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  1. 4 books

    Reduced / offers anyone ?

    Okay will maybe try and remind myself of the reasons behind that. He may have even mentioned it before and I forgot !
  3. Please remove as mind changed for the time being. Just putting some feelers out here! Owners like these scopes lots and lots, so would have to ideally be a meet up face to face situation. I realise someone out there may be using an FC-100 DC and be after the more robust focuser business end of the FC-100 DF. I would be up for swapping my FC-100 DF for the lighter FC-100 DC if the circumstances allow. I have a grab & go tripod now so the diet would be useful. The DF is £300 more expensive than the DC model (Ian King Imaging at the moment). In this case I would be looking for £100-£150 cash in my direction as part of the deal? Fair maybe? Anyone genuinely serious about this proposition then please P.M me. Clear skies to all James
  4. mikeDnight it was you who gave me the insight in the first place to go ahead and grab one. Never looked back! Thanks
  5. Sessions So Far In 2018?

    Opportunities have been numerous so far, although I have not taken them all I reckon its well above average like others are implying.
  6. Very nice choice, absolutely stunning OTA. Every time I use mine it sends a flurry of happiness through my eyeball and into my central nervous system. Its money well invested, you will be sure to love the views. I never tire of the FC-100, its cool down is usually 5-10 mins and I am known to grab a 20 min viewing session with it just because its possible with that scope. The best one is the one you use the most, and FC-100 are exactly those scopes. Beautiful views.
  7. 4 books

    I have the following books for sale all of which are in very good condition. The only real imperfection is the bottom of the spine on 'Nearest Star' (see image). (£30 for all 4) SOLAR: Nature's Third Cycle by Arnab Rai Choudhuri. Hardback ISBN 978-0-19-967475-6 £10 Inc P&P. Nearest Star The Surprising Science of Our Sun by Leon Golub & Jay M Pasachoff. Soft cover ISBN: 978-1-107-67264-2 £8 inc P&P. Stars & Milkyway: The Milky Way An Insiders Guide by William H Waller. Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-691-12224-3 £10 inc P&P. The Life and Death of Stars by Kenneth R Lang. Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-107-01638-5 £10 inc P&P.
  8. WO 1.25" erecting prism diagonal.

    I am in line for one so will be looking forward to your writeup Dave.
  9. Please move to sold section.
  10. Ursa Major galaxies

    I have had to unlearn that M51 is in Ursa Major I think its taken 2 years to stop my brain jumping to the conclusion.
  11. M104 - Sombrero

    One of my all time favourite views, amazing!
  12. The Berlebach 28 is now available without the spreader. It will come with the chain & tray.
  13. Comets

    Too true Tim, I have no recollection of ever seeing one.........Its about time.
  14. Comets

    Its all relative !