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  1. Hello. Light pollution can be very adverse on the fainter DSO. Just to give an example. I have a 14" OOuk and a 8" OOuk. And the 8" at a Dark site will easily out perform my 14" at a light polluted site on fainter DSO The 8" reflector is such a versatile scope and will perform excellent at true Dark sites. Aperture is only king on fainter DSO ,if you have the sky conditions to use it . True Dark Sky's are an absolute must for faint fuzzy hunting. And it is certainty worth the efforts to travel to a Dark Site.
  2. Hello. If you want a quality eyepiece , that has good fov and eye relief and quality optics then the TV Delos range is certainly a contender. The other possibility is the Pentax XW range in the 3.5XW to the 10XW, above this and there have been reports of field curvature problems. Obviously depending on the focal length you need then both the Delos and Pentax should certainly be contenders.
  3. The 120ED should not be ruled out. Optics are very sharp especially on luna and planetary. Great at handling CA and for DSO then the extra aperture is useful. Can be mounted on a half decent mount, so you do not need at heavy duty expensive Mount. Got mine on a AZ4 and works just great for me. Also the SW 120ED do come up second hand and can be had for very sensible money for such a high quality refractor, quite a saving can be made from purchasing a new one. Do not rule out the 120ED very capable and very affordable used, for such a capable refractor.
  4. Looking at your requirements. Then I certainty would be looking to fill in with the Pentax XW of the 5XW 7XW and 10XW all top quality eyepiece's and cheaper than the delos. With regards around the 20mm then the Nagler 20 mm Type 5 is an excellent eyepiece. Not made anymore I believe, but if your lucky they do turn up second hand occasionally. I own all the above and they work great in my frac and reflector , real " Keepers "
  5. I have a lovely 8" OOUK the VX model with high grade mirror. This scope is very light and manageable and the views are cracking, . Such a portable and capable aperture . I do use mine on an AZ, but i cannot see why you can't get some sort of tracking mount if that's what you desire. The OOUk 8" is such a good versatile instrument and second hand come up at very reasonable cost.
  6. Nice scopes the OO VX range. I am slightly bias though, as I own two of these wonderful scope. But I do like well made items with high quality mirrors. The OO VX is the type of equipment that will last a life time.
  7. There are seemingly persons who will criticize the SW 120ED. But skywatcher opened up the market for a mass produced high quality refractor at very very sensible money when it produced the likes of 80ED , 100ED and the 120ED I will still remember the first time I used my SW 120ED Equinox. It was on the moon. It is still etched on my mind how as I adjusted focuser, a super sharp etched image of the luna surface appeared. It really was a Woow moment. I have owned this scope for many years and still get that super clarity image on luna, planetary and double stars. A great , sensible price high quality refractor IMO.
  8. Hello. I absolutely love bonoviewing on the Luna in my ED refractor. You seem to get an 3D sort of impression that you are flying over the Luna surface. But with DSO and planetary targets I prefer mono. Don't ask me why but to my eyes I just seem to get a more drawn in feeling with mono on these targets. Each to their own I suppose.
  9. Hello. I would not start messing with the truss poles. I would not start altering the primary or secondary mirror position. You could make a whole lot of problems for yourself by "tinkering" with the above. If you are gaining focus by extension pieces on the focuser, then go down this route. Just get the right length of extension pieces and your eyepiece will come into focus. Don't forget also different eyepieces/makers can come into focus as different lengths on the focuser position. I hope this helps
  10. I get where you are coming from and it gave me a chuckle But a lot of people who prefer the refractor, are not necessarily after light grasp as a priority. What tips the balance with most refractor owners is the pin point sharp views that you get on the likes of doubles stars planetary ect. Light grasp plays second place to the lovely HD type of views that you get from a top quality refractor.
  11. I started of in the hobby on a refractor. And given the choice of a good refractor v reflector at the same aperture then I would opt for a refractor every time. I just find on targets such as stars / doubles then a refractor image is just so sharp and clear of a pinpoint star visual image. But after I had been in the hobby for some time you realise that to start hunting for those faint fuzzy DSO objects then you really do need aperture (together with Dark Sky's). And the only way to get plenty of aperture that is cost effective and portable is through a reflector. You get so much more aperture per inch to the £ with a reflector. So refractor v reflector is not a debate in my head anymore , as have both now and they are both needed and used for my particular preference on targets that I feel that I get the best views to my eyes.
  12. This may be the case, and I certainly am not going to question the late great Sir Patrick. But from a amateur astronomer . I can afford a great 4" to 5" refractor. I can afford to buy a mount to use this refractor. But I cannot afford to buy 14" refractor, I cannot afford to buy a Mount for a 14" refractor and I cannot afford to build an Obs to keep this in, and enable it use. I can afford to buy a 14" reflector on a dob mount . So inch for inch a quality refractor may be better than a quality reflector, But practically wise and cost wise a reflector is a must for most of us that want great light gathering ability that we can practically use and afford.
  13. Don't forget you can still get a lot of enjoyment with mark one eyeballs under real Dark Sky's. Also a great grab and go and very portable option is a pair of binoculars. A good pair of binoculars are also very portable and effective under dark Sky's. So the list is increasing , reflector, refractor and binos ☺ Horses for course's
  14. The old refractor v reflector debate again , these can get very interesting. I will get my popcorn
  15. Hello. See if you cannot get some type of adaptor plate first. If an adaptor plate is not available . place some masking tape around the tube area first. This will make it easier to mark out correctly. And help prevent the drill bit slipping. Make sure when you mark out the tube , you check and double check your hole positions. Otherwise mistakes are not easily forgiven or covered up. Check and double check before any new holes are drilled.
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