopes were set up early to cool down ( the mak cass has a insulation ) collimation was spot on on both scopes. Targets were Jupiter and Saturn at 240x to 360x , the air was still and early signs of good seeing were in the cards , and for ounce the predicted arc second seeing came ( better actually) first Jupiter showing a wealth of detail in the newt , tack sharp at 240x lovely split in SEB and detail in festoons visible a good start . then the Zen at the same 240x very sim
  4. I find the ADC a massive plus on visual observations of the planets I’ve tried various methods of setting it ! But now just move sliders around to see the effect on the planet
  5. Yes the maksutov is a thing of beauty 12” f9 so it’s an all rounder CO 31%
  6. Romano Zen makes a high end optical telescopes in Italy he used to make complete tube assembly, but now just makes optics , his optics Have been tested by Wolfgang rohr in Germany at high strehl values 99. Etc .. they don’t come up often
  7. Yes it’s the best thing I’ve ever done ! having used large maks for many years I had my doubts , BUT what a difference I can start viewing almost straight away simple idea but gives massive rewards stu
  8. Finally got the AP 1200 up and running thought I’d need a few counter weights but the weights that came with mount will suffice ! A few quid saved there impressed with quality of the AP Mount its carrying the 12” zen maksutov with ease regards all stu
  9. Yes !! And I’ve one which will go on as soon as the weather plays ball
  10. Great mounts and the benchmark that’s been copied for years , when properly polar aligned very good indeed
  11. Managed to acquire a AP1200gto at a good price with the cpo4 drive compared to my existing Gemini 41 ( eq8 copied it) it is massive , so progress now follows as I prepare a mount pier and tripod , the mount will carry a 36 kg 12” maksutov ! Progress pics to follow stu
  12. Looking for a ATS pier tripod OR something similar to carry a AP1200gto and 40 kg telescope thanks
  13. Yes doesn’t it but it transformed the scope , I’m going to do the 10” mak newt dob next
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