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  1. Hi . I use the TS Binoviewers with the SW 120ed . I use them in straight through and diagonal depending on target, and location in sky. A Barlow is used in diagonal mode to reach focus. As a general tip, It seems to be a bit of a trial and error if a particular binoviewer ,with a particular scope ,with a particular eyepiece will reach focus without some sort of light path extender/reducer. Bit of a trial and error in my case. When it comes to the quality of the TS unit ,for the money I have got no complaints, and never thought I was missing out on anything by upgrading, so TS in my experience get With eyepiece's again from my own experience, a decent plossl or Ortho will do the job just fine. No need for wide field expense here ,IMO just a few pairs of plossl or Ortho will give a great quality view with the binoviewer in focus. From my own point of preference, then lunar is where the binoviewer really comes into its own. Hope this helps
  2. If I remember correctly the Standard VX8" is F/4.5 .So mine seems fine on my 2" Steel leg AZ4. Not sure what a F/6 would be like. Bit of a balancing trick to far I suspect
  3. I have a standard OOUK 8". Great little scope and have never regretted buying it. It was purchased second hand and was well below 500. If you are looking for a guaranteed spec mirror and a light alloy tube assembly ,then the OOuk are the way to go IMO , but buy second hand, as new they are priced top heavy. I use mine on a AZ4 set up. Easy to handle and load in the car if need to. The 8" Newt are a very flexible and worthwhile step up in aperture, but still sensible money. Hope this helps
  4. You have Good taste. I love my SW 120ed Equinox, such a quality scope IMO at such sensible money. I have never thought of selling mine , it just sits in so well with my scope needs. I see you have owned the SW 120ed before. So it speaks for itself when you go back and buy another. Enjoy
  5. TeleVue EP Collection Increases By 100%! Woow , I thought it was another price increase when I looked at the title But I see all is Good ☺ Hope the EP lives up to expectations
  6. Yep. An eyepiece that works and comes into focus on one scope ,may not in a different type, manufacturer ect of scope. I have seen this problem so many times before, sometimes not enough inward travel, sometimes not enough outward travel. A Barlow will help to change the light path and can sometimes help or a diagonal(depending if its a inward or outward focus point problem). Eyepieces can and many do have different focal points to which they come into focus depending on the scope. Hope this helps
  7. Hi, Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the feeling that you have not looked through many types or makes of eyepiece. So you are really not sure what certain eyepieces views or comfort are going to produce. Eyepieces can be a very personal choice, what floats the boat of one person can be a extremely disappointing experience for another. Can I suggest that to save you time and money that you go to a club , Star party or even meet up with another SGL member close to where you live ,who may have some of the FOV or eyepieces you are interested in. You can then try before you buy. Could save you a lot of time and money. Hope this helps ?
  8. Hi Pete ,welcome as an active member ? Plossl are great for what they are, cheap nice eyepieces to get you going in the hobby and for the smaller targets. But really I think a wider field of view eyepiece may be a better option. A plossl to a wide field ,good eye relief eyepiece is like looking through a straw. My best decision when it came to eyepieces was to buy some used Pentax XW , just quality and so versatile, but these days a bit more than your £100 budget each. The other quality eyepiece I would suggest is the William optics uwan, found these great for the money ,or I understand the same eyepiece is the SW Nirvana. These are great eyepieces IMO for the cost and a great step up , but without breaking the bank. Don't be afraid of getting used kit, as some nice quality items come up for sale on the SGL site, at a considerable saving over the new price. Hope this helps ?
  9. Very portable ? The breakdown time of the scope, needing a reasonable size vehicle to fit everything in without damaging anything(even with a truss). Setting up time when your at site, re collimation of the scope at the site. Then the same when packing away and when set up at home again. I would not say 16" very portable. I have tried a 14" at a dark site and a 8" at dark site. On a like for like dark site ,yes bigger is better(all things being equal). But as I said not always. The 8" in a dark site area with easily out do a 14" in a light polluted area. So bigger is not always better. For people who do not have access to these big scopes or budget for ,or transport. Then you can really get the best out of a smaller scope by getting to a true dark site, where it will punch above its weight when compared to a big scope being used in a light polluted area. I have no axe to grind as I have a larger and smaller scope. But Dark Sky's are where it is at(with faint fussies). And if you are working and have limited time in the evenings then you do need a quick get up and go set up. The 8" is just such a good all rounder for this type of task.
  10. Try a 14" in light polluted area, and then a 8" at Elan. The Faint fuzzies pop . Aperture rules only when you have the Dark Sky's to benefit from all that extra aperture (for faint fuzzies) . In my opinion Dark Sky's Rule ?
  11. Bigger is not always better with the faint fuzzy hunting. A smaller aperture under truly Dark Sky's will out perform a larger aperture in a light polluted area. The 8 inch Newt I have at a dark site will best my 14" Dob at a light effected area on the faint fuzzy . Best of all I can have the smaller newt in the car and going in a couple of minutes. The larger Dob takes Sooo much more time and effort to move. And you have the same problems at the dark site and at packing up time. A truly Dark site can really make the most of a smaller aperture .
  12. Some interesting first thoughts. Do make sure the mirror is cool, and is at ambient temperature. This will cause problematic viewing otherwise. Keeping the scope in a shed/obs is the best way to do this , if possible. The larger the mirror then the longer it takes to reach ambient temperature. Do make sure the scope is properly collimated . As this will also have a effect on the quality of views achieved. Worth checking and double checking. My VX does seem to hold collimation very well once set up correctly. Atmospheric conditions do come into play a lot ,and it is surprising how much one nights viewing can change, solely down to atmosphere. I know from experience using the same kit set up on different nights can have dramatic quality of views differences, directly due to atmosphere. Like John I never use my fan with the 14vx , but it does live outside, certainly helps on cool down / ambient me thinks. I know some people do use the fan as suppose helps with tube currents.
  13. Hello I would go with a 120ed. A good 120 ed is difficult to beat IMO. You still have great portability for the average Joe ,fine to handle in regards set up time and effort, and cool down time not excessive ( and you don't have to splash out on a heavy duty mount). But a 120ed is a great aperture to deliver some great views. Also a big plus there are some top quality 120ed on the market for sensible money. And I have added binoviewers on my 120ed , and a real worthwhile investment. Great for Luna IMO. Hope this helps ☺?
  14. The" Sky at Night" , Sunday evening on BBC Four at 10.40 NASA's New Horizon probe notches up another historic first, as the first Kuiper belt fly by . And an encounter with a chunk of rock and ice around four billion miles from Earth Enjoy☺
  15. Nice read Mike ? Always great to read about other peoples experience of their travels through their scope history. You have been through some top quality optics Mike , that have cost a small fortune. And to put the SW ED scope range in with these type of scopes with such great results, is praise indeed. A man who has been their and seen it . I think the lesson that can be learned from Mike's experience. Is if you want a top draw Apo , but on a budget then the SW ED range is going to give you quality optics without breaking the bank. That is my experience with my SW 120ed , such quality at modest cost ?
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