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  1. I'll have a look at that on the next clear night. Thanks for the tip about Calibrating. But the problem was on both the ASIair and PHD. .
  2. Over the last few weeks I have been getting back into Astronomy. Got kitted out with a new Sky-Watcher AZ EQ5-GT, skywatcher 120 ED Pro and WO 81 ED Pro. Guiding with a ZWO 30mm mini guide scope and a ZWO 120 mini Cam. Also using a ZWO ASI533mc as the capture Cam. I am using ZWO ASIair Pro for the software guiding and capture. Ove r the last weekend had some good results with the WO81 mounted and using the Mini set up getting 20x3minute exposers and near perfect Tracking staying within the 2" perimeters of the guide graph with ASIair. Happy Bunny lovely round stars from M13. However last night I had the 120 mounted but everything else was as before. Mount is level and within 1 degree of Level. Polar aligned using ASIair Pro PA tool.(Fantastic bit of kit). GOTO M51 and Plate Solved with in 10 seconds. Guide scope in focus and star selected for guiding. Then disaster. After about 10 seconds of guiding the graph goes haywire with the RA and DEC scales going of the Graph. Tried again from the start and again. No change. Stripped the ASIair out and switched over to PHD and APT to try again. PHD came up with the message that there was no tracking in RA. Now have to admit that I had not used PHD with this setup before so I am not sure I had that set up correctly but with both systems having guiding problems my thoughts are with something amiss with the Ratio between the SW120 and the ZWOmini. As already stated it worked perfectly with the WO81 mounted. All the locks, clutches etc etc were tight. This is my 10th year in Astronomy so not a Novice. The scope was set up in daylight and tested long before night fall. Any advice appreciated Pat
  3. Hi Ross, Welcome to the SWG. It is still active but has been not been very busy because of the Covid. No meetings etc. Hopefully some time in the future things will get back to normal and meetings will begin again at Blaenavon. Not holding out for a early return to normal but fingers cross maybe before next summer. Welcome again Pat
  4. 2 tips received, thanks. Will have to get the ladder out if the scope is pointing at the sky before putting the T shirt on it
  5. Just bought a 600D and hung it off the Telescope for the first time today to have a go at taking some FLATS. End result was not all that good. Had a white T shirt over the front pulled right and pointed it up to the sky. Had the Historgram showing a white area in the centre of the run as advised. ISO was 400, shutter was 1/4000th. shooting RAW. My gut tells me its a Camera problem, any advice before I start a return to MPB You can see the dark band along the bottom of the Frame. Then took a picture of the hills without White T shirt First Frame is using LV and 2nd is using the viewfinder
  6. Maybe it was not a Continuun I used. after all I am getting Old
  7. Hi Guys Is it OK to use a SW 120 ED Pro with a Daystar Quark H Alpha The 120 has a F/number of F/7.5 I have done it with a 80ED and Quark and a Baader Continuum Filter before but is the 120 going to be OK. regards Pat Baader Solar Continuum Filter
  8. In that Celestron lens kit there is a Barlow lens. Its the one in the top right of the picture, If you unscrew the lens on that you can then use the tube as an extension. Don't wait for darkness. try getting focus on a distant object in daylight, much less frustrating. Pat
  9. Some Politician will Blame Brexit before too long
  10. It was the noise coming from it that attracted me to it. So Davey-T you did hear it. Thought at first it was a firework. Just to Clarify just how big this Meteor was. First contact was in Gemini with the Head exploding close to Orions Belt.. The tail extended the whole distance between those two constellations. The Tail was fluorescent Green, with the head being Red, Yellow and White. The width of the tail was the thickness of the little finger held at arms length Glad to see I was not the only one to see it. Pat
  11. 10pm 14th jan. Just seen a huge Meteorite. Came from about 10 degrees from due North. Went through Gemini and extended to Orion. Massive Green tail with red and White Head. It lasted no longer than 1/2 second. Was the largest brightest Meteorite I have ever seen. One of those once in a life time events. Would have missed it if the dog had not wanted to have a Pee. Just stunned at the moment Pat
  12. You need to learn the night sky. Try downloading " Stellarium." on your PC. There is also star hopping which is like using the stars you do know as a route to the star you are looking for. As already suggested get the finder and telescope aligned. When looking through the finder keep both eyes open and use the eye not looking through the finder to look at the star you are lining up on. It seems a bit strange doing this at first but makes alignment much easier once you get used to it. Good luck Pat
  13. Looking at 2nd hand Cameras try MPB.com. https://www.mpb.com/en-uk/used-equipment/used-photo-and-video/used-digital-slr-cameras/used-canon-digital-slr-cameras/ They have a good range of Cameras within your price range. They will ship to Europe. Pat
  14. The 2 choices you have made are at best suited for observing Octopus at the bottom of the Aegean. The first 2 post have excellent advice. Go for one of them or wait a while, save some more money and get something that is going to give you a lot of pleasure over the years
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