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  1. A nice quality set of eyepiece in green and black . An eyepiece set like that would keep many of us happy for many years, probably a lifetime ,and a great investment I should of imagine if you compared the price in 2009 to 2020 ,
  2. Hi . If your main interest with this scope is mainly planetary and Luna. And if size and weight are an issue. Then I would opt for a nice high quality 100ED refractor.
  3. Hello. All things being equal then bigger is better. It has more light gathering ability. Which is always better on the fainter DSO. But bigger also can be more problematic in lifting , travelling, setting up in general. I have a 14" and a 8" and finding lately I am using the smaller scope more due to the practicality of the scope. The best scope is the one you will use. So if you have no problems with handling the 10" then go with that, otherwise the 8" is a great all round aperture for most. Hope this helps
  4. If you wish one scope and it needs to be a refractor, then I would pay the extra for an ED scope and for the money then look for a good used SW 120ED , I have one of these and find it a good all rounder. Also remember to factor in for a mount. I use a AZ4 on 2" stainless steel legs and I find this set up works for me. But I understand why reflector scopes are so recommended. As you do get so much more money for your buck. If you are interested in going down this route then I would look at a good quality 8" reflector. Still manageable to transport IMO and will have so much more aperture ,
  5. Hello. The vast majority of my astro gear has been purchased used. And I have had no real problems going down this route. Have a look at the gear and of course have a look through the scope. Get the owner to get the mount to operate if possible. Take your time and go through a few basic checks , but usually astro gear has been well looked after . And purchasing used can save you a small fortune and you can get some real high quality gear at very sensible money.
  6. Yes ask your grandparents, you will have no sellers regrets then ,like many seem to get on SGL when they sell on a lovely piece of equipment. Its not like you are asking them to store a 20 or 24 inch Dob in there living room, that would be asking a bit much
  7. To get more clear magnification on a like for like basis. Then you really need to go for more aperture. More aperture on a like for like basis allows more light gathering ability and in turn you have the ability (with the correct eyepiece and seeing conditions) to use more magnification. If you currency use a 130mm reflector scope, then to see a reasonable step up at sensible money then I would consider a 200mm reflector. I hope this helps
  8. From the focal length range of eyepiece you mention. Then I would opt for the 4.7 8.8 14 24 Why ,this will give you a good range from high mag power for planet, mid power and lower range power for DSO. Depending on the exact focal ratio of your scope. But from an initial answer from the information provided then this would give you a good spread of eyepiece powers for observation.
  9. Are you chaps on a weight loss program
  10. Sometimes you are better off buying the eyepiece you really want , than upgrading later. I did this with my 20 mm Nagler T5 . And have never regretted it. Buy once and buy right first time is never false economy. As a good eyepiece you are happy with will last you a life time. And purchased used a TV will usually keep its value if you ever want to sell on
  11. Hello. Mixing a scope for visual and AP does not usually work well on your budget. For AP then the SW 80ED is a very popular and well regarded scope in this range, and you could do a bit of visual. But for visual a SW 100ED or a second hand SW120ED would be my recommendations. Hope this helps
  12. Just to clarify for the OP. A bigger scope ,by this more aperture will allow for more light gathering ability. In turn (like for like quality , mirror or lens) more magnification can be used and therefore a better image will be shown (Sky conditions permitting) I have a 8" reflector, and think it really is a top performing all round scope for very sensible money.
  13. Hello. If you already have "Turn left at Orion" then there are plenty to have a go at. Turn left is a great way to start learning around the night sky. One point to keep in mind is light pollution if you are in a big city , this really does effect the faint fuzzy DSO. For really good faint DSO then a true dark site is needed. So well worth putting the kit in the car if needed and travelling to true dark Sky's, where faint DSO just pop to the eyes
  14. The AZ4 is a really great mount IMO. I run my 120ED on this , and the 8" OO newt. Mine does have the 2" stainless steel legs. But for the money purchase second hand then I have found this mount just right for my needs . it is simply, strong and effective for very sensible money
  15. Hello. I find binoviewers a great add on to my refractor set up , especially on Luna. Such a more relaxing and 3d type of experience. I have read some people do not get on with certain type/manufacturer when it comes to binoviewing but as you have tried 5 sets , maybe you are one of the unlucky ones who just cannot get them to work for you. I think John the moderator also has had a similar experience. Such a shame as binoviewers really can add another dimension to a refractor experience from the great results I have managed to enjoy.
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