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  1. Hi welcome to SGL , a nice starter scope. My best two points of advice to you 1 Get yourself the book " Turn left at Orion " great book for a newbie 2 Get yourself to a true "Dark site" the DSO will just pop to the eyes , in light pollution areas you will have difficulties or maybe not see many fainter DSO. A Dark site is really Worth the effort Hope the above helps
  2. Totally agree. I think a lot of wanabee or newbies to a reflector do have real concerns about collimation. Unless the alignment is really out , then something like cap or Cheshire(astro baby collimation guide was really helpful when I was a newbie) followed by a "star test" will usually do the job. This method has served me well for years. And luckily the OOuk mirror cells i have are really robust and hold collimation well, so my reflector rarely needs adjustment.
  3. Nice scope choice In my Equinox 120ED then the eyepiece of choice is the good old ortho BGO if I am in a tight observation mood. As optics are sharp and crisp , but eye relief and fov are tight. Then you have my favorite all round eyepieces for the 120ED. The Pentax XW range from 3.5XW to that 10XW , ortho like performance sharp as a tak on view ,great eye relief and fov of around 70d. If you want to treat your 120 and yourself ,then the Pentax XW 3.5 to 10XW are the ones to have in the eyepiece case
  4. Thanks Steve That's what makes SGL and its members such a great place to be. You can sometimes see an angle that members may not of thought of and may be helpful to them. And learning and hearing of other peoples views and experiences can really tip the balance into an scope or eyepiece et that would possibly be more suitable for their individual needs. Happy to be of help
  5. Hi . I think you are going for the correct choice in a 120 ED for a one scope choice 120ED standard or Equinox ? Depends on how much money you have to spend and if you like a bit of bling in your scope. I don't think you will be disappointed with either. I do have the Equinox version. My understanding is that it has an extendable dew shield, a better focuser and a bling black and silver paint job. My scope was second hand and at a sensible price and that is why I went for the Equinox version. But the lens glass used are the same as I understand it. As mine was second hand then I did not mind having the added extras ,as it is one very good refractor at very sensible money. If you can find a nice used one either standard or Equinox from a member on SGL, then don't be afraid of buying a used one. You could make a great saving buying second hand and put the money towards some Pentax XW and a TV nagler 20mm like it did. But standard or Equinox 120ED version you will get a lot of refractor scope build quality and optics for your money. Hope this helps
  6. I do aim to please Your skytee would probably be better than my AZ4 mount. My AZ is sat on 2" adjustable stainless legs then eyepiece height is adjustable depending how you like to observe. Standing or sitting. Personally with the frac I do mostly Luna , planets, and some doubles, so I prefer sitting. The CA seems to handle this very well. Its an ED lens with high quality scott/ ohara glass and personally it handles Luna observing very well. One other thing to mention. I have found this scope great for binoviewing also ,a real benefit from just Cyclops, especially true on long Luna session, very relaxing with two eyes and such a great view, people say more of a 3D type of experience. Hope this helps
  7. If your going for one scope only and have your mind set on a refractor , and want to use on an AZ . Then have you thought about a SW120ED. These do come up second hand at very sensible money. Great quality build an great optics , superb on Luna ,planetary, doubles stars and aperture for some DSO. I use my SW120Ed on an AZ4 without any weight or size issues. Could certainly be worth consideration for a one scope only set up
  8. Hi . I use a good old collimation cap to set up my reflector. But a good old "Star test" will show you the real test of how well your scope is adjusted
  9. With the refractor, always seem to be seated as more comfortable as mostly Luna and planetary with the frac. The newt and dob always standing as seem to swing these around on various DSO , bit planetary if in view or a bit of Luna. So always seem to be standing with newt and dob The one exception is if I have had a port of two to many, or a few to many wines and then its always sitting
  10. Nice eyepiece choice there John. I think many newbies or more experienced alike who are looking for a set of quality eyepieces will not go far wrong with your suggestions
  11. If SW can sort out the niggles, and produce a 150mm frac to the same build standard and optical standards as the ED 100 and ED 120 then I am sure they will be on to a winner with opening up the market to the masses with a quality 150mm refractor that the normal astronomer can hope to afford. 150mm refractor market has been just so expensive in the past ,that it is out of many peoples price range. But a well sorted build and optical standard 150mm refractor that SW have shown from other scope apertures they are capable of ,may change this.
  12. I am sure John would love to do this, especially as he has a new mount But if John did not want to try another SW 150 ED, then I am sure there would be numerous SGL members who would love to be a tester for this new sensible priced big refractor
  13. Nice moon pic . It is surprising how good the old phone at the eyepiece trick works at times. I know I have tried this a few times in the past in the frac. Get the phone in the correct position at the eyepiece and keep the hand steady for a few seconds . Then you can get a real good pic and great detail. Good old mobile phones. Great for a bit of basic AP work
  14. Hi ,sounds like you have a nice reflector already and going to get a quality refractor also. I personally use my Pentax XW range 3.5xw up to the 10XW in my 14" dob reflector and my 120mm frac and they work great in both these scopes. Also there is the TV delos which I am sure would also be worthy of considering. These eyepieces are not the cheapest, but once purchased will be able to be used in a variety of scopes over many years. I hope the above helps.
  15. A lot of people are in the same boat. Because you can see the constellations then they feel the Sky's are "dark". When you get to a true dark site and you see so many stars that the constellations start to be difficult to make out. Then you start to realise what a true dark site is. And those faint fuzzies that are difficult to see or spot from home then just pop to the eyes. Get to a true dark site and it will be a totally Woow experience.
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