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  1. (2") 20 NAGLER T2 82*.... 28mm ES 68* ..... 14mm MEADE XWA 100*.... 9mm Zhumell 100* (1.25) 40mm Orion Sirius Plossl.... 30mm Orion Ultrascopic... 26mm Meade 4000.... 3.2mm Williams Optics....
  2. As the STARTER OF THIS THREAD.... I have enjoyed my 12" DOB... and still have it... But. here is my new DOB CELESTRON C8...Grab n Go This scope set up time,,, less than a minute... Clear Skies Mark
  3. The ZENITH is in my NO VIEW ZONE... But it is fine ....for all over the rest of the sky Mark
  4. This DOB is a SWEET 8" SCT.... GRAB n GO What do you think fellas No balance issues even with my 2" EPs It is a Joy to use A HYBRID..... Clear Skies
  5. Thx Guys the OTA is balanced .. I am a 40 yr plus observer... and the electronics work perfectly and the Optics are Immaculate. Cleanest that I have ever seen and thx for the LX5 link .. clear skies Mark
  6. My Meade 8" LX5 with an Antares 80mm Finder...this Meade has EXCELLENT IMAGES...It is my Telescope when observing near town and Planets...I take my 12" DOB to the DARK SKY SITES... Clear Skies.... Mark
  7. I have always been a fan of large Finder scopes.... I have an 80mm Antares Finder on my SUPER C8 ......and a CELESTRON 102mm f/5 on my Big Dob..... I love STAR HOPPING !!! Mark
  8. I got a SUPER C8 on Sunday, we observed last night, and my friend (who always keeps a C8) called me today and said.... Mark, That SUPER C8 has the best images of any C8 that I have ever looked through... I bought it from a friend of mine.... I also thought that the views were quite incredible, the 80mm Finder finds everything... I am a happy camper.....SATURN was Awesome !!!!! Mark
  9. MINE !!!!! A Modified Celestron Star Hopper with a ROYCE MIRROR.... Mark
  10. My 40,, does focus... I need just a little more inward focus.. foe my other 2" EPs... I will try to see what low profile focuser would be the best for the Mak Thank You... Mark
  11. I am very pleased with this Telescope.... HOWEVER... my 2" Eyepieces have an issue, The MEADE 40mm SWA comes to focus, But the other 2" EPs almost reach focus when the focuser is racked in all of the way. I just need a couple of more millimeters of inward focus, does any one have any suggestions... the views through the MEADE 40mm SWA are outstanding... Mark
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