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  1. Since the C-19 outbreak the SWAG star parties have been uneventful, with members making their own arrangements according to national or local lockdown and travel restrictions. It is hoped that a spring event can be organized next April around the weekend 25th - 26th April. Attempting a meet in March, I think, is a bit ambitious in the current climate. A New Moon is on 23rd, with a Lyrids shower on the 22nd. The Star Party will then be officially on the 24th, 25h and 26th April. Dates either side of these can can also be booked. This is provisional, and will of course be conditi
  2. If that's the case Justyn we should all go, watching you perform is always an education. Take care.
  3. I'm looking for an old Windows computer, either Win XP or Win 7. Must be 32bit motherboard, and have a printer port connector, ( IEEE25, Parallel) and of course be in working condition. Many thanks.
  4. Sounds like fun. I hope my connection plays ball for this episode.
  5. Yes I remember Cath and I came to see you, I was quite ill then. We went to see them a couple of weeks age to get the latest regarding the virus situation.
  6. Looking as good as the day you finished it Malcolm. I must post my latest images of the obsy.
  7. I am pleased to announce that the South Wales Astronomy Group (SWAG) has arranged pitches to be available for an Autumn Star Party at the superb Pencelli Castle Caravan & Camping Park. Sited in the Brecon Beacons National Park and Dark Sky Reserve, this location offers some truly dark skies which are excellent for observing and imaging. Please read Site Conditions. The main nights will be Thurs 15th, Friday 16th and Sat 17th October 2020. The New Moon is on Fri 16th. Anyone wanting additional nights outside these dates please confirm on booking. Bookings this year will
  8. Unfortunately I was getting a lot of drop out on my connection, unable to join until 19.48. Screen freeze was a big problem, so I shut down. I will catch up on Youtube. It looked like a great talk.
  9. Thank you all for your thoughts and recommendations. After a lot of soul searching and research, I decided to buy this setup complete except the USB Pressure Tuner. I'm sure I will get a lot from this scope, including a big learning curve. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Nigella certainly a lot of food for thought. I think I will hold off for now buying new, and do more research on second hand kit available.
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