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  2. This review sums this book up very well: Not dumbed down and very entertaining Beautifully illustrated throughout with images that engage and excite. A 3 year old can look at the funny illustrations and be amused and an adult science graduate can still learn something from the facts given. The book is very high quality and robusty printed that will last for years. It is much bigger that the images on the wensite would imply. e.g. a foot square.
  3. A big well done! They are excellent results.
  4. Price drops....again !
  5. Good stuff, fortune favours the brave. We should have a section here on SGL within the DIY pages that resemble the pages of iFixit. Its a great site, and I have used it to sort out my macbook repair. Its basically a step by step pictured guide of the processes. It saved me a few hundred quid for the sake of 45 mins and a very deep breath.
  6. I was only looking at this again today, but I can't justify it over my Berlebach & Sabre mount, I think I will just pretend the AZ8 does not exist
  8. What location are you viewing from Matt ? Its a target I must see one day.
  9. Nice images Shane, you are right, I have seen some excellent definition within the steady seeing here in the UK this season. GRS was so defined not long back, during one session even my Dad, with a bit of coaching, (he is not a lingerer at the E.P by the way, he has a preconception that astro photography arrives at the EP) conclusively told me he could make out the GRS. This was a feat for him & me. I think he is a Lunar enthusiast above all, I showed him a Galaxy........he asked me to come and get him back out when I could see something 'good'. I adore this hobby for these reasons. Context is everything. Sorry for derailing the thread, & generally going on..............Bed time now
  10. Rune, I have a preference for around x90 for Jupiter, it so easy to dilute the features. Its never been a high power target for me at all, I see more in smaller image scales, @ x75-85 mag.
  11. I was thinking the same earlier, for the whole of June in the UK.
  12. IO Transit with shadow coming up too afterwards
  13. Item added and Brandon price dropped.