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  1. New " Sky at Night" Sunday evening at 10 Space Britannia A look at Britain's attempt to be a major player in modern space projects Hope enjoy
  2. Timebandit

    Show Us Your Dob.....

    Great scope. I have an 8" newt as well as the 14" Dob. The 8" really is a great performer, especially at a dark site. The 8" does really take some beating as the best bang for buck scope
  3. Timebandit

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    Here is a reminder for yourself Dave and all the other SGL members. On this evening gents and ladies
  4. Timebandit

    Show Us Your Dob.....

    A 14" Dob in a box, love it Stu
  5. The Sky at Night , Sunday evening at 10 on BBC Four Expedition Asteroid A look into one of the most difficult feats of space exploration, as the US and Japanese try to bring a piece of an asteroid back to Earth Hope you enjoy ☺
  6. Timebandit

    Have you ever lost your "motivation"

    Just because you don't use the scope as much as you want then don't see this as a negative. Part of the enjoyment i get from this hobby for me is the stress free I get from the relaxation of astronomy. If the scope is out so be it, but life does get in the way . There are many times when out and about, just looking up at the night sky with mark one eyeballs going through the constellations if only for a short period of time is great. Don't beat yourself up for not getting the scope out more if you are unable. Mark one eyeballs can be used anywhere at a moments notice.
  7. Timebandit

    Orthoscopic eyepieces

    Hi . Or look out for some second hand Pentax XW ,these should be around the same price as your Tak Orthodox link in the original post. I use the Pentax XW in my dob and frac. They have a fov of around 70d, around 20mm eye relief and as sharp as a top quality Ortho IMO. I am not just giving this advice on a wim, this is what I have actually brought and used. These eyepieces are top quality, and if you wish to buy a set of the 5mm to 10mm second hand ones then IMO you will not regret it. Certainly a keeper IMO. I hope this helps ☺
  8. Sunday at 10 in the evening on BBC 4 This months Sky at Night main topic is "Death Star" . Looking into how damaging a coronal mass ejection could be . And how two new satellite's that will travel closer to the sun than ever before can better prepare us. Hope you enjoy ☺
  9. Good honest report John Skywatcher are certainty doing themselves no favours here i am afraid , by allowing a 150ed of this nature to leave the factory. With all the good work Skywatcher have done in the past with the likes 80ed , 100ed and 120ed putting quality scopes in the hands of many amateur astronomer at affordable prices ,they should really be at the top of their game with the new 150ed. Obviously some serious QC issues that Skywatcher need to sort out quickly. Hope you get a good un John and then we can see if the 150ed in its correct state is going to be a worthy addition to the Skywatcher ED stable.
  10. I think there may be a long line of persons at John's pitch if he is at SGL party , wanting a little look through the SW 150ed If that's the case then I think John is going to have a very long line at the SGL party wanting a little look through the bargain of the year
  11. Firstly good on FLO for letting you have a loan of one of these new SW 150ed. I think many of us have thought about a 150mm frac ,but cost has been a big factor in any decision. But also is the quality, there is no point in getting a large frac at a good price point if the quality of the optics ect just do not deliver. With all your years of experience John and the many quality fracs you have owned and still own then I think FLO have chosen the correct man for the job in a test/review of this exiting new SW 150ed. If this new SW 150ed is as good as its smaller brother the 120ed , then I think SW are onto a winner in the 150mm frac range at sensible money. John looking forward to your reports and assessment.
  12. If you can afford 33k ,then I am sure you could afford a caddie to carry the darn think around for you
  13. Timebandit

    GSO 8" f/6 dob

    The GSO 8" as I understand it are very similar quality wise optically to the skywatcher 200p Therefore the 8" GSO should be a very good all round scope for planetary and DSO. For fainter DSO then a dark site will certainly be of great benefit to get the best out of the 8" aperture of the scope. The GSO 8" should be a good choice. If you can get some reasonable quality eyepieces also. The BST starguiders get some good feedback on this site. I hope this helps ☺
  14. Getting aperture fever I think Mike? 6" Newts , now 8" Newt, maybe a 10" Newt next ?? The 8" newt really is the goldy lock's size IMO . Reasonable money, still ease of use due to weight and size to handle, and great performance if it has a quality mirror I love my 8" OOuk newt on the AZ4, just so portable for a grab and go. But effective on lunar ,planetary and DSO, just a great all round scope. That carbon fibre tube looks very space age, hope you enjoy and look forward to your reports and experience with the new Newt(and don't forget to name it )
  15. Timebandit

    Pentax XW

    I thought that's what they mean about the "ring of fire" when talking about the Naglers

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