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  1. Third most popular name after Sato and Suzuki..... https://japantoday.com/category/features/lifestyle/the-10-most-common-surnames-in-japan-and-their-meanings
  2. Hello, Do you have an excellent condition TV 11mm Plossl that you would like to sell ? Please PM me if you do
  3. Don’t know about the Mr Takahashi link with Pentax but It’s a very popular Japanese name
  4. Hello, If you have one you would like to sell please PM me
  5. Excellent What date and time was this ?
  6. Great drawing Mike - I was out at the same time but had poor seeing and heavy mist that strongly affected the views
  7. The best way to maximize SCT performance is :- 1. Either point the scope down with both end caps off for at least an hour to allow it to cool or wrap it with refectix to improve thermal stability - this way you get good performance straight away. 2. Once thermally stable check the collimation at best focus at high power - ideally you will see a star with a perfect circle surrounding it. 3. Pray to the weather Gods for good seeing
  8. Excellent observation and drawing Chris
  9. It might help if you state what weight the weight is that you are waiting for
  10. Yes rice will work plus once dry give it a good uv soak from the sun to prevent mould growing.
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