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  1. I’m sure @JeremyS has a handle on the situation
  2. It’s just the same as an SCT BUT it remains stable
  3. ?????? Perhaps I expressed myself badly. In my opinion there is no need to buy expensive collimation tools to collimate a Mewlon 210. All that is required is a night with good seeing so you can see the in focus airy disk, a cheap 7mm Orthoscopic eyepiece (x303 and a narrow field of view) and you are good to go. Make VERY small changes and do not worry about the squeaking noise - really !
  4. Best tools/method.... Good seeing, 7mm eyepiece and a star
  5. I think the only scopes that I sold due to a better or equal alternative were : OO 8L 1/10th wave v C8 FS128 v IM715 4” APO v C6 and CC6
  6. I just sold mine, it was a nice scope, very light and cooled in about an hour. Sold it as my 4” refractor was a little better at the eyepiece. I have had the 6,8 and 9.25 - the 8 was the best allrounder.
  7. 1985 - Astro Systems (Bedford) 8.5" F/5 Newtonian - A brilliant first scope - should have kept it - sold 1988 - Beacon Hill 6" F/8 Newtonian - Hinds optics, very nice but kids came along so no time - sold 2007 - Celestron 102SLT refractor - not really good at anything - sold 2008 - Celestron C9.25 SCT - very disappointing - sold 2008 - TAL 125R - very nice but too much CA - regretfully sold 2008 - Skywatcher 127 Maksutov - a bit too small - sold 2008 - Skywatcher 8" F/6 Dobsonian - superb optics - should never have sold it - sold 2009 - Skywatcher 120ED refractor - pinched optics
  8. Well thats x100 per inch which is Tak territory, so if anyone can do it Mike can
  9. The Vixen AP has a maximum loading weight of 6kg, the M180 weighs 6.2kg. The old Vixen GP had a maximum loading weight of 7kg so may be a better option ?
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