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  1. Berlebach spreader stopper

    I am sure you won't be disappointed. I really cherish mine, its so good at absorbing vibration, and I have a feeling that pretty much any mount on it does the job well. The only setup I would swap it out for is the Losmandy AZ8 and that looks superb. One of our fellow SGL members on Holland has one and it looks like the bees knees. But in reality I am so happy with the berlebach, they are lovely tripods.
  2. Berlebach spreader stopper

    My Uni 28 has a37cm x 37cm tray. Although you can use the spreader without the tray.
  3. 6 months ago I had a viewing session, still waiting to get the second one in of the year :clouds2:

    1. xtreemchaos


      try harder, don't let a bit of rain put you off, I live in wales which is the wetist place in the solar system "maybe universe" and I do astro most days:icon_biggrin:, smash n grabs and hard won views are allways the best.  clear skys , charl.

  4. Maybe post an image up ? I am sure many will help!
  5. Hello from Croatia!

    Welcome Marko, I have very fond memories of visiting Croatia, including Zagreb, its a beautiful country. Enjoy the forum, we are friendly folk ! James
  6. New SW AZ5

    Sounds dry as a bone Mike. Shame. However looks like a great mount once this is overcome.
  7. Eyepieces for fast telescopes?

    8.8mm is excellent. I recommended it to someone else and was asked to buy it on their behalf. I therefore had a free trial of it and was very impressed. Excellent in the dob I had at the time !
  8. Love them, I have spent hours staring into M13. The colossal size seems quite easy to comprehend when seeing them in an EP.
  9. Starter objects?

    M13, M57, Jupiter, Saturn & The Moon should keep you busy
  10. Best 2" Dielectric Diagonal

    That said, I am sure the scatter is well under control. As known already the differences will be so small in the quality of view, especially during the times of normal seeing here in the UK. However with the 3-6mm TV Zoom, when the conditions allow I am sure the coatings will prove an edge, but the physical construction of this diagonal is really something else. Damn it....then, let the clouds stay, I will just in the meanwhile appreciate the engineering. I wear no jewellery, but I would wear this if it were less bulky. So then I will put it on a chain hang it on my neck while the views wait
  11. Best 2" Dielectric Diagonal

    The fit and finish of this diagonal is second to none. The construction is superb, the baffling is stunning in they way baffling should be. I don't know why I try kidding myself sometimes when it comes to gear. I buy 5 times over and gradually creep towards the thing I read about ages ago, a bit like the stepping-stone hypothesis of drug addition. I may conjure up a review if the clouds part and let me in.
  12. The finder view will show a larger field of view (area) than the EP view. You are right you will notice a flipped view depending on the set up, but try and aim the scope at something still, during daylight, (e.g a distant television arial). Then marry the very middle/centre of the view you see through the EP with the middle/centre of the view in the finder scope by making small adjustments to the finder position. This process varies in difficulty depending on the mechanics of the finder & bracket etc. Once they are matched you should be good to use the finder to get really in the ball park area (eg 1 bright star), and when you move to the EP the same bright star should be pretty close to the middle of the view in the EP. Leave the diagonal in & the EP in during the process so you don't have to be on your knees setting it up, it will probably just flip the image which is better than breaking your back.