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  1. Any Lunt LS50THa left.
  2. That good news Helen, makes life so much easier Pat
  3. was wondering how I would polar align. Charl :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I will properly go for a Lunt scope
  4. Thanks for the reply Charl. Pat
  5. Being thinking about switching to solar and was wondering how you guys go about setting your mounts to track the Sun. I will be using a Sky-Watcher Star Discovery AZ Goto Mount. Is it just as simple as using a 1 star align with the sun as the star or is it a bit more complicated than that. Pat
  6. try finding it with Binos first. That will give you a good idea where it is. Then when using the finder scope keep both eyes open. Use one eye on the location and the 2nd eye on the finder.Bring the two views together and you should find it. Bit like using a mechanical range finder
  7. when you think you have enough warm clothes on, time to add another ten layers. Pat
  8. Welcome Billy. You could try these.. We have meetings at Blaenavon on a regular bases during the dark months. Mike is organising one for the 25/26th Nov you will find the link just below your Blog. Pat
  9. Now Sold I have the following items for sale. All bought at the beginning of last year and in perfect condition, as it has only been used 3 times due to bad health and bad weather. Celestron Nexstar Evolution 6" Astrozap Dew Shield Rigal Finder Star Diagnal. Celestron 40mm &13mm EP Issued with Scope. Looking for £750 for the lot Going to be collection only as I don't have the boxes but can travel within 50miles of Newport Wales to help with collection. View it here :
  10. Can't have less Pete
  11. Me neither Freff. but dare say they will appear when the dark nights get here. Pat
  12. Hi Paul Think you have to use what you call the other lead . Pat BTW, hope to see you at a meet soon up at Blaneavon, should be starting again in September Pat
  13. Thanks Stu Pat
  14. Is it OK to use normal EP's on a Solar Telescope such as Lunt or Coronado or do you have to use the same brand EP's that the manufactures produce Pat
  15. 5/6th is only 2 weeks away Mike so I don't think there will astro darkness until about 1am. Much closer to the star camp would be better. 9/10th Sept might be better with some guide stars getting up just after 2030hrs (8.30pm) Will be 1/2 moon too so us moonies might get some good views :)))). Just a suggestion. Hope you and Dorothy are both OK. regrads Pat