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  1. jabeoo1

    COMPLETED - SOLD Cambridge Double Star Atlas

  2. You could also remove the diagonal & see if you can get focus by viewing 'straight through' to work out if in-focus is the issue.
  3. Try lifting the eyepiece out of the diagonal whilst keeping the view in the eyepiece at the same time. You may find the amount of back focus needed by doing this.
  4. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    Although the intensions are to help which is fine I feel this thread has now concluded and needs starting off again. Its off topic is it not Any moderator has permission to delete this thread/advert. Thanks.
  5. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    This is my concern, it makes my heart sink when I hand something pricey with glass involved to a courier service. I actually find it stressful whilst things are in transit. Also some services will not cover optics/glass (study the small print). Taken from Parcelforce website: Items excluded from compensation for damage Items made wholly or partially of the following materials or similar materials: Glass – Items wholly or partially made from or containing glass, e.g. picture frames and clocks containing glass or crystal items. Damage to other items in the parcel caused by broken glass will not be covered
  6. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    He is really good to deal with, I just can't take the hit on selling it that route.
  7. jabeoo1

    Abell 61

    That is seriously stunning mate.
  8. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    I have thought about blending out those marks, as you say its easily possible ! Fleabay.....Could do, but issues in the past can make sales tricky. Its a buyers marketplace that one. Not so much forgiving on the side of the seller.
  9. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    True personally makes sense but it would have to be a good courier. Who did you use Iain?
  10. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    All true. Thing is, yet again, like quite a bit of my stuff I have sold in the past, yes its a lovely telescope but I hardly use it! Maybe been out a few hours in the last year Shame but its a chunk of money tied up, a Skywatcher 127 would probably provide me with my lunar, Jupiter & Saturn fix for 2 hours a year. Or when I get my shed sorted a cheap Dob or Long Frac would probably be killer on those targets. The last time I was under a DARK sky site with it I had an absolutely wonderful few hours but that was 16 months ago
  11. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    Okay thanks for the input people. I have adjusted the price a little to reflect the 'damage' and I still think it remains a bargain. Win win for seller & buyer.
  12. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    Maybe its that time of the year. Junes long light nights, so maybe the hobby is put on the back burner for a bit. Maybe I should pull it and wait until September / October & pop it back up for £1550 & it will probably go in a blink.
  13. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    I am honestly a little perplexed by the lack of interest, okay so there are a few marks on the draw tube but still. I thought naively it would go for around £1500 +
  14. jabeoo1

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    Reduced again to what is quite a bargain I think ! £1450 for a 4" Tak
  15. jabeoo1

    Dobsonian weightwatchers

    Realistically how much weight will cutting that volume off actually remove?

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