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  1. Sky at night special BBC Four tonight at 11 , Hope you enjoy☺
  2. Pentax 10mm XW (Second light)

    Well worth the effort of going without a few luxuries to get a mini set of Pentax XW IMO. It took me best part of two years to complete my mini set of XW 3.5 , 5 , 7, and 10. But what a great set of eyepieces I now have. I Have never thought of ever parting with any of these ,so that tells you what my opinion of the XW mini set are👍 IMO I would not Barlow them , not only will you start to get a reasonable high stack effect. But to pay the optics justice you will need something top of the range like a powermate, and these are not cheap, and the stack will be on the tall side IMO Well worth just going for single eyepieces in the XW range and get yourself a mini set of some of the best optical performance on the market, combined with 20mm eye relief and 70d fov , these eyepieces will last you a life time so well worth the effort👍
  3. Pentax 10mm XW (Second light)

    I am sure they would understand your priorities😱 Take them out and show them some of the lovely views of Glob clusters, these are priceless and a feast for the eye's 😵 😁
  4. The 10" scope will give you 56% more light gathering ability that the 8". That is a lot more light gathering ability with just a 2" increase in aperture. This light gathering ability allows those fainter DSO to become more noticeable to the eye due to the aperture allowing for those faint fuzzys to gather in more light and also to be able to push more magnification. The scope will be best under dark sky's , if you use a 8" at a dark site and a 10" at a light pollution site, then the 8" will beat the 10". But if you have a 8" and a 10" at a dark site then the 10" will win due to its better light gathering ability to resolve DSO better. You also have the "what if factor", if you get the 8" will you always be wondering if you should of got the bigger one ?. In your position as long as you can handle the weight and size then go for the biggest aperture you can afford. And a second hand 10" would probably be around the same price of a new 8". So you could have a 10" at still a reasonable budget.👍 I hope this helps☺
  5. Apo Barlow and Ortho Eyepiece

    Hello and welcome to SGL With regards to the Fujiyama Ortho . I own the Fujiyama Ortho and have found it a very capable eyepiece optically. A top rate Ortho in my opinion and very good for the price and made in Japan which I always find gives me that extra bit of confidence in an eyepiece. I would say the Fujiyama Ortho quality is in the same ballpark as the late great Badder Genuine Ortho. The only way you are going to get better optically is step up to the likes of ZAO territory, but these are seriously expensive and you will need to have excellent seeing conditions to benefit. I think your choice of the Fujiyama is very good for pure optics quality . The only holdback with all Ortho is the narrow fov , usually around the 40d ish fov. And with the shorter focal lengths the eye relief does seem to get tight. But optically a good Ortho is hard to beat and great bang for buck 👍
  6. wifi eyepiece

    Does that mean I can sit inside in a nice warm and cosy environment on these Chilly nights and look at the wonders on the universe sat on my sofa👍 . All I need now is someone to run in and out and push my Dob from target to target😁
  7. Vixen HR 2.4mm

    Yes a modern version of the king of the Ortho ZAO would be great. The HR could be the eyepiece that you could get without being as rare as hen's teeth, and at a reasonable sensible price when you compare them to some of the super wide eyepiece like the Ethos or even the Nagler nowadays . So the HR could be the modern replacement for the ZAO, if vixen go ahead with more focal lengths👍
  8. Tec 140 binoscope anyone?

    I must be in the wrong line of work. Time to find a job that I can drop $6000 on some binoculars without a second mortgage 😱
  9. Vixen HR 2.4mm

    Would be interesting if vixen ever did a 3mm and 4mm HR. But I don't think it will happen. With the likes of Pentax XW at 3.5 mm and 5mm , The delite at 4mm , I think they would not risk the expenditure of trying to go up against eyepieces of around 20mm eye relief and 60/70 degree fov. You also have the Nagler zoom 3/6 which is again very good. Would it be profitable for vixen to extend the range against such competition in the 3mm 4mm range ? Probably not . But for us Ortho fans who like super sharp Optics ,a 3mm 4mm and 5mm would certainly be very interested to look through😵
  10. Observing or Imaging

    I consider both observing and imaging are both useful tools to learn the night Sky . Both have there positive contribution . The observer probably sees a lot more different targets in a observing session, and can probably star hope with more confidence. But the imager can get from the pictures i have seen , get more of a image scale and bring finer details out in particular DSO to bring a particular target more defined to the untrained eye. What ever maker you happy ,Observing or imaging both have there positive contribution to this hobby 😁
  11. celestron regal eyepiece

    A lot of stock eyepieces that come in the box with most scopes unfortunately never seem to be of the best quality. Usually these stock eyepieces are just to get you going with the scope . So no surprise that you can find something better.
  12. New EP delivered today!

    Correct me if I an wrong, but I take it judging from the photo that you are a little bit of a vixen fan😁 You do really have a great line up there ,and the vixen can be a very underated eyepiece. From my experience they can be really good value for money. We seem to see lots of line ups of Televue on this site. But it is nice to see something that little bit different, but still great quality. Vixen HR range are supposed to be top quality, possibly even in the same optical quality of the king ZAO. But starting at 2.4mm just to short focal length for most scopes ,to justify the outlay. But as you have that 120ed equinox ,if you do start to collect the HR range then you will have to post your thoughts how they perform. As lots of people on SGL with 120ed would be interested👍
  13. How to go blind

    There is always a few chancers out there who do not give two monkeys about people's health. All there interested in is making money and from other people's misfortune. I suppose the moral of the story is to buy your goods from a reputable source,this way you have far more chance of the goods being of the quality they should be👍 instead of cheap knockoffs
  14. First trip with the 12"

    Deep sky visual for me is getting that galaxy or Glob in the eyepiece that gives you that wooow moment, just a feast to the eye's Also the thrill of knowing what you are seeing is millions of years old and millions of light years away from us, but for a few hundred pounds then it brings it into views of the average Joe. I also consider the vastness of the Universe out there and truly wonder if there is other life forms out there. Personally i think there must be , humans can not be the only life in the universe. If we are on earth then there is a good chance there is additional life in the universe All mind boggling😁
  15. When it comes to the Dob Mob boys , I have the vision of the chaps being put into their light buckets and buried looking up at the stars with there beloved Big Dobs forever👍