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  1. Thanks Ben! that means - you think it is Hyades? Any idea why it doesn't seem to look anything like the star charts or others' photos of hyades?
  2. Hi all, I wondered if you could help me with a very easy identification - see my right-side up drawing (same as binoculars) below. I'm pretty sure this is the Hyades in Taurus as it's right next to Alderaan. Looks like a bull's head to me too. But it looks nothing like the star charts or proper photos of Hyades. It's massively distinctive from my location, can spot it easily with binoculars, so it'd be good to properly identify it. Looks nothing like this... obviously this is a decent astrophotography image so there are a lot more stars, but i thought i'd be a
  3. Thanks for the reply! Basically I'm just wondering if the new 8" dobsonian I have will provide a more detailed view of the moon than my old 6"! If I put the end cap on and open the little cap to reduce brightness, it'll be the same... so am wondering if lunar filter / sunglasses would give me a better view! Thanks, Rob
  4. Hi all, I'm slightly confused about getting greater resolution on the moon. If you have a larger aperture, you can get greater resolution right? But the moon is very bright, so people often put the end-cap back on the newtonian and open the "little cap" on it to reduce the brightness. This must reduce the resolution I suppose? So what's the deal here - is this why you have a lunar filter, to cut down on the light hitting your eye but letting the scope collect more photons? Many thanks! Rob
  5. Aha thanks, I'll have to look more into binocular use for those with astigmatism...
  6. Ah, I do have astigmatism and wear glasses to correct for that (as well as short-sightedness). Is that an issue when it comes to using binoculars without wearing my glasses?
  7. Hi all, I seem to have a problem with looking through binoculars. I can never resolve the image provided by both eyes into one image - I can always see two images slightly offset, so nothing's ever completely clear. Do you know what the problem could be here? I originally thought it was my interpupillary distance, when i got some Astromaster 15x70 the IPD was much too big for my narrow eyes. But now i've got some Opticron Adventurer 10x50 with an IPD that in theory suits me. Yet I still have this issue! Can anyone fill me in on what might be going wrong? Thanks! R
  8. Hi all, I've just upgraded to a 200p so am looking to offload my 150p. Great condition, only had it a year. Comes with all original items: 6x30mm finderscope, 10m and 25mm plossl-type eyepieces, 2" eyepiece adaptor. Well collimated. Bought originally from FLO, here's the original details: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html Looking for £200 for it. Not much less than the brand new price I know but there's a long lead time on them from China at the moment. Open to reasonable offers though. Happy to deliver w
  9. Oh yeah I could easily see it, it always looks like a giant manta ray to me, so i could see its big wings spreading out a long way, and its mouth near the trapezium! I would definitely expect fewer features to be visible with the moon washing it out when looking at the full spectrum of light, I just wasn't sure about with the UHC filter...
  10. Hi all, I had first light on Saturday with both my new 8" dob (upgrade from 6") and my Astronomik UHC filter. The moon was very bright, it's getting on towards being full. I was wondering, to what extent would the moonlight affect my view of the Orion nebula? I understand the UHC filter should filter out a lot of the light from the moon. But I think the wavelengths that the filter lets through are also heavily represented in the moonlight's radiance... I also guess the presence of the moonlight would mean that my eyes could not fully adapt to the dark, because it wasn't as
  11. I started off with that scope. I was wowed by the views it gave me of the moon! Unfortunately I thought the mount was terrible, and I could never really find anything else I wanted to look for in the sky. I quickly upgraded to a Skywatcher 150 dobsonian scope. It was sooooooo much better! A joy to use whereas the astromaster 70 made me want to throw it out a window... I can definitely second the BST star guider recommendation though, been very happy with the couple of those i have.
  12. Yeah it's nuts what posting something costs to the average Joe on the street, especially something massive and bulky like a telescope! Amazingly FLO can charge £8 for courier delivery whether it's a 30kg, two-box telescope setup, or just an envelope with a filter. Shows the bargaining power a business has with the express couriers vs one person! If I do get hold of the 200mm I'd be intending to sell the 150mm, but I don't think I'd bother offering postage (collection only), too much hassle and risk of breakage!
  13. Thanks for your thoughts! I spoke to Skywatcher USA (couldn't find any contact details for any other location) and they said: "The factory is running and producing normally. The hard part is that many people have taken to astronomy due to the lock downs across the globe. Astronomy is one of the industries that has exploded in interest as it is something people can do from home with their family. Due to the massive increase in demand it has increased buying beyond the normal amount for telescope equipment globally. This and the fact that COVID has hit the raw material suppliers hard
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