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  1. Which APO refractor

    This is my own experience ...... I owned and compared side by side a Skywatcher 100ED and a Takahashi TSA102 on the planets. The Tak was slightly brighter, had slightly more contrast and was slightly sharper than the Skywatcher. The Skywatcher cost 1/4th of the Tak price and the Tak was not 4 times better !! So to come back to the OP's original question - IMHO the smart money is probably with the Skywatcher, the money no object is definitely with the premium brands
  2. Tal 150K Mak

    AndyH may be able to help you - he is very knowledgeable about Tals
  3. Which APO refractor

    Hello Tim, Just out of curiosity which refractor do you think he might say ?
  4. Which APO refractor

    IMHO a 100mm refractor for visual is a bit too small, I have a TSA102 and an FS128 and the visual difference is very noticeable, a 130mm like Johns excellent TMB LZOS is also a very good scope. But if you are erring more towards AP then ther TAK FSQ 106 would be a great choice.
  5. Which APO refractor

    Congratulations Here's how I would spend your money http://www.cfftelescopes.eu/140mm.html http://www.apm-telescopes.co.uk/apm-152-1200t.html https://www.takahashiuk.co.uk/Refracting-Telescopes/TAK150/159-/Takahashi-TOA150B-Triplet-OrthoAprochromat-Package http://www.cfftelescopes.eu/160mm.html All are good, the Tak is VERY heavy
  6. Eye Astigmatism help?

    I am the same as you and always view with glasses on - but my planetary drawings compared to my wifes still show I am getting astigmatism at the eyepiece !!
  7. The Skymax - plenty of user feedback on the web confirming collimation stays fixed once set. But the C6 is much lighter.
  8. Perfect wine to enjoy while observing ...

    All of the above are a good idea
  9. Vixen Polaris EQ or Altaz

    Now sold - thanks.
  10. Vixen Polaris EQ or Altaz

    And replied ......
  11. This is an excellent mount that quickly converts between altaz and equatorial mode. It's quite old and has backlash in both axis due to worn gears but still does the job, however due to the worn gears it's sold as spares or repair. Slo-mo controls whilst not shown in the photos are included. £45 delivered within the UK.
  12. ADM ref is Vixen Polaris VSAD-PL https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-replacement-saddles/adm-vixen-style-saddle.html Very good condition and includes all stainless fixing bolts - allows you to upgrade to the modern Vixen dovetail bar. £63 including delivery within the UK.
  13. Brandon eye pieces

    Wheres LORON when you need him