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    Runner, astronomer, BRFC fan, music lover, darts player!
    Profile of my silvermaraversary challenge http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/sport/10060962.The_running_man/
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  1. Chris Wales


    Collection of some DSO images, bear in mind I'm new to the 'dark side'.
  2. Chris Wales

    General pics

    My scopes at the RRO, Royel Reynalton Observatory, ie my south facing patio
  3. Having a lovely relaxed dobs obs session on the Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, no photography, no hassle, just looking, heaven! :-)

    1. orion25


      Sounds good to me! :hello2:

  4. Great images, particularly of the regions of Mars bearing in mind the low altitude, Thanks for sharing, Chris
  5. Hi Tum, Ran it through http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/1093548#annotated to get this, might help, Cheers, Chris
  6. Apparently, checking athttp://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/1090549#annotated I got M65 and M66 the wrong way round!
  7. Super DSO imaging and derective work, some very usegul links as I want to look into this region, many thanks for sharing, Chris
  8. Managed to get out for a quick session this week targeting the Leo Triplet of M65 (Bottom right), M66 (top right), and NGC 3628 (bottom left). This was taken with an Atltair 72 ED (piggybacked on a Meade LX90 with counter weights) with 0.8 FR, SXVH9 camera, just 15 x 15 L exposures. Then I shifted the SXVH9 to the Meade for M104 with 15 x 15 L and 5 x 5 R/G/B binned x 2 as support. Capture and stacking, stretching using Nebulosity with layers and finishing in Photoshop. Both were goto but unguided (not enough time) Learning :-), Chris
  9. Looking for another flexi slow motion cable, have one but another so I can move both RA and dec without need for the motor all the time. Diameter of these old cables is greater than the modern SW or similar cables. Reasonable price plus postage covered, many thanks, Chris
  10. That's a lovely shot, the four Galilean moons and a transit shadow, beautiful.
  11. Chris Wales

    Solar system images

    Some images, most using an LX90 and a webcam, later with ZWO220C. Sharpcap and later Firecapture, centred using Castrator, stacked in Registax and then final touches in Photoshop.
  12. Technically I'm SW Wales but the dob is South as I got it from Matthew and it's performing heroically here with my sister from Machen and and an image from Wednesday night with the GRS, double transit and Io (I think) peeping round
  13. Wonderful post....I'm off out inspired! :-) Thanks. Chris
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