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  1. I would not worry about it Kev. Most the time they take your name / details to cross reference previous convictions/cautions etc to see if anything else comes to light from a 'chance' meeting. I have been mistaken for a wanted description in the past, and have been searched in broad daylight and the night time too. I am pretty sure its quite common to have a brush with the police with nothing coming out of it. Certainly it is for me
  2. Yep okay, that clarifies my observations with the FC-100 so far. Anyhow this is off topic to the OP so back to dribbling over the TEC160 !
  3. is it possible to split the pup with a 4" Frac ?
  4. Sumerian ?

    My D Lukehurst was solid as a rock. Rigid well designed truss syetem, and never changed/needed collimation between dismantle and reassembly. Was a dream to use and the views blew us away. Highly recommended!
  5. 8mm Ethos & Astro Physics SOLD

    Items on HOLD P.m returned.
  6. 8mm Ethos & Astro Physics SOLD

    Anyone up for a decent deal here? Offers? Ebay soon if not
  7. Schroter's Valley - Wow !!!

    Cheers John, I was looking at that feature earlier (a first for me I think). I was going to ask on here and bang, here it is in your OP. Lovely sharp views in the FC-100 tonight all the way up to x200.
  8. Amazing progress*. The first one is beautiful in its own right, it has a vintage feel, like it belongs in an old hardback book that smells of yellowing paper and cracking glue on a weakened spine (My Burnham's handbooks come to mind). The one below, well that belongs in a glossy modern publication. *As I state regularly when loitering the imaging sections, I am visual only and know nothing about this stuff, so please excuse me. I respect the technical heartache and pain you poor people put yourselves through.
  9. & £600 of the £1000 budget is saved! Even with upgrades of EP's & books etc you will still have a cool setup with plenty of change.
  10. A Birthday Saturn!

    That is a great view to have captured.
  11. 8mm Ethos & Astro Physics SOLD

    Prices Dropped !
  12. Answer: I have 2 eyes*............Cough cough........ (*binoculars?!) ......errr....
  13. You never know ! All jokes aside Mike, I am really interested in what you have to write about this scope. Enjoy 1st light