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  1. Hi can anyone recommend a saddle plate that has the drop in or tilt in function to balance tube not the thread in type as my scope weighs 30kg!! My mount it a Gemini. 42 observatory mount thanks stu
  2. stuy

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Hi from a wet carephilly
  3. Thanks rob yes driving down as il have a van load of telescopes and no doubt other stuff thinking Santander or Bilbao ? Over night ferry ? Stu
  4. Hi rob I’ve booked this villa high up in the sierras el gastor
  5. I’d love to know where these scopes are now peter !!
  6. Yes Alan it’s 30kg , and craig it’s a rumak design , Romano does do optical sets of Gregory in 12” but you’d have to tube it yourself no mean feat but there are a few company’s than can do it ( watch this space !) stu
  7. Hi all! just acquired this stunning 11.5” Maksutov from Romano zen , being a f9 it’s a compromise of a scope with a CO of 32% not just a planetary scope but a bit of an all rounder ( I’m sure planetary will be excellent ) my good friend paul c will make a few bits for it also a carbon fibre dew shield ,Romano has a fantastic reputation for high end optics across Europe he doesn’t make whole tube assembly anymore this is his last one he had il be taking this to Spain next year for 2 weeks with my 10” Mak newt to test and hopefully get some good seeing
  8. Thanks again ! I’m lucky in that my wife will just chill out wherever we go, the mountains are calling rob around el gastor it’s a stunning villa sleeps 8 air con , private pool 2 weeks for under£2 k a bargin im going to test a few high telescopes a 12” f9 Maksutov Cassegrain from zen A Intes Micro 10” f5.5 Mak newt it’s going to be a interesting couple of weeks thanks rob regards stu
  9. Thanks rob brilliant we are looking at a few villas in and around Cádiz ( el Gastor ) up in the mountains , I want to get as much in the south direction to get Jupiter and Saturn as high as I can stu
  10. Hi all im currently looking for a site in Spain ( villa) to coincide with the opposition of Jupiter next year I’ll be driving down with mrs and a van load of kit (12” Mak Cass ) the ocean front better laminar air flow of ocean ? Or high Sierra mountains ? Has anyone had any experience of either ? Thanks Stuart
  11. Hi john, yes it was but typically the clouds rolled in just as the seeing improved!
  12. Yes stu a cracking scope with a small central obstruction 24%, the optics are superb as good as as the intes micro Mak 10” f15 I had and foolishly sold but this zen is as good easily paul c customised it a bit adding vents at the end of tube assembly to increase the cool down time
  13. Hi all it’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything due to massive work comments, but had a chance to observe Jupiter with a lovely 10” zen f 12.5 Gregory Maksutov, recently acquired from paul c the seeing wasn’t great 5/10 but I noticed a very dark NEB , and the GRS was as just exiting but with a defined eyebrow effect I call it of the SEB ,over the GRS , the seeing started too improve and I noticed afestoons coming off th the NEB all observing done with magnifications from 150x to 240x using Zeiss mark v binoviewer with Baader zoom eyepieces
  14. Hi all I’ve a APM 152 ED Apo for sale is in great shape just the usual marks on losmandy rail optics are nice (usual bit of dust inside) comes with finder scope and aluminium case , and a 2 1/2” focuser asking £1700 Ono. Regards stuart
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