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  1. What's that 3.2mm like? I love my 18mm bst starguider. 3.2mn seems very short though!! I've got a 1.2m tube, I forget if that means this eyepiece is too short for me...
  2. Looks good! Moon filter on the eyepiece might help, but if you don't have that, does your scope cap have a small hole in it that you can open? Or even failing that, just tape some paper with a small opening in it over the aperture would help to decrease the brightness.
  3. Got my smartphone adaptor and took this last night of the moon with my handheld 10x50 binoculars and a single Astro Cam app exposure on my Samsung S7 (1/1000 shutter speed). Obviously not a very impressive photo, but a significant improvement on what I could do before It's amazing just how small the moon is... Will it try it on Jupiter with my 6" dobsonian when I get a chance... One thing I hadn't been realising is that you need to leave a degree of "eye relief" for the camera when holding it up to the lens. No wonder I couldn't see anything through the camera screen!
  4. RobH2020

    Telrad wanted

    Standard telrad reflex finder scope wanted.
  5. Cheers for this, that's great! Amazing what he can take of the Orion nebula with one frame and a smart phone. Buuuut... regarding light pollution, he's in Canada, and I'm next to London Looks very useful for capturing the planets though.
  6. Hi all, I'm interested in astrophotography in the most basic way possible, using my camera phone. I've taken a few OK photos of the moon by holding it up to the eyepiece, but I've seen others took some OK-ish (for what they are) photos of jupiter and saturn. enough to give some impression of what you can see through the eyepiece anyway, even if they won't blow anyone's mind. I don't seem to be able to do that at all, just can't get them to show up on the camera phone screen. What are other peoples' secret to getting an OK camera phone image?
  7. Thanks John. Hmm, sounds like I should've been able to see it then (Sorry forgot to mention I was using a 150mm dob). maybe the seeing just wasn't good enough? They're quite low and it's hard to observe them without houses somewhere below them for me!
  8. Saw my first scope view of Saturn and Jupiter last night!! Amazing, real wow moment. Got the best views with a BST 18mm starguider and an orion shorty barlow. Tried it with a 10mm plossl but it didn't look good. I was hoping to maybe make out the great red spot and the Cassini division but couldn't quite do it. Can you see these through larger scopes? It felt like the seeing wouldn't have been good enough no matter the scope! Oh and are any planetary filters worth it? I've heard mixed things...
  9. Saw Jupiter through my binoculars for the first time last night! I spent a few minutes earlier in the evening thinking "what is that really bright star..." then later using Stellarium for Neowise I saw oh wow it's Jupiter! Checked it through the binocular and saw it as a disc and all four moons. Such a cool sight!! A real wow moment. But was 00:30 by that time and I was knackered... Going to get my skywatcher 150 on it tonight, i'm hoping to see it in much better detail for much longer. And Saturn!
  10. Thanks all - saw Jupiter last ngiht for the first time ever through my binoculars. Amazing!! All four moons. Can't wait to get my scope out tonight to have a much better look. I'm fingers crossed for cloud bands, great red spot etc.... (skywatcher 150 so should be able to!)
  11. Excellent, thanks! Actually I can even just use my phone... My life was changed when I discovered the "angle meter" app
  12. That's a good bit of kit! Did you just use it for what we're talking about here, or you use it more generally too?
  13. It basically looks as though by this time next month, Jupiter and Saturn will be about +15 degrees above the horizon by about midnight... So I just have to work out whether my horizon is more or less than 15 degrees above my patio... In any case they'll be quite low down... will they visible at that altitude in bright suburban light pollution do we know?
  14. That's great! May i ask how you did that? I'm afraid I'm only a beginner in Stellarium.
  15. Thanks all! Is it literally just the angle in degrees towards the horizon away from flat level (as measured by spirit level)? I can rig that up! Then the number that comes out of that is then on the same scale as those used for describing planetary max altitudes?
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