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  1. Cannot help with the Skysensor 2000, but have some good motors and controller that will fit the GPDX if required.......
  2. Hello @Greymouser, That looks like a nice scope and it’s certainly very good value for money. I was also out last night with my C6 and as I don’t live two far from you was similarly affected with poor seeing and heavy dew, so I am not surprised your secondary dewed up - all my open fronted scopes have suffered from this issue and I still had to use a dew shield on them to avoid the problem. The focuser can be adjusted if you are handy, see here...... https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/647093-fixing-my-gso-cassegrain-focuser/ The mark on the primary - could it be a loose paint fleck ?? If it is mould then pointing it at the sky for a good dose of UV will kill it - or you could speak to TS and return it - they have excellent customer service. Don’t think the dust specs on the primary will be an issue and as the tube is open the dust will get worse - my advice is to not point a torch down there. Hope that helps.
  3. Hello @alecras2345 and welcome to SGL Here is an online solar observatory...... https://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/
  4. As I have grown older and amassed a huge amount of knowledge my head has grown through my hair
  5. Good thread..... This Is me (the one holding the baby ) getting ready to look at Halleys Comet in 1986 - only 34 years ago The scope was an 8.5” F/5 Alt-Az Newtonian built by Rob Miller of Astrosystems.
  6. Well it’s a lot of scope for the money but the divorce would cost a lot more
  7. Intes Micro - Well built scopes with excellent optics - I have the 7” version. Good luck with the sale
  8. That’s quite a mix for a budget of £700 - you need tracking, high contrast optics and good aperture for all the things you specify.
  9. I have a dual motor drive set that will fit the EQ5 for sale at the moment. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/338919-dk3a-motor-set-£125-for-vixen-gpgpdx-clones/
  10. Naturally occurring Fluorite is fragile and absorbs moisture. I believe synthetic Fluorite used in high end photographic lenses and telescopes is fully multicoated and does not absorb moisture. However it always pays to be careful with our kit
  11. You could buy a thin black foam camping mat and some elastic webbing to fashion a long dewshield for very little money - it will keep dew off the objective for much longer than just the standard dewshield.
  12. I think you are being overly cautious when taking your scope out. I have a 5” 22 year old Fluorite telescope and have been taking it from the centrally heated house straight outdoors often in freezing mid winter temperatures without issue. I think the fluorite thermal shock issue is fake news - although rumour has it that Roland Christen once dropped cold water on a very hot fluorite element and it shattered - as glass would - but even that may be a myth But each to his own As you say making sure the OTA dries out well after a session is very good practice.
  13. Hello Sphenoid and welcome to SGL. As others have said the Skyliner 150P Dobsonian is great value for money, easy to setup and use and very capable. First Light Optics is a good place to buy them if you want a new one. If you want a free starmap to show you where things are you could try downloading Stellarium - it’s very good. Clear skies
  14. Happens to us all - just take back inside, take off all the caps and let it dry out. You might want to add another dewshield for extra prevention and/or a heated dew strap.
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