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  1. Was out last night all ready to go for a astro session. Was doing a PA with the ASI Pro. Came to setting the scope back to the Home Position but the RA motor would not return the scope. Set it back manually and tried to move the RA with the Mount control on ASI but it would not move. Having given up last night on a perfect night for Astro, had a look this morning and my thoughts are that the Clutch clamp is going tight in to its housing but there is still slight movement in RA and you can still move the RA on full clamp. My gut tells me the clutch needs adjusting but no idea if this can b
  2. One thing you can try if your problem is not solved, is In AirPro, open the mount Link then sync the mount to the ASI Pro
  3. The choice was basically cost related. I am in no way expert with Astro. So spending £1000,s was not an option. The 533 came in at the lower end of what I wanted. ie Cooled. Which would cut down on the amount of time photoraphing. Darks not needed. Although I do have a Darks Libaray . As far as quality goes ZWO takes some beating for the Price. Pat
  4. It works fine, Had very little time this winter to use it because of the constant grey skies here in South Wales . Heres a pic from it
  5. Yes it is the same cable The camera is the ZWO ASI 533MC-PRO USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Camera
  6. The EQ Mod cable is good for it.I use it. You connect from the connecter on the mount straight to the ASI air via the USB connector. The only cable I have running from my shed is the Extension cable. then Power for the mount and the ASIair run from there. I have 2x ZWO cameras, 2x Dew heaters and the Focuser powered from the ASIair. It works great. Polar alignment takes about 2 minutes. Plate solving about 30 seconds. Best money I have spent on Kit. Heres a pic of my kit. Looks a bit of a mess with the Cables but when packing away I just disconnect the two power cabl
  7. Just trying to think of a response to that without breaking the rules
  8. I assume the Lights were saved to the ASIair memory stick. I dont use DSLR but there is something in the manual about DSLR. I am not sure but I think you can save direct to the DSLR scan disk. Kick me if I am wrong. Here is a copy of the manualZWO_ASIAIR_PRO_User_Manual.pdf. Hope this helps Get it all working indoors in the warm during the daylight. Makes life so much easier
  9. Nicely done Ive manager 3 hours in 3 weeks :(.
  10. Finally got some clear sky last night for the first time in what seems weeks. Rushed out with the gear and managed to get 15x120sec lights of M42 (the old favourite). No darks so used some from the Cupboard, Camera was dithered and cooled to -10c. Clouds started to drift in by 22:30hrs so wrapped it up for the night. At least it gave my enthusiasm a kick in the right direction.
  11. You can try cleaning the contacts on Lens and Camera. Also update the firmware on the Camera. Do you have other Lenses with IS that work OK on the Camera? Also maybe a friend has a DSLR you can try the lens on.
  12. Nicely Put. Happy New Year guys. Pat
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