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  1. You could also remove the diagonal & see if you can get focus by viewing 'straight through' to work out if in-focus is the issue.
  2. Try lifting the eyepiece out of the diagonal whilst keeping the view in the eyepiece at the same time. You may find the amount of back focus needed by doing this.
  3. That is seriously stunning mate.
  4. Realistically how much weight will cutting that volume off actually remove?
  5. Anyone interested in any of them or all PM me. All 6 for £15 including P&P UK.
  6. There must be some chaos going on in that atmosphere. Well done great shooting.
  7. I found the Baader Neutral density filter (0.9 Standard) was really nice for giving great contrast and not leaving me night blind by the glare.
  8. I do occasionally dabble. Whilst this nice weather is upon us grab some Ilford Hp4 (ISO 125). The grain is really fine, its fast film so you probably want to be keeping things quick (1/125). Grab a cheap digital light meter ! I use a wind up Robot Star 50 camera, an old spy camera. So much fun.
  9. 15mm Televue Plossl in many scopes. This EP has been used in now sold 10" dob, Edmund Astroscan & Lunt 50. Currently in the TAK FC-100. It just works well in everything for me.
  10. Beautiful image, being into visual this target is a jaw dropper. I really could not believe what averted vision revealed at the EP. This reminds me to get out there more often.
  11. Sounds like a close shave Derek. Caught in time I hope (well done!), looks like you will just have to start using it Maybe a blessing in disguise. I am not one to get bogged down in detail but sometimes things just happen for a reason and sometimes reveal themselves in strange ways. Get it out in the sun and under the dark sky, you maybe had just forgotten about it and it wanted attention.
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