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  1. stuy

    ATS pier tripod

    Looking for a ATS pier tripod OR something similar to carry a AP1200gto and 40 kg telescope thanks
  2. Yes doesn’t it but it transformed the scope , I’m going to do the 10” mak newt dob next
  3. After much thought I double wrapped the zen in an reflective insulation to reduce the thermal issues that come with these large maksutovs , I was very surprised with the results ! so from bringing the scope from house to garden a difference of 12 degrees centigrade was noted , and it took 15 min set up the scope , I thought it would need say 1 or 2 hours to get thermally stable , But I was wrong I put in a 7 mm Pentax and had a quick look at the moon and was blown away from the image stable ! No thermal plumes from baffles at intra focus incredible ! It works simple , effective,cheap, easy to do so if you do have a maksutov or even a Cassegrain try this simple idea , that will now transform the waiting time for these scopes to acquire thermal stability
  4. Old post this but what a lovely job he has done I’d buy one for sure
  5. Looking good for Sunday night I wonder how many will turn out ?
  6. I think we’ve started a Mak withdraws syndrome @PaulC-I yes ! But seriously you are the Mak man Paul and anyone who needs any work or advice on these highly specialised scopes should contact you
  7. I used to image many years ago but just do visual now
  8. He will make them up to f30 !! Just tell him the configuration you require
  9. Yes I’m the same as you I’ve a 10” Mak newt as well and this 12” hits the scales at 30kg there are not many of these big Maks out there I will not sell this as I did with the 10” f15 intes micro but the build and optics of this zen are incredible
  10. One thing i will add is that paul Cruikshank inns is THE man on maksutov type telescopes his knowledge is second to none and a true craftsman can’t recommend him highly enough ( he also owns 2 10” Maks newt and cass)! So bring on Mars and Jupiter Saturn and some fuzzies
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