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  1. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    O well done. What type of Observatory are you going for 😀
  2. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Totally agree. Dark Sky's are just as important and can be more important than aperture and fancy eyepieces. I know from experience my 8" vx at a Dark site will totally out do my 14" vx at a light polluted location. Make the effort and travel to a true Dark site to get the best out of your kit on DSO
  3. Bino advice

    In that case . what about a pair of Ethos 😵 😂
  4. Bino advice

    I think you will love binoviewers in a frac. If you like binoculars then its not as mobile ,but certainty better IMO. It's like Cyclops viewing through a frac but twice the fun. Cyclops on steroids😀 You do not have to spend big money IMO to get a good set up. My TS binoviewers have been great for the money. And the same with eyepieces. Some half decent Orthos or plossl pairs and you are away. Be prepared for longer spells at the eyepiece and a more relaxed experience with binoviewers. Two eyes on certain targets IMO is a far better experience ,
  5. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    The Dob Mob boys argue for DSO you only need 2 to 3 eyepieces, and possibility a power mate. Personally IMO I do not think they are far wrong with their thinking on this. With planetary you do need IMO more eyepiece's, depending on planetary target and seeing conditions. As such 1mm intervals at the shorter focal lengths are a good idea. Personally as you already have a 5, 6mm BGO which you are happy with. I do not consider getting a nag zoom best for your money, better going for a dedicated 4mm similar to BGO. From my own personal use on DSO. The two main eyepiece's that stay in the scope is the 20mm nagler and the Pentax 10XW. These sometimes are the only eyepiece's I take on a grab and go dark site trip. As they spend so much time in the scope. I think you are better off for DSO going for a few quality eyepiece's rather than quantity from my experience.
  6. Dob build 16"

    Very nice indeed 👍 Its good to put some custom work to your scope, not just to make it a more effective package. But looks good to the eye also. More dark site trips now 😀
  7. Best beginner telescope

    Hi. Welcome to SGL I would go for the skywatcher 200p These are reflector type scopes on a Dobson mount A very capable and easy to operate scope. Great bang for buck, and if you cannot afford a new one, then look out for a used one ,as they come up at very sensible money. Hope this helps☺
  8. Two new toys

    Being a frac man Mike, I should imagine you will like the BGO very much. Compared to some modern eyepieces these days ,with extra long eye and very wide fov, they are a bit like going back to the stone age 😀 But in my refractor ,apart from the pentax XW, they are my favorite eyepiece. Such a great optically sharp image that suits planetary and lunar viewing very well. I think you will become a addict to the BGO and will want a full set, and join the rest of the collectionist club for these Orthos 😉
  9. Why no Sky at Night TV program this month?

    Don't hold back with your feelings Mike. Have you ever considered working for the diplomatic department 😀
  10. New Frac Decisions

    Obviously not on your list ,so only a suggestion🤔 But what about one of the older gold tube SW 120ed. I understand these come up used for around the £500mark(depends how strict your budget is) The SW 120ed have a reputation for being optically very well corrected, and at very sensible money. They also are very accommodating to a binoviewers. I find my Sw120ed a great frac and have had some breathtaking views of the moon from the binoviewing set up. And have found it sits on my AZ 4 without any problems. So your skytee should easily handle it.
  11. Some nice vintage Japanese glass

    Thanks Dave. Yes I agree. Great eyepiece the RG Meade Ortho. Shame the rest of the Meade gear does not seem to be to the same sort of quality standards. This is something of " vintage " where a Meade product was on top of its game👍
  12. Remind me not to take my Dob to a refractor star party 😀
  13. Curved spider vane

    Well I have seen many parts of threads where those considering an newt v frac expect similar views . And this just is not going to happen for the reasons I have already given. Also the industry around all these different types of vanes is to "improve image" and again you are IMO just moving the light path slightly or differently around these fancy vanes. But you still have the vanes/primary there. To which you do not in a refractor. If you want tight sharp stars. IMO don't waste your money trying to reinvent the wheel. As the design of a newt is its design. Better off putting your money towards a frac instead of fancy vane design's.
  14. Curved spider vane

    I think we just have to face facts ,because of the design of a newt(vanes of one type or another). That you are not going to get the cleaner looking shape of stars that you can in a refractor. The different types or shapes of vanes may mitigate , change , disperse the effect of the vane interfering with the light of the star. Thus changing the shape of the final view or image. In my opinion you are still not going to get those pinpoint sharp stars that a quality refractor can achieve so well. The quality refractor IMO will just produce a better pinpoint sharp star than a newt . And the shape of vane in a newt may or may not help. But a quality refractor of the same aperture as a newt will cost so much more per inch of aperture. But for those clean sharp pinpoint stars that some of us demand will require a refractor to achieve ,as the design of the newt just does require a vane in one form or another to be present.
  15. Show us your Frac

    Naaa, that little frac or Tak 😉 is really just the finder for his Dob 😀