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  1. First time in ages that forecast looks clear and no moon BUT it’s going to be -12 here so could be my last session ever Fingers crossed and wrap up warm
  2. This is my home made solution - works very well to limit the heat and aid the contrast in Ha and white light.
  3. A quick session from 14th - clearest sky for a long time. Grab n go just in case the weather changed or it was too cold ? seems stamina decreases over time not outside at night. Got a couple of handheld iPhones 7 shots of a typical bright moon! @Stu may recognise the scope.
  4. I agree. Using the OO VX14 with the nexus is a dream. Easy to set up and use.
  5. Work tomorrow but a drive east might be my only chance to get a view. The unreliable forecasts frustrate me.
  6. Looks like the usual low level cloud cover here... ??? So frustrating but I can’t recall the last decent night for months. Given the lack of accuracy though I will have to set the alarm to check with my own eyes during the night.
  7. I use the Baader zoom in mine. The Lunt is good but I tend to use the ED120 with Baader Herschel wedge alongside the LS80 and actually find the Lunt zoom works very well in that. Also one of the best I’ve used is my TV radian 10mm. Solar shield is a very good idea and I also made a large cover to allow longer sessions without frying. A great choice of scope but I would question the focusser marking with the retailer and seek a replacement.
  8. That is an interesting tabletop mount in picture 1 ???
  9. Sadly the forecast for tonight is poor - I’ll keep my eye on th sky later maybe lucky to get a gap.
  10. Amusing subtitles... always interesting to watch a launch ?
  11. Yes it is - very pleased with the performance both WL and normal night Astro ??
  12. Nice write up Mike, always a pleasure to read. I can relate to your experience completely. That’s a lovely looking scope and the performance sounds excellent too. I was amazed at the OOVX14 and now usually flip between that and the TV85 for night - though the VX14 can’t be described as portable it is still manageable and great for dso with the nexus push to system. I do use someone’s cast off 120ED ??? for white light alongside the Lunt 80. I’ll be interested to learn what name Stanley’s brother eventually gets christened with ?
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