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  1. Brandon eye pieces

    I am getting comfortable for this one.....That 48mm Brandon though is tempting.
  2. ADM Vixen-Style Saddle and Dovetail

    This is a great set up on my Sabre mount, love mine..... good luck with the sale !
  3. Thanks Jim its all yours !
  4. Moonlight doubles and a little more

    Nice one John. Lovely accounts of the action.
  5. Jim no worries I can do that for you, check your mail box as I have PM'd you. Best Wishes James
  6. Just found this in the drawer and have no need for it. 2" Fine Tuning Ring It measures 28mm in length, it also has a thread on the other end to allow filters etc to attach. I believe it to be Baader as it is very well baffled. These retail for around £18 & P&P Asking for £10 to include P&P within UK.
  7. Strange Moon limb

    I think your right Charic. That feature lit up as a 95.5% waning gibbous, makes it look *(nothing) like a Pacman. Crazy
  8. Strange Moon limb

    Okay this is weird, I have just been out and had a look, I am very confused right now. There may well be an easy explanation, but right now I am looking at a view I did not expect. This is odd !
  9. Which eyepiece do you REALLY use most?

    Back along I 'rationalised' my EP's. I felt that 6 was too many. It only encouraged constant fiddling around between focal lengths, and really all I wanted to do was settle down behind an EP, & soak up the views. I aimed for 3, and this proved trickier than I first imagined. The 3-6 TV Zoom for anything high magnification, with the bonus of adjusting to seeing was a simple choice. My most used was the 15mm TV Plossl, (which I no longer own). I loved everything about that EP, and its qualities pushed me into buying an 8mm & 17mm Ethos. It seems in hindsight obvious now, but both the 8E & 17E share the 2 major attributes I admired with the 15mm Plossl. A SGL member pointed out to me that (I equally thank and dislike him for it !), an 8mm Ethos will frame roughly the same area of sky as the 15mm Plossl. The 8mm Ethos covers 1 of the qualities of my old favourite, with the added bonus of a sensible increase in magnification. A 17mm Ethos covers the wide views & gives me close to the magnification of my 15mm Plossl. I imagine over the sessions they will all get an equal share of the action which was not the case before.
  10. TV eyepieces for sale

    Beautiful 'scraps' you have for sale here Mark ! Personally no need for anymore gear (Shame!), but as usual your used gear is always pristine, someone is going to get some lovely stuff Mark is a great bloke to deal with, anyone new to the forum should not have a second thought.
  11. the big bang (sorry)

    Brilliant book !. A firm favourite of mine. After that book try Gravity's Engines by Caleb Scharf its eye opening.
  12. Extension tube (Part TKP31112) Eyepiece Adaptor 50.8 (TKP27110) Eyepiece Holder 50.8 / AD Ring (TKP19001) http://www.astronomy-electronics-centre.com.au/sys_pdf/system_chart_fc-100df.pdf
  13. Perpetual Calendar

    Gina this project looks exceptional. I can't even begin to understand the details, but it makes me want a 3D printer. Saying that I think I may stick to film photography & scanning. Its always very interesting to see your posts.
  14. Berlebach spreader stopper

    I am sure you won't be disappointed. I really cherish mine, its so good at absorbing vibration, and I have a feeling that pretty much any mount on it does the job well. The only setup I would swap it out for is the Losmandy AZ8 and that looks superb. One of our fellow SGL members on Holland has one and it looks like the bees knees. But in reality I am so happy with the berlebach, they are lovely tripods.
  15. Berlebach spreader stopper

    My Uni 28 has a37cm x 37cm tray. Although you can use the spreader without the tray.