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  1. Sol HA, WL. Huge Prom, AR2671. 18-8-17

    Another good set there Charl. had a lump taken out my leg last Friday am still laid up with it as can't lift anything heavy just now. Missing all the fun grrrrrrrrrrrr Pat
  2. Celestron Nexstar 102 SLT (REDUCED)

    New Price now £300
  3. The Sun 16 August 2017 white light

    Lucky you to got some sunrays today Roger. Blanked out again here. Great set of Pics and 2671 looks like it will be around for a while. Pat
  4. Sol WL, HA, Proms. AR2671. 15-8-17

    I,m back (No Router for 4 days) only to be greeted with another set of great pics from you Charl. Pat
  5. Is the end of the Big One

    Could this be the end of the Big One or will we get lucky and get a 3rd chance at it. Pat
  6. Sol WL,HA,Proms AR2665-70. 10-8-17

    All nicely done Charl, waited ages to get a clear look this morning, did manage a couple of vids which will process later. Any suggestions on what software to process SER files. My PS, Coral and Gimp don't like that format. Pat.
  7. soL HA WL Prom, ar2665-70 9-8-17

    Great Pics there Charl. I missed out yesterday with the sun in West. I was at The Morristown and by the time I got home I walked into a real cloud burst. This morning back to the normal cloud but it is clearing now. Forecast for tomorrow is good so will have a go then. Pat
  8. August 9, 2017: More sunshine from Indiana

    Very Nice Michael, Lucky you with the sun. Pat
  9. sol AR2665-70 HA. 7-8-17

    I would be over the moon with 120 frames Charl. Not even a glimmer of sunlight here today. Resorted to resealing the shower which has been leaking since the year dot . At least the misses is happy. Pat
  10. Question on the Lunt Herschel Wedge

    I've got a Continuum on my Lunt wedge and for me it makes a big improvement when Imaging. Certainly shows more granulation. Pat
  11. Sol 05.08.17

    Same here Laud, nothing but rain and cloud for the last week day and night. Was hoping to get the first Lunar this week before the full moon but no luck. Pat
  12. Sol WL HA , proms, AR2665-70. 5-8-17

    Spot on again Charl. Managed to get something this morning. Pat
  13. Midday sun with the Sony.

    Nicely done Mark Pat
  14. Sol 05.08.17

    What a big difference a few weeks make. Was getting the sun rising over the hill to the East at 7:45 on the Solstice. Now it is 09:30 before I get a descant look. Clear sky at 07:45. Full cloud 09:30 grrrrrrrrrr Any way it managed to clear a bit later so got a few Vids to play with. One WL and one HA. There's a fair bit of action on the Rim with some interesting Proms but the Vids are poor, just one to show Pat