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  1. Hi This filter appears to retail around £95 plus delivery. If I was to split the full set I would sell the filter for £80 posted, still a reasonable saving vs new from a retailer. Regards, Tony
  2. Hi Thanks for the offer. The filter appears to retail around £200 and FLO offers at £159 plus delivery. As stated, mine is brand new as part of the filter set 1. So I appreciate it isn't brand new from a retailer but I wouldn't consider splitting the full set for less than £140 posted which is still a reasonable saving. Regards, Tony
  3. I didn't want to split but as no-one seems to want the set I will consider and let you know a price over the weekend. Happy if you also want to take a look at pricing and make an offer?
  4. Hi David, I'll buy this if it's still available. Regards, Tony
  5. Bump Would like these sold so I can free up some funds.
  6. Need... 😏 Like for like I felt there was a small improvement over the Baader 2" dielectric when I used Hyperion EPs I was happy - if I compare to the Ethos I know my preference but wouldn't feel unhappy to revert.
  7. I used an extension tube to focus most 2" EPs until I fitted the moonlite focusser. With the moonlite and all spacers fitted I now get focus with everything from Nagler 3.5mm up to Panoptic 41mm - very pleased. May also help with camera use? Haven't used for astrophotography so glad to get that useful piece of info from Faulksy.
  8. I didn't know this... good info for the future 👍🏻
  9. Thanks for the offer Faulksy. Payment sorted directly now with Calvin. Regards, Tony
  10. Stunning 👍🏻
  11. Hi Estwing, Just reread - cheque only? No bank transfer or PayPal? I actually don't use a cheque book any more?
  12. Yep - pm on the way - please don't sell it. Regards, Tony
  13. I haven't seen one on sale here for ages! I have one in my basket right now ready to buy.... just trying to see if a colleague can get one while in New York $340 so not a bad saving! But seems the stores that sell in NY are closed for Passover and don't reopen till after he is back home - couldn't believe it and hoping somewhere he can find me one 😏
  14. Well the weather hasn't been great this year and when it has been ok there have often been other things going on (or sticking my head out of the door may have revealed a clear sky when the forecast said no... and a few glasses of wine meant no viewing was sensible) Anyway, last night the forecast was great and I decided to set up anyway as I wanted to test my new Baader BBHS diagonal and EPs. Targets were simply Jupiter and then the moon. Set up for testing was the Orion VX14 and the TV85 (always my benchmark). The test EPs were the Ethos 21mm and Nagler T5 31mm. Expectations weren't high but as it got later it seems the skies were as good as I can recall... so good that I decided to do more than just testing. So I added the Delos 8mm and the Nagler 3.5mm along with the TV2.5 Barlow. I also added the Baader 0.6, 0.9 and 1.8 filters so I could have a decent session on the moon as well. I spent a good hour on Jupiter on both scopes and all the EPs but settled for a long time on the Delos 8mm (barlowed was also great but the speed of travel was too fast in the VX14 so I did mostly at 8mm). It was fascinating to watch the GRS moving across and it is the first time I have seen it through the VX14. Very pleased. So by this time it was after 1am and I went back to the moon and so impressed with the seeing that I was able to use the 3.5mm with Barlow and obviously the detail was amazing - I wasn't able to use my 2" filters on the VX14 and was using the TV85 for the moon and the images below were simply taken with the iPhone 7 - not the best but hopefully give a snapshot of the fun I had. I need to work out how to use the filters on the VX14 as there seems to be a thread on the moonlite focuser but I couldn't get at it as it sits above the tube... will check next chance I get. With the Baader diagonal it is so easy to add and remove multiple filters and reinsert into the scope. Anyway, I was very happy with the evening and wish I'd also taken some Jupiter images but maybe next time - enjoy the result.
  15. Had a great session last night and was the best this year (not that many to compare but even so...) I was comparing my new EPs and the seeing was so good I decided to move to higher mag later. Not the best images but as they were handheld with iPhone 7 through Delos 8mm, Nagler 3.5mm and with Barlow I thought I'd post as I was pleased 😁