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  1. Two shots of Venus during the recent High pressure, while driving on the 19th of jan. i observed a fireball in the east about 17.15, later the same evening i took this photo. on another evening Venus is setting
  2. Took this photo of Venus yesterday, it clouded up on my way to the lake Another shot with the moon on Dec 30th
  3. Had a look from the garden 01.40-02.20 it clouded up at 02.30, only observed three meteors, one was heading the opposite way towards the Quadrantid radient. observed this one from the Quadrantid radient at 02.15 regards scotty
  4. The weather turned out too be OK, if you were awake in the early hours of Saturday the 14th. Observed six bright Geminids between 02.00-02.40 GMT. This one passed Orion Also saw a couple on Saturday before the moon and cloud arrived, i missed this one flying through Taurus about 8pm looking east, but luckily my K5 was taking 15 seconds exps at 2000 ISO. By this time it was a bit cloudy. regards scotty1
  5. Can you imagine what Galileo must have lived through? Let alone Copernicus? Yes but must of been awesome in their era to view the sky without light pollution. Clearer skies moving in from the west now behind the cold front.
  6. Hi Marvin, I have already been asked by plod, why do i have cameras poking out of my loft sometimes . They are amazed that anyone would want to look for/photograph lightning, auroras, noctilucent clouds, or meteors comets. We should be watching T.V..... Hi Paul, I was looking at the Andromeda galaxy last year through binoculars and a meteor zipped through the view, and that was neat. This was while Comet Wirtenan was around. During the full Lunar eclipse when we had the red moon, i think a meteoroid was filmed hitting the moon?, the eclipse made it easier to see the impact.
  7. I observed a moderately bright Geminid yesterday at about 21.20 GMT, this inspired (tricked) me into setting my camera running in the loft. I saw another 2 meteors between 23.00-23.30 from the garden, they were not very bright, it was -1C so i called it a night. It was likely too early for any quantity of Geminids to be seen. If the sky clears the moon is a major hinderence this year...all on me surfaces.
  8. Hi Alexwolf, Thanks for your reply. I am not sure how to use those workarounds, ssleay32.dll, libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll . I found the 0.18.1 version suggested by Davey-T, and it works ok with adding comets from the list. I reinstalled the 0.19.2 version again (4th time) and it now works ok too , so must of been a glitch in the initial setup. thanks for your help scotty1
  9. Hi Davey, The version i have is 0.19.2 i tried uninstalling and downloaded it again with the same result, when i click on the import orbital elements the page takes 5-6 goes to change, i am on windows 10 64bit version. Do you have a link the older version please? scotty1
  10. Hi Davey, In my oder version of stellarium i would get the objects found/import data page. With this version i don`t get that page. I get to this page and press the import orbital elements in MPC format, And then this popup appears saying download a list of objects, but it stays at 0%. Also could this be because i don`t have a windows activation key for windows 10 yet? Although other apps i have seem to work.
  11. Hi Davey, I didn`t see an option for individual comets, my old version of stellarium had a list of individual comets that could be added into the comet search option. I never had to download anything. All the tutorials on youtube on how to add comets are from several years older versions of stellarium, so i thought i would ask here. thanks scotty1
  12. Hi Alex I have downloaded the latest 0.19.2 version of stellarium, i can`t add comets to the list. I had an earlier version of stellarium that i could add comets to. I had to re-instal the latest version after my Hard drive died. I tried the plug-ins add comets route, there are no comets to add like the older version. when i click on the add MPC list of observable comets,and import orbital elements in MPC format. It then says download list of objects from the internet. I tried to do this but the bar in the bottom right of the screen is stuck at 0% and does not download anything. Any help would be appreciated thanks scotty1
  13. Hello Maxrayne Thanks for your reply,and clear sexy photos. I am completely new to scopes and mounts, i have also considered the Sky-Watcher AZ-GTi Mount. The GOTO function would be helpful for a novice, but it seems a bit inconsistent reading up on the forum, and not so good for imaging. Also i am using a pentax DSLR, not sure if that is limiting with the small scopes. Is it easy to setup the sky-adventurer, and polar align? I may get a used phone for using the astronomy apps. Not sure if android or ios is best. I don`t want to spend more on the phone, than the mount and scope though . thanks
  14. Hello all I am thinking of buying the sky-watcher star adventurer wedge, and perhaps a small scope. This seems like a common question, would i get better results using a small refractor, or my DSLR and some zoom lenses on the star-adventurer? I have taken some shots of Comet P46 Wirtanen with my macro lens and DSLR on a static tripod, which came out ok. I would like to take photos of comets (when one is around) and nebula. I don`t have alot to spend on equipment. Been looking at these scopes for AP and viewing, not sure which is best? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-61-apo.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/sky-watcher-evostar-72ed-ds-pro-ota.html https://www.astronomics.com/astro-tech-at72edii-refractor-ota-fpl-53-f-6.html thanks for your help scotty
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