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  1. Lyrid meteor 4am on the 23rd Saw four Lyrids from this good viewpoint, did not get any bright ones though.
  2. Last night Thursday 22nd April at 21.08 I saw an orange light tracking west-east. It was north of Capella around 50 degrees above the horizon. Traveling about 3 times faster than ISS, a low orbit satellite I'm guessing.
  3. Had another look early this am 03.15-03.45. One Lyrid was seen at 03.18am, just after 4am my camera captured another Lyrid.
  4. I was tempted out last night by the clear skies. From a semi-rural location between 01.20-03.40 I saw four meteors all of them Lyrids. I did get one meteor on camera but it's small. A bit disappointing, I did see a hint of milky way, and got a few nice widefield shots though. Camera lens fogged up a few times, temperature was 0C There were a few Tawny owls hooting, and a large hare crossed in from of me on the drive home, only an 8 mile round trip. Hi Chefgage do you run a camera battery grip? That's alot of shots you've taken.
  5. What time was this? I was out taking a few widefield shots between 2100-23.30. I do seem to remember something made me glance east, but it must of burned up by then. I took a wide-angle and my camera in a lowepro rucksack and cycled a couple of miles from town to take some photos. When first cycling out of town it seems quite dark, until your eyes adapt. Then when you leave the shutter open for 20secs, it becomes clear it's light pollution in all directions! Only saw one meteor in the west, it was mediocre though.
  6. Thanks theropod Light pollution is increasing in my town, new houses and hotels are being built a few hundred yards from me. Luckily the skies are better 15 mins drive from town. I hope you get clear skies soon.
  7. I recently bought the GPS astrotracer,and it seems to work well for a simple astro setup. Not sure how well it performs with comets, I have a K5, I'm not familiar with the in-camera stacking, are you using a K70 body?
  8. Here's a couple of photos from the Persied, Leonid, and Geminid meteor showers. The weather was warm and clear for the Persieds, about 25 meteors seen in two hours. Persieds from August 12th Leonid from the 18th, the peak night was cloudy. Geminids from early hours of the 13th December, during two and a half hours I observed 58 Geminid meteors.
  9. Clear skies 1-2am i spotted six Geminids, and got one on camera, Saturday night I saw a green flash in the east when it was cloudy, could've been a Geminid. The weather is no good for meteor spotting in the next two days hereabouts, the Ursids are due to peak Tuesday am. Does anyone bother observing the Ursids?
  10. Lucky cloud breaks between midnight and 3am,using sat24 cloud cover map it seemed to work well. Between changing batteries and suffering with headcold/vertigo I casually saw 58 meteors, a new record 4me in one night. On Saturday night I saw 12 meteors, two bright. Only a couple of meteors on camera,may have a look tonight if it's clearish.
  11. This is centraaall controollll This is centraaall controollll,are you recieving over?. We are ready to transmit.... KORTON
  12. From Saturday am, on the way home after a photo session, the nocties joined in.
  13. Hi happy-kat, The first photo was at 210mm 2.5secs exp. f5.6, iso 2500. Second pic 300mm 1.6 seconds exp. f5.8, iso 2500 APS-C sensor.
  14. Two from yesterday morning 02.45am, 5 min walk from home. pentax K5+pentax HD 55-300 ED WR iso 2500 1.6 secs f5.8
  15. A couple from the loft at about 02.45 today untracked with pentax k5+300mm zoom 1.6 secs, the clouds cleared about 02.30...
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