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  1. 18mm Starguider recently and other stuff in the past, 100% genuine company, they were the first to introduce this eyepiece to UK if I remember correctly, as what happens others have jumped on the wagon and pinched some of his crumbs.
  2. Hi Mike I took time out from Astronomy around the same time as you, just getting back into it via observing, I'm shocked at all the tech thats available in the last 3 years! Glad to see you active.. Guy
  3. Yes it could be said for 'any telecope' I suppose, take Hubble for one .. Have you got an extra ordinary copy of 130PDS, good for you if you have...
  4. I had the 107 under the APM brand, its was superb, bought it of Harrison Telescopes and it was reviewed in the BBC Sky at Night magazine , i wouldnt hessitate in buying the 140 https://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/reviews/telescopes/apm-107mm-triplet-apo-refractor/ 365 Astronomy show it also with 10% off. https://www.365astronomy.com/sharpstar-140ph-140mm-f-6.5-dual-ed-triplet-apo-apochromatic-refractor-telescope.html
  5. My Orion Optics VX6 did that, after a few heated emails with John @ OO about them collecting not me sending it back that agreed, they sent a replacement scope back with the same mirror figure report! err no, pick it up again..
  6. Last chance, If it doesnt sell its going on Eb*y.... really? >10% hit in fee's not to mention ANYTHING can be returned on Eb*y
  7. My Skymax 127 @ 18mm does not show Mars,Jupiter or Saturn better than my 130 reflector @ 8mm , pushing the Skymax past 10mm degrades the view, both are well collimated BTW. Cool down is superior on the reflector whilst the Skymax sits nicely on my camera tripod with video head making it easier to lift from a cool garage and view between the clouds. You have a small Dob thats very portable, If I was you I'd spend the money on a second hand fancy planetary eyepiece for your reflector..
  8. I have this eyepiece, Jupiter is superior through it apposed to my Sky-Watcher 10mm plossl..
  9. There are some Apollo's for sale on here 15x70 , superb! or these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/observation-binoculars/helios-lightquest-hr-80mm-binoculars.html Helios LightQuest-HR 20x80
  10. Anyone use these on a 127 Mak? they do look great value for money, I was looking at plossl's but I'm wondering about these as I'll get a frac also shortly. Guy
  11. Hi I'm looking for a 'William Optics 1.25" 90 degree Erecting Prism' please.. like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/diagonals/william-optics-125-90-degree-erecting-prism.html If you have one and are interested in relinquishing it to fill your bank of 'astro funds' please message me Cheers Guy
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