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  1. I have just been looking at the Meteoblue website ...... https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/forecast/seeing/manchester_united-kingdom_2643123?utm_source=weather_widget&utm_medium=linkus&utm_content=seeing&utm_campaign=Weather%2BWidget And for Manchester it predicts seeing resolution is 1.2 to 1.8 arc seconds. My 5" refractor is capable of resolving to 0.9 arc seconds. So what will a larger aperture scope bring to the party in terms of visual planetary performance ??
  2. Telescope took a fall

    No it's not - the case took severe force from the scope - I would ask for a new scope and case.
  3. Having owned many scopes of all types in my opinion the best all round telescope to start with and best value for money is a Newtonian on a Dobsonian mount. An 8" is big enough to resolve lots of planetary details and gather lots of light for DSO's and it does not weigh too much. A 10" is better still but the Skywatcher I had hurt my (problematic) back. If you decide to go this route and want to motorise it you can always add rings to the Newtonian and put it on a standard Equatorial mount - like I did ....
  4. Great shot - thanks for sharing - I have never seen Mercury
  5. which planet killer?

    I have a 7" Mak and it is a superb planetary scope BUT....... It's an Intes Micro 715 with active cooling - which makes a massive difference Highly recommended.
  6. I have a SW RA finder on my FS128 I bought a Tak quick release finder base, then filed the SW bracket down slightly to fit
  7. 1. Open both ends of the scope and point it at the sky - behind the Sun - the UV will kill fungus. 2. Contact FLO - they may know a chap who can sort it for you in the UK.
  8. Hello Shaun - a heads up...... The supplied lens cap will eventually break the tabs that secure the rubber adjustable cup around the eye-lens. I made a loose fiting end cap out of a plastic cap and lined it with felt to give a gentle fit Optically I rate the ASPH as good as my Pentax 7 and 5mm XW's
  9. Meade ext-90 with mould!

    Uncap both ends of the scope - point the optics at the sky - behind the sun - this will kill the fungus. Be wary of cleaning the optics as it may not work if the coatings are etched
  10. Celestron 2 x Barlow Ultima SV Lens

    Only if it's free
  11. Celestron 2 x Barlow Ultima SV Lens

    Maybe it's free - if so I will take it
  12. Last Jupiter post for this season!

    Mike - something tells me you will post again ............
  13. Ganymede

  14. Some Jupiters 25 & 26 May

    The Skymax 127 image is really good