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  1. If you can afford 33k ,then I am sure you could afford a caddie to carry the darn think around for you
  2. Timebandit

    GSO 8" f/6 dob

    The GSO 8" as I understand it are very similar quality wise optically to the skywatcher 200p Therefore the 8" GSO should be a very good all round scope for planetary and DSO. For fainter DSO then a dark site will certainly be of great benefit to get the best out of the 8" aperture of the scope. The GSO 8" should be a good choice. If you can get some reasonable quality eyepieces also. The BST starguiders get some good feedback on this site. I hope this helps ☺
  3. Getting aperture fever I think Mike? 6" Newts , now 8" Newt, maybe a 10" Newt next ?? The 8" newt really is the goldy lock's size IMO . Reasonable money, still ease of use due to weight and size to handle, and great performance if it has a quality mirror I love my 8" OOuk newt on the AZ4, just so portable for a grab and go. But effective on lunar ,planetary and DSO, just a great all round scope. That carbon fibre tube looks very space age, hope you enjoy and look forward to your reports and experience with the new Newt(and don't forget to name it )
  4. Timebandit

    Pentax XW

    I thought that's what they mean about the "ring of fire" when talking about the Naglers
  5. In regards the APM ed 152 and the Tak 100mm. I am really looking forwards to your thoughts on the optical difference in sharpness (if there is any) on planetary and lunar . My understanding is new the Tak is around 2K and the APM 2.5k. Slightly more expensive the APM, but so much more scope with the APM. But when it comes to planetary and lunar obvious the optics are really what comes into play. So hopefully Derek you will get some great seeing conditions. Pop a few XW in the focusers and let us know your feelings. Does the smaller Tak take the day ,or the size and quality of the APM deliver. Look forward to your thoughts
  6. Timebandit

    Pentax XW

    They may be ugly to your eyes Mike But beauty is in the eye of the beholder But boy do they work well
  7. I am more than happy with the stock focuser on the Equinox version on the SW 120ed. Have never thought of an "upgrade" But obviously if you are spending many many thousands on a Tak, then should you need to upgrade from a stock focuser. I don't think you should. But maybe if Tak did redesigned the focuser it would become so expensive to buy the new "improved" version, then it would push the scope out of the market for being just to expensive, as they are already at a premium price IMO. SW do seem to produce such a great range of scopes now ,from the entry level, ed , esprit. Something for everyone
  8. Timebandit

    Little and large

    When I noticed the title "Little and large " I was expecting to see a 20" Dob and a 100mm Tak. But obviously a 150mm and a 100mm refractors , a nice duo. Hope you enjoy. See you have great weather also. Nice to see the sun
  9. Timebandit


    Hi . At this time of year then "Dark Sky's" are not really on the agenda. There are other objects to go for and we have had some lovely clear nights. This has enabled Jupiter to be viewed in the southern direction around 10/11 in the evening. And with stable and clear Sky's then I have had some wonderful views of the massive gas giant. Also lunar ,again with some cloud free and stable Sky's then the scope has certainly delivered on the moon. The nights may be lighter at the moment and the temperature warmer. But the up side of this is observing in shirts and shorts Try to find what you can observe on these lighter nights (and not what you can't) and Jupiter and lunar are certainly available
  10. Timebandit

    My small frac beat my dob :-/

    It does not surprise me, as Fracs rule on double stars IMO ,and light buckets are the king on fainter DSO. Horses for courses, everyone should have a frac in the kit
  11. Yes John . A wooden tripod does seem to assist with the dampening effect . Compared to a metal tripod the wood seems to absorb the vibration which helps considerably on the vibration time or lack of vibration. If you want to cut vibration to a minimum IMO a wooden tripod certainty is the way to go to help absorb and dampen the vibration .
  12. As John says its going to be difficult to say for certain unless more testing and possible pulling them apart for comparison But there has been such instances before. The Williams optics Uwan and SW Nirvana were supposedly the same eyepiece internally and externally , but with a different brand name on it. In such cases then you can save a considerable amount of cash if you are canny enough to know about the twin syndrome
  13. Have you finished counting them ?? You did start counting 6 hours ago
  14. Timebandit

    Newts , planetary killers !

    Its all about horses for courses IMO . Each scope has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your wallet and what you really want out of the hobby. My own personal preference is Frac on lunar , planetary and double stars. And aperture in the form of a light bucket reflector to draw those fainter DSO. Horses for courses IMO
  15. Timebandit

    Newts , planetary killers !

    Had some great views of Jupiter with the OOuk 14 reflector a few weeks ago. A newt/reflector can produce some stunning views if the mirror it at ambient temperature and well collimated. The views of Jupiter a few weeks back in the reflector were certainty the best I have seen this year with incredible belt detail and the GRS showing so well ,and the colours so varied. The reflector certainly proved its worth that night on planetary, and combined with the great seeing conditions that we were lucky to enjoy. A Newt is such a great bargain when you compare it to the APOs out there. What is a quality 6" to 7" APO , many many thousands. A quality newt in that range well under a thousand pounds . If you can afford just one scope then a quality newt/reflector at decent aperture is the way to go IMO.

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